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"It's a wise person who rules the stars, it's a Fool who's ruled by them" Darrell Martinie

Robin's Zodiac Zone is an astrological mapping guide. Choose your own journey freely.


December 1st to 7th, 2016


Thursday: Capricorn Moon begins at 3:52 am ET and the Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces. Mars trine Jupiter in Aquarius/Libra. Today, aim for the best of both worlds from intuitive to logical thought processes, balanced partnership and collaboration, and an objective point of view that still takes others and their feelings into consideration. Green is today's color.


Friday: Mercury moves to Capricorn, also today's Moon sign, at 4:18 pm ET. Moon meets Pluto, squares Jupiter and Uranus.  When Mercury changes signs sometimes it's best to wait. Exert some patience, take action on what's in your control, and avoid power struggles. Today's color is Black.


Saturday: Void Moon in Capricorn from 5:16 to 2:44 pm ET. Mars aligns with Saturn in Aquarius and Sagittarius for a global and wide angle perspective on personal or community issues.  Be forward thinking and act in the same manner.  After 2:44 pm ET could be more reliable for decisions. Ask for what you need from a favor to resources or forgiveness.  Aquarius Moon 2:44 pm through  most of Monday. Today's color is Turquoise.


Sunday: Aquarius Moon in harmony with the Sun in Sagittarius. Forward thinking, philosophical and inventive outlook and plans. Friendly, outgoing energy overall. Today's color is Violet.


Monday: From 6:23 am to 11:31 pm ET,  the Moon is void of course. Moon aligns with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and meets Mars. Strong will and energy dominate this active, vibrant day.  Difficulties will include opinionated people and unyielding points of view.  Continue to think with the long term effects in mind. Pisces Moon 11:31 pm ET. Wear Blue.


Tuesday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune and aligns with Mercury in Capricorn. Bring creative ideas to life.  Mars in Aquarius sextile Uranus for progressive, original, out of the box thinking and action. Today's color is Green.


Wednesday: Venus moves to Aquarius at 9:51 am ET.  2nd quarter Moon in Pisces 4:03 am ET. Moon square Sun and saturn in Sagittarius. Seek progress and adjust to changes.  Don't expect everything at once. Try to keep fears in their place so they don't overtake you.  Fear is only an idea that we sometimes build stories about. Today's color is Pink.



Aries: Your totem planet, Mars, acts from forward thinking Aquarius.  Unusual events and interesting personalities create excitement around you. You’re drawn to someone charismatic and powerful who could become your new lover or strongest ally. Avoid anything with potentially harsh consequences. Focus on your ultimate vision and success.

Taurus: Mars jumpstarts your career or otherwise pushes you into the spotlight.  Bring a brilliant idea to life. Be inventive and open minded during this burst of learning, which requires you to consider new options. Something you were too unsure or shy to share is ready for public debut. Publish, perform, teach, and in every way, shine.

Gemini: Mars shifts your “peoplescape” during this waxing Moon cycle.  Grow your circle of friends, date more, and let go of rules that hold you back in personal relationships. One or more unique souls break the inner circle to expand your experience and point of view. Travel or a move leads you to a different set of friends.  Sexual chemistry peaks.

Cancer: Mars initiates forward thinking and progressive decisions about home, family, money or health. Deal with the top of your agenda. Planets act mainly in the air and fire signs, so you could feel out of your element. Accept the challenge. A quick burst of energy hits your career sector, so spontaneous change may include a promotion or new role. Act as if.

Leo: Strong personalities and important events cluster early this month. Be as strong as any opponent who steps into the picture. Channel Leo courage and confidence under pressure.  In long term love or business relationship, confront a problem or move stagnant energy. Even in serious life matters, you might find a creative, fun approach works best.

Virgo: Feel the direct correlation between routine, health and how things are going at home. The Mars hattrick puts momentum behind your actions and stirs up what needs to shift. Through the process, you’re either productive or aggravated to an extreme. Avoid negativity. Follow a flash of inspiration or intuition, and go forward with change for the better.

Libra: Mars fuels strong attraction in romantic relationships. The stars build energy around infatuation, enthusiasm and love.  Immerse in the excitement and newness of a relationship or passion project.  Studies get serious for some Librans. You’re suddenly committed to a direction or program that feels like life purpose.  Whatever your mission now, you’re all in.

Scorpio: Family matters and home life jump to the top of your priority list. Money, resources and key people play strong roles as you resolve a problem or plan a move.  There might be construction or reorganization going on around you. Be attentive to important details and costs. Unexpected expenses are probable, but avoid overspending this week.

Sagittarius: Mars and Saturn align for finishing touches including signatures and details of a very grown up decision.  In contrast to your serious business side, strong mutual attraction and potential passion light up your world. Friendship turns romantic or romance leads to something more official.  Notice Jupiter introducing and reconnecting you to all the right people this year.

Capricorn:  The root chakra is your body’s sense of security and grounding. Yours needs a bit of extra love and attention because insecurity is your worst nightmare. Get your head around the money situation. Tap into resources including your best contacts for a lead on work, an apartment or home related project.  It’s time to build.

Aquarius: Mars, the warrior, visits your sign boosting assertiveness and leading you to confront anything that’s blocking progress.  The fast pace of the season includes short trips out of town or one major travel event, possibly to a conference or educational facility.  Get your car tuned up for winter if you’re traveling on wheels.

Pisces: Planetary action like this keeps you up all night. Hopefully, it’s excitement not worry consuming your thoughts.  Mars has inventive and original ideas to offer, especially around career and investments. Sudden expenses or job change could also be on your mind.  Call on friends who are always in the know about what’s trending.

November 24th to 30th, 2016

Thursday: Libra Moon square Venus & Pluto in Capricorn, trine to Mars in Aquarius & conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter square Pluto. Relationships could be tricky today, on Thanksgiving in the USA. Closed mindedness will trigger differences and disagreements. All one on one relationships, from siblings to parent/child to romantic and marital partnerships are involved.  Remember to have a big heart with lots of understanding and objectivity as Jupiter in Libra would have it.  Social plans are favored. Today's color is Blue.

Friday: Libra Moon void of course 8:52 am to Saturday at 3:01 am ET. Those are not recommended hours for shopping or making big decisions or commitments. Look for forgiveness & more ease with relationships. Be flexibie with plans. Venus conjunct (meets) Pluto in Capricorn and squares Jupiter. Moon opposes Uranus. Activity around one on one relationships continues. Allow feelings to emerge and come up for resolution. Some may hide feelings and suppress emotions instead. It's healthier to face things and get them out in the open calmly and tactfully. A question to consider or discuss is "Can this relationship grow and move forward?" Pink is today's color. 

Saturday: Scorpio Moon trine Neptune. Mercury in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries. Today has two sides, one emotional and creative, one fiery and motivated.  It's a good day to move on things you're confident about. Go on a date, an adventure or attend something social. Act on inspirations.  Today's color is Red. 

Sunday: Scorpio Moon void of course 4:46 pm ET until Monday 3:46 pm ET. Moon square Mars in Aquarius, sextile Pluto and Venus in Capricorn.  People may dig their heels in and refuse to change or budge. There's a contrast between progressive action and fears that hold us back.  In general, feelings will be held in while opinions will be obvious. Clear paths for New Moon on Tuesday. Reconsider your options. Today's color is Indigo.

Monday: Void of course Moon until 3:46 pm ET. Challenging business or school day. People may be absent physically or lack attention and focus. Sagittarius Moon moves in and gets things moving. Social evening and a good time to study or work on projects without trying to finish. Clean house, line up changes to begin on Tuesday. Today's color is Purple. 

Tuesday: Sagittarius New Moon at 7:18 am ET. Moon square Neptune and Venus square Uranus.  You might find that the "escape hatch" is closed.  Set flexible intentions and act on them.  Surprises involving relationships, love, commitment. Excitement of getting together or breaking free. Today's color is White.

Wednesday: Sun square Neptune in mutables Sagittarius and Pisces.  Moon conjunct Saturn and Mercury. Finalize agreements. Don't run from realities or responsibilities. Try to see things in a new light.  Get things moving. Be active and creative.  Travels involving business or obligations are highlighted.  Wear Light Blue



Aries: Your boss, mentor or a client works quietly on your behalf. New career prospects are attractive and you’re led in the right direction.  Be discreet as you pursue a role or goal.  Mercury initiates plans you’ve put off. For example, combine Thanksgiving travel with a business or a learning opportunity. Visit colleges or colleagues along the way.

Taurus: While Venus visits Capricorn, your sister earth sign, investigate options and create a methodical plan. This may include mapping out a long distance journey, like driving across country or planning college visits. Clear your path. Seek financing or resolve a legal matter so you can move and decide freely before Mercury retrograde, three weeks ahead.

Gemini: Planetary action zooms in on your partnership or marriage. Work on terms of agreement, legally or otherwise. Mercury and Saturn emphasize serious intention, compromise and change. Venus and Pluto urge discretion and intuition as you negotiate personal relationships and private affairs. Keep harmony and love in your heart.
Cancer: Two significant threads weave through the rest of the month. One relates to routine and work environment. Resolve, streamline, and adapt to personnel or system changes.  Communicate well about the glitches, and if you’re in charge stay organized and willing to adjust. Venus spotlights long term relationship. Show devotion and affection this week.
Leo: Stream of consciousness provides a constant and intuitive flow. Free your inner voice from judgments or objections. What’s true and real may defy logic now. Planets influence your creative pursuits, children, pets, and routines this week. Be organized and centered as things are changing around you. Spread love and generosity in your everyday work.
Virgo: Life is like a strong cup of coffee this week,  Feelings you were unaware of surface.  Express love for your partner and children. Channel feelings by creating, nurturing and building. Use wisdom and words to heal, repair or reconcile a matter at home.  With family, be honest and honor everyone’s boundaries, including your own.

Libra: Be definite and decisive as you put announcements, school papers or other documents in writing.  With Saturn and Mercury together, note the importance of matching your intentions and words.  If you’re applying for anything, invest time and energy to present yourself properly. Venus breathes much needed love and peace your way during Thanksgiving time.

Scorpio: Prepare for business and money decisions that come with Tuesday’s New Moon.  You’ll feel best going into the holiday organized and clear.  Venus and Pluto fuel creative work or travels with sentiment. Siblings reconnect with new understanding and respect.  During the final days of November, make a decisive and prosperous shift.
Sagittarius:  Complexities and undercurrents run through Thanksgiving holiday. A negotiation process or other big deal concludes as Mercury and Saturn join in your sign. Venus puts you in favorable light for financial gain and other acquisitions. Clarify details and terms. New Moon next Tuesday begins two weeks of powerful beginnings.
Capricorn: Before Thanksgiving, set your mind right. Clear obstacles that could be mostly in your mind. Direct your will without any need to coerce others. Venus and Pluto meet on Friday, stirring emotions related to personal goals. You’re somewhere between thought and action, teetering on the brink. A leap of faith may be easier than you think.
Aquarius: Spontaneous actions and decisions seem right to you. This weekend may include a short trip out of town. Tuesday’s New Moon aligns with Mars, currently in Aquarius, and gets things moving fast. You’re influenced by someone else, perhaps through renewed contact, next week. This indeed is a time to pursue your dreams.
Pisces: It’s natural to feel secretive or private about your feelings and relationships as Venus and Pluto meet. Share your inner thoughts and hopes with intimate friends. Some of this may relate to professional life where strong will and a plan of action is called for. There’s no room for misunderstanding. Express yourself carefully and respectfully this week.


November 17th to 23rd, 2016

Thursday: Cancer Moon opposite Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. Emotions and love as well as family relationships are stirred up. People may act passive when what they really need is extra love or attention. Business wise, today is meant to be conservative. Black is today's color.

Friday: Cancer Moon void of course from 5:02 pm ET until 10:14 pm when Leo Moon takes over. Moon square Uranus in Aries. Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. Check in about honesty and motives, your own and other people's. Moon and Sun in harmony at 5:02 pm for decisiveness and acting out of love and passion.  Social evening out. Today's color is purple.

Saturday: Optimistic Leo Moon. Mars in Aquarius opposes the Moon and competition or adversity may be evident.  Define friendly competition versus the negative, aggressive type. Know who your friends are. Mercury and the Moon in harmony for travels, meeting people and fun. Venus and Neptune align for romance. It's a date night! Orange is today's color.

Sunday: Leo Moon is serious about business, loyalty and decisions today. Moon aligns with Saturn in Sag, Jupiter in Libra, and Uranus in Aries. Active day on many levels. Create abundance, make lasting agreements, and be fair. Gold is today's color.

Monday: Sun to Sagittarius at 4:22 pm ET. Leo Moon void from #:33 am to 4:34 am ET. Virgo Moon takes over and opposes Neptune. Be realistic and practical. Clear up uncertainties and be sure about people or decisions rather than leaving it to chance. Look for honesty. Do imaginative or hands on work. Navy blue is today's color.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon, void of course at 12:41 pm through 2:42 am ET on Wednesday. Do important business in the morning, routine tasks and cleaning in the void of course hours. Just remember where you put things! Stay grounded in what needs to be done. Take tests or write in the morning hours. Today's color is brown.

Wednesday: Libra Moon 2:42 am through Thanksgiving. Partnership, pairs, best friends. Mercury meets Saturn in Sagittarius for significant agreements and decisions about education, legal matters, travel and health.  Finalize something. Get it in writing. Keep balance in relationships, equal and fair give and take. Lavender is today's color.


This weekend, Neptune and Venus add extra flair and romance to dates and special events, especially on Saturday night. Indulge in romance and creative process while staying grounded in what’s real as Venus roots us in practical Capricorn for the rest of the month.

Aries: Record intuitions and dreams while the planets inspire problem solving and invention. Practical thinking comes from a very creative place that you’ll access best during relaxation or sleep.  Keep active planning to a minimum in order to free your mind. Find beauty or romance outside the usual structures, headspace, and city limits.

Taurus: You’re faced with the difference between infatuation and reality this month. The magical air of a person or place could be a distraction that tempts you. On the other hand, something or someone you idealized proves imperfect. Define your intention around friendship, love or both. Travels are particularly sweet this weekend as Venus and Neptune align.

Gemini: Venus sweetens your love life and adventures in co-creation. The Venus/Neptune alignment infuses professional endeavors with more passion and flair. With your partner or a close colleague, exchange and build off each other’s ideas. Mercury and Jupiter also nourish relationships and creativity.  Take what’s already shining and make it brilliant.

Cancer: Your mind wanders while your body carries out tasks you could do in your sleep. Neptune and Venus inspire your writing or art. It’s difficult to focus on the mundane as a world of beauty and adventure beckons.  If you’re waiting for an answer or breakthrough related to home, family or health, conditions are right just before Thanksgiving Day.

Leo: Fair and honest outcomes are in the forecast as Jupiter and Mercury align on Tuesday. Focus attention on information, details and realistic decisions just before Thanksgiving Day. Regardless of how positive or heavy this period of time is, you need to be mentally sharp and in good form.  This weekend, perceive beauty and harmony beyond what the eyes can see.

Virgo: Be present at home or with family as the Sun joins Mercury for clear communication, problem solving and renewal.  Your own and your parents’ or grandparents’  households are the focus. A breakthrough comes as Mercury and Saturn meet on Thanksgiving Eve. Feel and note  the connection between weighty decisions and your heart’s desires.

Libra: Mercury and Jupiter say you’re going places. It should feel good to be out of town or visit with family. Do check the car for travel, and make sure you have reliable accommodations and plans. Venus and Neptune soften relationships with family or colleagues. Fill your heart and infuse your interactions with compassion, forgiveness and love.

Scorpio: Mercury and Saturn prepare a very serious offer of employment or other resources. Understand the terms and conditions fully before you agree.  You may accept a new position,  invest, or enter a  financial agreement before Thanksgiving Day.  This weekend, divert to creative expression, pleasures and travels for a few free spirited days.

Sagittarius: Saturn and Mercury say you’re ready for a wise, well informed step. Responsibility and willingness to follow through are necessary components. Create a statement or rehearse the news you’re about to announce. At home, make things comfy and peaceful while Venus and Neptune align. A welcome houseguest may arrive to share your space.

Capricorn: Venus casts you in the most favorable light. Show your best traits and meet charismatic, kind, and light hearted people, as like attracts like. Venus and Neptune suggest romance or special interests and travel combined. Mercury and Saturn indicate what’s weighing on your mind. Control what you can, and don’t let the rest dim your light.

Aquarius: Inventive and creative ideas could make you some money. Keep a dream journal handy for the wee hours when your mind is relaxed and intuition kicks in. This appears to be a planning and envisioning time with no need to act in haste. Mercury and Saturn indicate a serious conversation to set something right. Be tactful and clear.

Pisces: Neptune, your totem planet, moves direct and engages with Mercury and Venus. Be present with personal processes and act with a clear mind and compassionate heart. Get creative with solutions and decisions while facing realities head on. Mercury leads to productive meetings and supportive friendships. Saturday, enjoy a romantic night.

November 10th to 16th, 2016

Thursday: Pisces to Aries Moon after a short void period from 6:16 pm to at 8:45 pm ET.  The Moon is in harmony with the Sun and Mercury, both in Scorpio for both focus and creativity, a nice blend. At 6:16 pm the Moon moves void of course after squaring Venus in Sagittarius. Questions of responsibilities and freedom within relationships come to a point. Notice where you have to allow for change between yourself and another, even if it's not your ideal scenario.  Tonight feel the motivation of Mars in Aquarius sextile Aries Moon. It's time to initiate and take action. Red is today's color.


Friday: Aries Moon opposes Jupiter in Libra. Fairness and self versus couple/partner questions and issues bubble up.  Is everyone playing nice and doing their share? Is there controlling behavior that prevents one from reaching her/his potential and feeling individually free, even while partnered? Moon square Pluto and trine Saturn. There's a seriousness in the air. Honor and listen to others. It's not a good day to make light of someone's feelings or plight. Venus moves to Capricorn at 11:54 pm ET. Planet of relationship in Capricorn brings a healthy detachment as needed and makes us feel like nesting and settling down in a stable, comfortable relationship. Today's color is Black.


Saturday: Mercury to Sagittarius 9:40 am ET. Mercury increases hunger for information, philosophical discussion and travel while in this sign. Aries Moon, void from 7:45 am to 9:24 pm ET then Moon in Taurus. Moon conjunct Uranus and trine Venus. Continued relationship changes and news. Speedy processes. Full Moon warmup for Monday morning's Taurus Full Moon. Things reach saturation and peak levels through the weekend. Today's color is yellow.


Sunday: Taurus Moon is nearly Full, square to Mars, sextile Neptune and trine Pluto. Act with long term vision and intent to follow all the way through.  Be constructive increase stability. Green is today's color.


Monday: Full Moon in Taurus exact at 8:52 am ET. Themes include loyalty, stability, strong will and intention. Decide what means most and go through with it. Void of course Moon from 8:52 am to 8:23 pm ET. Practice patience today. Communication and decisions may be able to wait until evening or tomorrow. Feel solid and confident as you close a chapter or make a long term change.  Gemini Moon is good for socializing or studies and writing. White is today's color.


Tuesday: Gemini Moon actively engages with 6 planets for a very busy, eventful day. What wasn't accomplished yesterday is ripe for concluding and resolving today. Still in the Full Moon zone, news of change is likely while Moon opposes Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius. Gemini and Sagittarius are two signs ready for partnership agreements, committing, dissolving or renegotiating. Other signs may experience this too, in business or personal ways. Mercury sextile Mars in Sag and Aquarius, opens the mind to information and new ideas. This is a time of action and participation.  Wear blue.


Wednesday: Gemini Moon void of course 5:58 am to 7:57 pm ET. This is fine if your day is very flexible. It's a good day to meet a friend for coffee or attend a professional conference or engage in community and conversation. It's not the best time to make an important decision or purchase. Though you may be able to relax or leap into something, judgment and discretion tend to be lesser and distraction increases on days like this. Moon sextile Uranus can increase impulsivity or urgency. Today can be fun though. Cancer Moon for a cozy evening. Opposites attract and balance each other out this week. Today's color is Light Blue.


Horoscopes: Agreements and promises made now have staying power.

Aries: Mercury shifts to Sagittarius on Saturday, initiating excitement around travel plans and educational prospects.  These weeks are good for applying to or entering programs of study.  In mid December, Mercury retrogrades for a few weeks, so take care of details and arrangements now. Practice gratefulness during this Full Moon theme of prosperity and earthly goods.

Taurus: Finalize a personal commitment.  Share your decision with appropriate others, or make a promise known only to yourself. This annual Taurus Full Moon brings up what’s most important for resolution or new consideration. Persevere with a goal. A change may come in long term relationship. Go forward with what’s due.

Gemini: Your marriage or long lasting relationship is at the center of planetary action, as Mercury takes over where Venus leaves off. Your challenge is to blend romantic love or creative partnership with practical planning.  Face the realities of this endeavor together. You’ll discover whether this person, or entity, is truly a match for you. Look inward during Full Moon.

Cancer: Full Moon in Taurus is one of friendship. Notice where your loyalties lie and who you allies are. Mercury facilitates action and good timing, possibly in a relationship based matter. If you need to talk something out, keep your cool during Full Moon. Believe in the long term effect of what’s decided and begun under persistent influence of Mercury, the Sun and Full Moon.

Leo: Beam bright as the November Full Moon. Present your best work publicly, speak or sing since this Full Moon relates to voice and natural talents.  Like a spotlight, the Moon sets out to illuminate your potential at this moment in time.  Change may involve home and family now. Know where your loyalties lie.

Virgo: Your connection with the external world strengthens during Full Moon. Some examples include marketing your product or service, traveling to learn or engage professionally, or hearing word you’ve been waiting for. News may lead you to move or attend school. Planets also fuel your creativity this month. Get grounded in present activities that build your future.

Libra: This Full Moon has practical application, such as financial dealings. You could receive a gift, money, or a business settlement. The other, perhaps more potent, effect relates to your ancestry and legacies. A document, photographs or information illustrates the strong connection.  As Einstein said, “The most beautiful experience is the mysterious”.

Scorpio: Full Moon releases what can no longer be contained. For you, expect discussion or new information on an important and personal topic.  Because it peaks in Taurus this month, reassurance is needed in love and other commitments. Meanwhile Mercury spends a few weeks stimulating the economy with your money,  flowing out and in.

Sagittarius: Do you sense a very big change in routine or responsibilities coming? The Full Moon creates a dynamic for permanent reorganization of daily life. A pet may also be the catalyst for a lifestyle change. In the workplace, stubbornness causes outbursts and may result in departures. Mercury’s in your sign helping you find tactful words for saying hello or goodbye.

Capricorn: Taurus Full Moon signals permanent changes. Fortunately, the Moon lights the luckiest part of your chart. Your interactions and relationships with others factor in. Work every angle to your best advantage as you see and feel events unfolding and leading to conclusions. This Moon awakens your creativity while instigating romance and luck.

Aquarius: Strong forces work through family and professional events at Full Moon time. Powerful pulls, both attractions and obligations, tug you in a different directions. Aim for balance and inclusiveness so your loyalties are not questioned.  Excellent and timely communication is essential. Remember the weight of promises made now, and expect to follow through.

Pisces: Compose a song, publish a poem, or write an editorial since this Full Moon inspires self expression.  You’re also among those likely to buy a car or airline ticket. It’s feelings and people that draw you away for a few days or longer.  If you’ve been unfocused and all over the place lately, the Full Moon magnifies what’s important and coaxes out one answer you really need.


November 3rd to 9th, 2016

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Thursday: Sagittarius Moon void of course from 6:35 am to 11:05 pm EDT. Mercury sextile Pluto (Scorpio/Capricorn). Moon conjunct Venus, trine Uranus in Aries. Breaking news on relationship status is theme for the entire week. Mixed aspects including exciting connections and sudden (or seemingly sudden) separations/divorces. Today is a "finding out" day. Information disclosed. Do research and ask questions. Ferret out what's hidden or lost. Capricorn Moon 11:05 pm EDT. Black is today's color. 

Friday: Capricorn Moon sextile Neptune and square Jupiter.  Organize. Separate what's true and real from extraneous or false information. Seek justice. Combine creative and logical skills and thinking, perhaps by teaming up. Leaders, do what you do best. Today's color is blue.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto, sextile the Sun and other lunar activity. Changes in organizations, changes in leadership. Managing people is important this week. Venus trine Uranus. More relationship developments. Awakenings to new ideas or information. Honest and bold revelations and actions. Today's color is red. 

Sunday: Void of course Moon 4:56 to 8:55 am Eastern time. Note that Daylight Savings time ends at 2 am. Capricorn Moon conjunct Mars at 4:56 am EST. Though it's the weekend, action surrounds work and business. You may wake up to news on Monday that's been in progress for a few days or more. Aquarius Moon starts at 8:55 am. There's a need to detach a bit and see things from "the outside", less emotionally, or very logically. Build new systems, move on things, and be a visionary for your own life or in the workplace. Invent and improvise. Turquoise is today's color. 

Monday: Aquarius Moon, Sun sextile Pluto (Scorpio/ Capricorn) More newsworthy information disclosed or announced. News about organizational changes. Forward thinking. Moon forms a variety of aspects that point to growth, truth and progress. Breakthrough may occur during this 2nd quarter Moon, halfway to Full. Think progressively. Silver is today's color. 

Tuesday: (Election Day in the USA) Aquarius Moon void from 8:54 am to 4:45 pm EST. Moon to Pisces at 4:45 pm. Swing from logical to emotional as the day progresses. Void hours can be confusing or somewhat spacey. Make sure you understand how to vote correctly, for example. Moon sextile Uranus and Venus (Aries/ Sagittarius). Community and collaborations. Keep your head up and responses sharp with the Uranus influence from Aries. Evening hours are best spent with closest companions. Be careful whom and what you trust in.  Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Mars in Aquarius starts 12:51 am EST. Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune, square Saturn in Sagittarius and sextile Pluto in Capricorn.  Trust themes continue. Neptune fuels imagination and artistic sense. Channel feelings into art or music. Use your intuition about honesty vs. deception or masking. Some things will remain unclear today. Aim for straight answers and ask questions that don't allow for vague responses.  Mars in Aquarius from today until December 19th, 2016. Sharpen your mind and act on your vision. Today's color is violet.


Venus aims to lighten moods, inviting inspiration and infatuation. To sync with the planet of love, let go of restrictions and unhealthy obsessions. Move away from a relationship that dims your light. Shake things up, be authentic and surprise the world this week.

Aries: Infatuation comes as a surprise. Another human, a new experience, or a place you stumble upon piques your interest and screams of possibility. Inspired and reawakened, your creativity soars. Let this muse guide and give you purpose. Keep your brain free of stories that could dissuade or distract you. This moment is fresh, and you need to feel free.

Taurus: A creative partnership boosts your enthusiasm and energy. Connect with someone trustworthy for brainstorming and maybe more. One on one relationships fulfill mind, body and soul parts of you, yet they sometimes clash.  A love partner may not take well to a new friendship or collaboration that satisfies your soul. How you respond is up to you.

Gemini: Your mood and outlook directly reflect the energy you’re absorbing. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, inspire, and make you laugh.  Be positive in your love life. Have an adventure together. You radiate energy and attract what you project. There’s a friend, lover or mentor stepping into your life if you’re open to receive.

Cancer:  Honor the secrets and information of intimate conversations. Someone very close to you, significant other or child of yours, needs understanding and trust right now. While Venus cruises Sagittarius, a change or deviation from routine helps you focus on feelings and frees your intuitive mind. Think before leaping as an intriguing offer comes this week.

Leo: Scenarios centered on your child or love life play out brilliantly. Venus and Uranus speed up processes, and little or no effort is required from you. Good news and rapid developments relate to travel or residence, creative and educational opportunities for someone you love. For you, center in the deep meaning of strong roots and positive changes with family and home.

Virgo: You’re struck by a moment of raw beauty or awakening. An experience takes you out of your mind and into your senses. A message or conversation brings new understanding.  Welcome beauty, excitement, and honest communication.  Activity surrounds legacies, your ancestral ties and the family tree.

Libra: About your home, family or a money matter, you suddenly realize exactly what to do. A reality check sets you right about two or more interconnected decisions. Planets are positive and harmonious for ease even under stress. Realizations or changes involve your siblings and partners.  Stay on an even keel with trust in the universe as the outcomes unfold.

Scorpio: Self expression is a theme for you now. Get past a fear of speaking, performing or being judged. Release suppressed feelings or present your own brilliant ideas. Realize that your voice is in all that you create, write, speak and sing.  Simultaneously, a new job or change in work hours or routine motivates and energizes you as daylight savings time ends.

Sagittarius: Venus instigates a quick change intended to bring more harmony, love and creativity. See the opportunity in a lucky break or unusual turn of events. Love or potential relationship could be part of the package. An employment or financial concern is set to clear up. Your path looks brighter and more clear this week.  

Capricorn: A long term dream gets the green light, and you’re free to decide. An awakening or realization leaves no room for the fears or concerns that once held you back. Venus brightens your outlook from the inside out. An important change in family or residence is quickly approaching. The turning point comes this week.

Aquarius:  A friend or colleague gives you a great lead or excellent recommendation. With little effort or stress, you’ll receive an affirmative answer or acceptance. A package or letter could come by surprise. The Sun and planets create an easygoing flow, encouraging both your professional and social life. Still, there’s one super exciting plan to keep secret for now.

Pisces: Venus lines you up for more gratifying employment. The whole process happens very quickly if you’re ready to roll. Become unstuck and reinvigorated in your profession and passion. A friend who sees your potential has been quietly working on your behalf. Now the opportunity comes, and travel, learning, and a temporary or long term relocation may be involved.

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October 27th to November 2nd, 2016


HI everyone! During holiday time I have two offerings for you. Take care of yourself during the holidays and darker season. Give yourself something to look forward to! Both are at Scarborough Yoga.


Sunday, November 27th (about 5 spaces left) Restorative Yoga with Reiki hands on healing by Amy Gerow. Sound healing with crystal bowls and solfreggio tuning forks and an essential oil option for those who choose. 1;30-3:30 pm Register at this link. 


Sunday, January 1st, 2017! Yoga for Prosperity and Abundance Workshop 2-4 pm Sign up now & snag the early bird spots at a special price.


Yoga Nidra every 3rd Friday at Greener Postures South Portland. Class pass or usual drop in rate. November 18th, December 16th,... through springtime. Restore and tune inward.


This week's forecasts:

Thursday: Virgo Moon until 9:51 am. The Moon stabilizes in Libra, sign of balance and justice. The real story today is Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. Information is worth pursuing. Dig for facts, research and ask for honest answers. Family news for Virgo and Leo. Excellent, interesting career and public life day for Aquarius.  Scorpio, you're at the center of news and information as well as intimate conversations.  Today's color is silver.


Friday: Libra Moon conjunct Jupiter, sextile Saturn, and Venus, square Pluto. Fair and favorable resolving of legal or relationship issues. Room for growth. Serious intention behind decisions. Face fears with an objective point of view.  Pair with someone a little bit different from you. Today's color is green.


Saturday: Libra Moon void from 6:09 am to 10:01 pm EDT. Not a reliable day for judgments and decisions. Put off shopping for anything major. Save receipts. Reserve the right to change your mind later. New Moon is tomorrow, 10-30-16. Reflect before taking action. Scorpio Moon moves in 10:01 pm EDT. Today's color is Maroon.


Sunday: New Moon in Scorpio. Mercury trine Neptune in Scorpio/Pisces. Creative and insightful time. Read your tarot cards or consult with someone wise. Research and gather information relevant to a pending decisions. Time to make your move and mean it. Promises now are meant for keeping. Moon conjunct Mercury. Understand and make sense of your own feelings and moods.Today's color is white.


Monday: Scorpio Moon void of course 10:44 pm EDT. Halloween features the Moon and Sun in the most true sign of the holiday. Connection with thing you cannot see. Sense, perceive. Passionate and strong feelings.  Get moving on what's most important and be intentional. Today's color is black.


Tuesday: Moon void of course until 10:43 am EDT. Sagittarius Moon moves in to push things forward. New Moon energy still powerful for fresh starts. Sun trine Neptune is creative and romantic. See things for what they are. Some will move into denial and try to run away from reality. Today's color is purple.


Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon conjunct Saturn, square Neptune, sextile Jupiter. Get past unrealistic expectations or ideals. Saturn and the Moon meet for wisdom, honesty, and clarity. Jupiter in Libra reminds us of what's fair and encourages growth. Expand perspective to allow for new insights and realizations even if they contradict what you've been believing all along. Today's color is light blue.


The dark of October nights increases, and the Moon wanes invisible by Sunday. October 30th, the New Moon in Scorpio reveals secrets and noteworthy information, inducing several days of intriguing news. Bewitching Scorpio Moon conjures the true nature of Halloween.


Aries: An intoxicating New Moon fuels deep intuitions and desires. In the darkness of late October nights, set your intention for a strong cycle of personal growth. Then wax with New Moon on Sunday, increasing in light and power day by day.  Get the final word on a big life thing, like a health or property issue. Notice how legacies play a part in life this week.


Taurus: Love and partnership is your New Moon theme. Current circumstances and long term ideals are both implicated. Communicate with the one you love or loved. Instigate a shift where the energy between you is stagnant or negative.  Neptune’s dreamy influence leads you to revisit romance or initiate forgiveness. Venus takes you places, together or apart.


Gemini: Autumn New Moon is an opportunity to shift routines and habits. Be more communicative to release some anxiety if you’re holding things in. Start exercising. Apply the strong staying power of Scorpio New Moon to any part of your life you hope to change. Back your lifestyle ideals with confident action, and the vision becomes real.


Cancer: Scorpio time appeals to your water sign sensibilities. Satisfy your love of Halloween or fall bonfires as this week’s nights are extra dark. You’re the sign of ancestral family and sensitive while the veil is thin. Tune in to what you perceive and intuit, rather than see. New Moon initiates self expression and quiet conversations that create a shift.


Leo: A new chapter in your household or family unfolds during New Moon. Astrologically, this looks like an easy, natural transition. Feel the power of the family unit, your pack. Decide on moves or household changes with long term vision. Make promises and choices with serious intent. Scorpio, like Leo, is a fixed sign. Whatever you’re doing, own it this week.


Virgo: If a new vehicle, laptop or phone is on your list of things to consider, the timing is right. Investigate or buy with New Moon blessing beginning Sunday. Note that Thursday, the 27th, is also an optimistic date, as the Sun meets your planet, Mercury. Then get on that phone or jump in that car and reunite with a long lost sibling or cousin who’s been on your mind.


Libra: Fall road trips appeal to your sense of beauty and any current restlessness. Venus favors travels between now and November 11th. For you, Sunday’s New Moon means practical magic, like manifesting money. Use available funds to invest in yourself, your health and interests, like a hobby that’s growing into something more.  


Scorpio: The Sun, Mercury and Neptune cast a magical aura between Thursday and Tuesday. Sunday is the peak of your very own annual New Moon, the best time for a fresh start. News is yours to deliver or receive, and these proposals and promises mean commitment. Celebrate good fortune and make sure you follow through.


Sagittarius: Make a promise to yourself. What you’ve been quietly planning and discussing is coming to a crossroads. At this fork in the road, meditate, contemplate, and above all trust your inner voice.  An idealist, romantic vision is at play, however commitment is called for.  The weekend brings a turning point, and you must stay composed.


Capricorn: Gather with close friends near New Moon. You’ll be marking a moment in time. Make a memory to take with you or keep.  Arrivals and departures might be temporary, but a move during Scorpio time has staying power.  Secrets and stories will be shared. Relationships hold extra weight and depth through the process of change..


Aquarius: The Sun and Mercury create an opportune moment. Present a finished project or pitch a unique idea between Thursday and Tuesday. New Moon jumps in with added energy and momentum on Sunday. Accept this high profile time with grace and confidence. It’s upgrade time and you’ll succeed as leader of the pack or by venturing out on your own.


Pisces: If the offer is sweet enough, are you willing to change your lifestyle? New Moon in Scorpio strengthens your connection to a distant location. Whether for education, to be with your sweetheart or to fulfill a dream, you may need to change location. Relationship is a consideration as you reach a decision about putting down roots or trying out new wings.


October 20th-26th


Yoga schedule at www.rozoyo.com/yoga

Thursday:  Gemini Moon void from 7:17 to 11:28 am EDT. Void of course Moon is a transition time, sometimes less grounded or reliable for intelligent decisions and other mental processes. People are more likely to be forgetful or late. Mercury opposite Uranus. Quick fixes and unexpected news this morning. Moon and Sun in harmony at 7:17 am, social and curious. An extrovert's morning, an introvert's afternoon. Family business becomes important for the rest of the week. Today's color is white. 

Friday: Cancer Moon square Jupiter, trine Neptune, opposite Pluto and Mars in Capricorn. Mutual effort is required to settle problems or relieve anxiety. Themes of family and justice take priority. Productive solutions result from willingness to compromise or clear the air. Light blue is today's color. 

Saturday: 4th quarter Moon in Cancer, Void Moon 3:14 to 3:44 pm EDT ( a quick one!). Leo Moon 3:44 pm through Monday evening. Sun to Scorpio at 7:46 pm EDT. Moon square Uranus, Mercury and the Sun. Settle disagreements and repair damages, at least temporarily. Work through disagreement or tough problems so you can enjoy fun instigated by Leo Moon. A good day to work on Halloween costumes or other whimsical, holiday, or celebratory planning. Yellow is today's color. 

Sunday: Leo Moon. How much fun can you build into this day and weekend? Moon aligns with Venus and Jupiter for goodness.  Socially oriented Saturday. Saturn in Sagittarius reminds us to balance freedom with keeping promises and being loyal. Orange is today's color. 

Monday: Leo Moon void from 8:21 am to 11:16 pm EDT. Void Moon day is social, slightly lazy or unfocused. Mercury moves to Scorpio 4:46 pm EDT. When Mercury moves it can be best to stay put, be patient, relax, and know that the word you're hearing, or the plans, could change by tomorrow. Uranus aligns with the Moon to inspire or enliven, sometimes with a bit too much jolt. Avoid errors in judgment today and double check for both safety and certainty. Purple is today's color.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon, Venus in Sagittarius square to the Moon and Neptune. Venus seeks romantic adventures while in Sag. This could lead to small or bigger flirtations and/or deceitfulness.  Travels and feelings of freedom appeal to this Venus cycle.  While Virgo Moon pulls us to grounded work and tasks, Venus lures us to escape and play. How others deal with life and love may bother us (more than it should?) today. Do what you feel is right. Expect some criticism if it doesn't jive with someone else's point of view. Pink is today's color. 

Wednesday: Virgo Moon void from 2:33 pm to 9:51 am on Thursday. Get work done earlier in the day if you can. Exercise off stress. A good workout after 2:33 pm is well timed! Venus aligns with Jupiter for travels and adventures with your lover or best friend.  This can be a lucky, prosperous, good news kind of aspect too! Build in some celebration, relaxation, and joy! Green is today's color.



Aries: Respond to a job opportunity or manage conflicting interests. A career matter can’t wait. As questions about allies or competitors arise, act as the manager and the voice of authority. The sweet softness in your life comes from travels this fall. Book a getaway before the turkey roasts and the snow flies.


Taurus: Stress leads to growth when it’s just enough and managed well. Keep perspective on the temporary nature of current stress. The Sun and Mercury move to Scorpio, on Saturday and Monday, for honest communication and decisions with the one you love most. Get something off your chest and feel relief.


Gemini: Get finances in order this week. Create a plan or a budget you can live with. In dividing assets or resolving debt, the Sun and Mercury favor action beginning on Monday. The Sun also shines for health and healing processes for the next four weeks.  Saturday leads you into an introspective period of regeneration and reflecting without any urgency or rush.


Cancer: Your horoscope week begins with Cancer Moon, a time of feeling deeply.  Family, relationship, and career are on your mind.  It may take some time before you’re clear and definitive about any sort of change. Realize what’s not in your control and relieve some pressure. The Sun and Mercury shift to Scorpio for lucky timing ahead.


Leo: Take a realistic look at your daily routine, and see if change would benefit you. Mars is practically forcing productivity. Work, exercise, and sleep optimally, according to your own body clock.  Mercury and the Sun draw your energy inward to family and home. Tune in to both this weekend as Scorpio time begins.


Virgo: Time a statement, presentation or important conversation to sync with The Sun and Mercury’s moves on Saturday and Monday. From Monday on, Mercury helps you with wording and shines for best outcomes with contracts and test taking too. An autumn trip or a new vehicle gobbles up some savings, but makes you smile.


Libra: It’s been a month of standing your ground and speaking your truth.  Late this week, some of you will schedule job interviews or tryouts of some kind. Take all you’ve learned and be confident and authentic in who you are.  If it’s a match, you’ll be chosen or accept.  Turn your focus to prosperity, money and things that create comfort for you.


Scorpio: Venus casts a magic spell so financial matters go smoothly. A little luxury expense or a significant raise or job upgrade could be the result. The Sun starts Scorpio time on Saturday and Mercury follows on Monday. Both instigate problem solving and thinking things out. As you prepare for Scorpio New Moon, outline the steps toward a personal goal.


Sagittarius: Big events take place behind the scenes, hidden from public knowledge. You may be central to the proceedings or still a bit unaware of what’s going on. Pay attention to subtle communication and clues. Venus inspires you to look and feel your best, so you’ll be ready to make your entrance or departure in style when the right time comes.


Capricorn: Venus favors inner peace for you during this fall season.  There’s a definite social trend in progress that involves surrounding yourself with a different bunch of people and possibly a new love interest. Simultaneously, you need quiet time to be creative and take care of yourself. Listen to your heart.


Aquarius: You’re looking good to land the gig or starring role.  Prepare now, and keep in mind that the very end of the month is most stellar for a bold move or making a finished product public. This weekend, soak in some sweet, romantic or purely fun vibes as the Moon dances in Leo and Venus brings around your most fun friends.


Pisces: Scorpio time is delicious for Pisces’ adventures. The Sun and Mercury suggest you satisfy a hunger for travel and different experiences within the next few weeks. Venus and Saturn position you for a career or leadership offer you can’t refuse. Have some fun before accepting a rewarding yet demanding role.  



October 13th to 19th, 2016


Saturday at Greener Postures in South Portland, Full Moon Yoga with Live Drum & Sacred Sound by Todd Glacy. 1:30-3:30 pm. Postures for the Warrior Moon,  Personal Exploration, Extended Savasanna with Gong for deepest relaxation. Astrology and Yoga Mythology. Join us!

(register ahead or arrive early, especially if you are new to GP) Info & sign up

Thursday: Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune, square Saturn, sextile Pluto. Mercury in Libra square Mars in Capricorn. Questions of exactly what to do come up today. The situation exists and needs resolution. Mercury instills a pro/con method while in Libra. Libra can be indecisive, yet Mars insists on grounded, productive action while in Capricorn. A rational approach is called for though the Pisces influence can lead us into emotional thinking.   Blend heart and head for optimum decision making. Remember that nothing is permanent and you'll feel freer  to decide.  Blue is today's color.

Friday: Void Moon in Pisces begins at 3:13 am EDT. Aries Moon takes over at 11:08 am EDT. Mercury sextile Saturn. More ease in moving forward. Logic, realism, and challenge are present as you move toward Full Moon. Resolve something with Aries initiative and Mercury's balanced approach in Libra. Jupiter opposes the Moon. A healthy amount of stress, challenge and support encourages more growth and wisdom.  Reactiveness is likely. What you didn't see coming...Red is today's color.

Saturday: Moon and Mercury square Pluto in Capricorn. Libra Sun opposes Uranus in Aries. Full Moon time is Sunday 12:23 am EDT, 9:23 pm tonight Pacific (it's here!). This Full Moon is a balancing act and requires facing fears and allowing inner wisdom to shine through. Much negotiation. Legal, partnership, relationship focus. Unexpected outcomes. Wild card influence of Uranus in Aries, conjunct the Moon. Let go of fear and need to control. Give it over to higher powers (the spiritual ones). White is today's color.

Sunday: Full Moon 12:23 am EDT. Void Moon 12:23 to 11:04 am EDT. Taurus Moon stabilizes, at least somewhat, bring us back to our senses and physical realities as well as necessary changes. Ground in the reality of the situation and do something tangible including cleaning the house.  Cook healthy meals. Enjoy nature. Get back to basics.  Cherish what's dear and valued.  Yellow is our color.

Monday: Taurus Moon void of course from 10:47 am on. Moon harmonious with Neptune in Pisces, Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. Earth sign focus for increasing prosperity and productivity. Creative handiwork and building are favored. Take ideas to form. Today's color is Blue.

Tuesday: Venus to Sagittarius 3:01 am EDT (until November 11th). Free thinking and the lure of new places and ideas. Gemini Moon starts 10:30 am EDT and opposes Venus newly in Sag. Be flexible enough to change your mind if necessary. Write, study and engage in active learning. Open the mind. Travel out of your usual environment and get your mind or habits unstuck. Pink is our color (Venus's color)

Wednesday: Gemini Moon opposes Saturn and aspects Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Uranus. Busy influence! Mars meets Pluto in Capricorn practically insisting that problems be dealt with no matter how challenging or intimidating. Bust through a limiting fear or preexisting pattern. Breakthroughs require effort and realism.  Black is today's color.


Sunday’s Full Moon features courageous acts. Conquer fear of the unknown to make a final decision or independent move.  Cut the umbilical cord and breathe for yourself.  Connect with or love others on your own terms.

Aries: This Full Moon lights fires inside. Motivation and passion lead you to personal decisions. Between Friday and Tuesday, a moment of clarity leads you to embrace change and forge ahead. All your Aries traits are magnified. Focus on the positive ones like bravery and spirit. Fight anxiety and impulsiveness. Seize the moment, but with discretion and intuition as well.

Taurus: You’ll carry a burden of information or unannounced news quietly through Full Moon. If the weight is too heavy, don’t shoulder it alone. Venus points to a good listener, a kind friend you can trust. Release a bit of what you’re holding and lighten your mood. What’s overwhelming can be unloaded slowly or broken down into smaller, more manageable parts.

Gemini: This Full Moon features a surprise such as an unexpected guest, a friend returning from afar, or a mysterious person of interest.  Someone or something attracts you in a strong, possibly inexplicable, way.  With feelings of urgency or excitement, match your actions with what you truly value. Fiery, enthusiastic or volatile people surround you this week.

Cancer: The Full Moon arrives with an opportunity that’s been long in progress even if you’ve been completely unaware. Eighteen months ago you weren’t prepared, however now you’ve gained the required knowledge, grown professionally and matured. Show originality, initiative and pioneering spirit as your leadership skill is called upon during Aries Full Moon.

Leo: This Full Moon takes you places. A rare opportunity to travel, study or do business abroad comes up for some Leos. Others are inspired to take a project to the next step or deliver big news. Whatever you encounter or do, it’s outside the usual boundaries this week. Bust through a limiting belief, and let the mythical Phoenix in you rise up.

Virgo: This fiery Full Moon burns away illusions and encourages you to discover or reveal.  A hidden, private part of your psyche or something you’ve compartmentalized comes up for action and resolution. Address money, health or partnership worries realistically and promptly. Quickly does not mean rashly. Take the next, progressive step.

Libra:  Themes of justice, home, family, and career and emotional peaks mark this eventful Full Moon. If a separation or ending occurs, you have the option to react with anger or with fairness and grace.  Courageous, heart centered action is called for. Give the final word rather than drawing out an already lengthy process. Feel the fast acting Aries influence.

Scorpio: Full Moon exaggerates what’s already present. Too much of a good thing could have the reverse effect. Keep away from too spicy or too strenuous, for example. A reliable routine, independent interests and the right amount of privacy keep you out of trouble. Finish up a secret project or plan that expresses your inner fire.  

Sagittarius: You could be in for a wild weekend as Aries Full Moon lights your social circle.  Expect exuberant and outrageous behavior among friends and acquaintances. A party or event includes some unexpected, desirable or unwelcome surprises.  Your romantic life may take a dramatic shift as you make a strong connection, or alternatively, a lover’s flaws are exposed.

Capricorn: This Full Moon brings a quick change of residence comes for some Capricorns. You may discover the home of your dreams or decide you’ve had enough with your current living situation. Regarding home, it’s the end of one era and on to the next. A rush of excitement with renovating, moving or family changes and a side note about career keeps you busy this season.

Aquarius: This high interest Full Moon is powered by Uranus, the planet of Aquarius. And it’s a tricky one. Whatever this Aries Full Moon delivers, avoid acting under any sort of pressure. Better to let it wane a bit before you make a long term decision.  Be careful what you put in writing. Give a family or travel issue your attention. People around you may be on edge.

Pisces: The heat and pressure of this Aries Full Moon could be a lot to deal with. Uranus adds this wheel of fortune effect ranging from bonus to loss in the money and employment department. This isn’t the time to respond to pressure, especially about an investment, job or money you really don’t need to spend. Remain cool and think independently this week.


October 6th to 12th, 2016


Yoga for the Warrior Full Moon at Greener Postures in South Portland on Saturday, October 15th. Live soundscape with drum, gong and other percussive instruments by Todd Glacy. Join us!

More info and sign up here

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon conjunct Saturn, square Neptune in Pisces, sextile the Sun in Libra.

Put structures in place. Structure an agreement or a plan. Be realistic. Fulfill obligations and attend to legal matters and wording.  White is today's color.

Friday: Void Moon in Sagittarius 2:26 am to 4:40 pm EDT. Capricorn Moon 4:40 pm. Sun in Libra square Capricorn Moon. Move forth with a decision. Be diligent with details that could be easily forgotten or overlooked. As conflicts of interest come up, keep fairness in mind. Gray is today's color.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon square Jupiter in Libra, conjunct Mars and Pluto, sextile Neptune in Pisces. Work through problems fairly, methodically and creatively. Find mutual points of agreement. A day of doing, acting and progressing. Put in the effort. Green is today's color.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon sextile Venus in Scorpio and square to Uranus in Aries, void at 12:51 pm to Monday 2:33 am EDT. Show progress during this 2nd quarter Moon. Controlling behavior or manipulative moves could create issues. Continue to move forward toward a goal. Black is today's color.

Monday: Aquarius Moon (from 2:33 am EDT) trine Mercury and Jupiter in Libra. Objectivity, fairness, collaboration. Meet people, work together. Decent day for a first date or meeting. Turquoise is our color.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon, Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Libra, Mars in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces.  All of yesterday's forecast applies. Today is even more lucky and beneficial for agreements, creativity and connecting with others in meaningful ways and to get things accomplished.  Legal agreements. Good day for writing and thinking originally. Void Moon begins 7:49 pm EDT. Blue is today's color.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon begins 8:43 am EDT. Abundance. Compassion. Work on prosperity and beliefs surrounding earning potential. Growth and expansion in both the heart and the wallet. Green is today's color.


This Friday, Mercury joins Jupiter and the Sun in fair minded Libra. Resolve personal and legal disputes, form partnerships, and expect justice and generous settlements now through next week.

Aries: Your ruling planet, Mars, activates career options now. Keep your chin up and concentrate on a project you’re passionate for. Try not to let the monsters get you down or trigger any public display of negativity.  Planets in Libra favor all of your partnerships and mutual decisions. Get together with someone whose traits or strengths complement yours.

Taurus: Improving your routines and habits makes a huge difference. As a physical sign, you know that when your body feels good you function at a higher level. Even in your marriage or with your closest colleague, you’re a much better partner when you’re rested and balanced in what you consume. Be good to yourself like that, and notice how everything else responds.

Gemini: The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter reward your patience with developments and encounters you’ve been gearing for. Open up options for dating or business networking. Planetary positivity extends to child rearing and baby making if you’re ready. This season is about giving birth to new experiences and relationships of many kinds. Partner up and make things happen.

Cancer: Be sincere and convincing as you coax a close partner to see things your way. In family and other household relationships, the trend is toward growth and positive solutions. Rather than blame or passive discontent, open the conversation for a new agreement about money, chores, and mutual respect.  An honest talk should go very well during the next seven days.

Leo: Mercury fires up your mind for speaking, writing, and publishing. Jupiter favors the benefits that come from such things, like money and growing audiences. Release your music or book late this year or in 2017. Whether you’re getting inspired or nearing completion, focus energy on media and self expression. Express from the heart. Learn quickly, and then pass it on.

Virgo: A job interview or related meeting is well timed for the 10th to 12th. Resume your search for higher paying or more suitable work. Be flexible as you consider a position out of your comfort zone. Jupiter gives you the power to take on bigger, more important and more intellectual projects this year. As Mercury moves to Libra, recognize the value of what you do.

Libra: The smart planets, Mercury and Jupiter, travel through your sign. Tap your knowledge base, use your wits, and be resourceful halfway between New and Full Moon. The Sun energizes you toward goals and for relationships.  Progressive change comes if you can move past outdated or negative thinking. See the missing piece that’s right in plain sight.

Scorpio: Rediscover enthusiasm for an unfinished project.  Venus stimulates your creative fire through mid month. Balance your internal process with interactions that bring ideas and plans to life. For example, seek out a valued opinion before pitching or delivering the final product. A road trip or time away from the usual yields insights you may not expect.

Sagittarius: Take a step toward one of your dreams.  Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun gather to influence your friendships, romances and hopes. Infatuation is a symptom of this season, for you. Meanwhile, use wisdom and discretion where money is concerned. Seek financing or legal agreements, knowing there are still surprises in store. For now, curb any urge to overspend.

Capricorn: This is peak season to be noticed for the right reasons.  Shine brightly in your field of expertise, or enthusiastically pursue a new goal. Mars, the planet of physical energy, pushes you a little bit harder or further, through November 9th. Initiate and keep things moving without overextending yourself. Enjoy a romantic or sentimental weekend as Venus and the Moon align.

Aquarius: Your mission is to become even more life smart. In the broad picture, there are life lessons to pursue should you choose to accept. Presently, deal with details with Mercury’s blessing until October 24th. Include applications, legal docs, and travel credentials on your to do list. This weekend, quiet time balances your body and mind.

Pisces: Answers and intuitions seem to come out of the clear blue. Hear beyond someone’s words and notice how you feel, trusting or unsure. Believe your body’s reactions as instinctual and informative. If you’re in the midst of a health concern, information you need comes forward. Resilience and regeneration are your two key words.

September 29th to October 5th, 2016


Hi everyone! New Moon is on the way. Mercury retrograde is done. Jupiter is in the sign  of harmonious agreements, partnerships and romantic love. 


Saturday, come to Freeport Yoga Company and sync with Libra New Moon! Yoga for the season and gallery style readings with info and insights about the fall season for all signs. 1-3:30 $45



Saturday, October 15th, come to Greener Postures in South Portland for Full Moon Yoga, an exploration of the Warrior Full Moon in Aries. Todd Glacy plays many instruments including percussion to awaken the warrior within. Yoga mythology and astrology inspire this practice. Todd played in my class Sunday night, and the gong meditation was divine! Relish the soundscape and extended savasanna with new perspective on the yoga postures we call "warriors".

I hope you can join us for this very unique practice. Register in the studio or online at www.greenerposturesyoga.com 1:30-3:30 $35


Happy New Moon this weekend! October is fruitful, a powerful time to explore your heart's desires


Thursday: Virgo Moon void 6:06 am to 3:52 am EDT on Friday. Moon conjunct Mercury direct. A revisiting of unfinished business. Working out the kinks. Solve a persistent problem. Find alternative and flexible approaches. Exercise and relax. Save important decisions for Friday or Saturday. Yellow.


Friday: Libra Moon 3:52 am. New Moon in Libra 8:11 pm EDT. If it's very important to you and requires agreement from others, momentum or luck, perhaps wait until after New Moon to initiate. New Moon power is strongest from 8:11 pm eastern time zone through the next two weeks. The closer you time to New Moon, the better.  However, the Moon does meet Jupiter at 12:54 pm EDT, making it a day for settling matters, calling a truce, developing healthier relationships, and receiving good news or profits. White is today's color. 


Saturday: Libra Moon lines up with Saturn and squares Pluto. Show your serious side. Put intention and feeling behind your actions. Immerse in meaningful activities. A day of wisdom. A time to face problems, inner demons, and life decisions. Venus trine Neptune makes it a lovely time for dates and other romantic and creative pursuits. Light blue is today's color. 


Sunday: Libra Moon void of course 11:43 to 3:43 pm EDT. New Moon power is still strong. Initiate when the Moon is not void of course for more reliable results. Avoid urgency and acting too quickly. Ask forgiveness when the Moon is void of course and the interaction is likely to go smoothly.  Be very clear with your actions and intentions. Scorpio Moon 3:43 pm aligns with Mars in Capricorn for focus and getting work done.  Indigo blue is today's color.


Monday: Scorpio Moon trine Neptune, conjunct Venus and sextile Pluto. It's an intense day with positive aspects. People may seem preoccupied. Take care of business. Check privacy settings. Focus on your top priorities. Soul searching, spirituality, and contemplating heavy or difficult topics is natural on days like this. Be objective and not obsessive.  Passions are magnified. Maroon is today's color. 


Tuesday: Scorpio Moon void 9:04 pm to Wednesday 4:26 am EDT. Do your best thinking and make decisions or purchases outside those hours. Always be careful and know your directions and destination on a void Moon night.  Again, concentrate on strongest priorities. Sun sextile Saturn and Moon sextile Mercury makes it a good day for attention to detail, wise advice, fair business deals and legal agreements. Expect long term impact of actions taken now. Black is today's color.


Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon 4:26 am EDT. Moon in harmony with Jupiter, Venus sextile Pluto, Mars square Jupiter. A multifaceted, potentially complex day. Realizations and awakenings especially regarding relationship and love. Debates and activity around legal matters and personal situations that are imbalanced.  With directed effort and healthy intention, you could make a big breakthrough with someone or something that has been resistant or blocked. However, the urge to run away from problems and responsibilities is strong too. Red is today's color. 



Aries: There’s a spiritual or ethereal aspect to your experiences this week. Dreams leave strong impressions. Conditions are right for a metaphysical encounter or a sign of angelic presence watching over you. Release judgements in order to believe in what you cannot see. Love is in the air too, and you can take it to the next level with this weekend’s New Moon.

Taurus: Venus and Neptune contribute to romance and passion in new and seasoned relationships. A friend could become a lover as the planets align. Intentionally create some lightness and fun with your partner.  New Moon leads to changes requiring new routines and organization. For example, some Taureans will adopt pets following New Moon.

Gemini: Libra New Moon is a beauty for Gemini love, luck and children. Jupiter blesses those areas of your life for an entire year. Set an intention for what you hope to grow into, for example to meet the love of your life or to birth a new child or creative project.  Initiate your heart’s desire close to Friday night’s New Moon.

Cancer: Fresh starts and refreshed relationships are favored by this New Moon. This is most true in your home and with family even a distance away.  This Moon begins a cycle of growth, rebuilding and the kind of prosperity that helps you purchase or upgrade property.  Establish house rules if needed. Claim an area of creative or sacred space to call your own.

Leo: You’re likely to be on the road more for the next few weeks. Excursions have the blessing of Jupiter and energy of the Sun. Even if you travel for emotional or business like reasons, tune into the freedom of being away from routine.  Forgiveness and understanding surrounds your family. Venus and Neptune conjure ancestral memory and legacies, piquing your awareness.

Virgo: Friday night is your annual New Moon of prosperity, and it’s especially powerful because of Jupiter’s proximity. As close to Friday night as possible, reach out for the earthly goods you want and need. More profitable work and the resources to make things happen are two examples of what’s in store. With Mercury direct in your sign, request what you hope to receive.

Libra: What a beauty of a New Moon. Fresh starts all the way around for you, Libra. Do what you want with none of those retrograde issues or fears. Mercury’s been providing some quiet inspirations, and now it’s time to act. Initiate a process, even the ones that take time. Refresh your look and your outlook with plenty of star power backing you up.

Scorpio: The New Moon’s effect is subtle for you. It could appear as a brighter perspective, more hopefulness, and a vision for yourself. Venus and Neptune provide a more direct experience of creativity or romance.  Gratefulness, awe and bliss are manifestations of this planetary trine.  Blessings extend to your kids. Believe in miracles and love.

Sagittarius: Friday’s friendly New Moon helps you start new relationships of any kind. A collaboration forms. Someone you meet or reconnect with moves into a more important and expanded role in your world. Jupiter aims to attract supportive and prominent people to you in the months ahead. Begin a romantic, profitable or otherwise mutually beneficial friendship now.

Capricorn: Jupiter propels you into a year of career growth, and this New Moon is fuel for a first or next step. Take advantage of offers and resources, get certified and update your resume. The weekend is productive while New Moon has maximum power. Simultaneously, Venus and Neptune create harmony and romance in your social life and give you a way with words.

Aquarius: Friday’s New Moon inspires philosophical thinking. Your perspective undergoes a shift or at least some reconsideration.  Education, travels, and life experiences shape the course. You may step into roles of teacher, mentor, student or volunteer. Venus sweetens the career deal this month. Meet with someone influential who appreciates your work.

Pisces: Post eclipses and Mercury retrograde, life moves in a new and definitive direction. Stay in the flow and be confident. Venus and Neptune lead to dreams of distant places, and if you’re truly called, go. A well timed escape refreshes you, and you can make it a romantic trip for two if you choose. Whatever New Moon brings, trust your gut feelings as you move and decide.


September 22nd to 29th, 2016

**New Moon Yoga with Gallery Style Readings

Saturday, October 1st at Freeport Yoga Company in Freeport 1:00-3:30 pm

Sign up in advance at FYC site or either studio (Freeport or Yarmouth)

**Full Moon Yoga for the Warrior Moon with Live Drumming and Gong by Todd Glacy

Saturday, October 15th at Greener Postures in South Portland 1:30-3:30 pm

Sign up in either studio or online


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The Moon is waning, and harmonious New Moon in Libra is September 30th 8:11 pm EDT.

Thursday: Autumnal Equinox (Sun to Libra) at 10:21 am EDT. Balance of dark and light. Daylight will wane from now to Winter Solstice in late December. Mercury stations direct and squares Gemini Moon. Moon opposes Mars. Debates and sorting out. Keep flexibility in your mind, agreements and arrangements. Changeable day. Lavender is today's color.

Friday: Cancer Moon 4:33 am EDT (half hour void Moon precedes this). Venus to Scorpio, where she's passionate, possessive and strong willed, 10:51 pm EDT. Mercury trine Pluto. Face realities. be sensible. Act from the heart. Emotions are stirred and moods change quickly. Light blue.

Saturday: Cancer Moon opposes Pluto, square Uranus, sextile Mercury direct. Void Moon at 9:42 pm EDT. Work through problems, look for answers both inside and from wise advisors. Sentimental time. Black is our color.

Sunday: Leo Moon 9:48 a EDT. Moon square Venus. Passion. Pride could get in the way of progress. Moon sextile the Sun and Jupiter in Libra. Social time, good for meeting new people and mingling.  Purple is today's color.

Monday: Leo Moon. Have some fun. Build socializing and creative methods into meetings, business, and learning. Pluto direct in Capricorn 11:01 am EDT.  Sun conjunct Jupiter in Libra for justice and optimism. Promising developments and news. Gold is today's color.

Tuesday: Mars moves to Capricorn 4:07 am EDT, leading us to a  more productive, motivated period of time. Void Moon in Leo 4:52 am EDT to 5:43 pm. Save shopping for tonight or tomorrow. Hang out with friends, enjoy free time, Virgo Moon 5:43 pm trine Mars in Capricorn at 6:27 pm for a productive study or work night. Navy blue.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon with a variety of aspects. Reorganize, be practical. Recycle or repurpose. Clear out useless items and clean the house. Let go of preconceived ideas. Brown is our color.

Horoscopes: Rise above and move beyond any maladies or chaos related to Mercury retro and September eclipses. Autumn arrives Thursday, and Mercury stations direct in Virgo. Clear up confusion and channel your most organized, together self.

Aries: Mercury pauses before moving forward, giving you a chance to breathe, consider, and clarify. Prep for a decision about communication, routine and functionality. Mercury aligns with Pluto, reintroducing you to an aptitude or aspiration you’ve yet to fulfill. Define where you want to be and on what terms.

Taurus: Planet Venus slides into Scorpio where she plays with your heart, either tugging you closer to a partner or revealing feelings you’ve kept hidden and unexpressed.  Mercury instigates crushes, on people or other loves.  Questions of loyalty, love and the long term come to the forefront. Secrets, temptations and passion dominate this week.

Gemini: The Sun/ Jupiter meeting on Monday brings you good luck. From harmonious Libra, these two hopeful and expansive heavenly bodies favor love, creative projects and your kids. Use this week to resolve, initiate, and celebrate, especially in the areas mentioned.  Get together around a shared vision, with a compatible partner, before September ends.

Cancer:  Positive developments involve family members, home or both. The Sun and Jupiter in Libra burst with good news related to a home improvements or a move. Optimistic news or communication comes from brothers, sisters, and other immediate family. Venus moves to Scorpio this Friday, and it’s time to find out or immerse in what it means to truly love.

Leo: Relationships with sisters and brothers become more relevant as the Sun and Jupiter meet. Are you due to reunite with biological family? Shared experiences bond you together in a new way. Travels, motivated by either family or work, are favored. Trust that things will fall together easily and magically as the Sun and the big planet join forces on your behalf.

Virgo: Mercury sits for a moment before continuing the Virgo journey. You too can pause and enjoy a slice of autumn. The world awaits an answer, the conclusion you’re drawing through research and soul search, but all will be well for a few days or a week.  Monday offers nice timing for job and money matters. Give relationship questions all the time you need.

Libra: Venus puts you in a better position for a new or second job and for balancing financial matters. If you’re in partnership, you two may decide to spend or invest some money for pleasure. Start an account for a specific reason, like travel or a wedding. The Sun and Jupiter shine brightest on you on the luckiest Monday ever, September 26th.

Scorpio: By nature, you’re private and protect your feelings and own best interests. However, the Sun and Jupiter provoke your inner optimist.  Good things are genuinely brewing while Venus visits your sign for a month, helping you attract a date, future employer, or more harmony with people in your life. This weekend, enjoy a road trip or event with good friends.

Sagittarius: The duo of Mars and Saturn has undoubtedly instigated you and challenged your inner peace.  You need ample time to recharge as some transitions occur. Send Mars off to Capricorn next Tuesday, and with that shift an adversary or problem moves further from your zone. Mercury direct smooths out career situations after a chaotic or unproductive time.

Capricorn: Jupiter is dedicated to improving your career life in the next several months. On Monday, the Sun adds power and energy to the same cause. It’s an ideal time to interview for or accept a position that makes you happier. If you’re going abroad or in school, plans and schedules smooth out too. The transformation and adaptation is becoming complete.

Aquarius: Renew your passport and check frequent flyer miles. Distant clients, conferences or audiences call you away.. In the name of art, business, education or service to others, be ready to go. The Sun and Mercury combine for answers to your questions about financing or health. Most of all, make sure information resonates with your sixth sense before you act.

Pisces: Looking ahead, one final eclipse will rock your world near birthday time. Just fyi. In the now, you and your partner share news or make an enlightened decision. You’re more clear about your heart’s desire. A declaration of love, loyalty or intention shouldn’t come as a surprise. This Jupiter year expands your intuition. Start to trust yourself even more.

Yoga Nidra Meditation with Invitation to a Spirit Guide or Animal Totem September 25th at Scarborough Yoga. Preregistration required in the studio or on Eventbrite.com

New Moon Yoga with Gallery Style Astrology Readings at Freeport Yoga on Saturday, Oct. 1st. 

Preregister at the studio or at the workshops link on FYC site

September 15th to 21st, 2016

Two more free RoZoYo® yoga flows on Congress Square Park Portland! BYO Yoga mat. Mondays 4 to 5 pm for the rest of September. Thanks for a fun season of outdoor yoga

Full Moon Yoga for the Warrior Moon at Greener Postures South Portland on Saturday, October 15th 12:30-2:30 pm. Live drumming and gong with Todd Glacy providing the soundscape. This will be a one of a kind practice with yoga mythology, astrology and sound in a personal exploration of the Virabhadrasana poses and the warrior within.    Sign up at either GP studio or online here.

Okay, it's eclipse time! Here goes!

Thursday the 15th: Pisces Moon nearly full. Moon and Neptune meet. Moon squares Saturn. Can you maintain focus on what's real and not run away or deny? That is today's challenge. Channel stress or emotion into music and art. Express yourself without insensitivity to others.  Light Blue.

Friday the 16th: Lunar eclipse in Pisces 3:05 pm EDT. This is the 2nd to last of the Virgo/Pisces series. The next is in 6 months.  Changes. Clear communication is needed but may be hard to facilitate. Transformations and growing pains. This change or this news may not be easy. Adaptations are required. Ease in. Do not be overpowered. Ground in routines. It's an emotional one for sure. Breathe well through the next few days as eclipse events continue to unfold.  The upside to this; a creative peak. Silver is our color. (Void of course Moon starts at 3:05. Try not to plan too much or expect too much after that time)

Saturday the 17th: Moon to Aries 12:22 am EDT. Mars trine Uranus. Quite a wild day. Use caution. Enjoy adventures while keeping your head up and eyes open.  Take no unnecessary risks, and be careful around fire and heat.  Some will be energized. It's an extreme day on either end of the spectrum. Orange is our color.

Sunday the 18th: Aries Moon meets Uranus, Venus opposes Uranus and the Moon. Focus on relationships, fairness, and responsibilities to each other.  Everything might seem like a bit too much right now. Avoid pointless arguments or topics you know will antagonize. Void Moon starts at 4:11 pm. Pink for harmony today.

Monday the 19th: Taurus Moon begins at 12:58 am EDT. Venus and Mars align which may help relationship strain. Fairness to each other is of the utmost importance, especially through changes and separations.  Philosophies of relationship pop into our brains and conversations today. Is your role or your intention about partnership of any kind changing right now? Put intention behind your actions. Build things and follow the plan. Brown is today's color.

Tuesday the 20th: Taurus Moon in harmony with the Sun in Virgo, Mercury and Pluto. Mercury retro aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. Revisiting, sentiment, inner focus. Ideas. Deal with practical things and pay attention to "random" thoughts that may lead to problem solving or creating something. Re-create with more information or awareness. Blue is today's color. Void Moon 11:32 pm EDT.

Wednesday the 21st: Last full day of summer season. Gemini Moon 1:53 am EDT. Let go of outdated ways of thinking or old grudges you can be finished with. Move on in your mind even if you're waiting 'til Mercury's direct to depart or finalize something. Allow the mind to wander, creatively and in a relaxed not frantic way. Negotiations and meetings of a serious nature may be difficult yet necessary. Brainstorm today. Finalize in the future. Yellow is our color.


Like a book or film with a surprise ending, this week’s lunar eclipse delivers unanticipated twists. Final breakups, resignations and other once-and-for-all type news trigger emotional peaks. As Mercury retro opposes the Full Moon, make every effort to avoid misquoting or misinterpreting this week.


Aries: Temporary confusion or mental angst provokes anxiety, overexcitement or lack of sleep. Keep major decisions to a minimum since information can change in the blink of an eye while Mercury is retrograde. Take care of emotional drain with good boundaries and self care. Be tactful and wise as you prepare to break free.


Taurus: During this lunar eclipse of friendship, some move closer, others go. You may create distance or boundaries with one or two  due to money issues, infidelity or another breach of trust. On the plus side, a bud, mentor or associate could give you a great lead or introduction that changes everything in the best possible way.


Gemini: Eclipses fuel changes around both your home and professional life. This extends to shifting your goals and rethinking priorities. As a boss or colleagues departs, you move around with different roles and responsibilities. Give a bit of time before deciding it your situations are suitable. Meanwhile, Venus instigates flirtations and fun.


Cancer: Career, education, travel and home are all under the influence of late summer eclipses.  You’re once removed from many of the biggest changes the season brings. For example, Pisces or Virgo friends or significant others influence your present experience. Exciting or eventful travels or relocation are likely for you or for a family member as a storyline concludes.


Leo: You’re most likely to land the major contract or receive news of property or other legal settlement. Mercury direct, after the 22nd, is a better time to sign and finalize if you can buy yourself some time. Check your invoices and account statements for any kind of imbalance or privacy issue. Finally, prepare for some wild fun and, potentially, a spontaneous trip.


Virgo: Events circling around your lover, spouse or close associate shift the energy around you. You could be feeling moody, uncertain or excited, whether news is positive or negative, Exhaustion may accompany September’s duo of eclipses. Transitions push the extremes of breaking up or deepening commitment and other indelible, personal change.


Libra: Different things occupy your time. A heavier schedule means extra affort to stay healthy and balanced. Too little to do might make you depressed. The eclipses bring extremes to be reconciled.  Jupiter just started a year long tour, hitting every degree of your sign, in the name of positive change. Lighten up, flirt and divert during a final Venus/Libra week.


Scorpio: A Pisces eclipse centers on love, creativity and  kids.  Stay focused and close to whom and what is dearest to your heart. Offspring, young or older, require extra support or attention through changes. Scorpio love lives turn in one direction or the other. Use your instincts more than control, and follow a natural course and creative flow this week.


Sagittarius: Friday’s eclipse signals transitions including moving, settling a property issue, and other potent changes in your household. Stay close to residence and connected to family matters this week. Mars and Uranus join forces in spontaneous, unexpected ways, so this week and next are anything but routine.


Capricorn: Shine brighter,  step into an honorable position, and be recognized for your talents in the coming months. A whole year of Jupiter’s influence forwards your career and leads you to new roles. This eclipse leads you to new surroundings, city, wilderness or classroom. You’re going places you could not have considered last year.  


Aquarius: This Full Moon eclipse initiates change in your earning power and related collaborations. Negotiate fair compensation. An associate’s status change impacts your working conditions, and Mercury retro leads to communication issues for another week. Attend to creative licensing, trademarks, and how your intellectual property is credited or shared.


Pisces: This Full Moon eclipse continues  a two year series in Pisces and polar opposite, Virgo. It’s normal to feel a bit rattled or unsure about career, your significant relationship, and how to move forward. The universe is taking care of it though. There are fewer debatable decisions and more that become obvious when you least expect it. Take the path that’s clear.


find me at www.RoZoYo.com for yoga schedules, workshops and more

Happy beginning of Autumn on Thursday the 22nd!


September 8th to 14th, 2016

Right now we're between two eclipses with Mercury retro in Virgo. It's an unusual combination, so do what you can to maintain or restore  your balance...frequently!



Thursday the 8th: Purple is today's color. Sagittarius Moon meets Saturn, aligns with Venus in Libra and squares Neptune. People will appreciate being taken seriously. Try not to be dismissive.  Pick and choose what you trust and believe. Team up with a partner for travels or other adventures.

Friday the 9th: Jupiter moves to Libra after a stay that began in August of 2015. Jupiter in Libra focus is harmony and justice now into autumn of 2017. Libra, consider this a year for opportunities and a growth spurt in knowledge and experience. Jupiter looks out for the best where partnerships are concerned and provides a healing force where there's relationship challenge. 2nd quarter Moon is in Sagittarius, and the Moon is void of course as of 8:51 pm EDT. The Moon and Mars energize, but may also increase bold or harsh attitudes and actions.  Avoid tactless or temperamental people. Red is today's color.

Saturday the 10th: Moon to Capricorn at 8:55 am EDT. Saturn squares Neptune highlights realities and escapist tendencies. Break things down into small tasks or pieces you can understand. Try not to bail out on what's important or skip out on responsibilities.  Black is today's color.

Sunday the 11th: Capricorn Moon meets Pluto. Green is today's color. Venus in Libra is square to both the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. Justice is called for. Be fair as you divide responsibilities and better manage a workplace or household. Notice what's subconsciously communicated and other undercurrents that inform more than what you can see or hear.

Monday the 12th: Void of course Moon 6 am EDT to 5:28 pm. Mercury square Mars. Sun conjunct Mercury. This is a very uncertain day especially for having accurate information imparted, conversations that require clarity, purchases, building and constructing, or mediations.  Today is about reconnecting and announcing overdue news. Gold is the color of the day.

Tuesday the 13th: Aquarius Moon, Sun square Mars in Virgo/Sagittarius. Use some restraint and a very thoughtful approach to decisions. Think forward while learning from the past. Commit to a course of action though you might revise the plan later since Mercury is retrograde.  Be logical. Today's color is turquoise.

Wednesday the 14th: Void of course Moon 11:31 am to 10:23 pm EDT. Morning ( or before 11:31 am adjusted to your time zone) is best for focus and reliability. Great day for an afternoon off or for routine work. Also mix business and tasks with socializing and fun. Some things will happen or be initiated quickly. Think before you act or respond. Pisces Moon time starts at 10:23 pm EDT.Today's color is light green.


Horoscopes: We’re at the peak of Mercury retrograde in Virgo, a time for revision and reconnection with long lost friends.

Aries: The revolving world of Mercury retrograde brings a project or idea back to life. Take a different approach this time. Jupiter starts an optimistic relationship year. Your perspective on love and commitment is due to shift. Open your mind to the relevance or return of people and things from your past.


Taurus: Reconnect with friends, hobbies and projects you’re passionate to pursue. Get back to things you love during Mercury retrograde. Slow down and take breaks from the action.  Jupiter prompts love to blossom and travels to be fun. You’ll thrive in a highly creative learning environment and will procrastinate or neglect boring tasks.


Gemini: Return to places you’ve called home,  where you feel at ease. There’s  a chance you’ll be helping out or visiting family.  Jupiter’s Libra year is lucky. Begin by open your mind and letting go of negative perceptions and limitations. Love is not only possible, but may feel better than ever between now and next autumn.


Cancer: Home and family take higher priority for a full year.You’ll improve or move your living quarters or do more business from home. Welcome additions to the family including a baby or a relative who needs to stay with you for a while. Brainstorm ways to make your home bigger, safer, or more vibrant in the months ahead.


Leo: The Sun and Mercury lead to a bonus that’s been in the works for you. A gift or bump in salary are two possibilities. Look into trainings, conferences and fields to major in. You’re set to succeed as teacher, presenter or student in the months ahead. Leo’s audience or client base expands exponentially too. “Pass Go” and collect hundreds or the equivalent in value this week.


Virgo: The Sun and Mercury retrograde lead you to revisit what’s positive. The Sun always has an optimistic slant, and this time friends, plans and projects come back to brighten your world. Decide what’s worth reviving. Take a second look and see promise now in something you gave up or lost track of. Also, consider better job prospects from this week forward.


Libra: Jupiter moves to Libra on September 9th, giving you 13 months of extra luck and love. Pursue the areas you want to grow into while the big planet is on your side. Some Libras will fall in love, others will have their first baby. Some of you will excel in school or a new profession. The Sun and Mercury spark brilliant ideas and give new life to a dream this week.


Scorpio: You’re most likely in the zodiac to connect with an old friend or revive a romantic relationship. While Mercury is retro, you may just dive in though it’s best to make no promises. This lover or friends seems to read your mind, finish your sentences, and answer questions before you ask. Reach out to the person this reminds you most of.


Sagittarius: Reconsider that job offer you keep refusing or lead you never follow up on. Mercury and the Sun have one last blast in your career sector, and it’s time to move on or renegotiate. Look for ease and enthusiasm in a new situation. Ace the tryout for a lead role on stage or playing field as well.


Capricorn: Mercury retrograde and the Sun bring on a major life change, perhaps one that’s overdue.  During this eclipse month, you’re gently pushed to finalize the details and make a move. Travel abroad or across country for a temporary or long term stay. Immerse fully in school or training. Your options increase now and for months ahead.


Aquarius: A project, property or legal agreement involving another person or group just might settle while Mercury is retrograde. Get clear on the terms and finances involved. The Sun and Mercury favor prosperous, promising outcomes, with room to adjust for growth later on. Your Jupiter in Libra year brings travels and opportunities to learn or teach in your field of expertise.


Pisces: September eclipses influence you strongly. Cruise through changes with a calm mind, and keep your plans private until it’s truly time to share. A sensible, yet heartfelt, discussion helps you clarity the direction of a personal or business relationship. Take your time since there’s a Pisces eclipse just ahead, and by the end of the month you’ll take the definitive step..

September 1st to 7th, 2016

September starts with a solar eclipse/New Moon in Virgo at 5:03 am EDT.  The Sabian Symbol for this degree of Virgo is two faces peeking out of the shadows. The eclipse is solar, indicating beginnings, and this one is about seeing beyond any cloudiness or dark, to what's illuminated and bright. Prospects become more clear, though Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd so it may be wise to let decisions unfold rather than jump impulsively into the unknown.  Neptune, Saturn and Mars challenge the Sun and Moon at eclipse time, and this could cloud judgment and appear as limitations or opponents. However, some of this will disappear. Choose your battles or choose not to fight the flow or the adversary, and wait situations out.  If you must act quickly, expect terms and responsibilities to change in the fall. Sometimes things turn out even better than you hoped or planned! 

Huge transitions mark September, and that's how we'll remember this month.  Here's where we're at during this third phase of summer:

Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Virgo

Moon waxing toward Full/Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on September 16th

Mercury retrograde in Virgo

Venus in Libra, Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter finishing 13 months in Virgo on September 9th

Neptune in Pisces, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn (they stay in one sign for many years)

Move gracefully through all these shifts by developing patience and choosing calm responses. If you do, everything around you will respond. Environmental drama does not have to steal your happiness or peace. 

Cheers & Happy Labor day weekend! Robin

Thursday: Solar Eclipse in Virgo, Sun square Saturn. Find flexible or experimental approaches. Try to avoid permanent agreements, promises or forcing decisions. Change happens naturally and inevitably. Make peace with that. The boys and men in our lives, fathers and grandfathers, Leos, Pisces and Virgo are most influenced by the eclipse. Sagittarius is challenged. Pisces must remain grounded and realistic. Capricorn discovers and explores. White is today's color. 

Friday: Mercury conjunct Jupiter & the Moon conjunct both planets, in Virgo, Sun opposes Neptune. Be realistic and authentic. Make plans and agreements on flexible terms or temporary timelines. Important and overdue discussions. Interesting developments and eclipse type news. Void Moon 6:13 to 8:55 pm EDT then Moon in Libra. Lavender.

Saturday: Moon conjunct Venus in Libra. Partnership, seeking agreement and harmony. Mediate, negotiate, dance, make music, remain undecided if it feels right. Social day for parties and friendship. Pink.

Sunday: Libra Moon opposes Uranus, squares Pluto and void at 8:30 pm. Shop for simple things. Save receipts and avoid the major or electronic purchases. Socialize, mix pleasure and work. Collaborate. Avoid drama and impulsive action. Void of course Moon overnight. Be safe. White.

Monday: Void Moon until 8:38 am EDT. Scorpio Moon with no aspects. Retreat to your sanctuary or a beloved place. Focus your attention fully. Lose the tendency toward scattered mind and energy. Experience spirituality in any manner. Maroon.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Neptune, Pluto and the Sun. Silver linings. Seeing past shadows or romantic ideals. Attention to business. No BS allowed! Creative approaches. Indigo. 

Wednesday: Sun trine Pluto, Venus sextile Saturn, Moon from Scorpio to Sagittarius, void of course 8:43 to 9:20 pm EDT. Balance freedom and responsibilities. Fulfill obligations. Look for harmonious agreements. Be practical and fair. Turquoise.


Aries: Between last September and now there’s been growing impetus to change day to day life, achieve optimum health, and remove some overriding stress. Thursday’s eclipse can force changes you put off or couldn’t quite manage. Address your biggest concerns in the most practical manner. This is a chance to re-imagine routine.


Taurus: Friends and acquaintances from the past pop back into view while Mercury is retrograde. Look for interesting reconnections while traveling, returning to school or attending a conference or event.  You’re likely to see someone in an entirely different way. Be willing to change your opinion as a shadow or illusion is removed this week.


Gemini: The push pull of Mercury retrograde and a solar eclipse could drive you a little crazy as September begins.  The living arrangement might not be what you expected or there’s a significant issue to be dealt with at home. The good news is Jupiter hangs out and supports best outcomes at your place and with cohabitation and family for one more week.


Cancer: Changes in your thinking impact business prospects and school plans. Mercury retrograde might have you in reverse, rethinking a previously done deal.  Allow for alterations rather than stay fixed on what no longer makes sense. Change your major, literal or otherwise. Retract a statement if necessary. Make way for what’s happening now, as opportunity presents.


Leo: Mercury retro and the solar eclipse instigate changes and refocusing around how you earn and spend. You could find yourself with more money or a primo opportunity as Mercury meets with generous Jupiter. Saturn and Mars put pressure on business friendships while. Neptune also has a strange influence on shared money or resources. Trust your gut over other advice.


Virgo: Change happens fast. Solar eclipse is a blurry mix of wonderful and out of whack. It’s a time of re-imagining and learning as you go. A forceful opinion or chorus of advisors, especially family members, could exacerbate what’s already stressful. This adjustment requires inner wisdom, perspective and possibly a bit of distance from the ones you love.


Libra: A mental health day won’t set you back. Rejuvenate and restore your energy by stepping back a bit for perspective. Be more realistic about how much can be accomplished and how much to take on. Venus favors loosely scheduled time for art, music, journaling, and creative pursuits. Without making too drastic a change, head to the salon or spa for some pampering.


Scorpio: The Mercury retro and Virgo eclipse combine to reactivate your relationship with a friend, lover, or supportive colleague.  Consider this a new beginning, free of preconceived ideas and judgments. You’ll interact differently this time. Keep money transactions separate from your friendship though. In general, money and work require a conservative approach right now.


Sagittarius: Jupiter exerts one final influence over your career or leadership role. Any resistance or reservations about change will be replaced by a need for action as the eclipse blows through. Mars and Saturn intensify your responses so be mindful and go easy. Compassion for others makes you a more effective leader or team player. Move gracefully through this shift.


Capricorn: The universe has been working to expand your mind, open you to new experiences, and change your view of the world. Thursday’s eclipse pushes you to the next level of understanding. A new program of study opens some Capricorn eyes, and others of you will be students of life.  Challenge your previous beliefs and grow into confidence and self esteem.


Aquarius: Mercury retro and the eclipse events prompt you to review any partnership agreement, the terms of shared property and custody, accounts or loans.  Mars and Saturn say it’s not the best time to mix friendship or romance with business. If you do. it’s likely you’ll rearrange and revise for better balance and the maximum return.


Pisces: You, my Pisces friend, are in the center of the whirlpool, the vortex of the eclipse season. Relationship status may change quickly or the two of you make a big decision, changing everything. Single Pisces feel the shift in professional or other one on one relationships. The roles you’re willing to assume are up for discussion and change this month.


August 25th to 31st, 2016

Venus and Jupiter throw a going away party on Saturday. The planet of love leaves Virgo for Libra, her home sign, a couple of weeks before Jupiter follows. Mercury stays behind, and the quarterly retrograde begins on Tuesday. Late summer transitions are in full swing.

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Thursday, August 25th: Gemini Moon opposes Saturn and Mars, square to Neptune in Pisces. Opposing opinions, lots of talk, strong debates. Make words official or legal. Expect to be challenged. Yellow is today's color.

Friday, August 26th: Gemini Void of course Moon 8:30 pm until Cancer Moon 11:06 pm EDT. Mars square Neptune. Moon square Venus, Jupiter & Mercury in Virgo. Strong effort and convincing data will be necessary to make progress or decisions. Reasons to procrastinate may be legit. Light blue.

Saturday, August 27th: Cancer Moon trine Neptune, sextile the Sun, Venus conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. An auspicious day. Healing vibes. Great day for relationship growth and harmony. Find agreement. Creativity peaks. Today's color is Pink.

Sunday, August 28th: Cancer Moon. Beware of being pulled into old patterns of thinking and influenced by emotions related to the past. Avoid blaming others. Take care of each other. Cook nurturing meals or comfort foods. White.

Monday, August 29th: Venus to Libra 10:07 pm EDT. Mercury conjunct Venus. Moon to Leo at 4:11 am (void from 2:23 to 4:11 am EDT). Heart to heart communication. Flexibility with others and with agreements. Good for designing and doing detailed work. Venus in her home sign favors harmony and justice, dancers and musicians for the next month. Another auspicious day. Act on intuition, do creative work, keep some flexibility in decisions as Mercury retro begins in Virgo tomorrow. Purple.

Tuesday, August 30th; Mercury retrograde in Virgo 9:04 am EDT. Leo Moon trine Mars in Sagittarius. Active, dynamic day. Avoid major purchases or changes to your appearance, such as hair color or tattoo. Spontaneity must be balanced with care. Orange.

Wednesday, August 31st: Void of course Moon 12:20 am to 11:22 am EDT. Virgo Moon 11:22 am Move carefully through the morning. Steady or slow pace. Be thoughtful, organized and careful with details. Avoid big purchases. Revise systems or schedules temporarily. Brown.


Aries: On Sunday, Venus’s grand entrance to Libra starts an auspicious year of love and partnership for Aries and Libra. If you’re in long term relationship or contracted cooperation already, you’ll feel it first. Details and schedules take a backseat, and relationship building comes first.

Taurus: Two final Virgo convergences favor you, Taurus . Establish the terms of relationship, take vacation or be part of a friend’s celebration this weekend. Venus in Libra, after Saturday, helps relationships with colleagues and adds interest to your work. Mercury retrograde preview involves reestablishing communication with an old friend.

Gemini:  Jupiter and Venus place so much love and intention around your family and home, something superb is bound to materialize. It’s possible you’re in the midst of happy news or a beneficial move. Your entire physical living arrangement continues to evolve. Leave room for positive changes.

Cancer: You’re the topic of happy conversations or the messenger of good news. Finalizing details, celebrating success, and reuniting with siblings or distant friends are all positive results of planets converging in Virgo.  If you’re going off to school or abroad, you’ll do it in style. Enjoy the upgrades this week brings.

Leo: You’re the zodiac’s pick for prosperity and abundance. Job opportunities and well paying projects come via Venus and Jupiter. A one off gig can lead to something more lucrative.  Hold nothing back. Creative license and high interest material put you right in your element. If you’re hiring, seek candidates who share your style and flair.

Virgo: A trio of planets join forces in Virgo. They aim to shine light into dark corners, awaken what’s been dormant, and beam generous amounts of love and open mindedness your way. Erase fear of the unknown as you move into the next Virgo eclipse shift.  A life changing conversation is the precursor of what’s to come.

Libra: Invite someone of interest on a date or to collaborate. Venus enters Libra on Monday for successful pairings. Consider common vision, but also see differences as a strength. Partner with one who makes up for what you lack. Think yin/yang. Venus initiates more harmony and foreshadows over a year of expansion coming right up.

Scorpio: Surrounded by friends, be part of a special event, tribute or late summer party.  Immerse in the joy and generosity of friends or colleagues. If a conversation or forgiveness is overdue, make it happen with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter encouraging harmonious relationships.  Mutual support is your theme as you give and receive, and everyone wins.

Sagittarius: An interview, tryout, licensing exam or public appearance is set up incredibly well. Three planets boost you to the next level of leadership or professional life. If you’re a student, an internship or mentor appears and proves to be so influential to your success. This is the culmination and reward of a long process. Make the most of opportunities this week.

Capricorn: The trio of planets in Virgo call you once more to distant places. A journey takes you somewhere beautiful, maybe home. The Jupiter/Venus connection is strong for happy landings wherever you roam late this summer. Mercury has another life changing plan in the works as well. It may be a month until you get the final word.

Aquarius: Rebirth, regeneration, and resources are themes as three planets exercise influence for your health, bank accounts, and settlements of any kind.  If your life is in good shape, enjoy the bonus instigated by Venus and Jupiter. If you really need someone or something to come through for you, move that process along while the stars are strongly on your side.

Pisces: Uncommonly beautiful alignments impact your love and relationship life. Venus and Jupiter deliver on promises, deepen commitments, and encourage a healthy relationship between you and your most significant other. A hope becomes real.  It’s also an exciting time to develop a business plan with someone as devoted to your passion as you are.


August 18th to 24th, 2016

Thursday: Full Moon in Aquarius 5:27 am EDT. White is today's color. Unique people, unexpected changes, original ideas. Void of course Moon 5:27 am to 12:34 pm. Pisces Moon 12:34 pm on. 

Friday: Pisces Moon. Highly sensitive. Trust issues and themes. Light green is our color.

Saturday: Pisces Moon Void of course 8:21 am to 3:18 pm EDT. Hold on important decisions. Aries Moon 3:18 pm on Activate and feel a resurgence of strength, energy and enthusiasm. Orange is our color.

Sunday: Aries Moon trine Saturn and Mars. Decisive and strong willed. Today's color is Red.

Monday: Sun to Virgo 12:38 pm EDT. Aries Moon void of course 7:48 am to 5:19 pm EDT. Taurus Moon follows. Mercury meets Jupiter in Virgo. Excellent time for contracts and agreements. Yellow is our color.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon. Long term decisions. Solutions. Grounded approaches. Green for today.

Wednesday: Taurus Moon void of course 3:38 to 7:40 pm EDT. Gemini Moon follows. Mars meets Saturn. Forceful energy. Don't be overpowered or controlled. Avoid bullies. Social plans favored in the p.m.  White is today's color. 



Aries: Mingle with progressive thinkers and eccentric friends. Let your preconceived notions go as Aquarius Full Moon casts a surprising light, changing your vision. This socially oriented Moon leads to inspired collaborations, friendships, and support from unexpected sources. Experience connection and common vision this week.

Taurus: The unique quality of this Full Moon alters one of your goals or plans. Like looking through a different lens, you see a broader spectrum and change of focus. You may have to recreate in order to follow a more colorful, adventurous path. The more you’re willing to scrap and take chances, the more inspired you’ll feel.

Gemini: Full Moon attracts unlikely friends and allies. See a relationship in a different light. Where you’ve been stuck or unable to shift a pattern, suddenly there’s progress.  Notice whom and what you’re drawn to and how different it is from your previous experiences. Take an adventure with that in mind.

Cancer: It’s a Full Moon of money, with loans,l settlements and property in the forefront. Make agreements legal with both electronic and paper copies.  An unexpected professional opportunity requires a quick response. Travel, even a short trip, turns out different and better than you anticipated. You’ll feel the universe work in surprising ways this week.

Leo: Travels with your partner or best friend could be the coolest during Full Moon. Be ready for anything as the planet of surprises shifts your experience. This Full Moon encourages commitment, loyalty and love. If you’re working hard and can’t get away, no worries. Planets align for your financial gain, including distinct possibility of a new, well paying gig.

Virgo: There’s a ton of emphasis on Virgo life and priorities during this final month of Jupiter’s superpower.. Aquarius Full Moon signals a cycle completed, the end of a work or health concern, and is the harbinger of unusual news. Any financial impact should favor you. Most importantly, don’t hesitate with what you want since your timing is now.

Libra: If you’re spending an unusual amount of time planning versus doing, you’re in sync with planetary forces. It’s right for you to set the stage for a best possible scenario. You’re getting ready for significant growth and new experiences.  Before you go off to school, change career or immerse in demanding work, celebrate with friends near August 18th Full Moon. A happy surprise awaits.

Scorpio: Life at your house is due to change during this Full Moon. News surrounds real estate, house mate, cohabitation or renovation. Your parents might sell the family home. Mars and Saturn appear to add to your earning power and also your financial responsibilities.  New developments might take you off guard, but ultimately you’ll see the reasoning or silver lining. Write the final page of a chapter eloquently.

Sagittarius: Seek closure during this Full Moon. Have that final meeting or overdue conversation, and try not to let emotions overpower you. How you express yourself and handle business counts toward the outcome. Uranus promises a strange or fortunate twist on how you expect things to go.  Mars and Saturn influence you in a serious direction you’re suddenly ready for. Go.

Capricorn: Saturn, your ruling planet, provides forward motion in multiple areas of life. Obstructions in your path are removed, one by one or simultaneously. This Full Moon of favorable news about money, employment and health, also influences home. Financial aspects align at the opportune moment, making available the resources you need.

Aquarius: Aquarius Full Moon comes once a year, with important developments, closure, and personal change. Around August 18th, get clarity or closure in a way you hadn’t foreseen.  This month’s been much about relationships, friends, and finances. One or more of those come through with the green light, answer yes, or elusive piece of information you need.

Pisces: Mercury and Jupiter have a rare meeting that influences relationship life. Revolving around commitment, these two lead you to declare love, renew vows, or make decisions as a duo. On a business level, you could enter the next, most important partnership of your life. Career aspects are strong. Powerful intuitions guide your steps within a few days of August 18th’s Full Moon.


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August 11th to 17th, 2016

Saturn is direct in Sagittarius on the 13th, Saturday at 5:50 am EDT. With both Saturn and Mars in fire sign Sagittarius, we're prompted to move on what's pending. Tune into what you feel more decisive about, but do not be pushed by outside influences. Exert your own freedom and rights to make the best decisions for yourself, for your highest good.

Full Moon is August 18th, next Thursday. I'll be leading Full Moon Yoga at beautiful Sunflower Farm, home of the Nigerian dwarf goats. They produce cheese and goat milk sweets which are available for purchase ($7). You can pet and play with the goats after yoga. It's been a highlight of summer and I really hope you can come if you live locally, near Portland, Maine. The farm is about 30 minutes outside Portland in Cumberland Center, Maine. RoZoYo® yoga themes include ankles, stability, and community, friendship, mutual support and vision. Donate amount of your choice ($$) for yoga and the farm. This will be a fun, late summer practice as the Full Moon rises. 5:30 pm start.

This is a new Thursday-Wednesday forecast  format I'm trying out. You'll get more for your sign plus the colors and important aspects with each Moon sign, as usual. Give me a few weeks to play with this and decide for sure.

Robin's Zodiac Zone turned 17 last month! Thanks for all the years and times to come!


Thursday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon. Void of course 1:22 am to 1:24 pm EDT. Keep morning simple and focused. Activate around decisions as the Moon meets Mars later. Wear Red.

Friday: Moon conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Decisive action. Serious intentions. White is our color.

Saturday: Pink is our color. Saturn Direct 5:50 am EDT. Sagittarius Moon void of course at 1:37 pm EDT. Do important business before the void time. Have adventures as the day goes on. Prioritize relationships.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon starts 12:11 am. Continue progress and momentum. Green is today's color.

Monday: Capricorn Moon. Productivity. Be realistic. Void of course 10:45 pm EDT to Tuesday 7:52 am EDT.  Brown is today's color. 

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon begins 7:52 am EDT. Full Moon warmup begins. Aim for resolution and finishing touches. Sun and Uranus provide excitement and progressive shifts. Yellow is today's color. 

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon, Venus trine Pluto in Virgo/Capricorn. Flexible thinking, rapid developments. Stable changes. Blue is today's color. 



Aries: Ingrained habits and thought patterns could hold you back from a new experience. Venus and Saturn create tension around the path you’re strongly considering. One big concern is how your relationships and familiar routines will change. The Sun and Uranus say it’s time to play ball, ready or not, by the middle of next week.

Taurus: Keeping personal relationships and business arrangements separate looks like a good plan.  Venus and Neptune form a misleading opposition involving lovers or friends. Moon, Mars and Saturn point out problems regarding shared property, money and resources. With wise advice and information, act in your own best interests this week.

Gemini: Saturn’s return to forward motion has a positive influence on a relationship or reconstruction project.  Improving your home environment, physical or emotional, and collaborative decision making proves easier from Saturday on. Act on creating a happy, healthy living arrangement, either on your own or with the one you love.

Cancer: It looks like you have news to share or an important conversation pending. You can wait a bit and experiment with changes before making your announcement to the world. However, if holding things in is affecting your appetite, sleep or ability to concentrate, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.  Make schedule changes before Mercury retrograde moves in late this month.

Leo: The Sun and Uranus light up a big, bright opportunity: a unique experience in life or in love. For sure, this is like nothing you’ve anticipated or engaged in so creatively. Follow up may require that you act spontaneously and shatter an old paradigm. Use your wits and resourcefulness with money matters, regardless of which route you take.

Virgo: The good sense of Mercury and balance of Venus are with you, bridging the gap between a goal and a promise you’re being held to. Your word may come into question or it’s you that’s been misled.  Family and relationship dynamics are not to be underestimated. Your trend is toward a strong new beginning, and change is in the offing even if you or someone else resists.

Libra: Though decisions and actions can increase happiness, feel free to take a little bit more time. Rather than agonize over the pros and cons, envision the best case scenario and repeat an affirmation of success. Saturn and Mars will give you the final push when it’s time. There’s a year of tremendous growth directly ahead.

Scorpio: There’s a good chance you’re headed for a career, family or home related decision that requires clear thought. Saturn and Mars bring money into the forefront. Structure an agreement sensibly. Hear your own voice amidst all the advice and distraction around you. Above all, do not romanticize an alluring or unrealistic person whose actions could interfere with your goals.

Sagittarius: Planets set you up for a bold move. However, this is one of those times when you’ll have to negotiate the best situation.  Venus and Mercury spotlight you as a great candidate for a job or role you want, though the terms require effort. From now through September, look for that ‘good enough’ decision making time.

Capricorn: With Saturn now direct, sharpen your focus and feel more clear. This weekend, clear any distractions and put together a road map for an upcoming adventure. Know that your best timing is still to come. Mars will energize your sign for 6 full weeks this fall, for the first time in two years. October is the definitive time for your next big move.

Aquarius: The Sun and Uranus have an exciting surprise planned, and it may seem out of the blue or unlikely at first.  Connected to your marriage, significant other or business partner, you’ll be announcing or receiving interesting news.  If you’re in a long term relationship, you’re in this together. In the midst of fun and spontaneity, keep money matters in check.

Pisces: For an entire year Jupiter’s been devoted to bringing you the best in partnerships of any kind. The 13th and final month of Jupiter’s beautiful influence on your collaborations and love life is in effect. Simultaneously, Mars and Saturn amp up career prospects. If you’re contemplating partnering for profit or personal happiness, this is some of the best timing ever.


copyright Robin Ivy Payton, 2016

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