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Welcome to Robin's Zodiac Zone! These 4casts give you insight into each day's astrological energies! Ideas and thoughts in the 4casts are intended for your enjoyment and are not intended as recommendations for how to live your life.


Weekly Astrology March 23rd to March 29th, 2015

Monday: Taurus Moon

Taurus Moon negotiates as Mercury in Pisces softens strong opinions. Be willing to listen and perhaps yield to a good idea or change of plan if the research has been done and the conditions feel right. Moon and Jupiter challenge us to learn and do things more creatively. Pluto continues to delve deep into the psyche and eclipse effects continue, urging us to face depths and possibly fears. Mysteries can be solved or long term decisions  made on days like this. Actively seek information. Void of course Moon begins at 10:25 am ET until 9:23 am tomorrow. This is best suited to things you don't have to think too much about or analyze.  Build, repair, plant (indoors, perhaps), and cook. Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon, Venus sextile Neptune

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Venus in Taurus aligns with Neptune in Pisces. Romantic and creative, these planets inspire us with beauty, attraction and love. Venus in Taurus influences commitment and settling in to a relationship or even a home.  Aquarius may want to nest, clean, or move to a better living situation.  Scorpio has the urge to couple or deepen a relationship.  Leo benefits in career and recognition for talents and strengths.   Taurus, you are energized for weeks ahead, to attract what you want and need.  Moon opposite Saturn in Gemini/Sagittarius is part of the quest for truth, and nothing less will do.  The Moon and Sun are in harmony for confident decisions and statements.  Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Sun trine Saturn

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Saturn encourages wisdom and mastery. In Sagittarius, Saturn influences higher learning and worldly experiences and also points out the truth again and again, if necessary.  The Aries Sun and Saturn are in harmony. Use your power wisely, not abusively.  See where there's an opportunity to clarify. Show respect. Leaders need to step up where there's a lack of order.  Uranus and Jupiter support the Gemini Moon today with quick thinking and expansiveness.  Try to be open minded, even if that doesn't mean changing your mind. Take in ideas and information.  Apply for programs, college, or global opportunities. Explore. Today's color is gold.

Thursday: Cancer Moon

Gemini Moon is void of course from 8:35 am to 3:45 pm. Unwind, release mental energy, write, and breathe deeply.  Create a feeling or space of calm.  People will tend to be active, social and scatter brained, possibly multi-tasking and not necessarily focused enough to finish.  Communicate clearly.  Cancer Moon moves in at 3:45 ET. Home and family are Cancer's domain.  Have a nice meal. Be gentle with advice.  Connect on an emotional level. Notice who needs some extra care.  Today's color is white.

Friday: Moon trine Mercury

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The Cancer Moon aligns with Mercury, in Pisces until Monday. Have sensitive conversations. Though there's a defensive nature to Cancer Moon, it's a good time to aim for resolution or forgiveness. Broach things gently, with compassion and an ability to see how the other party might feel.  Attend to home related issues or just enjoy refreshing your space for spring. In business, action leans conservative, like saving and investing, and also personal in terms of relationships with clients and the public. Today's color is blue. 

Saturday: Cancer Moon

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Cancer Moon is in harmony with Mercury and square to Mars. The square can make people edgy and ultra sensitive. Be thoughtful and avoid potential disputes or moods. Mercury and the Moon bring more ease with communication and plans. The comfort zone may feel best today. Take care of people and things close to home. The void of course Moon is 9:58 pm ET until 1:46 pm, and that's when Mars prods the Moon. You can head off an argument by thinking before you act boldly or insensitively. Quiet talks are favored.  Wear white.

Sunday: Leo Moon

Yin Yoga 10-11:30 am at Maine Hatha Yoga Portland

Prenatal Yoga 3-4:15 pm at Breathing Room South Portland

Leo Moon arrives at 1:48 am ET, brightening outlooks and creating enthusiasm. The Moon and Sun are an inspiring pair today, with fire energy of Leo and Aries. Initiating and pioneering, lead the way to exciting ventures, travels, and changes. It might be easier to feel enthusiasm rather than anxiety about change.  Saturn in Sagittarius adds the 3rd fire sign to the mix. Saturn encourages the wise move versus the reckless one.  Curb impulses without losing excitement. Today is the day for a next, right move. It could be a small action, a step, or a bigger decisions to step out there and go for an opportunity. Leo, Aries and Sagittarius are likely to feel the inspiration. Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio may pursue something practical and worthwhile related to prosperity and stability. We are all midway between eclipses and positive responses to change have lots of power now. Act with best interests at heart and with courage while the Moon's in Leo, the heart and spine sign. Today's color is red.



                                      Weekly Astrology March 16th to 22nd, 2015


Monday: Aquarius Moon, Uranus square Pluto

Gentle Yoga 9:30-10:30 Willar Square Studio

From 4:02 to 6:14 am the Moon is void of course and then shifts to Aquarius. It's a day of finishing business of all sorts. Mercury squares Saturn (retrograde) and Uranus squares Pluto. A challenge to settle or finalize something comes on this last exact square of Uranus and Pluto, the 7th since June of 2012.  Uranus destroys to recreate and Pluto unearths what's deep within. Globally, this can trigger protests, revolutions, and other sudden events. Personally, allow and acknowledge your true feelings and motives for actions. If you're inviting huge change, or even something that will result in chaos for a while, it's best you are honest with yourself about the reasons. Pluto calls for a look within. The Phoenix's rise from the ashes is a metaphor you can associate with this Uranus/Pluto square, which impacts far beyond one day. Just know this is the end of a pattern.  Aquarius Moon helps architect dreams and plans as you finalize agreements and in some cases burn a bridge to make sure you don't try to go back. At minimum, important discussions take place today. Old vs. new, traditional vs. radical are themes. Today's color is turquoise. 

Tuesday: Venus in Taurus

Gentle Yoga 9:30-10:30 Scarborough Maine Yoga

Baby n Me Yoga 10:45-11:45 same location

Today is dynamic as Uranus and Mars form sextiles to the Aquarius Moon. Actions that create change are likely, and this can be exciting or unsettling. The Moon is also opposite Jupiter in Leo for more about consensus and compromises. Deciding on the scale of something or how much to spend or invest are a couple of way this manifests (Cancer and Capricorn). Exciting events in personal lives (Leo and Aquarius) may also require some collaboration and sorting out.  Venus moves to Taurus, an earthy spot for the planet of love and harmony, inspiring beautification of the home and other spaces and a physical focus in our relationships (sex and affection). Comfort and love are themes for the weeks ahead, especially Taurus, Capricorn and Scorpio).  The solar eclipse arrives Friday and the vibrations are in the air already. The void of course Moon begins at 2:18 pm. Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon

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Pisces Moon moves in at 6:58 am ET. Mercury and Neptune are active in Pisces too. Emotions, dreams and imagination peak. Mercury and Neptune meet at 4:49 am. Art and writing benefit from this burst of creativity. Neptune's downside is the urge to escape. Using mind altering substances including alcohol could have stronger effects than anticipated.  Minimize anything that clouds your judgment.  Venus harmonizes with the Moon and our sense of beauty is enhanced.  Today's color is pale green. 

Thursday: Pisces Moon

The Moon waned and will start a new cycle with a powerful solar eclipse at the tail end of Pisces. Metamorphosis and transformation are characteristic of this time as are endings and beginnings. Think what's coming full circle, but realize there is rarely a way to prepare for an eclipse. They have their own agenda and you are less in control of the events and more in control of your decisions and responses to changes around you.  The Moon aligns with Pluto, planet of mysteries. Intuition is important. Today's color is black.

Friday: Solar Eclipse in Pisces, Sun to Aries, Spring Equinox

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Today is both simple and powerful. The familiar journey into spring begins as the Sun changes signs at 6:45 pm. Before that, a New Moon (solar) eclipse in Pisces at 5:36 am rolls in and then the Moon moves to Aries at 6:28 am. On the cusp of the last and first signs, this eclipse is about endings and beginnings. The sabian symbol for this degree of Pisces is a boy who idealizes a rock formation that resembles a face. Over time he grows to look like the image he's been focused on. You may find yourself transforming and morphing into what you've idealized for a very long time. Starting anew always requires leaving something in the past. This could be a part of yourself you'd like to shed or minimize or it may be a place or relationship that must go so you can regenerate. Eclipse events are usually unpredictable in terms of how these things occur. For two weeks, this Pisces eclipse power is strongest. On April 4th, there's a lunar eclipse in Libra to continue the pattern of change. Saturn and the Moon harmonize in Sagittarius and Aries at 2:14 pm ET, in a quest for raw, unadulterated truth. Today's color is white. 

Saturday: Aries Moon conjunct Uranus and Mars

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The phrase "off to the races" comes to mind with this action in Aries, sign of initiations, birth, and battle. Try to stay away from the latter. Uranus and Mars can be a destructive influence. If you're battling, make it your demons you're out to destroy. The Jupiter/Moon trine in Leo/Aries is energy of re-creation. Play may be rambunctious and competitive, but you don't have to lose the spirit of fun. Today is highly favorable for new endeavors, yet volatile with the warrior planet and the rebellious one both having their say. Don't go too far with things or forget to be sensitive and caring in your enthusiasm or pursuits. Void of course Moon starts at 6:51 pm to 6:40 am ET. Today's color is red.

Sunday: Taurus Moon

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Prenatal Yoga 3-4:15 pm Breathing Room South Portland

Deep Stretch Yoga 5:30-7 pm Greener Postures South Portland

The Moon in Taurus can make things feel more stable. If the eclipse was tumultuous or the Aries conjunctions un-grounding, root in physical work, yoga or healing, building and tasks, and organic processes. Venus, also in Taurus, aligns with Pluto for a realistic assessment of relationship and the role you want when in partnership.  Single or committed, feelings about love and one on one relationships are up for enlightenment (particularly for the earth signs and Scorpio.) Today's color is rose/pink.

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Peace peace peace~ Robin

                                     Weekly Astrology March 9th to 15th 2015

Monday: Scorpio Moon

Gentle Flow at Breathing Room South Portland 4 pm

The Scorpio Moon comes along at 9:10 am ET with no aspects to other planets today. Clear your mind and hone in on one or two important matters. Scorpio Moon time is geared toward acting on long term investments and decisions. Act with permanence in mind. Farmer's Almanac says it's a good day for planting and fishing, and in our culture use that as a metaphor for initiating, producing and reaping benefits from your efforts. Emotionally, Scorpio Moon holds on and is both loyal and possessive. Try not to hover or invade personal privacy even if you're outrageously curious or interested. Today's color is maroon.

Tuesday: Mars trine Jupiter

Gentle Flow at 9:30 & Baby n Me Yoga 10:45 Scarborough Yoga

Jupiter influences with a square to the Moon and harmonious aspect to Mars. Jupiter expands and opens, doors and minds. Planet of wisdom and culture aligns with active Mars. Education, learning through travel and experience, and acting on expansion plans is favored. Scorpio Moon is where some resistance comes in. This sign is not keen on quick change and there will be some convincing to do if you're involved with Scorpio type people. If you're eager to jump into something new or untried, give the more cautious folks a chance to think about it. State your case and, if you can, show evidence of how things will work or look. Jupiter and Mars are enthusiastic about applying knowledge and skill, right away. Open your own or someone else's opportunities to grow. Neptune and the Moon combine for imagination and versatility. Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Mars conjunct Uranus, Mars square Pluto 

Hot Express26 12-1 at Maine Hatha Yoga Portland

Take your time, hold your temper and don't trigger anyone else's as Mars and Uranus are an explosive combination in Aries. Mars and Pluto have repeatedly formed this square and it's not an easy pattern. On the upside, you can purge something once and for all though it may require burning a bridge, metaphorically speaking. Sometimes that bridge is all within yourself, with Pluto involved. Strong awakenings and acting in the face of fear are a couple of today's themes. Bravery and strength are called for. The Moon moves from Scorpio at 7:30 pm ET and is void from 3:46 pm to 7:30. Be especially calm and safe during those hours since judgement wanes and today is already full of possible stressors. Wear indigo blue for intuition and higher consciousness. Rise above any indiscretion or fury. Transformations are in process.

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon, Mercury in Pisces

Read Wednesday's forecast above since aspects like those last more than one hour or one day. All of that is still applicable. Mercury moves to Pisces until March 30th, at 11:30 pm tonight. Today and tomorrow are impacted. It maybe better to wait a couple of days if you're making an important final decision since Mercury rules information and thought processes. As Mercury shifts, go easy on yourself and others. People may feel sensitive or  more introverted. Sagittarius Moon and Saturn meet in a quest for truth and wisdom. Jupiter and Uranus act with this Moon, urging change and openness. Open your mind to ideas, but don't be pushed into anything too fast. Today's color is purple. 

Friday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon aligns with Mars, Venus and the Sun. Moon and Sun are square. Work on self confidence and deal with some resistance courageously. Without squares there would be no growth, so consider the Moon and Sun as a healthy amount of stress and challenge. Mars and Venus are in harmony with the Moon helping relationships thrive and encouraging us to be active and involved. Avoid being passive or giving up. Don't rush, but also don't procrastinate. Slow, steady steps.  Void of course Moon at 7:11 pm ET until 2:40 am Saturday. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon, Saturn retrograde

Saturn is retrograde as of 11:02 am ET. Don't worry too much about Saturn retrograde since though things may move a bit slower it's usually a wise thing. Saturn will remain retrograde in Sagittarius until June 14th, then move back into Scorpio for unfinished business, and shift direct again in early August. Capricorn is Saturn's home sign, so this is a very Saturn/Capricorn day and it's also Satur-day, the natural day related. Capricorn values order and accomplishment. Saturn urges responsibility and owning your actions and words. Mercury aligns with the Moon for discussions and plans. Neptune aligns for creative thinking and a bit of softness or whimsy.  Productivity will feel necessary and/or good today. Wear green.

Sunday: Moon conjunct Pluto

Yin Yoga 10-11:30 at Maine Hatha Yoga Portland

Prenatal Yoga 3-4:15pm at Breathing Room South Portland

Capricorn Moon meets Pluto, squares Mars and Uranus and aligns with the Sun in Pisces. Mixed emotions, revisiting disagreements or strain, and trying to find some softness, forgiveness, or ease characterize these aspects if you can blend them. Try not to get too caught up in "what's wrong." Look for solutions and avoid old triggers that accomplish nothing but grief. Seek a companion or partner who complements you in skill or approach. Do something worthwhile together.  Rearrange at home or work. Today's color is gray.

                                               Weekly March 2nd to 8th, 2015

Monday: Leo Moon conjunct Jupiter

The fires of Leo Moon are fed by Saturn, Mars, Venus, Uranus and Jupiter today. Trines indicate quick developments and speedy responses. Jupiter meets the Moon for blessings on health, children, and travels. Learning opportunities and mentors or wise advisors appear. Seek what you need. Set something up for success. If there's a down side to this day, it's that sudden changes and action can be startling and require time for adjustment. Foster positive attitudes. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Jupiter trine Uranus

Gentle Yoga 9:30-10:30 Baby n Me Yoga 10:45-11:45 Scarborough Yoga 

A continuation of yesterday's energy and activity as Jupiter and Uranus align in Leo/Aries. Fire sign action inspires, motivates, and drives. The Moon is also opposing Mercury, and void of course after that, 3:43 am ET. That means you may be taking important measures, interviewing for or accepting opportunities, and planning travel with a void of course Moon. The one thing I'd advise against is a major purchase, particularly a spontaneous one. Keep good track of paperwork, receipts and documentation of what you engage in. It will be hard to hold back under these aspects. Invite in the luck of Jupiter. People will tend to show their true colors, express freely, and act quickly. Full Moon is close. Wear gold.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon, Venus conjunct Uranus, trine Jupiter, square Pluto, Moon square Saturn, opposite Jupiter

Hot Yoga, 26 postures at Maine Hatha Yoga Portland 12-1

What a full day! Venus dominates. The planet of love meets the planet of sudden nature and surprises, Uranus. Relationships heat up and changes come or finally become public. Venus and Jupiter are in harmony and this is a blessing on love for Aquarius, Leo, and Aries.  Venus square Pluto relates to relationship with self as well as to secrets and awakenings.  Much about love and romance during this Full Moon will be unanticipated, and there's more and similar on the way with next month's lunar eclipse on April 4th. The same planets that engage today will be active then, with a Libra/Aries eclipse (minus Venus, who will then be in Taurus). 

The Moon is in Virgo from 6:58 am ET and is Full Thursday at 1:05 pm.  Moon opposite Neptune is reminder to use good judgement with entrusting personal information or your heart. Saturn also reminds us of wisdom from experience. Don't repeat something that hurt or disappointed you in the first place.  Today's color is pink.

Thursday: Full Moon in Virgo

Pluto is a player during this Virgo Full Moon. Solutions, decisions and also illuminated awareness come. Resolving something is obvious, and many will find flexible plans or complete projects, classes and tasks with Virgo's earthy sensibility. The more subtle effect is Pluto's unearthing of dreams, feelings, and what's been hidden. An opportunity to recognize something in yourself and integrate it fully is very valuable. So in simpler words, you may purge an old issue or revive part of yourself you've been stifling. The Pisces Sun also lines up with Pluto, and Pisces may realize what draws people in, Capricorn does some successful research and Leo sees reason to shift from the ordinary and use money or time differently. These are just some of the possibilities that are awakened during the Full Moon. Pisces and Virgo are relationship focused, whether in love or not, and your self and roles you take in one on one relationships are shifting now and also next month. Full Moon is at 1:05 pm and the void of course Moon begins at 1:36 pm ET. Today's color is white. 

Friday: Void of course Moon

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The Full Moon lingers, void of course in Virgo and there are no other significant aspects with planets today. Libra Moon arrives at 7:53 pm ET. Be flexible. Maintaining focus could be a challenge, yet is necessary for Full Moon agreements and developments. It's a good day to clean house and get some physical energy channeled into moderate workouts, yoga, and other healthy activities. Pushing your body is not recommended during Full Moon time. Libra Moon tonight is fine for social plans, but appears quieter than the usual outgoing nature of this sign. Let things settle in and try not to push yourself too hard. Eat healthy and your Virgo related digestive system will thank you. Today's color is blue.

Saturday: Libra Moon opposite Mars

Daylight Savings time begins in the USA overnight tonight. Just a reminder that at 2 am the clock moves forward an hour. Libra Moon is here for the whole weekend, moving on Monday at 9:10 am. Justice is always a Libra theme. Mars instigates conflict where there's imbalance this weekend. If you're not being fair, prepare to answer to the other party.  Saturn in Sagittarius aims for honesty and clarity too. Chances are, there will be matters to sort out and clear up today. Wear black. 

Sunday: Libra Moon opposite Venus and Uranus

Sunday and Saturday share themes. Venus brings love and harmony more into focus as well. Disagreements could be strong and come on quickly. Mercury and Jupiter are in harmony with the Moon, easing some of that if you can be honest and have an open mind.  Injustice and unfairness are the root of this weekend's dark side.  Sunday night is a good time for a much needed talk, but do be  polite.  Take care of the skin under Libra Moon all weekend long. Today's color is lavender. 


                                        Weekly Astrology February 23 to March 1, 2015

Monday: Taurus Moon, Sun square Saturn

First, note that Venus and Mars met yesterday in Aries inducing states of exuberance, passionate love, and initiating new times in relationships. Act on what you're excited about. Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius especially benefit in the love area. Cancer, career possibilities are all stirred up and you must be willing to lead, be a positive influence and a risk taker, using prior knowledge and ability to make a bold move. Remember that some of you have strong Aries in your chart (for example your Ascendant, Moon or Mercury) regardless of your Sun Sign and apply this enthusiastic energy however it shows up. Taurus Moon is strong for decisions today. The Sun also squares Saturn, and education, global opportunities and travel aspects are stimulated for major adventures and changes. Pisces and Sagittarius host this activity and feel it along with Virgo and Gemini. There's nothing complacent about this period's forecast. Do something positive that lifts you to a different level or shifts your location, body, or thought process. So many aspects in the heavens today, but mainly do what you feel and know on a deep level. Take ideas or feelings and make something of them. Void of course Moon begins at 9:57 pm for more than 24 hours. Today's color is green.

Tuesday: Venus trine Saturn

Gentle Yoga at Scarborough Yoga 9:30-10:30

Baby n Me at Scarborough Yoga 10:45-11:45

The Moon is void of course for many hours, arriving in Gemini at 11:54 pm. During void of course Moon, be cautious or judicious with spending, decisions, and anything you need to sign. Today is good for physical activity, building, and creating in the kitchen or studio (which can also be your garage!). Venus and Saturn align in Aries and Sagittarius inciting relationship discussions and decisions. There's no fluff here. If it's due, have a serious talk about where you two are at. The result could be time off from the relationship or going forward with more structure, honesty and understanding. Forget about fear and think more about what you need and how you want to live. Sagittarius is a philosophical place for Saturn, planet of intention and commitment. Today's color is yellow. 

Wednesday: Mars trine Saturn, Sun conjunct Neptune

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This is truly Saturn's week as dominant force. Today Saturn aligns with Mars in Aries and opposes the Gemini Moon. Debates are likely with that opposition. Try to listen and be adaptable and think flexibly. If both parties are unyielding, things could get nasty. Avoid gossip and untruths that will have consequences. Saturn and Mars urge consistent action plans and growth through challenges. Get serious about plans and projects that require lots of energy and innovation. Explore ideas and knowledge you can apply, perhaps immediately. The universe encourages you to bust through stagnant energy, lethargy, and laziness. Move consciously and definitively, or everything around you will shift and leave you sitting wondering what happened. Today's color is black.

Thursday: Void of Course Moon

Gemini Moon is void of course from 3:43 am ET until Friday at 7:50 am. The second long void Moon this week does not provide the most reliable energy. People may forget, be late, postpone, and make errors in judgement. Keep life simple today. Uranus and Jupiter align with the Moon from Aries and Leo, fire signs. A burst of energy, the urge to socialize, and surprising events result. Give things a bit of extra thought before jumping in. Today's color is orange. 

Friday: Cancer Moon

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The Cancer Moon moves in at 7:50 am and lasts until Sunday at 6:34 pm ET. Avoid sensitive topics and issues during the first half of the weekend. Cancer Moon leans toward defensive and unwilling to confront productively. Things also tend to get dramatic  and tense as the Moon squares Mars in Aries. Avoid people who take advantage, victimize or generally drain your energy. Though it's not a good time to confront, the urge may be there. Count to 10 and breathe before you start anything that could take a bad turn. On a happier note, Moon and Neptune lead to romance and sentiment tonight especially for Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn and Scorpio. Today's color is light blue. 

Saturday: Cancer Moon

Void of course Moon starts at 12:53 pm. Get shopping done in the morning. The Moon squares Venus and some couples will need to sort things out and find a place of balance and agreement. Venus rules the skin and it's good day to do something nourishing and hydrating for skin that's weathered or tired. Touchy subjects are best avoided unless you're up for an argument or big deal as the Moon squares Uranus in heated Aries and opposes Pluto in Capricorn, sometimes a dark place. Chill out, eat well and nurture yourself or someone else who needs extra reassurance and care this week. Today's color is white. 

Sunday: Cancer/Leo Moon

Yin Yoga at Maine Hatha Yoga 10-11:30 am

Prenatal Yoga at Breathing Room South Portland 3-4:15pm

Void Moon starts the day. Sleep late and keep things simple, ideally. Mercury and Uranus shake things up in Aquarius/Aries. This can manifest as fabulous ideas, invention, and re-creation or it can be startling news. Act on original ideas. Act quickly if something seems out of whack. Be observant. Mercury also opposes Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter is the benefactor and planet of honesty and growth. Mercury is the messenger. Developments in all those areas including higher learning opportunities and long distance travel are a couple of the effects to expect. Leo Moon at 6:34 pm is outgoing and creative and extends into the wee hours of Wednesday. Get focused on things that make you happy and excited on Sunday evening and into the new week. Today's color is purple. 

                                          Weekly February 16th to 22nd, 2015

Monday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon

Yin Yoga 4-5p Scarborough Yoga 433 US Rte 1

The Capricorn Moon makes it a good business day even though there's a holiday in the USA. Keep things in motion. This time of lunar cycle is also for clearing out anything that's accumulated or bogged down. In the northeast I believe that includes more snow! Balance physical labor with rejuvenating workouts or healing practices like massage. This is earth sign energy. The Moon is void of course from 3:17 pm to 7:13 pm (interesting set of numbers). That's a great in between time to rest, recharge, see friends, or get to the gym or studio. Aquarius Moon moves in at 7:13 with a visionary approach. Do some planning. Venus and Mars align with the Moon today and we get along better. The Moon and Mercury meet at midnight for late night conversations and ideas that come up as you begin to rest. Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon

Gentle Yoga 9:30 Baby n Me Yoga 10:45 Lunchtime Yoga 12-1 Scarborough Yoga

This is the day before New Moon. Time to review, clear a path, and plan. The Moon is in harmony with Uranus in Aries for inspiration and quick changes, Saturn in Sagittarius for high level thinking and clarity, and Mercury for putting plans in place and discussing options. Think out of the box. At 6:59 pm ET the Moon is opposite Jupiter and sparking team efforts, the need for compromise, and thoughts about how to expand in creative ways. Today's color is turquoise.

Wednesday: New Moon in Aquarius

Gentle Yoga 9:30 Scarborough Yoga

Hot Yoga 12-1 Maine Hatha Yoga 49 Dartmouth St. Portland

This New Moon is at the final degree of Aquarius and is the second Aquarius New Moon in a row. It is out of the ordinary, so think that way and act in accordance. Fresh, inventive methods are favored. It happens at 6:47 pm ET and then moves void of course. The next two weeks are fueled by this energy. The Sun enters Pisces minutes later, at 6:50 pm. On this void of course Moon night, let your creative mind take over. get a break from the mundane and tasks. Listen to music, watch an inspiring movie, or make your own music or art. It's a fine night to attend a performance or event. Today's color is white.

Thursday: Mars in Aries

Mars moves to his home sign and tomorrow Venus follows suit. This is energizing and activating. The Moon is in Pisces, meeting Neptune for creativity and romance. Mercury and Saturn align for agreements and plans, including big deals and decisions. All the elements are in place for making a move, announcement, or final decision. The Moon is void from 6:47 pm to 6:13 pm on Friday. Today's color is orange.

Friday: Venus in Aries

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Venus, planet of love and harmony,  moves to Aries at 3:05 pm. Spring fever hits early! New love and relationship are in favor. Go on a first date. The Aries Moon arrives at 6:13 pm fueling the energies of newness and mutual attraction. The whole zodiac vibrates with fire, enthusiasm and excitement today. Keep that on an enjoyable level without letting it diffuse to anxiety or urgency. Bubble over a little bit and stay in joy and wonder! Today's color is red.

Saturday: Aries Moon

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The heavens show plenty to be excited about. Aries fire-starter of a Moon aligns with Uranus, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter. The downside is too much stimulation. The upside is growth, fresh starts, and different perspective to move forward with. Whatever you do, do it with heart as Jupiter in Leo blesses those actions most. Void Moon 7:36 pm ET until 7:22 pm Sunday. Do shopping today vs tomorrow. Today's color is gold. 

Sunday: Venus meets Mars

Yin Yoga at Maine Hatha Yoga 10-11:30

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When Venus meets Mars, relationships bloom. Attraction, chemistry, new romance and even new friendships form and grow. In long term relationships, it may be easier to understand one another and refresh things. Revive your love life. Meet new friends. Act on what you're most inspired by. This is like spring in the zodiac before spring on the calendar. Today's color is pink.

                                     Weekly February 9th to 15th, 2015

Monday: Void of Course Moon in Libra

The Moon aligns with Jupiter in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius. Void of course time starts at 6:58 am until 2:05 am ET on Tuesday.Connect for social plans or potential collaborations. It's an outgoing day. The Moon is void of course and Mercury is retrograde until Wednesday, so keep plans flexible and long term agreements saved for later in the week. This is a promising day however. Simplicity is best. Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon moves to Scorpio at 2:05 am ET and squares Mercury. This aspect contributes to delays and stubborn disagreements. On a milder note, it might just be hard to get things done. It's a tough day to persuade someone who's fixed in ways of thinking. You might save yourself the trouble and wait until later this week. It's a good day to try and organize, focus on priorities, and grab some alone time to do what you want. The Moon aligns with Neptune at 3:15 pm ET for creative thinking, musical diversions, and possibly a nap. Today's color is maroon.

Wednesday: Mercury Direct

Mercury is direct in Aquarius at 9:57 am, but don't rush into anything. Let Mercury get stable for at least one day. The Moon is in Scorpio. Exercise self control and patience. Immerse in an important project. The Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in Pisces and is square to the Sun. Save big decisions and purchases for another day soon. Allow yourself to be introverted or solitary if you like. That may help Pluto activate your intuition and get rational rather than needlessly anxious. Venus and the Moon combine for romance. It's a good date night, but maybe not as much for a first date. Begin to unwind and open to possibilities just ahead. Today's color is black.

Thursday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon

An active and adventurous spirit moves in with the Sagittarius Moon at 11:46 am and continues through Friday. The Moon is void of course from 12:32 am ET to 11:46 am. Keep those hours simple and relaxed. Mercury, Mars and Saturn align with Sagittarius Moon. Get travel plans settled, work on college and other applications, and generally take action on what you want. Saturn leads to an ambitious, take charge of your own life attitude. It's also a sorting out time. Get rid of what you don't need and anything that holds you back, including fear.  Be aware of escapist tendencies and illusion in the way of honesty tonight. Today's color is red. 

Friday: Sagittarius Moon

Honesty is a theme now. Move past Mercury retrograde (done now!) misunderstandings. Ask for clear information and answers. Today is good for adventures, road trips, and a change of scenery. Uranus adds a surprise factor, so stay alert and be a bit careful. This can also add to spontaneity and fun. Jupiter adds happy tones from Leo. It's a day to learn, experience, and be light in spirit. Try to get any baggage out of the way, literally or otherwise. Clear your own path. I like this better than tomorrow as a shopping day or date night. Today's color is purple. 

Saturday: Valentine's Day

The Moon and Sun are in harmony and that helps us with confidence and decision making. The Moon cruises through Sagittarius until 5:24 pm ET and is void of course at 10:15 am until then. It's not the day to spend lots of  money on a gift. It is a good time to relax and have fun. Capricorn Moon tonight gets a little bit of romance from Neptune in Pisces. The Moon sign is not very demonstrative or affectionate for Valentines Day. Yet it's certainly not awful and you might make the best of very simple plans. The evening is meant to be realistic and down to earth. Today's color is green.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon squares Uranus and meets Pluto. Quiet times, studies, and reflection is favored. It's an organizing and weeding out time before New Moon in Wednesday. Prepare for anything from a test to a change at home. With Pluto involved, get quiet so intuition can speak. Stay out of arguments or anything controversial today. Things can flare, especially where matters of dominance and power are concerned. Wear gray.

                                    Weekly February 2nd to February 8th, 2015

Monday: Sun trine Uranus

The Sun and Uranus align as the Moon is near full. Uranus also contacts the Full Moon tomorrow. This planet brings surprises, deconstructs in order to make way for brand new things, and can add to any kind of instability.  News breaking early this week throws us off in some cases, however it may also be welcome and seem overdue. Aquarius Sun and Uranus in Aries lead to original ideas and inventive solutions, news about radical changes that may include changing of the guard in leadership positions and new systems to replace the current ones. Scientific thinking is favored today. Leo Moon moves in at 12:41 pm ending a void of course Moon in Cancer. The Moon is full in Leo tomorrow at 6:09 pm. Saturn in Sagittarius aligns with the Moon to organize us around educational and travel plans and structure even the wildest ideas. Today's color is orange.

Tuesday: Leo Full Moon

The Moon is Full at 6:09 pm ET in Leo, sign of children, creativity and luck. The Moon is opposite Mercury and the Sun and trine to Uranus. Optimistic and eventful, the Full Moon sheds light that leads us to decisions, stirs passions, and revolves around children, parenting and self expression. News isn't always easy to adjust to, so let things process and swirl around before making judgments, especially with Mercury retrograde for one more week. Cancer and Capricorn, financial and legal things are highlighted.  Leo and Aquarius, your long term relationships and commitments are up for discussions and renewal.  Aries and Libra, this may be a romantic, friendship focused, and overall interesting Full Moon for you. Gemini and Sagittarius, communication, education and travel plans are in the spotlight. More signs included in tomorrow's forecast. Today's color is gold.

Wednesday: Full Moon

Full Moon vibes, news, and developments continue. Leo Moon is void of course all day from 12:31 am ET until 12:46 am Thursday.  The Moon and Jupiter meet for luck, growth, abundance and intelligence. The other qualities may include drama and exaggeration. See forecasts above for how your sign may experience any of that. Pisces and Virgo, this Full Moon and Jupiter relate to your routine, your health, and ability to focus. Get centered on yourself and what you need. Taurus, home and family are the driving force whether you're moving, making changes, or resolving a relationship matter. Scorpio, career opportunity or recognition is likely for you. Go for the lead role. Today's color is purple. 

Thursday: Virgo Moon

Mercury and Saturn align on this Virgo Moon day. Mercury is still retrograde, however options and solutions may become clear just past the Full Moon. Educational options, travel plans, and significant discussions are some of the results as these two planets connect. It could be a time for a trial basis and flexible arrangement that may become permanent once you see how it works.  The Moon squares Saturn and opposes Neptune. Do your best to see things for what they are versus what appears on the surface. Use your instincts for what's real versus fabricated. Today's color is black. 

Friday: Oppositions

Three oppositions tell today's story. Venus and Mars in Pisces oppose the Moon and the Sun is opposite Jupiter. Sun and Jupiter bubble with enthusiasm, friendship, love, collaborations, and generosity. The Moon opposite Mars can be moody. Venus increases the relationship aspect particularly for Virgo, Pisces, Taurus and Scorpio. Oppositions relate to the extremes, and your experience will be colored by what's going on for you. Expect things to be amplified. Void Moon from 5:09 pm to 1:44 pm Saturday. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Libra Moon

The Moon moves to Libra at 1:44 pm after a void of course time. Morning may be confusing or it might just be hard to get moving. The Moon aligns with Mercury retrograde and with Saturn. Rethinking the past and structuring your next actions with a plan makes sense today. Look at possibilities and leave some flex to the plan until after the 11th. There's a call to be as honest and fair as possible. Both will create more ease in the  long run. Today's color is lavender.

Sunday: Libra Moon

Libra Moon squares Pluto and opposes Uranus. Confrontations happen without notice. Problems will generally be related to what's not fair or balanced.  Not all of us will experience this. It will tend to be part of a long term pattern. Venus and Pluto align for deep insights about love and relationship. If you're not acknowledging how you truly feel, today it may be hard to escape.   Meaningful actions and conversations can be the result of these two planets in harmony. Today's color is black.


                                   Weekly January 26th to February 1st, 2015

Monday: Taurus Moon

The Moon starts void of course 9:23 to 11:37 am ET in Aries and shifts to Taurus. Those hours are prone to rushing and scrambling to pull things together. Moon and Venus put us in social moods, and it will be a challenge to focus or get the group down to the business at hand. Taurus Moon improves focus, slows us down (which complements the Mercury retrograde we're in), and aligns with Neptune for ability to take imaginative ideas and express them with construction, art, music and writing to name a few possibilities. Today's color is pink.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon

Taurus is an earth sign grounded in handiwork, building and manifesting.  The Moon is contacted by Mercury retrograde for overdue discussions that lead to action. Though you may be tempted to enter a long term agreement under these aspects, a trial basis is best until after February 11th. Jupiter also squares the Moon from Leo and we aim for growth and bringing things to fruition. It's a good time to get back to a project you want to successfully complete, in due time. Mars in Pisces aligns harmoniously with the Moon adding to the creative and emotional tones in the air. Do something cathartic. Mercury retrograde is a time for process. Channel feelings into productive things like cooking, doing the dishes, making art, and writing your memoir. Void of course Moon is from 9:18 pm ET to 5:36 pm Wednesday. Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Void of course Moon

The Moon is in that void of course transition time and it can create a bit of a fog. Mercury is retrograde too, so judgement calls may be unreliable. Second guessing is a good thing right now. News comes fast and furious with Mercury and Uranus aligned. Ingenuity, originality and the unusual are results of those two teaming in Aquarius and Aries. Act slowly and thoughtfully though. Write down insights for future action. The Gemini Moon is opposite Saturn and square to Venus tonight, testing our close relationships and ability to listen and negotiate fairly and honestly. Today's color is yellow. 

Thursday: Gemini Moon

This part of the week is full of itself. I'm laughing and serious at the same time. News may be unexpected or weird during this Gemini Moon. It might be hard to know what to think or believe. People may demand quick responses. Don't go down that road. Take your sweet time and find your inner peace as well as something reasonable with others who can't quite do that. Having said that, it's a very social day as the Moon aligns with Mercury and the Sun, and you could enjoy the company of funny, entertaining, happy friends including people you haven't seen in a long while. Today's color is white. 

Friday: Gemini Moon Void of Course

The Moon is void from 4:24 am ET until Saturday 2:09 am. Take your time in every way. Read a book that expands your perspective or take a short journey out of town. The more you can flow with whatever comes up, the better. The Sun and Mercury retrograde meet for revisiting people and places from the past. This is an expressive conjunction and some announcements will come retroactively. What you expected months or weeks ago becomes public on days like this.  Teamwork is favored. Mars and Pluto align for some serious insight. Aries, Capricorn, and Scorpio experience this most personally while Virgo is most likely to come to realizations about relationships and friendships. It's a Mercury retrograde peak. Today's color is silver.

Saturday: Cancer Moon

Cancer Moon turns us toward personal priorities, life at home, and family matters of all kinds.  Clean the house, bake a cake, and find uplifting things to do. It's a slow down time, but during Cancer Moon you don't want too much sluggish energy to take over. Drink lots of fresh water and eat nourishing foods. The belly can be sensitive during Cancer Moon time. Notice what you're taking in. The environment will also have an effect on mood. Aim for comfort and soothing. Venus and Neptune in Pisces align with the Moon for romance and creativity. It's a good date night. Today's color is light blue.

Sunday: Cancer Moon Void of Course

The Moon is void of course from 8:37 am until 12:41 pm Monday ET. Interesting day for the big game in the USA since errors in judgement, forgetfulness and lack of focus are likely. The Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. This always makes for challenging times related to recurring patterns. Uranus is the wild card and brings on what's not expected or what we may not be ready to deal with.  Venus and Neptune meet in Pisces for love and heart. Cancer, Pisces and Virgo are most likely to be in the midst of a happily romantic weekend. We are also close to the Full Moon and emotions are heightened. Try to be understanding this weekend even if you're irked. Today's color is white.

                                        Weekly January 19th to 25th, 2015

Monday: Void of course Moon

Moon in Capricorn is void from 5:54 am to 7:59 am on Tuesday. It's a great vacation day and a good time to get organized and clean. Today is not the most favorable for shopping though you may be tempted. Make sure you can exchange what you buy. Back up files now since Mercury retrograde begins Wednesday. Save receipts and give yourself lists, prompts and a calendar to keep track of appointments and when bills are due. Venus opposes Jupiter and may be pleasurable for lovers and those of you growing businesses, especially creative ones. Mars and Neptune activate imagination, dreams, and the ability to make tangible things from wild ideas. Build or create something today. It's the last full day of Capricorn birthdays, the day before New Moon and a natural time to be reconsidering a decision you thought was final. Wear navy blue.

Tuesday: New Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Aquarius

Aquarius activity has been going on for weeks with Mercury and Venus, and now the Sun moves in at 4:43 am. New Moon in Aquarius arrives at 8:14 am ET. Aquarius energizes community, friendship, and inventive ideas. A good blend of scientific and intellectual thinking and personable, extroverted, and creative traits is the beauty of a strong Aquarius time. The "new" of this New Moon may be more about reinventing and rediscovering. It's a time to going back to see what's relevant again and might be renewed. That includes relationships, but do so cautiously and without promises until after February 11th. Mercury retrograde begins tomorrow. Find some structure to support your dreams and pursuits. That includes wise advice under the influence of Saturn in Sagittarius. Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Mercury retrograde in Aquarius

Mercury retrograde is official at 10:54 am. We've been experiencing the foreshadow of this time for days now. Today is full of news, communication, and surprises. Think before you respond and sift through information for truths, fallacies, and what's questionable. Take your time for these three weeks. Be particularly cautious with what you promise and what you spend money on. It's not a good time for a bet or risk. Venus in Aquarius makes this a very likely time for reuniting with a lover. Do that with few expectations and on a trial basis, if that's relevant to you. Leo, Aquarius, and Libra are in line for that experience as well as renewing vows and considering decisions and next moves with "the one you're with".  Jupiter is opposite the Moon today sending blessings and joy and reminding us that growth is possible. Today's color is pink.

Thursday: Pisces Moon

The Moon meets both Neptune and Mars for a burst of Pisces spirit. This includes the ability to sense and feel, even without physical proof. You might feel more intuitive or emotional. Channel feelings into building, creating or even cleaning. Growth as a result of inner processes and understanding is favored now. Mercury is retrograde and anything from the past that crops up can provide deeper insight, healing or release from the past.  Mars in Pisces can agitate if you have nothing productive or cathartic to devote your energy to. Hot baths, swimming, meditation and yoga are some ways to detox and cleanse anything you don't need hanging around in the psyche or the body.  The Moon and Saturn align for stability in the face of change. Bring some order and sense to what you're feeling. Advice from reliable sources is one way to do that. Today's color is green.

Friday: Sun sextile Saturn

Aquarius Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius combine for logical thinking and action today.  Do what makes sense, especially if it's something you decided weeks ago and are now ready to act on. Mercury is retrograde so leave yourself a little loophole if you need to change course in a few weeks.  The Pisces Moon aligns with Pluto and we face feelings and fears, hopefully with optimism and a different perspective. Own it, so it doesn't prevent you from growth, change, or optimum health. The Moon is void of course 6:13 am ET until 8:31 am Saturday. This day is meant more for relaxation than for taking a lot on. Find your flow and be gentle and sensible.  Today's color is blue.

Saturday: Aries Moon

There's a push pull today and Sunday that may feel more prominent toward the later part of the weekend. Aries Moon aligns with the Sun for confidence and innovation. Saturn weighs in from Sagittarius urging higher level thinking and educational experiences. That can include learning from the trials and challenges of life.  What can you step up to, face courageously or, on the other hand, not collapse into. It's a day to stay strong.  Red is our color.

Sunday: Aries Moon

Aspects between the Moon and Pluto, Mercury, and Jupiter activate some familiar patterns. The Moon also meets Uranus, in a monthly conjunction.  Part of life that's been a challenging or wild, unpredictable ride for a long while now surfaces again for some of us. On days like this, respond carefully or not at all. Try not to let someone press those hot buttons that result in anger or fear.  Brush things off at least for the moment.  People often know they're pressing your buttons. Don't give them the satisfaction or visibly irritating you.  Mercury and Jupiter align with the Moon in a more social, fun way. Mercury is reconnecting old friends. Jupiter has the influence of luck, but this is not a good time to take chances. Just accept good fortune as it comes. Today's color is yellow.

                                          Weekly January 12th to 18th, 2015


Monday: Mars in Pisces

Mars moves to Pisces at 5:20 am. Ruler of fire sign Aries and co-ruler of Scorpio, Mars is not super comfortable in this emotional sign. However, creative projects can really get going and with Mercury close to retrograde now it's a fine time to enter that process. Pisces, you may feel more active and motivated or agitated for the next several weeks. Try to use that to your advantage. For all of us, channel feelings (even the not so positive ones) into tangible work, like painting, drawing, creating or even building. The Moon is in Libra with a mix of influences from other planets, so this is a day of variety, positive communication and possibly strong opposition. Libra is the sign of peace so a truce may be called for in situations where agreement can't be found. Let it go peacefully or step back at least for a couple of days. Today's color is pink.

Tuesday: Void of course Moon

The Moon is void of course at 4:46 am until 6:44 pm ET. Our judgment is compromised and impulsiveness could have a domino effect. Act rationally and deliberately. Venus and Uranus align and relationship status changes and other alliances may seem surprising. Unusual friendships form or become public. The Scorpio Moon arrives at 6:44 pm and connects with Mars in Pisces. Move into your personal process, channel into creative things, listen to music, take photos, tap into intuition and find meaning. Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Mercury sextile Uranus

Mercury and Uranus's combined energy adds up for inventive ideas, sudden clarity, and also unexpected news.  The surprise element present yesterday continues.  The Moon is in Scorpio so some of this may involve puzzles and mysteries and new information surrounding them. Scorpio is the investigative sign with a strong dose of psychic feeling. Go with a hunch. Debates may be stubborn with the Moon and Mercury squaring in Scorpio and Aquarius, two fixed and opinionated signs. Any sign may feel this way or experience this including Libra about money matters and risk taking ventures and Gemini about workplace issues or changing routines.  Tonight the Moon and Venus square and this translates into home life and relationships as well. If you know someone's opinion is strong this may not be the night to try and change his or her mind. Today's color is indigo blue.

Thursday: Mars squares Saturn

Mars in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius and there's much ado about change. Things could get emotional and dramatic around shifting situations even if they're all decided and for the best. How much structure and how much freedom or leeway is needed is part of the discussion. Emotional, sentimental feelings won't sync with cold or bold attitudes. Scorpio Moon squares Jupiter in Leo and is void of course from 6:52 pm on. It's a better not to press for answers or repeatedly try to get in touch. Some will want quiet, alone time tonight, although the evening may be more relaxed overall. Today's color is black.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon

At 3:01 am ET the Moon shifts to Sagittarius, sign of the archer. Take aim at a change in scenery today or over the weekend. Refresh your outlook. Shift relationships by adventuring together. Try to avoid boredom or feeling stuck. Cancer and Pisces, this is true for you at work while  Leo may need to get out and have a good old time with friends.  The Moon meets Saturn bringing up the business of educational and travel planning as well as the need for honesty. Today's color is turquoise.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon aligns with Jupiter, Venus and Mercury for a 5 star kind of day. Leo and Aquarius host those planets now, and the air and fire signs may especially enjoy all of this! It's a good day for gatherings, road trips and festivities. Do have a plan B since some things may happen very spontaneously including no-shows. Live in the moment. Take time for fun. Today's color is purple.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon

This is the practical day of the weekend. The Moon aligns with Mars and Neptune in Pisces, softening the administrative aspect of the day with some room for art, feelings and dreams.  Do something tangible with those or other business that needs attending to. Studies, finances, organization and other things that make life feel more managed and clear are favored.  We are close to Mercury retrograde and bigger decisions should be well considered and thought out. Or wait until after February 11th. Today's color is gray.

Monday: Void of Course Moon in Cancer

The Moon was Full Sunday night and is void of course until Tuesday morning. Mercury and Saturn align to bring order and stability. Remind yourself, or someone else caught up in emotion or confusion, to take a few breaths before responding or overreacting. Saturn in Sagittarius and Mercury in Aquarius make an intelligent pair and help us sort things out, communicate honestly and directly, and find clarity. Speak your truth without blame. Find your allies and support team and explore options if decisions must be made imminently. Aquarius and Sagittarius, and other air and fire signs, may work well together and gather to get things done. Cancer, this Full Moon is quite personal and may include dealing with people you're unsure about. Release other people's judgments or irrational words and do what you do best. Aries, Capricorn and Cancer may want to yield some and try not to criticize or let criticism take you down.  Family and relationship issues and other ongoing unresolved issues may be up for resolution again. Mercury and Saturn help move out of pure emotion and impulsiveness and into more rational thinking and believing. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Leo Moon

At 6:03 am ET the Moon moves to Leo. A rush of fire energy motivates and inspires. If yesterday was slow, confusing or chaotic, enjoy a very different vibe of optimism and action. To best align with this Leo Moon opposite Mercury and Venus, listen to each other, be willing to learn or try something, and compromise or find agreeable neutral plans that include some concessions. Leo Moon with Aquarius planets urge collaboration, community, and friendship. Having an open mind helps, while always trusting instincts where people are concerned.  Friendly, but somewhat detached and not too personal, might be the way to go if you're unsure how much to trust or get involved with a group or individual. Leave some time for play, creative pursuits, and connecting with friends or colleagues today. Leo and Aquarius, make relationship a priority. Wear purple today. 

Wednesday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon aligns with Uranus for exciting developments, recreating, and an element of the unexpected. Have plan B or C ready. See if changes might actually lead to better results.  It will be hard to hold on or stay trapped in a way of thinking or doing. Scrap a plan that's not working in favor of an alternate way. Today's color is red. 

Thursday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon is productive and could be prosperous as Moon and Jupiter meet in Leo at 12:07 am. Act on things you're hoping for. Be positive, assertive, and willing to learn. From 12:03 to 5:58 pm the Moon is void of course. Roll with the positive and try to keep momentum. Time off or time to celebrate and have fun could be built into the afternoon. Honor or recognize someone. Leo and Scorpio are two that might get recognition today. Shopping is not well timed 12:03 to 5:58 once the Moon opposes Mars, however earlier or later is decent for purchases. Get technical and significant upgrades done now before Mercury retrogrades later this month (21st). The Virgo Moon also favors study, writing, working with numbers, and organizing things in the evening.  Today's color is black.

Friday: Virgo Moon

The Moon opposes Neptune and aligns with Pluto. Be more realistic, try not to overlook problems or details. Confront situations with solutions rather than just criticism.  Attend to details, obligations and promises, and practical matters of life. Navy blue is today's color. 

Saturday: Virgo Moon trine Capricorn Sun

The Moon and Sun align in earth signs. That often means productivity and practical action and can help confidence in decisions. The Moon is void of course from 10:46 am on through the day and evening, so take it slow, double check and have someone edit your work or check your facts.  Get physical exercise and consider cleaning and repairing things that aren't too complex. Today's color is brown.

Sunday: Libra Moon

The Moon moves to Libra at 6:57 am and aligns with Saturn in Sagittarius today. Reasons to be more honest and fair become obvious.  Situations that need to be negotiated and where someone needs to give in a bit may benefit from these planets now. Saturn is wise and worldly in Sagittarius. Libra Moon is always geared toward one on one relationships with anyone you consider a partner. Find mutual agreement. Today's color is blue.

                                      Weekly December 29th to January 4th, 2015

Monday: Aries Moon

The Aries Moon is an impulse to action. Get things accomplished without the urgency or impulsiveness Aries Moon and Uranus can bring. Mars in Aquarius lends an inventive and original nature to processes and products in the works.  Mercury and Venus in Capricorn square the Moon and favor leaders, initiators and organizers efforts. Win someone over with confidence and assertiveness. Know that a struggle for power or a feeling of intimidation may hamper efforts, and tone down anything that could create that. Jupiter in Leo has an optimistic and spontaneous influence on social interaction and creative pursuits. It's a great day if you're not involved in a play for power.  Games will be competitive. Void of course Moon begins at 7:46 pm ET until 5:56 am Tuesday. Today's color is gold.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon

The Taurus Moon begins at 5:56 am and lasts into New Year's day. A sensual sign for the Moon, this instigates romance, good cooking, and other earthly delights. Art, design, and making from scratch are favored today. The Moon and Capricorn Sun are in harmony for a grounded, secure feeling.  Make home more comfortable or sturdy. Build, organize, and rearrange spaces.  Work with color, wood, and gemstones. Make repairs. Feel connected to beauty and tangible results.  Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Taurus Moon

The Moon and Pluto align for more earth sign activity, like Tuesday. There are also two squares today involving Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Aquarius. Though these are fixed sign squares indicating stubbornness, they also impart confidence and unyielding loyalty. It's worth working through differences to get desired results today.  If you tend to be hands on, listening or reading may add to your repertoire or help solve a stubborn problem. If you tend to be open and creative, let someone with different skills or perspective direct your energy for tangible accomplishments. All in all, connect with people or resources that complement your style. Challenge yourself. New Year's Eve is meant to be intimate, comfortable, romantic, and involve good food. Today's color is green.

Thursday: Happy New Year

The Moon moves from Taurus to Gemini after a void of course time from 7:19 am to 12:09 pm. New Year's 2015 begins with harmony in love and communication from Venus and Mercury in Capricorn.  Connect in real, meaningful ways moving from purely romantic to practical and honest as well. Relationships can really benefit and move to new levels at times like this.  Gemini Moon opposes Saturn and Mars opposes Jupiter later for a very different effect.  Avoid exaggeration, choose words with care, and be willing to scale down and reign in scattered energy.  There are many possible influences to these oppositions. Generally you may find yourself with opposing values, opinions and possibilities.  Try to avoid extravagance, drama, and statements with no action or supporting facts to back them up. Trust only what you know well. Don't be pushed for answers. Today's color is yellow. 

Friday: Gemini Moon

The Moon and Uranus align today creating spontaneous action or words. This can get you into trouble. Pause and respond thoughtfully. Enjoy lively conversation, debate, and sharing of stories with a light attitude. It's possible we shouldn't take life too seriously on a day like this. Arguments can easily flare up. Be amused rather than annoyed as much as possible.  The Full Moon is Sunday and we'll begin to feel the build up. Today's color is white.

Saturday: Gemini to Cancer Moon, Venus to Aquarius

Venus starts the Aquarius trend for the season with a move at 9:46 am and a stay for most of the month. Venus in Aquarius is sensible in love and favors collaborations, community and friendship. Leo and Aquarius benefit in love and partnership and Libra and Aries benefit from new friendships and enjoy social occasions in January. Mercury will join Venus in Aquarius on Sunday, adding to the focus on the water bearer, which is truly an air sign of intelligence and vision. Today we're in Full Moon mode as the Moon shifts to Cancer at 8:08 pm after a v.o.c time since 6:55 am. It's not a day to shop, commit or trust too willingly.  It is a time to wander, enjoy, take it easy, read, study, or write.  The Sun is active with Uranus and Pluto and there's an unreliable or strange feeling in the air.  Be aware of manipulative or dominant personalities. Announcements are likely. Give them a few days to settle in and to sort out the facts.  The Moon is full Sunday at 11:53 pm ET. Today's color is light blue. 

Sunday: Cancer Full Moon

The Full Moon is opposite Pluto and the Sun and square to Uranus. The comfort zone is a good place to be. A strong trigger to emotions, sentiment, the past and intuition, this Full Moon will be tumultuous for some and is a definite pull to home and security. If you lack roots or a grounded feeling right now, it could be a tough one.  Venus and Saturn urge commitment and order in relationships.  Create a warm feeling, be there for a friend, stay out of drama or needless opposition. Today's color is silver.


                                    Weekly December 22nd to 28th, 2014

Winter Solstice New Moon this year! Celebrate with me! Deep stretch, restorative yoga and yogic sleep known as Yoga Nidra. This practice is focused on healing, feeling the true spirit of the season, and welcoming the New Moon to manifest your heartfelt intentions. Scarborough Yoga 4-5:30 pm. $25 or 2 for $45 Sign up link

Monday: Conjunctions in Capricorn

The Moon meets Pluto, Venus, and Mercury all in Capricorn.  A high concentration of Capricorn mentality is the equivalent of being on a mission to get everything sorted out, communicated, and flowing flawlessly.  Organizing, delegating, and problem solving lead to results. Progress with goals and personal decisions for Capricorn and career happenings for Aries, relationship and commitment for Cancer, and it's all about family and home for Libra. Virgo tends to feel at home with all of this and may want to get together with friends or do festive things.  The Moon is void of course at 10:17 pm ET until 9:53 pm Tuesday. This is a better day for purchases and confident action all the way around. The New Moon of Sunday will put many of us in ambitious modes for taking care of all sort of things. Make sure your health is one of them. Capricorn is the sign of teeth, the entire skeletal system and the knees. Stay mobile without overdoing anything, especially stress on the joints. Today's color is green. 

Tuesday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon

The Moon is void of course for most of the day and night.  With void Moon in Capricorn, easy tasks and errands are favored. Major shopping or business decisions might be best put off. Saturn is about to move to Sagittarius and has one more aspect in Scorpio, to this Capricorn Moon, putting a serious spin on things and urging focus for late night hours and a to do list for morning that could even include something quite important, legal, medical, business related or goings on with the much older people in our lives. Aquarius Moon for social get togethers way after business hours. Today's color is gray.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon is in Aquarius, the sign of community. It's great if you're volunteering for a holiday event or gathering quite a few people together for any common reason. Mars and Uranus are active today with the Moon and each other, and it's a good idea to be extra cautious in every way. With fire, electricity, gambling, or anything you know you could get into trouble with.  The spontaneous nature of the day is also combustible.  Take care and watch out for others around you too. Merry Christmas Eve! Enjoy safely and comfortably Today's color is blue.

Thursday: Aquarius Moon

Mercury meets Pluto overnight. Secrets long held may be divulged. There's a spiritual and metaphysical influence when Pluto engages. Mercury is the messenger planet. Perhaps information comes to you in a dream or someone long forgotten gets in touch.  Mercury in Capricorn is also a trouble shooter, and finding the answer or the key to getting something accomplished is also a possible effect. The Aquarius Moon is void of course from 10:11 am to 11:07 pm ET, across from Jupiter in Leo and square to Saturn.  A collaborative effort is effective with these aspects.  Commitments and decisions made today have long lasting impact and stability. Vision is a strength of the sign Aquarius where the Moon travels this Christmas. Pisces Moon at 11:07 pm. Today's color is turquoise.

Friday: Pisces Moon

The Sun, Neptune and the Moon align today. A relaxed, easygoing, intuitive influence, the Pisces/Capricorn harmony is a mix of practical and dreamy and might help with creativity, building, or a purely restorative time.  Today's color is green.

Saturday: Pisces Moon

Pisces Moon harmonizes with Mercury and Venus for romance, softening up, and improved conversations.  Give a bit of leeway to yourself or someone else.  Relax more, tune in, and allow some sentiment in. The Moon is void of course from 10:44 am to 1:35 am Sunday. Today's color is light blue.

Sunday: Aries Moon

The Moon moves to Aries at 1:35 am. It's an active day and some will feel urgency around situations or travels today and tomorrow. Yet it's best to slow down some. Saturn, newly in Sagittarius, aligns with the Moon. It's a new cycle we'll get used to over time. Notice any way that today feels different, particularly Aries and Sagittarius who host this action.  Saturn in Sagittarius is about learning by experience, for one thing.  The Moon and Sun square. Think before you act too quickly, and know that who's dominant or in power may be a question to resolve or stay out of. Today's color is red.

                                            Weekly December 16th to 21st

Monday: Libra Moon, Uranus square Pluto

Sort out, deal with, and negotiate the best possible scenario under this Libra Moon. It's impacted by Uranus and Pluto in the other cardinal signs, Aries and Capricorn.  As those two planets square, the shadow side and things buried deep conflicts with Uranian rebelliousness. We might see this in the news. Put out intentions for peace. In personal lives, the effect will be felt most among those of you who have planets or trigger points with these planets. That's hard to predict unless you know your chart well. I recommend avoiding anything out of the ordinary or risky today and the two days before and after. Reconstructing feelings and processing emotional events will be one effect. Cancer and Libra are the opposite signs and relationship, home, career, and very personal things can come up with this square.  Venus and Mars are involved with the Moon today and relationships are in the forefront for reconciling and responding to, with care and thought. This is not the time to confront volatile people or situations. Let it go for now and through December. Today's color is  lavender.

Tuesday: Libra Moon

A continuation of yesterday's activity is likely as the Libra Moon triggers with Uranus and Pluto.  Yet Jupiter in Leo harmonizes with the Moon and we do best helping each other out, collaborating and enjoying time with people we know. Create some fun.  Jupiter in Leo is about growth and Libra Moon is about fairness and partnership. Put that all together and ease a tense situation if necessary. Aim for growth. It's Mercury's last day (hours) in Sagittarius. Pick up a good book or learn something valuable. Mercury moves to Capricorn at 10:53 pm ET for very practical, grounded thinking and problem solving in the weeks ahead. Void Moon overnight is not good for any judgment calls or decisions. Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Mercury in Capricorn, Scorpio Moon

Scorpio Moon comes at 9:52 am ET after a void of course Moon from 12:40 am until then. The Moon works well with Mercury and Neptune and inspires creativity as well as better communication and action on a plan. The day is more introverted as we deal with and manage personal priorities. Today's color is indigo blue.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon aligns with Venus and Pluto in Capricorn and squares Mars in Aquarius.  The question is how much to rebel, challenge or create waves. Remain practical and organized with your thinking. Cancer, relationship is top priority. Virgo, communicate well and clearly. A long talk with a friend or someone you love may be needed now. If you're challenging authority or the norm, easy does it. Today's color is maroon.

Friday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon

Heavy business is the work of Saturn and the Moon in Scorpio. If you can settle something today, so be it. Saturn is only in Scorpio until December 23rd (and back for a retrograde visit next summer). It's been a long road with certain big issues and today can be about finalizing the answers or finishing the building, sale, or acquisition. Medical decisions may also come now. The Moon is briefly void of course 4:11 to 4:55 pm ET and ready for an abrupt shift to freedom loving Sagittarius. We go from attending to burdens and responsibility to an avoidance of both. Transition gently for a weekend where your spirit feels lighter,  hopefully. Allow in some adventure, fun and learning through experience. Make some room for more joy. Try not to let others down in your own exuberance or need to escape. Find decent middle ground this weekend. It's meant for road trips and such things.  Red is today's color. 

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon

The universe is busy with a variety of aspects and action from many planets. It may be hard to know what to focus on. Put energy toward things that are malleable where you will see results or know you're getting there. Sagittarius Moon usually inspires travels, new experiences, immersion in culture and experiential learning. However Mars and Uranus align and it's very  unpredictable and potentially aggressive energy so today you may be best off in your comfort zone with trusted people who have your back. Take no risks or gambles today and tonight. Venus influences ongoing relationship issues and some will get a wake up call as Venus squares Uranus and meets Pluto. Face up to the realities of your significant other, even if it's not a pretty picture. If it's unhealthy, these aspects make things obvious. Consider how to heal or let go if this applies to you. You'll can be stronger and reinvent yourself. Those not in the midst of this can support friends who are. Balance enthusiasm and festivity with caring and sensitivity. We are all on different paths and experiencing the holidays in our own ways. Today's color is purple. 

Sunday: Winter Solstice & New Moon

I'm at Scarborough Yoga for a New Moon Solstice Yoga & Yoga Nidra Event. Great for anyone with yoga experience or not. Manifest and energize your dearest intentions with Yoga Nidra.

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It's a special New Moon in Capricorn, arriving on the Solstice as the Sun changes to that same sign. Capricorn, you are set up to thrive, prosper and make stable changes now. Build on the foundation you've set this year. Jupiter aligns just before the Moon changes signs, putting extra blessings on this day and making it a good day to gather, create, and truly feel the spirit of the holiday season.  Cancer and Virgo, this favors relationships. Sagittarius, Aries, and Gemini, the New Moon in one way or another blesses your financial matters and other career and business moves. Scorpio, communication improvements, news about educational, marketing and travels to family are expected. Libra, positive upgrades and improved relationships with family for you. Today's color is white.

                                         Weekly December 8th to 15th, 2014


Monday: Sun conjunct Mercury, Cancer Moon

A mix of energies and elements leads one way or the other. Cancer Moon squares Uranus in Aries and opposes Pluto every month and it's proven to be challenging. Those who throw you off balance and unpredictable situations can flare up. This may be a repetitive cycle you're used to though no one probably welcomes revisiting it. Family matters are often part of this with Cancer Moon, though a Gemini or Sagittarius can find business or legal matters more challenging. The bright side is Mercury and the Sun meet in Sagittarius. Announcements and declarations, statements with motivation behind them, come now. Scorpio and Pisces have news to receive or share regarding work and career this week. Leo finds this very lucky and can hope for the best news possible. Friendship and fun are forecast for Leo and Aquarius among others. Try to find that bright side even if annoying grievances plague you yet again. Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Cancer to Leo Moon

Cancer Moon trine Saturn in Scorpio means home, family and health in the forefront. Put some effort and attention on taking care of things, with sensitivity and a smile. Take an idea and form a step by step plan to carry it out. It's a day for conservative business and judicious spending only. A void of course Moon takes over from 7:14 pm to 10:14 pm ET-adjust for your time zone.  This does not favor best judgement in decision making and spending. However, if you get so caught up in overthinking that you have trouble with decisions, this may free you to take some sort of action. Keep things simple and adjustable. At 10:14 the Moon moves to Leo for late night lions who may enjoy a great time with friends.  Today's color is purple. 

Wednesday: Venus in Capricorn

Venus moves to Capricorn and Mercury will join that party next Tuesday. Capricorn energy is traditional and structured and any lack of those elements will become obvious now. The urge to nest, repair things, settle in, and manage things better with business and with the significant other and at home are all Capricorn effects this season. Cancer longs to cohabitate and might make a relationship commitment now. Venus in your sign, Capricorn, makes you one of the zodiac's darlings. You're favored to attract friends, opportunities, and to treat yourself well. (ps Capricorn, December has much more in store to support and perk up your spirits!) Virgo, Venus in Capricorn brightens your love and social life. Aries, this is the time to seek a promotion, upgrade or send out resumes.  Leo Moon is all stirred up today with Mars across the zodiac increasing the chance we'll strongly disagree or make a huge effort to see a different point of view. This relates very much to collaborating and how much effort it takes. Uranus adds inventiveness and reason to change things up, maybe at the last possible moment.  Today's color is pink.

Thursday: Leo Moon conjunct Jupiter

This is a peak day for things suddenly falling together. Leo Moon relates to children, teachers, performers and those who deal with the public, like politicians and media professionals.  The Moon aligns with the Sagittarius Sun for travel and educational prospects. Mercury also speaks for two days, urging clear messages, good news, and sparking the imagination of writers and the wanderlust of travelers.  Jupiter meets the Moon in a glorious burst of Leo optimism, enthusiasm and growth. Further your plans and surround yourself with the best allies, friends, and support team today! Enjoy some luck and see what's working for you. Today's color is gold. 

Friday: Mercury trine Jupiter, Leo to Virgo Moon

Mercury continues his efforts to get things moving, expanding, and clarified with alignment to Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter is Sagittarius's planet and Mercury is in that sign, favoring higher learning (so do send applications now), travel (do plan that winter trip before Mercury is retrograde in January/February), and the tools that keep us in touch and connected. Computer, cell phone and other technical upgrades are timed well. The Moon has a variety of aspects and emotions may be up and down today, depending on your agenda. Serious decisions and business come up with Saturn first thing. Take care of something confidently and before it becomes a problem. The Moon is void from 7:48 to 10:19 am ET and then on to Virgo for practical problem solving.  Moon and Venus put us in the mood to dress up and clean up. Neptune in Pisces adds a romantic and hazy effect to the evening's plans. Timeliness might be an issue tonight. Try not to disappoint with a no show. Friends are relying on you, Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio. Come out of your shells.  Today's color is blue.

Saturday: Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon aligns with Pluto. Being productive, organizing and feeling accomplishments are Saturday's theme this week. Studying is also favored. Find a balance of tasks and some enjoyment of home, food, creating and simple pleasures. Short forecast for a day of the basics. Feel good about something you pulled off this week. Today's color is brown.

Sunday: Virgo to Libra Moon, Sun trine Jupiter

Follow up to Jupiter's activity a few days ago. The Sun and Jupiter help put it all together for special announcements, happy occasions, beneficial opportunities and joining forces.  This is a time for expansion, clearing the way, and making the decision that opens the door to a new journey.  Venus and Neptune are in harmony too, increasing the feeling of romance, possibility and love.  Today is good timing for so many things, whether you initiate or just allow it all to unfold.  News will create discussion since the thing that makes one person happy can create discontent for another. All in all, today has much potential for joy! Go with it. Libra Moon moves in at 11:05 pm ET after just two hours void of course. Shopping is ok except for those hours. Today's color is violet.

                                         Weekly December 1st to 7th, 2014

Monday: Aries Moon

Astrological motivation is strong with bold Aries Moon and Mars in harmony with Saturn in Capricorn and Scorpio. This is a peak day for getting things moving, finalizing details, and also instigating new activity related to ongoing situations.  With these aspects, action and thought are powerful and meant to last.  Every month the Moon and Uranus meet, and today is that day. Uranus can add an aha moment or startling development and changes the picture or perspective.  Mercury is in line with the Moon instigating honest talk. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Aries Moon

Venus and Jupiter align with Aries Moon from the other fire signs. An active, busy day full of opportunity and collaborations is likely. Being open to different ideas helps things move along. Initiate action around a potentially great idea. The Moon squares Mars in the evening and short fuses trigger easily, so temper your words and interactions. At 9:42 pm the Moon moves void of course. Finish shopping and other decisions that matter before then. Today's color is pink.

Wednesday: Taurus Moon

At 12:15 am ET, the Moon shifts to earth sign Taurus. Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn align with the Moon. A great blend of softness and courage, logic and creativity, infuse the day. Express yourself with art or other projects. Create and build from scratch.  See things for what they are. Own your actions and responsibilities.  Today's color is gray.

Thursday: Venus trine Jupiter, Mars to Aquarius

This is a high energy day. The Moon is in Taurus, persevering and constructive. Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo align, inspiring and activating travels, new experiences, and energizing loves lives, for some of you.  Freedom is a Sagittarius value, and Jupiter is Sagittarius' ruling planet. Leo is creative, loyal and fixed. Adventurous relationships, with common vision and thirst for travel and movement, do well with this aspect.  Plan a trip together! Aquarius and Aries are two signs that may benefit and thrive now! Sun and Uranus align too, increasing fire, inspiration and ingenuity. Invent and experiment. Today's color is purple. 

Friday: Mercury trine Uranus, Gemini Moon

The Moon will be full on Saturday at 7:27 am. Today is event filled with busy minds, possibly overthinking, and with much need to respond and initiate communications. News comes with Mercury trine Uranus. Ideas and solutions suddenly become apparent and clear. Try to think rather than act suddenly. Those ideas will not evaporate if you put a bit more thought and care into them. The void of course Moon from 1:45 to 5:28 am ET concludes with the Moon opposite Saturn, and finalizing decisions is the result. Mars in Aquarius adds a collaborative and inventive aspect. It's a day of talk from discussions to meetings and tall tales too. Watch out for stories that seem exaggerated or too good to be true as Neptune squares the Moon. This increases imagination for writing and weaving a fine story.  Don't be conned though. Today's color is gold.

Saturday: Full Moon in Gemini

The Full Moon peaks at 7:27 am ET with a trine to Uranus, planet of surprises and rebellion. Mercury is opposite the Moon. Decisions and clarity come with Full Moons, and in some cases this one will instigate dissolving things to recreate them differently. News like that can shake you if you've worked hard on something to find it now needs to be adapted or scrapped for a new plan.  Negotiating may be quite challenging as the Full Moon and Mercury in Sagittarius oppose. Sagittarius and Gemini, some of you will have trouble agreeing with your significant other, most likely on something important. Jupiter is in harmony with the Moon for parties and social events. Enjoy being with people, attending festivities or community events.  Honesty is a pivotal issue at this Gemini Moon time. Gemini is a sign of duality and duplicity at times. Sagittarius is direct, sometimes to a fault or without regard for feelings.  Communication is likely to be very challenging at times when it truly matters. Try to be clear, sensitive, honest and as  you make decisions, see both sides or the pros and the cons.  If you're up for a wild party this weekend, you'll get exactly that. Some will want to lay low until this Full Moon is over. Cancer and Pisces may be home bodies this weekend, though Pisces could host a nice gathering at home. Today's color is white.

Sunday: Cancer Moon

Void of course Moon is from 4:52 am to 12:34 pm ET. Be very mindful and conscious of what's going on then. Mistakes, errors in judgement or breaches of trust may be present. Avoid all of that with careful thought and a clear mind.  It's not a good shopping time. The Moon opposes Venus and relationships experiencing troubles polarize even more. Talking may help or hinder depending on personalities involved. A tendency to lie is present, so ask questions and trust your intuition. If you see a side of someone you didn't expect, the Gemini Full Moon may be bringing that out. Take in information and be aware. The Moon moves to Cancer at 12:34 pm. Take care of yourself and give someone else some extra love and attention too. We need to nurture after overly busy days and nights.  Cook a nice meal. Create a comforting, warm environment and chill out some. The Moon and Neptune favor creative projects and inspiration through music, art or film. Today's color is light blue.

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                               Weekly November 24th to November 30th, 2014

Monday: Capricorn Moon

With a New Moon behind you, supporting all new adventures, make this week count! Creative ways of doing business and manifesting money, resources and goods are in favor today. Capricorn Moon is the most resourceful of all Moon signs, moving in at 11:31 am ET (before that the Moon is void of course). Neptune speaks with the Moon from versatile Pisces. Adjust your thinking, be more open to suggestions, and believe you can achieve. Attitude is most important. Capricorn can be very traditional, however it's a good day to color outside the lines, as imaginative Neptune exerts an influence.  Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon, Mercury conjunct Saturn

Mercury and Saturn have one final collaboration before Mercury scoots to Sagittarius on Thursday.  It's a decisive, strong willed, vocal influence impacting a few days and continuing a strong Sun/Saturn conjunction last week. Seek the best and most wise advice. Look for the voice of experience, possibly from an older person as Saturn rules the elders.  Make decisions about health, business, family and legal matters. Put your energy toward finalizing things. With Capricorn Moon it's often about business and employment including dealings with the boss, and that's likely for Libra and Aries. Gemini and Sagittarius, prioritize health and balance work with more rest.  Cancer, relationship and partnership decisions and important conversations or news are in the forecast this week. Today's color is yellow, Mercury's color. 

Wednesday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon, Mercury trine Neptune

A day of mixed energies, the Moon is in Capricorn, void of course from 10:30 am to 2:23 pm ET. Can you get something settled before that time? Morning is set up to be productive! Mars and the Moon instigate all kinds of activity. The key is to avoid a pointless argument about method or plans.  Void of course Moon is time to pay close attention since our focus wanes. Keep track of your stuff and your calendar. Remember where you park the car or that you turned the oven on! From 2:23 pm on, it's a social and community oriented Aquarius Moon with Neptune and Mercury aligned for music, art, and romantic times. The Sun and Neptune encourage escape from the usual routine, for more creativity, enjoyment, and willingness to adapt and change.  Today's color is turquoise.

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving USA! Aquarius Moon

Gathering is what Aquarius Moon is all about! Get together with friends, family and also with common purpose and vision. The Moon works with Venus and Uranus, providing inventive ideas and a hunger for change and adventures.  Spontaneous plans can turn out great on a day like this! Dinner may lead to interesting conversations, games, and bigger parties as families and friends converge.  Uranus always has that unexpected element, so surprises may throw some of us off. The key is not to overreact or react too quickly.  All in all, this looks like a Thanksgiving of community, collaborative efforts and travels. Today's color is purple. 

Friday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon

This appears to be the most challenging day of the week. Take it slow and don't allow yourself to be imposed on or pressured. The Moon is void of course from 12:14 to 5:03 pm ET, and opposes Jupiter first.  One issue that creates is too much spending and another is overindulgence.  Try to moderate. Saturn squares the Moon, and advises us to take care of responsibilities, especially writing and studies. Look over things and revise later if you work during void of course Moon. Also, today is ideal for just enjoying friendship and not doing any business at all, especially during void of course Moon. Pisces Moon moves in and squares Mercury. Be judicious with words to avoid sensitive reactions or misunderstandings. Mercury, now in Sagittarius, is not always the most tactful. Brutal honesty may be unnecessary.  There's a judgmental tone in the background today, and you may have to tune that out. It could come from family, management, or from within. Today's color is green.

Saturday: Pisces Moon

Pisces Moon interacts with the Sun and Venus in Sagittarius. Revisit places you have a soft spot for, but don't expect that nothing's changed.  It's a sentimental weekend. Misunderstandings between fiery and watery personalities might be triggered. Is the other person too insensitive or are feelings just on edge? More than likely it's just experiencing life from two different perspectives, however relationships may be a bit tricky today as Venus and the Sun in freedom loving Sagittarius contrast the emotional and vulnerable Pisces Moon. Movies and music provide wonderful escape time whether you're playing a part or in the audience. Today's color is light blue.

Sunday: Pisces to Aries Moon, Mercury square Neptune

Pisces Moon aligns with Mars and Saturn for getting things done, especially personal priorities.  Avoid the tendency to be lazy or ignore the mess or the problem facing you.  Mars gives the energy and organization and Saturn lends a sense of responsibility. Mercury squares Neptune and the truth is in question. Facts may be elusive, but you could dream up a great story or lyric today. Place your trust only where it's been earned. Void of course Moon from 3:47 to 8:14 pm ET. Today's color is orange. 


                                        Weekly November 17th to 23rd


Monday: Virgo/Libra Moon

The Moon is void of course from 6:11 am to 2:30 pm ET and shifts to Libra then. The void Moon time can be confusing or chaotic. It helps to be flexible. The Moon, Sun & Saturn urge us to be of service to others including neighbors, family and especially the elderly.  To get anything done you'll need to be extra organized early in the day since the tendency is toward flightiness and lack of concentration. Lists may make the business day most manageable. Libra Moon in harmony with Venus in Sagittarius brings excitement to love lives, and Sagittarius, Aries and Gemini may really enjoy this. Keeping expectations simple and allowing for change and variety with our significant others is one way to go with this flow. It's not about demands and rigid-ness. Welcome more excitement and passion into your relationship rather than expecting your lover to always remain the same. Today's color is lavender.

Tuesday: Libra Moon, Sun conjunct Saturn

The Sun and Saturn strongly encourage long lasting agreements, contracts and solutions today. Arranging to take care of a medical matter, reaching a legally binding agreement, or dealing with wills, elder care or other permanent and important matters of life (or death) are all favored.  Scorpio, personal and significant news and decisions are forecast for you. Leo, this relates to home and family, Libra for employment and money, and Aries all of the above for you.  The Libra Moon squares Pluto and is opposite Uranus. Sometimes this instigates conflict or is unpleasant, however if you keep your focus and refuse to allow yourself to be distracted or shaken by drama and sudden shifts in plans, you may be a-ok. Adopt an attitude of calm early in the day and maintain it with others, on the surface. Today's color is indigo blue.

Wednesday: Moon square Mars

The Libra Moon squares Mars in Capricorn and is in harmony with Jupiter. Void of course Moon is nearly all day, starting at 9:25 am and lasting until 12:31 am ET Thursday. It's a very social day, good for collaborating with a partner, networking for business, or meeting up for lunch or coffee to chat and establish a working or personal relationship. There's an urge to make progress, take action, find more balance and justice in responsibilities and workload.  Review and revise where systems are not efficient or fair.  Create a new flow. Try something out. Know that we lose track of time or where to be on days like this and check your commitments. Capricorn Mars favors accomplishments and building, industriousness and tangible results leading up to the Full Moon of December 6th. Today's color is red.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon

The New Moon is Saturday and until then it's time to revise, review and reconsider. Scorpio Moon throws back to the October 23rd eclipse and there are vibes of news and developments from events at that time. Decisions on whatever has been pending for the past month are due now or very soon. This is a day to organize and decide even if you save action and announcements for New Moon time or beyond. The Sagittarius New Moon favors movement, travel and higher learning (so get those college applications done and sent!) By the way, those of you preparing for college or another program this winter or next fall, Mercury will retrograde January 21st to February 11th and that is not a favorable time for smooth communications and reliability. Send early applications before mid January and beat the confusion. Venus and Neptune squares today in Sagittarius/Pisces and romantic relationships have a mixed vibe and mixed messages. Venus in Sagittarius likes freedom, so that is the trend, but don't jump to conclusions and take that the wrong way. Leo, Gemini, and Aquarius, re-read that since it can apply to you also, in love or in friendship. Today's color is maroon.

Friday: Scorpio Moon

The New Moon is tomorrow, but you may not be able to wait! Mercury, Mars and the Moon fill today with consultations, discussions and decisions. Expect long term effects of what happens today with Moon and Mercury in Scorpio and Mars in harmony from ambitious Capricorn.  If you're not quite ready to take confident action, it's a great day to organize, prepare or complete a thought process or project of any kind. Mercury aligns with Mars, putting actions behind the words. Follow your own advice. The Moon is void of course after midnight ET. Don't slip up and do something you promised yourself you wouldn't do again. Today's color is black (and that's not a bad thing!). 

Saturday: Sagittarius New Moon, Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarius birthdays begin this year at 4:38 am ET! Void of course Moon is 12:53 to 7:19 am, and during that time the Sun changes signs.  All this Sagittarius energy can be very refreshing! Let the winds of change do their thing! See where the road takes you today and in the next two weeks as Sag Moon urges movement! In the body, Sagittarius rules the hips. Kick up your heels and get the body in action! Feed wanderlust even if it's just a trip out of town for a day between now and December 6th or 7th. Refresh your living space, Virgo especially, and your work space if you're a Cancer. This New Moon favors employment and financial transactions including purchases for Scorpio.  Pisces, it's a career New Moon for you and you may be chosen for an important role. Libra, communication is the keyword and you'll be studying, writing, marketing or negotiating deals enthusiastically with plenty to gain and feel good about. Travel may also be involved for Libra and Aries. Movement and change are in the air! The Moon and Venus meet for a fun, romantic night. It's not the cozy at home kind though! Time to get out and experience something new. Today's color is white.

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon aligns with Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. It's an action oriented day whether that activity is play or work. Jupiter is expansive and influences the wanderlust, urge for growth and also the luck of Sagittarius New Moon! Sagittarius and Leo host this action and are reputed to be the lucky signs. It's a positive influence for all! Aquarius, this is beautiful for love and friendship as well as business partnerships. Capricorn, this is work oriented but it's exactly what you enjoy! Uranus in Aries feeds the quickness and fiery impulses of the New Moon. Try to keep that in check since it can lead to actions you wish you hadn't taken.  Also, be extra careful on the road this weekend.  The void of course Moon, when the Moon lingers between signs, is 10:16 pm ET until 11:31 am tomorrow. Stick with routine and simple activity then. Today's color is purple.


I like the looks of this week for taking action on whatever is pending and needing attention! Venus spends her last days in passionate, possessive Scorpio. Read on! Robin


                                  Weekly November 10th to 16th, 2014

Monday: Cancer Moon

The Cancer Moon moves in at 3:38 am and is in harmony with Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in Scorpio. Mars and Pluto connect in Capricorn. This reminds me of a reading I did last week where my client requested an "action card". I like that term, referring to a type of action to take, if any. Today, you might want to draw an action card! Mars pushes for progress and lights a fire under Pluto, bringing things up from the depths or the back burner.  Cancer Moon and Mercury in Scorpio indicate action involving contracts, promises, legal and medical matters, family matters and organization. Intuitive decisions are likely, as is acting from the heart. Doing what just feels right is today's theme. There's a caring, compassionate aspect at play, but also a powerful Capricorn conjunction that really aims for making progress even if it's a little tough to push through, muster up the courage or motivation, and confront what you know needs to be done.  Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon, Mercury trine Neptune

Mercury and Neptune, in water signs Scorpio and Pisces, inspire creativity with words, color, projects, and also solutions! Do some creative problem solving as Cancer Moon opposes Mars and Pluto, the duo that met in Capricorn on Monday. The timing is good for resolving things, confronting fears and feelings, and progressing as a result of either or both! If you're processing something and need to make a move, see if there's an interesting alternative you had not considered.  In conversation, or with advice, stick with what's real versus idealistic. Neptune could pull us a bit into dreamland which is great for the artist and creator, but not as beneficial if you're looking for a personal or business resolution.  There could be a tendency to just escape an issue entirely. If you choose that, it's going to crop up again, and the Sun and Cancer Moon harmonize for confidence and decision making done now.  Uranus adds that element of surprise, and something may take you off guard today. Control your reactions and think before you act too quickly or rashly. Today's color is indigo.

Wednesday: Leo Moon, Venus conjunct Saturn

The Moon is void in Cancer from 3:18 am to 1:44 pm ET. Keep your day simple during those hours if possible.  The trend will be to take care of personal business and things then. We may need some space and privacy early on. Venus and Saturn meet in Scorpio, putting a major focus on relationships, loyalty, fidelity, and commitment. Anything less will be intolerable.  Deep relationship conversations or issues and, in some cases, hard decisions come along with that conjunction. Taurus and Scorpio will contemplate this, as well as Cancer or Capricorns who are single and dating. (In fact, one of those signs may be your rising or Moon sign and this may be right on for you no matter what your sign!). At 1:44 pm the Moon moves to Leo, sign of the heart and spine and another sign that expects loyalty, continuing this theme of passion and commitment. Mars and Uranus, meanwhile, are mixing it up in Capricorn and Aries. Power plays and being taken off guard can be the result. Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo be aware of this in business. Travel plans may have to change, and Scorpio and Taurus are likely to be affected if that's the case. Today's color is purple.

Thursday: Sun squares Jupiter

The Scorpio Sun squares expansive Jupiter in Leo on this Leo Moon day. Tomorrow morning the Moon and Jupiter will meet. Squares are a challenge, and they are a change agent! The combination of Sun in insightful Scorpio and Jupiter in the Sun's ruling sign, Leo feels very balanced for major announcements and powerful action, all with long term impact and implications.  The Leo influence is hugely expressive, passionate and creative.  The Moon also squares Mercury in Scorpio, pushing for agreements and decisions. Tomorrow will be equally influenced by these aspects, so what you don't do or experience today could come to fruition tomorrow. Today's color is gold.

Friday: Moon conjunct Jupiter

Yesterday's forecast is relevant as the Moon and Jupiter meet in Leo, sealing deals, resulting in announcements, grand openings, new alliances, and doing things with brilliance and sparkle! Kids may be all amped up. It's a highly energetic part of the week. The Moon squares Sun, Venus and Saturn in turn, all in Scorpio and all of this week's business is once again activated, up for final resolution, and in some cases celebration of progress made and goals achieved.  The catch today is a very stubborn streak which is great for holding fast to plans and persevering, but difficult if someone needs to yield or is tough to convince. Power struggles could be very tough. However there is so much positivity! Perhaps that will help you win someone's support or encourage positive attitudes about change. The Moon is void at 9:53 pm to 2:08 am ET. Today's color is red.

Saturday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon is on from 2:08 am today until Monday at 2:30 pm ET. Today, Neptune in Pisces is opposite the Moon. Flexibility is key. Versatile thinking will help solve problems. Get out of a usual routine and experiment. Trying something a different way encourages new pathways in the brain and may yield a new perspective or result! Obviously, experiment where no great risk is involved. Neptune in Pisces is an artist and dreamer. Daydream a new vision for yourself. You might even turn that dream into a piece of art or a new look for your living space today. Movies, music and other happy distractions are favored today.  It might be hard to concentrate as Neptune pulls us away from reality and the details of things.  Today's color is navy blue.

Sunday: Virgo Moon, Mercury sextile Pluto

Mercury and Pluto have been active the last several days. It may be worth looking back at forecasts for early and mid week to see what's playing out still as Sunday comes.  Mercury in Scorpio encourages finding information, solving puzzles, studying and researching. Pluto, Scorpio's ruler, is in Capricorn. Scorpio themes dominate this Virgo Moon day. Virgo and Scorpio together favor attention to detail (sometimes to the point of obsessing). If you're a perfectionist, those tendencies comes out on days like this. Try to be a bit more flexible and/or allow for a margin of error. It's a good day to revise and refine if you are less of a perfectionist. Cleaning and organizing is also a good way to direct energy today. Also, Venus moves to Sagittarius at  2:03 pm ET for more freedom and excitement in love and relationships. Neptune direct as the day begins is a helpful trend for Pisces, especially. Pink, for Venus, is today's color. 


                                     Weekly November 3rd to 9th, 2014


Monday: Sun sextile Pluto

The Moon starts in Pisces, is void of course from 4:05 to 1:53 pm EDT and then in Aries. The Moon harmonizes with Saturn at 4:05 setting the tone for at least the first half of the day.  Saturn points out all that needs attention now. If boundaries and limits need to be set, it might be easier to communicate that during the early part of the day, but be sure to follow up or the conversation may breeze by. Void of course Moon time can make things flow more easily and that can go either way.  Make sure you're well understood. At 1:53 pm EDT the moon moves to Aries and will square Mars overnight so power struggles may surface. The Sun and Pluto align in Scorpio/Capricorn. Pluto is Scorpio's planet and  rules fears, mysteries, the hidden, and relates to the past. Actively work to purge what's hidden, stored and buried including secrets that are now gnawing and no longer serve your purpose.  Get to the core of something important. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Aries Moon

The Moon squares both Mars and Pluto in Capricorn and meets Uranus today. The conditions are ripe for struggles about who's in charge and how things should be done.  Mars in Capricorn favors being organized and productive. Aries is all about initiating the new. Full Moon is Thursday and requires decisions and final products. The push is on today, but we may feel ill effects of authoritative people.  However, maybe they light a fire we need. Uranus has it's own fire about to start, and an unanticipated event can be motivating or throw us completely off balance.  Try to be productive and stay sane with your responses. Today's color is black.

Wednesday: Void of course Moon

The Moon is void of course from 8:25 am to 4:33 pm EDT. The Moon opposes Mercury, now direct, at 8:25 am setting the stage for debates and extremes in perspective.  Going back over an unsettled problem or dispute is likely. The long void Moon is not the best time to promise, but may ease tension and make conversation a bit easier to broach.  Taurus Moon moves in at 4:33 pm expecting loyalty and long term agreements, and almost Full. Full Moon is at 5:23 pm Thursday.  Understand what you're agreeing to since it's al most certain to be hard to reverse any time soon. Today's color is yellow. 

Thursday: Full Moon in Taurus

The Taurus Moon is full at 5:23 pm, with some after vibes from last month's lunar eclipse and also from the solar eclipse two weeks back. Though this is a very solid, earthy Full Moon in harmony with Neptune, Mars and Pluto, continued developments from the eclipses may rock some of us a bit. Mercury was retrograde then, but no longer. This is a time for resolving, solving, finishing, and bringing things full circle. Consider things to be quite permanent if decided or acted on now. The Moon opposes Venus stirring up relationship questions and discussions, for Taurus and Scorpio especially. Today's color is gold.

Friday: Taurus to Gemini Moon

The Moon opposes Saturn and squares Jupiter. What's reasonable and manageable comes into focus.  The Moon is void of course from 11:17 am on. Get something figured out before then, ideally. Still in the Full Moon zone, expect news and word of long term changes. At 8:45 pm EDT the Moon moves to Gemini. This is a social night, but watch out for people who are not what they seem to be or project.  Hold things close and act on the conservative side generally. Today's color is yellow.

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Saturday: Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury transitions back to Scorpio at 6:09 pm ET, retracing the threshold crossed back during the retrograde (October 10th to be exact). Business unfinished at that time may come up again or resolve in the next few days.  Gemini Moon squares Neptune and that can mean creative differences, often worth putting effort into for a sum greater than the original parts.  Allowing flexibility will create more ease. Uranus aligns with the Moon from Aries for bold statements and quick or sudden movements. Take time to think and consider slowing down if things are whirling too fast.  Today's color is light blue.

Sunday: Gemini Moon

The Moon aligns with joyous Jupiter in Leo for a great social Sunday! Get tasks done before afternoon if need be. At 11:22 am the Gemini Moon moves void of course and all we'll want to do is have some fun! Gather with friends or family. News & adjustments from the Full Moon will be bouncing around too. Today's color is white.


                                     Weekly October 27th to November 2nd, 2014

Monday: Venus trine Neptune, Sagittarius Moon

The Moon aligns with Uranus in Aries, Mercury in Libra, and Jupiter in Leo. Assertive, brave, confident energy dominates the day. We'll tend to ask for what we want. Some announcements and declarations will come form out of the blue! Knowing the spontaneous nature of the day, consider balancing it out with some thought and care before you act and speak, both to protect your own best interests and other people's feelings. The Sagittarius Moon sometimes leads us to forget about sensitivities in our forward motion. And progress it is! The Moon is void of course at 12:18 pm ET though, so slow down a bit this afternoon when a whirlpool of activity could be fun but cause forgetfulness or careless mistakes.  Venus and Neptune are the best partners today, encouraging romance and passion in Scorpio and Pisces. Cancer, Taurus, and Virgo also get the best of this especially in love and friendship too. Today's color is turquoise.

Tuesday: Sun trine Neptune, Moon conjunct Mars in Capricorn

The Moon moves to Capricorn at 6:03 am and the Sun is in perfect harmony with Neptune at just about that time.  There's plenty of agreement between Sun, Moon and planets touring Capricorn, Scorpio and Pisces. Things fall together or apart easily on days like this. The Moon and Mars in Capricorn are the glue holding us to structure and productivity, otherwise we could flow in aimless directions. Use Capricorn traits like perseverance and organization and be constructive with those water signs influences like artistic sense and vulnerability. Build with and around what you have. Be a magician today and manifest! Appeal to feelings and personal connections to get things done too. Today's color is navy blue.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon meets Pluto, challenges Mercury and Uranus on opposite sides of the zodiac, and plays well with Saturn in Scorpio. This looks like a progressive day, a day to break down one system to put a better one in place or a time to resolve a long standing issue with a truly effective action plan. Effort and a positive attitude are required. Try to let go of the pessimist or doubting voice that holds you down. Find confidence to confront something important, within yourself or with another party. Do it in a detached Capricorn Moon-like way, looking for solutions and answers not dramatics. The Moon is void of course from 11:01 pm to 9:52 am tomorrow. Wear black today. 

Thursday: Aquarius Moon

Another day meant for progress as the Moon moves to Aquarius at 9:52 am ET. This is often a time to collaborate and get like minded people together to make a difference or re-invent. The Moon and Sun square so it's not all about agreeing. See how someone else's idea complements your own. Put the best pieces together and make things happen. Get impartial advice and perspective on anything. Make technological and system upgrades, from your phone to a much bigger network.  It's also a good day to read books, find information, research and dream up new designs. Today's color is light blue.

Friday: Aquarius Moon, Happy Samhain!

The Moon is between New and Full. It's a potent time after the Scorpio solar eclipse on the 23rd of October. Movement and change are in the air, and the Aquarius Moon is one for envisioning and drawing up plans as well as inventing and building the prototype. Be assertive and persistent with goals now. Find your support team while the Moon is in harmony with Mercury in Libra, sign of partners. Venus squares the Moon so there needs to be give and take. All one way will put us on opposing sides today. Also, scale down or be more expansive if you're leaning one way too hard. Collaborate. Halloween night is for groups, parties, and big gatherings this year! Make it full weekend of fun! Today's color is silver.

Weekly October 20th to 26th, 2014

This week features multiple turning points! Thursday, the Sun moves to Scorpio and a solar eclipse rocks the same sign! Venus moves to Scorpio bestowing all her beautiful traits at eclipse time! Saturday, Mercury stations direct in Libra. 

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Monday: Venus sextile Mars, Mercury sextile Jupiter 

If improving your love life is a priority, today is your day! Venus in Libra and Mars in Sagittarius activate long distance romances, travels with your lover, and excitement about romances blooming or refreshing with new energy. Venus and Mars are the chemistry planets when it comes to love. Ease relationship tension with pure fun, a spontaneous approach, and maybe a tiny adjustment in attitude or perspective. Mercury and Jupiter align for inspired brainstorming possibilities, activity around education and travels, and openness to meeting new people or former colleagues to see what might be brewing that you could be involved with in the months ahead.  The Virgo Moon aligns with Saturn and there are strong pulls to organize and be persistent with business that needs to be done.  Overall, this is a good day for most anything you have planned.  Tonight the Moon squares Mars at 11:30 pm and is then void of course until 7:12 am. Be where you're expected to be. Today's color is navy blue. 

Tuesday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon sails freely from 7:12 am on. Tomorrow the Moon will meet Mercury retrograde one final time during this cycle, and old business is in the spotlight this week. Libra Moon is time to weigh pros and cons, engage in intelligent decision making or at least thinking about options. Decisions may be better made early next week. New Moon is Thursday. Today and tomorrow, reconsider and bring in some new ideas too.  The New Moon may get a delayed start in terms of bringing things together and starting fresh. Now is the time to set a flexible course of action, a simple adjustable plan. Listen well and observe today. File away your insights for the time when they are most valuable. Avoid gossip and speculation. Today's color is lavender. 

Wednesday: Mercury retrograde conjunct Libra Moon

Mercury stations direct on Saturday. Meanwhile, there's a solar eclipse New Moon tomorrow and Mercury touches base with the Moon, guardian of our emotions, childhood, and upbringing. This happens at 5:25 pm EDT to be exact. It's a happening day for rediscoveries, memories, and reversals. Some may go back on their word because they have to! Mercury retrograde results in introspection, connection with the past in a variety of ways, and therefore, changes our priorities or the way we see things. In Libra, this is likely to relate to what's fair, what's imbalanced, how to relate to another significant person and whether to move forward together or not. Legal justice is another Libra matter, so legal implications may be involved in some of this too. There are still a few days of Mercury retrograde, and the final day is notorious (Saturday), however you may feel like you're clarifying and seeing something important with new eyes by now. Some patience is probably a good thing. Hold on a little bit longer.  Today's color is white.

Thursday: Sun and Venus to Scorpio, Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Hello Scorpio! This is the darkest part of the year, as the Sun shifts to Scorpio at 7:57 am (the actual end of Daylight Savings Time is November 2nd this year). Venus follows to Scorpio, where she is passionate and sometimes jealous, at 4:52 pm for about a 4 week stay. The Moon starts in Libra energized by Mars. Feeling fired up will be a common effect!  The void of course Moon is from 1:22 pm to 5:10 pm and the New Moon in Scorpio, a solar eclipse as well, is exact at 5:57 pm EDT. Venus is in perfect harmony with the Moon, and our love lives, and strong passions in other areas too, get a big jolt of solar energy! Feel it in your heart, you will not be able to deny where this eclipse leads. It's very positive having Venus's power at eclipse time. The planet of harmony, romance, beauty and art brings her goodness to many parts of life including romantic love for Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer, earthly goods like work and money for Libra and Aries, career and positive recognition for Aquarius, and a loving home life and shift for Leo. Today's color is pink.

Friday:  Scorpio Moon

Still in the aura of the solar eclipse, word of change makes it way in. Digest it all slowly, no matter how sudden or urgent it seems. Mercury is retrograde through Saturday. Let things process. Simmer. Even with the good things, maybe hold back just a little and let excitement bubble a bit, just to be sure things are the way they appear.  Pluto and Neptune engage with the Moon in supportive ways. An inner feeling that something is really good, an intuition that something is brewing, or an inspiration you can build on are some of the effects.  Intuition should be strong today. Do not doubt yourself. Listen carefully and let the rest absorb. Today's color is indigo blue.

Saturday: Mercury stations Direct, Sun conjunct Venus

The Sun meets Venus and Mercury is direct at 3:17 pm! Romance is in the air! Cancer and Scorpio are feeling the love, and Aquarius may be feeling the love from all directions in terms of public recognition and positive career attention, for example. Wherever Scorpio falls in your chart is where you're getting the best vibes. That's also the sign we had a New Moon/solar eclipse in on Thursday. To maximize the positive impact of this well intentioned wave, ride it rather than fight it. Change is part of what's going on here and it relates to some of our deepest emotions and what's dearest to us. Let something take hold in a new way rather than expecting things remain the same. Scorpio is a fixed sign and changes are for the long haul now. It's a new phase, and Venus the planet of love has supported this all week. Ideally, even in the midst of struggle, you feel cleansed, somehow detoxified and ready to move forth. On this last day where Mercury has retrograde hours, avoid the big announcements or complex discussions. Saturn and Jupiter are also players today, with messages about expansion versus constriction, and what creates stability and abundance both. Let this day be quiet and contemplative, however don't resist a date or night out with friends while the Sun and Venus inspire love and connection. Wear maroon.

Sunday: Mars to Capricorn, Sagittarius Moon

Mars moves to industrious, physical Capricorn. The planet that influences our energy level, sex drive, and fire brings it all back to earth in Capricorn. From exploring possibilities during October, we moves into action and take real steps with a grounded approach. Mars in Capricorn wants to make it a reality. With Mercury direct, still in pause mode though, we can start to initiate for results. Building, creating organizations, and deciding who's responsible for what and holding accountability is favored with Mars in Capricorn. Launching or restructuring a business makes sense now. Capricorn, you need to prevent overwork which manifests as fatigue.  Virgo you're feeling the physical chemistry in your love life and/or the urge to do manual labor that makes you happy, like renovating or painting before the holidays. Take on a project now. Pisces, your friendships may be shifting and social life amping up. Know who your true friends are though and try to stay out of disagreements you don't need to be involved in. Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune today. We may just feel like wandering without a destination. Choose your adventure or creative pastime. Today's color is red.


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Weekly October 13th to 19th, 2014

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Monday: Gemini to Cancer Moon 

Sun and Mercury in Libra align with Gemini Moon. Mars is across from the Moon, in Sagittarius. The past becomes relevant with Mercury retrograde. It's a peak day for revisiting places, people, and unresolved business. There's strong energy around collaboration, partnerships, legal matters and travel.  It's a day for choosing your team, at least for the moment, or you may be reconsidering who your supporting players are. Mercury retrograde is a time for trial periods or trial and error. Allow room to adjust any decisions you make. Give it a month or so, and then revisit and refine.  Friends or former colleagues get in touch and chance meetings with people you haven't seen in a long time happen on days like this.  The Moon is void of course from 1:58 to 7:30 pm. It's a homebody night with the Moon in Cancer. Today's color is silver.

Tuesday: Venus sextile Jupiter, Moon square Uranus

What a mixed day! Cancer Moon squares Uranus in Aries and opposes Pluto and this recurring pattern is not usually welcome since it stirs up feelings and resurrects fears and things that are hard to let go of. There's a sudden nature to Uranus's influence and Cancer Moon leans toward defensive reactions or melancholy blues. On the bright and beautiful side though, Venus in Libra harmonizes with Jupiter in Leo, and this is a song of love, joy, and opportunity! This angle is wildly social, friendly and enthusiastic. Love and partnerships are favored. Surround yourself with true friends or enjoy time with the love of your life. Along with Libra and Leo, Aries and Gemini really resonate with Jupiter and Venus this season. Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Sun sextile Mars

The Sun/Mars team in Libra and Sagittarius energizes this morning's wake up with ideas, collaborations and places to be! Travels refresh our perspective now. It's a good time to be on vacation as long as your schedule is flexible. In fact, today the less planned the more you're likely to enjoy it. The Moon is in Cancer, void of course at 7:27 pm EDT. The Sun and Moon square in Cancer and Libra, and we can sort out feelings and arrive at solutions if we put in the effort, caring and earn trust. It's delicate, but possible today with the 4th quarter Moon and Mercury retrograde bringing up topics that need attention and honest discussion. The Moon is void for the entire overnight until 6:29 am EDT. Avoid online shopping and late night messages that might be misread.  Today's color is red.

Thursday: Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde/sextile Mars

The Sun, Mercury, Mars action continues. It's mainly optimistic and initiates movement rather than the usual Mercury retro slow downs. As you make decisions just leave room to change your mind or alter the course later. Agree to temporary things rather than permanent-schedule changes or responsibilities, for example. Adventures & spontaneity, as well as reconnections with people you used to know, dominate today and tonight. A chance meeting might lead to a dinner date and a new start with old friend, for Libra, Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius in particular. Cancer may enjoy a visit back home or time with family. Capricorn, you may find yourself interested in what's happening where you used to work or feel led in a different career direction. The Moon is in Leo from 6:29 am on. Today's color is yellow.

Friday: Leo Moon conjunct Jupiter, Mercury conjunct Venus

This is a sweet day with two exciting conjunctions. If there's a downside it would likely be the reappearance of an interested ex you don't want to get back together with. Otherwise, enjoy the Jupiter in Leo vibes which expand opportunities and creativity. If you're an Aries or Leo hoping for good news about pregnancy or children you already have, maybe this is your day! Mercury and Venus in Libra favor better communication in partnership and boost love lives and romance generally. Libra, Aries, and Gemini are some of the benefactors today. Realize why you love your life! Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Leo to Virgo Moon

The Leo Moon aligns with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Libra and also Mars in Sagittarius, filling the day with energy. Social events are charged with enthusiasm and friendliness, perhaps with a bit of competitive nature thrown in. You may see people dressing to impress and relaying stories of their travels and accomplishments. Yet most of this is likely to be friendly and open. Mars in Sagittarius is planting or activating the travel bug this season, so  it may feel great to take a trip, even just a short drive away. Act on educational plans during these weeks too, though actual applications are best sent after Mercury retrograde ends on the 25th.  If you send materials earlier, make sure they are well backed up, copied, and confirm that they arrived in the right place.  Mercury retro in harmony with the Moon makes it likely we run into old friends that we still like and are happy to hear from if they call! Void of course Moon is 9:10 am to 7:08 pm so it's not the best day to spend your hard earned dollars. Save shopping for night or better yet for after the 25th. Virgo Moon tonight. Today's color is purple.

Sunday: Virgo Moon

Catch up on projects once abandoned or unfinished. Virgo Moon favors simple tasks and clean up today. The Moon and Pluto can help you organize your stuff or your ideas and thoughts. Neptune adds a flow and a creative influence. No need to rush, no need to feel or exert pressure. Ease your way through the activities that call for your attention. That includes friends who may be in need of a hand. Today's color is brown. 


Weekly October 6th to 12th, 2014


Monday: Full Moon warming up, Pisces Moon

The Moon will be full with a lunar eclipse on Wednesday morning, in Aries. This will continue a 2 year cycle of Aries and Libra eclipses, and it will not pass through quietly. Aries is the warrior, and the individual. Get ready to lead your own charge fearlessly as everything whirls with change and potentially confusion. Confrontations will be easily triggered this week.  Allow for change. With an eclipse, we have to give up control and adjust to events that are quicker than anticipated or totally unexpected. You may see some rash action or judgment. Being in a healthy routine and surrounded by supportive people is the antidote for any other madness that may or may not impact your world.  Today the Moon is in sensitive Pisces squaring Mars in Sagittarius. I usually find these two signs get along well together and appreciate each other's tendency to fluctuate, both being mutable signs. However, Mars in Sagittarius is much too overbearing for Pisces Moon. People will be easily injured by words or harsh actions today. It may seem like compassion and understanding is hard to come by. Mars in Sagittarius is adventurous, but very bold and outspoken. If you're a quieter or more sensitive soul, you may feel the need to dodge someone or hide out.  Void of course Moon is 3:38 pm on. Do something that feeds your soul this afternoon. Tea with grandma or grandpa might be just the thing. Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Aries Moon

The Moon is void until 6:07 am EDT. The Sun opposes Uranus in Aries, our Full Moon sign, and the Moon opposes Venus. The lunar eclipse will peak at 6:51 am tomorrow and is pushing the agenda now. If you're not in a relationship going through a change/make or break time, you probably know someone who is. Libra and Aries are the obvious choices, however rising sign has lots to do with it so any sign could be involved. Long, drawn out relationship issues may finally reach their breaking point so things have to go one way or another now. Aries is the self, and Libra is the sign that brings two together. I suspect we'll hear lots about breakups, partner decisions, and changes that seem to come from out of the blue as well as ones that don't surprise anyone.  The Full Moon is tomorrow, but today is event filled with eclipse activity.  During a lunar eclipse, we tend to complete cycles and have endings.  Avoid acting rashly or harshly. Tempers and feelings may be on edge all around.  Today's color is pink.

Wednesday: Lunar Eclipse in Aries, Full Moon

Lunar eclipses are always at Full Moon time.  Aries is the initiator, brave warrior, child, and individual as far as archetypes go. This eclipse could bring out any of that. When things get rocky, some act like children or want someone else to take care of things while some step up and become fierce, maybe even too much so. In relationships, a final break would be  more likely than a reconciliation now. Mercury retrograde is a factor too, but with an eclipse changes tend to be permanent with less room to change your mind later. Tread lightly through whatever events you're navigating. With a tendency toward fast and furious, maybe go extra slow and with lots of thought and care.  Balance the energy out. There are too many to mention, so suffice to say all signs are touched by the planetary aspects of the day itself.  Aries personally, Pisces employment wise, Leo with travels and communication, Cancer with career, money and home life. The Moon is Full at 6:51 am and void of course starting at 10:20 am for the rest of the day. Give yourself extra time for everything today and build in some relaxation or quiet.  Wear white.

Thursday: Taurus Moon

At 7:44 am the Moon shifts to Taurus, a sign that would love to come in and stabilize, simplify and fix everything. There's a tendency to be controlling today, partly due to lunar eclipse whipping certain things into a frenzy. Neptune tones it down a little bit, with room for imagination and creativity. The Moon is across from Mercury and misunderstandings are highly likely. Try not to guess or assume. Some of use will operate with the wrong set of directions in place. Ask questions. Save yourself some frustration by clarifying anything from where and when to the steps you need to follow. Do physical work, get lost in a project you enjoy...one that can't really go wrong based on someone else's expectation. Soften the edges around a situation or lend an ear to a friend having difficulty. Today's color is light blue. 

Friday: Mercury Retrograde to Libra


Mercury retrograde shifts into Libra at 1:26 pm. When Mercury changes signs, wait things out, expect your mind may change, and speak thoughtfully. Saturn across from the Moon can feel like a task master or bring out the critics. If you must give feedback or speak with authority, do so with a tone that won't trigger extreme responses. The Sun in Libra trine to Jupiter in Leo brings optimism, extroversion, & joy to the surface. That's where you want your focus and attitude to be! Laying low a bit may help ease tension or Mercury retrograde communication issues.  Lighten someone's burden or keep things light on yourself. The Taurus Moon moves void of course at 8:49 pm EDT, not interfering with the traditional business day. Reconnecting you unexpectedly with friends is one of Mercury's jobs while retrograde and you might enjoy (or avoid?) that tonight. Wear yellow.

Saturday: Gemini Moon

The Moon is void until 11:51 am and then in Gemini for the rest of the weekend including much of Monday, a holiday weekend in the USA. This morning, take your time and try not to overextend yourself. Venus is opposite Uranus and some relationships will be undergoing change, stress, excitement or unanticipated news. This might make it feel like Full Moon all over again and the eclipse is still impacting life events.  It takes time and processing to adjust when news isn't expected or even when a relationship is going to the next level.  Let yourself adjust and don't expect too much too fast.  Neptune also squares the Moon today. If you have lots of free time,  you might enjoy the floaty feeling of water and air signs interacting. Life might easily be compared to soaring through air or navigating at sea this week with the movement and energy of an eclipse and the fire sign grand trine simultaneous to the fluctuations of Mercury. This could be a day to go back over things, review or revise.  Make art, daydream or wander somewhere you used to go and don't make time for or live near now.  Today's color is blue.

Sunday: Gemini Moon

Yesterday looked a little tricky if anything important had to be dealt with. Today perhaps the Gemini social vibe will take over. Connections with people and even the surprises look more pleasant as Venus and Jupiter harmonize with the Moon. If possible, just enjoy the day. If you're going through a challenging time, it's a good day to talk, be with a best friend or contact an old friend you have an easy relationship with (not someone you left on bad terms with). Jupiter in Leo is about thinking expansively and acting the same, opening doors rather than limiting possibilities. Consider all the possible ways you can improve on life as you know it now.  Discussions may include forming partnerships, going forward together as a couple, engagements and other decisions you make together, with another.  Keep things somewhat flexible. Maybe put off setting a date or definite plan, but open up the possibilities. Enjoy a party or other gathering. Today's color is pink.


Weekly September 29th to October 5th, 2014

Monday: Venus in Libra, Sagittarius Moon

We're in a fire sign trend, and this is another day when the heat, enthusiasm, passion, and sometimes confrontational nature of fire is on! The Moon and Mars meet at 2:34 pm EDT. The Libra Sun, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo are feeding this Sagittarius fire. The message is get moving! Be in the world experiencing all life has to offer. It's a day of spontaneous action. Enter a learning program, join a group or class, get out of your usual environment and do something that opens your mind. Keep in mind that Mercury is near retrograde and take no unnecessary risks. High risk is a no-no, but stepping out and losing some fear and allowing yourself new experiences is a yes! Today is bold, fierce and strong minded.  Venus moves to Libra where she is so at home! Libra, your graces and charms are all activated now! This helps all of us be more agreeable and less critical with each other. The Moon moves v.o.c at 11:29 pm EDT until Wednesday at 12:41 am. Tomorrow it may be hard to track people down or get anything significant accomplished without confusion. Procrastination is out, taking charge of your life is in! Today's color is orange.

Tuesday: Void of course Moon

All day the Moon is void, waiting to move to Capricorn overnight. You might wait out a big decision, not have enough information or the right people in place. It's ok! Maybe it's best since tomorrow's energy is more organized. Take care of routine things, know that shopping today is not really recommended. Save receipts. Have backup plans. Expect no shows. Go out and have fun if you can manage it! Explore a topic of interest. Wander if you can take time away from the day's usual tasks or places. Let go of pressure-your own or expecting something or someone else. Things will take their sweet time today. Some will move fast and some will move barely. Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon

Welcome to October! The Capricorn Moon time starts at 12:41 am EDT. The 2nd quarter Moon, between New and Full, is at 3:33 pm. Today is meant for progress and productivity. Mercury sets up meetings and talks this morning. Some of that will relate to using discretion and being part of plans that must be kept secret for a while. Do that. Use very strong judgement around information and privacy and all business dealings. Find creativity in plans and justice and good balance in partnerships. It's a no nonsense day. Venus in Libra is encouraging more equality in one on one relationships. Today's color is black.

October Day Planner is on blogspot here

Thursday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon aligns with Saturn and squares Uranus. Keep your cool. Serious matters are up for trouble shooting, possible compromise, and solutions with built in defaults. Mercury retrograde begins Saturday. Take your time and make flexible plans. Finish or make good progress with a project. Uranus's element of instability may frazzle us today. Think of the solid, non negotiable core values, strategies or traits you have and rely on those as other things swirl around and there may be upsets.  Bring yourself back to the tried and true and remind others of that too. The Moon is void at 12:18 pm EDT. Best business is done in the morning or before that time in your zone. Today's color is navy blue. 

Friday: Aquarius Moon

At 4:00 am EDT, the Moon sails into Aquarius, an inventive and collaborative sign. Venus and the Sun in Libra align with, and Mercury is square to, the Moon. Negotiate and sort out the best ideas. Listen to each other fully. Consider alternative approaches. It's a social, people oriented day suited to conferences, events, and partnerships formed to get things done! Be part of a team or group if you have a chance. It's a good day or night to be with friends or attend a gathering. Though tonight it's best to play on the safe side as Mars and Uranus approach an overnight trine and things can happen unexpectedly and fast. Keep your head up tonight. Stay in the safety zone. Today's color is light blue.

Saturday: Sun square Pluto, Mercury retrograde

Beware of grandiose plans, taking on too much, and making promises you won't keep. The Sun square Pluto in Libra/Capricorn and Jupiter across from the Moon can both mean conflicts in plans or scale of things.  Mercury is retrograde officially at 1:02 pm EDT, and this first day is known for having all the symptoms including changes of mind, inability to follow through on a plan or schedule, technical difficulties, and unexpected visitors or interactions with people from the past. Even under different circumstances with Mercury, Saturn square to the Moon would mean stubborn opinions and roadblocks. Expect a detour one way or another today. Maybe it'll  be a pleasant one. Don't hold too tight to schedules or expectations, and it'll be easier on everyone.  The Moon is void of course at 2:32 pm. Know who your friends are, or at least who they were yesterday. Stay in the safe zone tonight. Today's color is black.

Sunday: Pisces Moon

The Moon is in Pisces as of 5:24 am EDT. Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio, and Mars is trine to Uranus. The Moon also meets Neptune today. Some pitfalls include deception including people who present differently than their true intent or nature.  That may be someone who reappears in your life now. Move very carefully and take your time, and above all trust that inner voice of discretion. Pisces Moon sometimes means we let boundaries down more easily. Just be careful. Literally. Mars is trine to Uranus and incidents happen very quickly and unexpectedly with those two in harmony.  Maybe it's an exciting adventure day, and that's best case scenario. It is not a good day to take obvious risks of any kind. No gambling, speeding, or other impulsive behavior. Take good care of pets and the kids.  Watch Disney movies (you know what I mean. Easy does it.) Today's color is green.

Lunar Eclipse in Aries next Wednesday, Oct 8th



Weekly September 22nd to 28th, 2014

Monday: Autumnal Equinox, Virgo Moon


Earth energies infuse this day that ends with the Sun shift to Libra at 10:29 pm EDT, the start of fall. Therefore, the first true day of the season is tomorrow! (When everyone says today is the first day of fall, you can remind them it's still summer until 10:29 p, 7:29p Pacific, or adjust to your own time zone.) Pluto is direct at 8:36 pm as well. What have you been healing and now find yourself ready to move on from? Pluto in Capricorn is a healing influence now, and making an offering to the earth is a great way to celebrate the Solstice. It can be simple, like pumpkin seeds, or water with sea salt that's been absorbing any negative energy from your home or workplace.  Capricorn is an earth sign, and the Virgo Moon is also a time to honor and thank the earth for all it provides for us. Bury something you can do without now, literally or otherwise. This is a day to do simple rituals with personal meaning and a connection to the greater good as well. In your routine, ground in useful tasks and accomplish things that make a contribution and feed your soul. Today's color is black. 

Tuesday: Virgo Moon


The Virgo Moon is void of course from 8:15 am until 11:59 pm EDT on this first full day of fall. Keep your focus simple and calendar flexible. If important meetings happen, leave plans somewhat adjustable and revisit them tomorrow. It's a good day or night to "sleep on it" and see how your mind bends around a plan or idea. Virgo is the sign of service to others and this is a favorable day for pitching in and getting cleaning, sorting, and home related things taken care of. It's a great day for walking, running, yoga and other activities that don't require competition or a partner. The Moon in harmony with Saturn and meeting Venus inspires us to sort things out in relationships in order to manage routines and responsibilities better together. That includes ex partners who share children, a business or property.  Venus is friendly and practical with the Virgo Moon today. Reconsider and get ready to step into new routines or revised plans. The New Moon arrives overnight. Today's color is pink.

Wednesday: New Moon in Libra


This New Moon is a rush of energy! Uranus is active from Aries, across from the Moon and in harmony with Jupiter in Leo. All that glitters really may turn to gold this week if Jupiter has his way! Uranus is the destroyer and re-creator. The phrase "all things are possible" comes to mind. Also these may be things you least thought could happen! I hope the New Moon brings wondrous surprises your way, today or in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, I encourage you to align with these Jupiter aspects, blessings, benefits, and learning, by seeking opportunities, alliances, and innovative ways of doing things. Now is better than later since Mercury retrograde is just ahead. What can you make happen and bring together now?! Invite in what you're hoping for, without urgency or a sense of one particular expectation. Just invite in friendship, love, abundance, solutions and let them unfold! Do contact people who can help you in the direction you seek! Libra New Moon is people oriented and above all, balanced and fair. Change a situation that's full of imbalance. Release a responsibility that's not really yours. Find new ways of dividing and sharing and living together happily.  White is today's color.

Thursday: Jupiter trine Uranus


The Libra Moon is in harmony with Jupiter in Leo and across from Uranus in Aries as the two form a trine. This is a "Wow" day with effects that last longer than just one moment or day, so if nothing spectacular graces your Thursday, rest assured, these planets are aligning for all of us in a time release way. Jupiter in Leo is creative and about birthing and growing anything from a child to a business to more opportunities for travel. Uranus has the speed of wildfire in Aries, and quick action, answers to longstanding questions or offers happen swiftly, whether you were prepared or not! Look for these kinds of things within a few days on either side of this and especially before October 4th when Mercury retrograde begins. As you manifest, give back as well. Keep fair exchanges in mind, whether it's money, friendship or energy. Justice wins. This may be the time to give up a behavior that's limiting or ego based, become more attuned to others, and see how the universe gives back! Today's color is red.

Friday: Moon conjunct Mercury in Libra, Scorpio Moon

This is a day for fair outcomes, dealing with legal situations and finding balance in partnership and love relationships. The Moon and Mercury give you this opportunity to have the discussion, negotiate a fair plan or agreement and move forward with it before Mercury retrograde. If something like this is pending for you, finish it and resolve by the end of the weekend. Otherwise know that your next best timing will be after October 25th. A short void of course Moon from 8:39 am to 10:29 am EDT is followed by Scorpio Moon until Sunday at 6:50 pm. Decisions take hold. The Moon and Neptune align for strong intuition, psychic hits, strong impressions, feelings and dreams. Today's color is indigo blue.

Saturday: Mercury in Scorpio

The Scorpio Moon is joined by Mercury at 6:39 pm EDT. Mercury in Scorpio is an investigator, researcher, and mystery writer. Interesting information surfaces and will be up for discussion in the weeks ahead, particularly since Mercury will be retrograde in a few days and we'll revisit these degrees of Mercury. When Mercury changes signs, perspective shifts. You may change your mind or be impacted as someone else sees a situation with different eyes now. Things are quite impermanent at this point so close to the retrograde, so patience helps. The Moon aligns with Pluto, recently direct in Capricorn. Deep and long held feelings come up. This is more about internally resolving something for yourself. Introspection is likely and you might even feel alone in a crowd.  Create some time for yourself today or tonight. We may need to be tolerant and put a shield on out there in the world. Today's color is black.

Sunday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon

Scorpio Moon meets Saturn and lines up with Venus in Virgo. Get a handle on relationship issues. Keep a good boundary even while being forgiving or more tolerant of someone.  There's a tendency to make decisions though with Mercury so close to retrograde it's best to build in the right to change your mind or alter things in a month. It's a good day to organize, prioritize, and attend to personal business even if that's just about cleaning your room or workspace. Creativity is stimulated, though Saturn's rules may be something you have to consider.  Take a plan and improvise with more color, detail, and heart. The void of course Moon is relatively short, from 4:31to 5:56 pm EDT. Tonight can be fun & competitive, though some will make it a study night under Sag Moon, sign of higher learning. Today's color is purple. 


September Day by Day Astrology Planner 

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                                              Weekly September 15th to 21st


Monday: Gemini Moon

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The Moon interacts with the Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter and Venus. When the Moon is in Gemini, choose your words carefully both spoken and written. There's plenty to be discussed and business to be done. Jupiter in Leo encourages connecting with people who share your values or agenda. Mercury in Libra adds to this networking and negotiating influence.  Write a plan for marketing or get into the details of an event. Writing is generally favored for you Zodiac Zone author/readers! Decision making may not be easy though. Things happen fast and there's an unexpected element as Uranus in Aries makes contact with the Moon, changing situations and minds rapidly. Void of course Moon starts at 10:06 pm for study breaks and social calls. Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon


Early hours can be confusing or chaotic as the Gemini Moon is void of course and our minds race and become preoccupied. Check your calendar and avoid spacing on an appointment or meeting. Cancer Moon moves in at 11:24 am EDT and harmonizes with Neptune in Pisces. Conservative business with a creative aspect is favored. Be resourceful and sensitive to a client's wish list.  At home and with family, it's a cooking, gardening, cleaning and constructive time. Whip up a nice dinner or dessert to share! Get the garden ready for fall or for next spring. Fishing and farming are highlighted on the almanac calendar. That can be extended to other activities that create comfort and abundance! Today's color is light blue. 

Wednesday: Cancer Moon


Saturn in Scorpio requests, if not demands, action on major projects or decisions this week. Take responsibility and dig into tasks today. Learn or train others through experience and get beyond the instructions and into how things operate. Respect will be earned, not freely gifted. Show you care and can handle what needs taking care of. Pluto and Uranus are square to the Moon, and things pile up, mostly in the mind. Today and tomorrow's business could feel a bit overwhelming and include recurring patterns. The good news is Venus in harmony with the Moon is romantic for a date after the work day. Venus n Virgo also helps with order and attention  to detail and that agrees with Mars and Saturn's influences today and tomorrow. Wear green. 

Thursday: Cancer to Leo Moon


Yesterday's forecast holds true for another several hours. Saturn seeks permanence and meaningful interactions. Some of this may relate to family and elders. Put the wraps on something or find a long term solution once and for all, and with care.  Mercury in Libra emphasizes the importance of fairness and balance, with family members, in legal matters, and with business of all kinds. There may be a lot to negotiate and work through, but the Moon and Sun in harmony inspire confidence and decisions and careful consideration. Leave a little room for adjustment or improvement later on. It's great to get things handled and in writing before Mercury retrograde dominates October.  The Moon is v.o.c. from 2:38 to 11:10 pm. Use those hours to unwind or do routine things. At 11:10 pm EDT the Moon moves to optimistic, energetic Leo. Today's color is purple.

Friday: Leo Moon


The Leo Moon in tandem with Mars make this a day for adventure and activity. The Moon in the sign of children with Mars in Sagittarius indicates kids will need to be happily engaged  in learning or play or they're more likely to act out today. Honesty is a significant theme. Leo Moon needs loyalty and trust. Mars in Sagittarius instigates the truth. Anything less could create a permanent rift between friends or partners. Leo is a fixed sign and the Moon, our emotions. Take off for a fun, different scene today or tomorrow. Wear red.

Saturday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon and Jupiter meet, and the Moon forms a harmonious trine to Uranus in Aries. This is the building of a wave that breaks on the 25th, a very interesting and dynamic day as Jupiter trines Uranus. Jupiter and Uranus are like a big fireworks display, and breakthroughs, innovative plans, and big announcements are some of the possible highlights of the last third of the month. If something very good and seemingly sudden happens today, follow the lead. The more it involves recreating and growing something in your life, the more likely it is activity of these two planets. Whatever you do today, build in time to play and enjoy. Allow yourself to be surprised and believe in what's good, bountiful, and expansive. Brighten the dark spots with positivity, and with the Moon squaring Saturn, try not to be so stubborn, you miss the point or the opportunity. Often we must give up a stubborn ideal or idea to let something else better take hold. Today's color is gold.

Sunday: Virgo Moon

From 12:33 am to 11:54 am EDT the Moon is v.o.c in Leo. This is fine for pleasure and hanging out, and less favorable for big decisions or purchases.  The Moon then moves to Virgo for the two days preceding New Moon in Libra, Wednesday. This is a time of reconsidering and revising plans.  Put energy toward organizing and also managing responsibilities and agreements in relationships as Venus in Virgo harmonizes with Saturn in Scorpio. This may not be the fun stuff of love and romance, but it IS the glue that holds things together and contributes to smooth days and nights together. Sort out the things that irritate you by forming new plans for day to day life or shared work. Mars and Neptune contribute to creative tension from which great things can be born. Be careful in your travels of anything that could be deceptive. Walk with no illusions as this week begins. Virgo Moon is practical and close to the earth. Today's color is navy blue


                             Weekly September 8th to 14th, 2014

Monday: Full Moon in Pisces


The Moon is full at 9:38 pm EDT. Venus and the Sun oppose the Moon from Virgo while Neptune & the Moon light up Pisces and Pluto is in harmony from Capricorn. Let's explore some ideas and areas of those heavenly bodies for insight! Neptune has a strong influence and is romantic and artistic. The god of the sea is Neptune, and he's also known to create illusions around things. The romance and imagination is beautiful when it's real and true. If you have doubts or tugs of intuition that something, or more likely someone, is not being real with you, ask questions, take care of your own interests, and be smart. Venus in Virgo also puts the lens of love and relationship on during this Full Moon. Step back and look realistically at boundaries and what's good for you. This Full Moon is highly emotional and sensitive and I see that as beneficial because you will be able to feel your way through, use your instincts, ask for the intuition of trusted friends or "counselors". Have an intuitive reading, meditate, and ask whatever oracle or spirits you invoke for guidance. Include the voice of nature which will be powerful now too, and visit a favorite spot during this Harvest Moon. Your answer or what you need to say may just appear in thought or in physical form! Pluto is about facing things deep within, and in harmony with the Pisces Moon, Pluto says don't be afraid. Let the Full Moon light up dark places since once light reflects there, they lose the power to hold you back. Expect to feel, release what you can, be lighter, support each other from a true place, and engage your creative self! This could be renamed the Cathartic Moon. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Pisces to Aries Moon


The Pisces Moon is still Full and with the influence of Scorpio based Saturn and Mars, it's serious business and no excuses. Get things in order, resolve, make a solid decision, and without banning emotions, keep them in check. Saturn is authorities, elders, and also may relate to health. Mars activates and confronts.  Face things rather than shy away. Hold your ground if it comes from an honest place. If you're in a position of authority, you may deal with sensitive issues or employees. Most of this has come due at Full Moon time for a reason. Think of the phrase once and for all. From 3:10 to 7:33 pm EDT, the Moon is void of course waiting to jump to Aries. In Aries, courage and resilience come from the reserves. You may need both and a strong voice too as Mercury and Pluto square. The revelations of this Full Moon may come in it's wake. Tonight especially, people will speak their truth and some of it may not been pretty or anticipated.  The catharsis of the Full Moon continues.  Today's color is gold.

Wednesday: Aries Moon, Venus opposite Neptune


A whirl of astrological energy as Venus opposes Neptune picking up where the Pisces Moon left off (if it did!), and romance is in the air. Ideally, relationships work out for the best because you belong together, not because you're lured back in by mere charm or need. It's all about intentions. This can be quite the romantic day or evening if the conditions are right. Mercury, meanwhile, aligns with Jupiter in Libra/Leo, and is expressive and newsworthy. People around you may make announcements especially about growth or expansion  in their lives.  It's a good time to meet potential collaborators and people who can back you up or become partners in your endeavors. The Moon is also in harmony with Jupiter, and Aries, Leo and Libra may feel quite lucky! At 8:58 pm void of course Moon begins and lasts for most of tomorrow. Today's color is red.

Thursday: Void Moon, Sun trine Saturn


The void of course Moon is a listening, waiting, routine time where new action on things might be wasted since a shift will occur in hours.  If you clean and sort things, have a system so you can find or remember later! The Sun sextile to Saturn makes it difficult to put a decision off though, if one is pending.  These two in Virgo and Scorpio practically insist that plans and goals are in motion asap. Order is a key word for the day, and you can take that either way in terms of meaning! The Moon will move to Taurus tonight, and that may be the time to commit to a goal, a plan or a person, if you can wait out the void of course hours successfully. Taurus Moon begins at 9:17 pm. Today's color is green.

Friday: Taurus Moon


The Moon squares Jupiter in Leo. Get out of a stuck place and brighten your life. This might be a day to give to yourself more. Another way to align with this square is to listen and be less fixed in your ideas or ways. Consider how you could open up options. It's a career day for Leo and a home and family influence for Taurus. Taurus Moon is in harmony with Venus in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. This is positive for both accomplishing and enjoying people and relationships, and includes doing creative things that involve physical effort, like building, making, yoga, dancing, and landscaping or gardening.  Taking action makes us feel good, generally. It's a great date night, especially for Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus and Scorpio. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Mars in Sagittarius, Mercury opposite Uranus

The Taurus Moon is void of course from 9:31 am until Sunday at 2:26 am. Time to take it easy and slow. Mercury opposite Uranus can mean lots of last minute changes, things or appear who appear unexpectedly, and strange or sudden news. Try to find your calm, cool, collected zone early and maintain it. It's not a good day to make big spending decisions. Mars moves to Sagittarius, a place of movement and change, at 5:57 pm EDT for a 6 week stay. Mars encourages us to learn from experience now. Get involved, go new places, work the body and mind both.  At the same time, use some caution to avoid injury, especially to the hips, and all the surrounding muscles, which are ruled by Sagittarius.  Wear appropriate shoes. Maybe tomorrow is a hiking boot or sneaker shopping day. Today's color is red.

Sunday: Gemini Moon, Mercury trine Pluto

At 2:26 am EDT, the Moon moves to Gemini, opposes Mars newly in Sagittarius and squares Pluto hours later.  Confrontations during the opposition could be extra challenging and get out of hand easily. With this action in Gemini and Sagittarius. people will say things they don't really mean and go far in trying to prove a point. Philosophical differences will be obvious today, but the message and real truth may not be clear at all. Avoid an argument. Trust your instinct over anyone's words. Neptune can further confuse, from Pisces. Mercury is in harmony with Pluto, in Virgo and Capricorn. That will help keep things real and can involve divulging important information. Talk with people you trust who can help you sort things out and maybe get a lead you need as well. It's a good day for writing and studies. Today's color is yellow.


                                                 Weekly September 1st to 7th


Monday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon 

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Scorpio Moon moves void of course at 11:40 am EDT and shifts to Sagittarius at 1:17 pm. Earlier hours include a Moon and Venus square. Ease any tension in your relationship by simply being nice and gentler with each other this morning. Sagittarius Moon in harmony with Mercury encourages travels and activity. If you need to study, it's not bad either though learning through experience would be more suitable on a day/evening like this. Expect plenty of interaction and action as the day goes on. Today's color is purple. 


Tuesday: Mercury in Libra

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Mercury changes signs at 1:38 am. In Libra, Mercury sets us up for mediating, meeting new contacts or friends, and getting anything more in balance.  In October, Mercury will back track into Libra again, but that's not impacting these early days of Mercury in Libra. Make a deal, sign a contract, develop a fair and equitable plan now. Capricorn is favored for career moves, and Aries for improved communication in marriage and other close relationships.  The Sagittarius Moon is busy with aspects to Neptune, the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus, and this signals a bit of everything! Changes or possibilities may be announced unexpectedly, and rapidly become a done deal. Many distractions or pulls can take you off track. Be in the moment. Ignoring a responsibility won't make it go away. React only when you're calm and have thought things out. Under Sagittarius Moon, sometimes we're too blunt. Today's color is red.


Wednesday: Sun trine Pluto, Sagittarius to Capricorn Moon

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The Sun and Pluto harmonize in earth signs Virgo and Capricorn. Find the soul in what you're doing. Progress is due as we move toward Full Moon on the 8th, Monday. The Pluto/Sun trine helps combine realism & optimism. What you need to do may not seem as hard once you see the value, progress, and light dawning as a result.  Sagittarius Moon is void of course from 2:06 pm to 6:15 pm EDT. Capricorn Moon squares Mercury tonight. Think before you act or speak or commit. What is the most fair way to sort things out? Solve problems with a combination of action plans and actual effort. Take a step to a goal or something that comes due soon. Aim for order. Today's color is yellow.


Thursday: Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto

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Pluto relates to deeply hidden or held parts of ourselves. Fear is one good example, and when the emotional Moon meets Pluto each month, it's a chance to conquer a fear or choose to hold onto it. Face something with courage today and transform it. Or maybe wait another month or two until it comes up again. It's always your choice. The Sun is helping though, with a confident trine from Virgo saying things align and the actual action you take can produce some results, possibly faster or smoother than you expect. Energy in the earth signs means doing. Walk the walk. Put effort into your ideas and goals. Uranus may throw a curve that requires quick response. Create some order with a sense of calm and a plan. Help, do, contribute and you will alleviate stress on your part and probably someone else's too. Today's color is black.


Friday: Venus in Virgo

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From 11:08 am to 7:59 pm EDT the Moon is void of course in Capricorn. Plan important business outside those hours. It's a good day to accomplish something early or on Pacific time maybe at the tail end of the day. Venus moves to Virgo at 1:07 pm after a glorious month in Leo. Attention to details and refining skills and projects is favored. Virgo, you're the magnet of the month as Venus attracts what you need. Mars and Saturn in Scorpio have a word with the Capricorn Moon helping finalize things. The Moon will be Full Monday and by now you may be aware of what can wait no longer. Aquarius Moon from 7:59 pm on is for gatherings. Today's color is blue.

Saturday: Aquarius Moon

The Full Moon on Monday is just something to keep in mind, mainly because it may explain why you feel something intensely, feel out of sorts without explanation, or are under pressure to meet a due date.  The Aquarius Moon opposite Jupiter encourages us to bring things to scale, either up or down in order to reach a balanced place.  Moon and Mercury indicate a busy day of social plans, events and gatherings. Getting lost in a crowd might even feel just right.  Today's color is turquoise.

Sunday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon

The Moon is nearly Full and will peak in Pisces Monday at 9:38 pm EDT. This is a day to get things done and lower stress levels by being productive and feeling caught up.  It's also a good day for collaborating with like minded colleagues or friends, being inventive, and finding long term resolutions and plans, both personal and business related.  Saturn and Mars in Scorpio can add to tension or pressure, yet they also urge finalizing and honing in on priorities.  Act on the areas where effort and progress is most needed.  Responsibilities trump fun, all in all. From 1:19 to 7:47 pm EDT, the Moon is void of course. Pisces Moon moves in then and is opposite Venus. There will be personal and emotional overtones to everything during this September Full Moon. Be prepared to respond to other people's emotions and situations as well as for powerful waves of feeling within yourself.  Today's color is green.

                                      Weekly August 25th to August 31st


Monday: New Moon in Virgo

Clear the path for this Virgo New Moon at 10:13 am EDT. New Moons generally are times to start fresh, initiate, and change your course. Today, Mars, Saturn and Mercury also team up for things that need final resolution (usually more of a Full Moon thing). Mars and Saturn had their retrogrades, both ended in July, and weeks later they meet in Scorpio, sign of longevity and tenacity. Mercury supports both planets, from Virgo. Be flexible in order to reach an agreement, commit to a long term plan, and solve longstanding problems or disagreements.  You must be willing to let go of something in favor of a new plan, most likely a compromise.  Neptune provides the imagination and vision from Pisces across the zodiac.  Dream a new dream today. There may well be a chance to enact it right away.  Changes in relationship status will be a topic as well. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Venus square Saturn

Yesterday Venus and Uranus combined forces in fiery Leo and Aries, and now Venus squares Saturn, one of the major planetary influences during this New Moon. It's time to sort things out in relationships and agree to disagree or put in great effort for change and progress. Some relationships will hit milestones this week. They will tend to be the ones suffering from neglect, unresolved problems and on the brink of dissolving.  Decisions between couples and other partners are in the forecast early this week.  To hold things together and go forward, be willing to listen and make step by step plans aiming for better days and more harmony. Tonight the Moon and Mercury meet in Virgo, favoring constructive conversations. Put your ideas into words, written or spoken, without any added blame, drama or sulking. Get to the point. At 10:29 pm EDT, the Moon moves void of course before transitioning to Libra at 5:54 pm tomorrow. Plan accordingly and get things in order before 10:30 tonight. Today's color is navy blue.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon, Venus square Mars

Issues between lovers, friends, spouses and other partners are in the forefront as Venus squares Mars in Leo/Scorpio. This aspect contains strong passion and conviction and will feel like an all or nothing prospect.  Loyalty is paramount. Being willing to somehow put divergent attitudes or agendas aside and look at the core of the relationship is what's needed. A square can bring progress. We'd never take initiative without the tension of squares, but in two fixed signs, persistence and lots of heart will be required to move forth.  What do you really want? Have a heart to heart. Lay it all out for honest discussion-this is not always easy for Scorpio (where Mars is). Peel away some layers in the interest of knowing rather than living uncertainly any longer.  If this isn't relevant to your life, today is meant to be very simple and is a good catch up or vacation day. Tonight's Libra Moon from 5:54 pm on, encourages us to get together. Wear indigo blue today. 

Thursday: Libra Moon

Libra Moon in harmony with Jupiter in Leo is for extroverts and big thinkers! Connecting with like minded people who share your ideals and vision is favored. Performances may be inspired and planning or rehearsing for an event is well timed too! Open options and your mind. We'll tend to do things in special ways, act generously, and attract the same. Moon also squares Pluto and the subtleties of communication and interactions will be noticed. If you're acting superficially, for example, someone will read through it. Attune to the little things that speak loudly. Trust instincts. Today's color is pink.

Friday: Sun opposite Neptune, Moon opposite Uranus

Opposing forces in 4 different signs and a void of course Moon in Libra from 12:00 pm on contribute to a potentially confusing and scattered day. Sun and Neptune in Virgo/Pisces can be distracting and less than practical. Be aware of potential illusions or giving too much credit where it's not earned. Libra Moon and Uranus in Aries are equally distracting, may be erratic and contribute to indecisiveness, sudden shifts in plans, and more that can throw us off balance.  The good news is Moon and Venus in Leo smile on social events -once you decide what to pursue. Spontaneous may work out best today and tonight.  It's a date night for Leo, Libra, Aries, and Aquarius especially. Today's color is lavender.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon moves to Scorpio at 4:53 am EDT and aligns with Neptune & the Sun. This is the romantic date of the weekend. The positive, alluring Scorpio traits of mystery, magic, intuition, creativity and passion in love activate (versus tomorrow when more of the dark influences show up). It's also a good day for organizing and redecorating. Choose a paint color or new arrangement of things. Dates and intimate gatherings are favored.  Today's color is maroon. 

Sunday: Moon conjunct Mars & Saturn

Scorpio Moon, Saturn and Mars are a formidable team. However, this dynamic instigates anger, jealousy, and unresolved feelings of all kinds too. Use this to be persistent with worthwhile goals. Avoid people with short fuses or situations that could get dangerous or uncertain. Have a healthy outlet if you feel depressed or extreme in any way that could be a detriment to you or someone else. It's still a good day to dive into organizing things at work or home or to persist in completing a project. Focus is strong today. Not everyone will be feeling social. Moon and Jupiter in Leo has the introverts and extroverts going their separate ways. No means no. Believe those who want to do their own thing and let them be. Today's color is black. 


                            Weekly August 18th to 24th, 2014

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Monday morning, the 18th,  I'll be live on WHOM 94.9 Portland, Maine 6:15 am with Mike and Sandra for a special forecast!

Monday: Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo

One of the most auspicious dates of the year, Venus meets Jupiter. Love and growth. Beauty and benevolence. Harmony and generosity. These are some of the combinations these two planets encourage and represent. It's a day to say yes to growth, learning and love. Leo is home to these two planets right now, and lions and lionesses benefit. Reach for every opportunity and enjoy good fortune, Leo! Aries is lucky with this conjunction too. Sagittarius will grow and thrive with movement now, and going abroad or away to school or a training program is favored.  Aquarius is the darling of the zodiac for deepening love and commitment. Happy news is likely for Aquarius marriages and long term relationships. The Gemini Moon is in harmony with both planets and adds the communication piece, with news, significant conversations and agreements, and helps business relationships develop too. Tonight Mercury is opposite Neptune and amidst celebrations and positivity, be cautious about where and who you trust. The con factor is high and you don't want to be deceived. Today's color is pink.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon

Gemini Moon aligns with the Sun in Leo and Uranus in Aries for an active, vibrant day. Energy is "up". Hyper, talkative, and in some cases urgent or pushy, communication is fast paced and people will be moving fast. Mainly, we can get things done quickly though there can be overreactions or a sense of being overwhelmed too. Tell yourself the right things and use the confident Leo Sun attitude and avoid nervousness. We all may need to calm down a bit, yet at the other end of the spectrum, the dynamic and expressive nature of the day can be a great benefit for getting things moving and off the back burner. Initiate a new plan. Let something that is not working out go. Shift and transform. Void of course Moon 10:54 pm EDT until 4:45 am Wednesday. Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon

At 4:45 am EDT, Cancer Moon moves in. The effect is more settled. Moon in harmony with Neptune amplifies water sign traits like sensitivity, caring, and artistic sensibility. It's a good day to take care of things at home, do conservative business or shopping, and put effort into what yields -like fishing and gardening and possibly investing too. Connect with people gently and compassionately. Give your attention to your closest priorities. Today's color is light blue.

Thursday: Cancer Moon, Mercury trine Pluto

Cancer Moon with vibes from Mercury, Pluto, Mars, Uranus and Saturn. Many aspects of life, and emotion in particular, are influenced. Whatever you are choosing or required to do, pace yourself and stay out of drama.  Feelings come into play in a big way.  An off the cuff remark or unexpected action could snowball into something you never intended. Be mindful with people's feelings. Mercury and Pluto work for disclosure, much like last week's Mars/Pluto sextile, and  in fact this could continue a process from Thursday or Friday where elusive information finally comes out in the open. Mysteries solved. Writing and research are favored. Contact sources who can support your plans. At 3:34 pm the Moon moves void of course and if you can warp up the week's business early, it's worthwhile. Today's color is blue.

Friday: Cancer/Leo Moon

The Moon cruises Cancer until 4:49 pm, void of course. It's not the most productive business day. Changing our minds later, needing to revise or not having the right people in place to finalize things are some of the disadvantages. It's a great vacation day. Be outdoors, do simple, personal tasks and take time for creative projects and following your inspiration. Leo Moon sets us up for festivities, parties and other social plans tonight and tomorrow. Today's color is purple.

Saturday: Leo Moon, Sun to Virgo

The 3rd phase of summer begins today. The Sun moves to Virgo at 12:46 am and meets both Jupiter and Venus! What a day for a wedding or celebration! The luck and love of those two planets combines with the Sun in Leo for fun and longevity! It's a day of promises you can keep! Parties are well timed and performances are inspired. Do what you enjoy. Be with people. Attend events. Expect long term impact of what you engage in today. Wear gold.

Sunday: Void of Course Moon in Leo

The Moon is void, waiting to change signs, from 4:26 am today to 5:33 am Monday. On this day before New Moon, go over plans and progress, evaluate where things are and what needs to happen next. Tomorrow is a reboot, a time to refresh, amp up, and make changes. Squares to Saturn and Mars may activate us around problems and stuck points, but only the most simple solutions are recommended during void of course Moon. Brainstorm and agree to regroup early in the week for finalizing. This is a day for fun and relaxation! Play games and gather for festivities. Shopping and other business are better for tomorrow. Void of course Moon is not the time for sharpest judgement. Fully enjoy an August day, weather permitting. Play it a bit on the safe side in every way. Today's color is yellow.


                      Weekly Astrology August 11th to 17th

Monday: Pisces Moon

Following Sunday's Aquarius SuperMoon, Pisces Moon time begins at 8:55 am. Developments and news from the weekend's Full Moon are still relevant and impact the day. Pisces Moon is good for making adjustments and adapting. This emotional place in the zodiac is also Neptune's home now, and spirituality, creativity, and feelings are heightened. Escapist tendencies are best acted out with spontaneous road trips, browsing galleries, creating art or music or just wandering. Whether it's at the beach or on a city street, a fresh perspective and little to accomplish is the way to spend this Monday. Business will be impacted by relationships and emotional decisions.The Moon aligns with Mars tonight and can be romantic. Spend time with people you love, if anyone, since we'll need to go deep in conversations and trust is a factor. Cancer, it's Venus's last night in your sign. Make it a date night. Pisces and Capricorn, that goes for you too! Today's color is green.

Tuesday: Venus in Leo

Venus, planet of love and attraction, moves to Leo at 3:24 am, joining the Sun, Jupiter & Mercury and making this peak Leo time. Leo, use all your magnetism, talent and charm to maximize this concentration of universal energy! Aquarius, this is all about true love and creative partnerships of other kinds. Draw in the person who complements and balances you or strengthen the relationship you're in! Cancer and Scorpio, this is great money and career energy for you! Seek new employment and upgrades or promotions now! Aries, a lucky streak could be all yours! Libra, make new friends and enjoy good times with friends and collaborators in your world. Venus is in Leo until September 5th. The Pisces Moon connects with Pluto and Saturn for a solid business and decision making time before 12:01 pm. Then it's void of course Moon time until 9:00 am EDT tomorrow, and generally we may lose track...of time, where we need to be or what we were thinking earlier. It's a good afternoon or night to just enjoy life. Simple and routine catching up is also favored.  Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Aries Moon

A foggy, sleepy start is to be expected. The more organized you are, the better for this morning. At 9:00 am EDT the Moon moves to Aries and some things will move fast, including relationship based business as the Moon and Venus align. It's a day for networking, publicity, realizing that sometimes it is based on who you know and maintaining the best collaborative relationships. This is also a day to take initiative, see where you can learn, grow and do things in new ways. Jupiter in Leo is also in harmony with the Moon on this extroverted, open minded, expansive day and night. Today's color is red.

Thursday: Aries Moon conjunct Uranus & square Pluto

If you've made progress with breaking an old pattern or changing a relationship for the better (even if that meant breaking up), and you slip a little today or someone challenges you with an old trigger, take a deep breath and see if you can let it go. Aries Moon is fast and fierce and might be instigated easily today by startling news or old ghosts. The Moon is also in harmony with the Sun in Leo however, and that takes the edge off, puts fun in anything, and helps us brush off the annoying or unwanted. Act with optimism, use your assertive voice, brave face, confident attitude, and don't get sucked in. Today's color is orange. 

Friday:  Mercury in Virgo, Mars sextile Pluto

The Moon is void of course for a brief 8 minutes from 11:50 to 11:58 am EDT and moves to Taurus as noon approaches.  Mars and Pluto are delving deep into mysteries and problems that need solving. Interesting information could surface during this part of the week, including yesterday and tomorrow. Ask pointed questions and get clarifications. Investigate and leave no stone unturned. Mercury moves into detail oriented and versatile Virgo at 12:44 pm EDT. Projects that require analyzing and putting plans into action are favored during the next few weeks. Communicate clearly and directly. Confront misunderstandings head on & with willingness to listen as Venus in Leo and the Taurus Moon square. Today's color is indigo.

Saturday: Taurus Moon opposes Mars and Saturn

Persistent and stubborn fixed energy characterizes this Taurus/Scorpio day. It could be very challenging in personal relationships or business especially for those two signs. Dominant personalities and opinions will impact whatever is going on. Everyone may claim his or her way is better, have a different story or agenda, and it will be generally hard to change minds. Use this strong energy to persevere, go forward with bold plans, and get physical work, like building, done. It may not be the easiest Saturday to just relax. Today's color is black.

Sunday: Taurus to Gemini Moon, Moon square the Sun

The Moon and Sun square in fixed Taurus and Leo, continuing the stubborn streak. Lean into challenges if you want to get somewhere. Don't fight, rather find a way to collaborate or neutralize any problem or situation.  Both signs are confident in their own right and go about life in different ways.  Great partners at their best and in complete misunderstanding at their worst, Taurus Moon and Leo Sun are both driven. It's a day to step up rather than avoid, to work through rather than dwell on differences. Possibly, you can come up with sustainable plans and agree on how to go forward, put on a memorable performance or combine tradition and new, creative methods to find the best way ever. Today's color is gold.


                    Weekly Astrology August 4th to 10th, 2014

                                     Full Moon in Aquarius August 10th

Monday: Scorpio Moon

The Scorpio Moon and Saturn meet! I have written this to you many times since last fall, but now Saturn is direct and it's easier to deal with situations that have been stubborn or heavy. Mars energy is also in Scorpio and it's all about transforming.  Be the alchemist, see the circumstances as they are and take action to shift what needs to move. Scorpio is intuitive and strong willed, and Saturn relates to our elders. If you are dealing with an elderly relative or serve that community in some way, it's a time of decisions, long term planning, and resolution or agreements everyone can stick with. This is one area of life impacted, and there are more like health, mental health, and business organization. Venus helps out from Cancer with a caring, soft approach and the way to find harmony. Things that are serious on today's agenda may go more easily than you anticipated.  The Moon is void of course from 1:49 pm EDT until Tuesday at 6:19 am. Today's color is black.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon in Sagittarius from 6:19 am this morning until Thursday morning contacts many planets in a favorable way, including Jupiter today. Jupiter is Sag's ruling planet and travel, education, freedom and philosophy are highlighted. Adventures will be appealing. It might be hard to keep to schedules and plans unless they are very enticing and exciting. You may spend time considering what you really want from life and how to achieve that. If you're moving away and making big life changes, your energy will be in that direction. Sagittarius also rules equestrians, archery, and global business, all of which are favored for luck, growth and activity today. Neptune tries to pull us off schedule and maybe off course. You may fight a drowsy feeling and have to put extra effort into focusing.  There's much mutable (changeable and malleable) energy in the air today, and the Jupiter in Leo influence is for larger, grander, sparkling and long lasting with whatever your biggest endeavor is. Today's color is purple.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon

The best time for sure action and decisions is early, prior to void of course Moon time at 10:52 am EDT. You'll see people missing from their usual posts, trying to escape extra responsibility, and off on excursions and exploring paths after that time. A long void of course Moon can be good for a breather. If important business is pending, the right players may not be available. Yet, the Moon and Leo Sun harmonize at 6:36 am and Uranus throws in a word from Aries at 10:52. A game changer from mid morning through the day is a good possibility. Try to take one thing at a time, relax some, and have reasonable expectations. It's not the most reliable time, but fun and discovery can happen spontaneously. If you scrap the original plan, it's probably for good reason. Today's color is red.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon, Mars trine Neptune

Mars and Neptune combine in the water signs, Scorpio and Cancer for a highly charged day. Emotions are best channeled productively into art, writing, music, or anything creative. Swimming and being near the water has a positive influence on the soul, and today may be the day to answer that call! We need to do something with strong feelings on a day like this.  Have a good outlet that works for you.  Capricorn Moon moves in at 9:38 am EDT and aligns with those two planets to help us achieve or produce something worthwhile.  Reign in scattered energy. Reduce a problem by clearing away clutter or get to the heart of a matter by letting extraneous distractions go so you can solve the real issue. Aim for no drama and productive solutions.  Today's color is indigo blue.

Friday: Sun, Mercury, Uranus trine

The Moon in in Capricorn, a sign with ambition and a take charge approach.  As the Moon/Pluto monthly meeting happens, behind the scenes influences shape things (Aquarius, this applies to you) and we need to realistically look at our problems and goals, both (Sagittarius with work and money, Aries with career and use of talents and leadership). The potent action of the day comes in the fire signs though, as Mercury in Leo, Uranus in Aries and the Sun collectively contribute to announcements, strong statements, self expression, dynamic creativity, and authenticity. Some news will come by surprise, especially from Leo and maybe Aries too. Aquarius, your love life and opportunities are highly charged!  Scorpio, a career move suddenly makes sense or you may be thrust into a spotlight or role, whether you requested that or not.  We move into the Full Moon zone now. It's exact on Sunday night and full of questions, answers, decisions, and efforts to reconcile differences. Today's color is gold. (happybirthdaytome!)

Saturday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon is void of course from 4:09 am to 9:52 am EDT and moves to Aquarius, our Full Moon sign then. Oppositions and squares in fixed signs Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius indicate strong differences will be prevalent. This Full Moon continues that way tomorrow too, so stubborn patterns and people will be tough to challenge. The positive side is that if you do reach an agreement, decisions or take definitive action, the effect is long lasting. It will not be easy to get out of an agreement or commitment later, so make sure you're confident with what you decide or announce. Aquarius Moon is for finding community and for thinking out of the box.  Today's color is turquoise.

Sunday: Full Moon in Aquarius

Yesterday's forecast applies equally today. Uranus in Aries throws in an element of chance. Anything could happen. Be a bit more open minded if you've closed off options. Be a bit conservative if you're a natural risk taker. Moderation will help during this Full Moon of extremes and agendas.  Balance time with people with some chill down time. Aquarius Moon is full of activity with groups and associations you're part of. Group efforts and events will be busy and may include sudden news or changes.  This is a time when some will conclude long term business of any kind. With Aquarius Full Moon, friends step up to support each other's endeavors.  This Full Moon requires extra effort and a bit of flexibility in many areas if you're to accomplish what you want, including communicating clearly and honestly, getting wise advice in health matters, dealing with anything regarding the elderly, wills or legacies of any kind, and committing to plans for expansion and growth.  Think long term. Today's color is silver. 

                                 Weekly July 27th to August 3rd, 2013

Monday: Leo Moon

This Leo Moon has unusual, opposing forces at work with Saturn and Uranus chiming in at once. The late day or evening aspects, depending on your time zone, occur at 8:14 pm EDT with a trine to rebellious Uranus followed by a square to rule abiding Saturn. Parents and teenagers will power struggle and other similar conflicts also result. Uranus and the Moon are out of control with fiery, bold energy for change, personal statements, breaking the rules, and wild abandon. Be cautious since things may move fast and with force! Saturn and the Moon in fixed signs depict unyielding opinions and strong wills in conflict or trying to work things out. Great effort is called for to find agreement if there's discontent. The tendency today is to do your own thing. There's a risk taking vibe, but be careful about that. Uranus comes on awfully strong. Precautions are a good idea. Enjoy in moderation. The Moon is void of course from 8:37 pm yesterday to 11:37 pm tonight. Venus is also opposing Pluto now. See Tuesday for more abut this. It could influence your days all week. Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Venus opposite Pluto

The Moon is in Virgo and Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn this week. Face relationship realities. This may include a deep, in some cases uncomfortable, conversation. If it happened last night, the effects may linger today and more questions and curiosities surface. Pluto asks we dive into the unknown, the mysteries and the past in some cases. That can  mean fears crop up or old wounds resurface, hopefully for more resolution and healing.  The void of course Moon may be on your side if things are surfacing and strong since we can let go more easily and process soulfully and creatively with Venus at work. Find peace with something or someone, not by skimming over a problem, but by going for the root and the answer, gently. It is a social day and evening for gatherings EDT. Today's color is navy blue.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon is in harmony with Venus for good feelings and attitudes toward each other. Friendships and collaborations benefit! We work together well on days like this.  Saturn contributes energy too, and with Scorpio and Virgo tendencies accented, get things done and details worked out.  Concentration, harmony, and helpfulness are some key words. This is a simple forecast for a day when you can streamline. If you're not sure what to do, clean, redecorate, or go over financial plans.  Today's color is pink.

Thursday: Mercury to Leo, Virgo to Libra Moon

Mercury's last move in Cancer is a sextile (favorable) to the Virgo Moon. It's nurturing and can help us give or receive advice or support. Solve a family or home related problem and get those kinds of tasks done too. Contact people who can provide what you need including work you need done at home or something health related. Give criticism constructively and sensitively. Contracts are favored. The Moon is void 10:47 am to 12:09 pm (take an early lunch break?). The hours following are Libra Moon time for mediating and study or information gathering to make your best judgement. The Moon and expansive Jupiter in Leo work together helping with growth and making the right connections. Mercury moves to Leo at 6:46 pm. Networking, celebrating, and performing are favored for the next few weeks. Today's color is blue.

Friday: Libra Moon

Last week the Leo New Moon meant to propel plans and projects, relationships and growth. How are you doing nearly one week later? The first day of August is about partnership, for one. Libra is the sign of couples, duos, and finding balance between two sides. Venus, the planet of love, is active today, square the Moon and Uranus and in harmony with Saturn. Work out an agreement on a serious relationship matter. Commit. Be willing to go to extraordinary lengths if something is worthwhile. Don't be thrown off course or respond to petty things, especially in the relationship realm. Mars is square to Jupiter, and oh the effort that might be needed for growth and new learning! Passion, enthusiasm, and power themes flare with this square. It's one of extremes, both initiative and resistance. It could bring luck & energy with something you've been trying to get momentum for: Leo, in home life, Scorpio in career, Cancer, money and employment, Taurus, home and married life or other partnership. Yet it is not a "piece of cake". There's work to be done and both action on things and willingness to learn are required.  For all signs, put your focus on what you most hope to expand, not only this week, but this year. Sagittarius, keep your plans quiet so they're not thwarted. Aquarius, your career and relationship have equal priority and so much emphasis now. Make sure both are well taken care of. Today's a busy day in the zodiac. Void of course Moon 10:58 pm to 10:57 pm EDT tomorrow. Wear purple.

Saturday: Void of course Moon in Libra

Yesterday's forecast also applies today in every way. Re-read it and add Mercury as today's strongest planet, squaring Mars and meeting Jupiter. Everything Mars/Jupiter related in Friday's forecast gets a chance to solve, resolve, or get bigger and more powerful due to Mercury. Mercury now in Leo is expressive, dynamic, and rules performers, teachers, those who work in media especially as on screen or air talent, and also children and the business surrounding them. Be creative with words and ideas today. Think playfully even in problem solving.  Let rules go a little and expand the limits and see how things change.  Capricorn, work at your dreams from the financial standpoint. Can you work out a plan to make travel or a new business or education happen? Is there a person or place you can get support for your plan? Gemini, Mercury is your ruling planet and dynamic with Jupiter and Mars, your business plans get a spark and a change of routine is refreshing. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and archer this is your travel year. You must expand your experiences to feel fulfilled and feed your soul for a year until next summer. If the plan is more future than now, start working on a way. You may succeed in international business and education this year too. Tonight's Scorpio Moon moves in at 10:57 pm. Today's color is gold.

Sunday: Moon conjunct Mars in Scorpio

Nearly every planet is at play in the zodiac today. Mars is the force to be reckoned with or to fuel you. In Scorpio, Mars is in one of his strongest zones. It's a passionate influence, and passion can range from great love or energy to destructive anger or envy. If you need to cool it down a bit, take yourself out of the situation and get away-like a big kid time out. Some solitary time, natural surroundings, or spiritual pursuits will be just the right thing for some. If you're drawn into groups and events though, keep your cool, detach from the craziness, be a bit mysterious, and find someone to chill with. It's a good day for personal priorities, focus, and action on important things. Minimize distractions, gossip, and telling yourself stories that may not be true.  Today's color is maroon.

Weekly July 21st to 27th, 2014

Monday: Taurus/Gemini Moon

The Moon starts in Taurus and moves to Gemini at 12:36 pm. Void of course time is 10:12 am to 12:36 and those hours are good for cleaning your desk, reading but not responding to emails and memos quite yet, and taking some down time if needed. The early hours are solid for final decisions as the Moon and Sun form a sextile in Taurus/Cancer at 10:12 am. Gemini Moon marks a multitasking time for the next couple of days. Network and combine friendly meetings, social plans, and business negotiations.  Gemini Moon aligns with Jupiter in Leo for events and festivities. Meet new people. Put names with faces. Respond to invitations with a yes! Today’s color is yellow.

Tuesday: Sun in Leo

Mercury is opposite Pluto today, and with Saturn now direct, serious decisions and conversations take place. Putting something to a rest, finishing tough processes and negotiations, and deciding once and for all can be the result. Face fears and old wounds and maybe this becomes a pivotal day or week.  The Moon is in Gemini for versatile problem solving and ability to adapt.  The Sun moves to Leo at 5:41 pm EDT and the height of summer begins. This is the 2nd of 3 phases of the season, and Leo birthdays begin. Tonight can be festive, full of surprises, and changes of mind or heart.  Wear gold.

Wednesday: Moon trine Mars

The Moon in Gemini is in harmony with Mars just as the warrior planet makes his last moves in Libra. It’s been an extended time for Mars in the sign of justice and partnership, and for many it has not been easy. Reaching consensus, mediating effectively, and finding fair outcomes is favored now. It’s also a good day or evening for social plans. The Moon is void of course from 8:53 pm to 10:59 pm EDT and moves to Cancer then. Today’s color is light blue.

Thursday: Sun conjunct Jupiter in Leo

This is an eventful day in the zodiac as the Sun meets Jupiter and Moon meets Venus. Relationships on the right track seem to benefit most! Engagements and marriages are well timed. This can extend to business partnerships solidifying too. Leo is much in favor and for Aquarius love and commitment is highlighted! Cancer and Capricorn are signs deeply impacted with positive vibes for love and relationship. In other areas of life, Saturn and Mercury are activating resolution. New information around important decisions and situations may come as a surprise. Something that seemed to go by it’s due date may come together unexpectedly. Everything is stirred up and all signs are impacted by today’s chart. Try not to rule anything out. During Cancer Moon, sometimes, the tendency is defensiveness. Know when to play offense or for the team instead. Can you protect your interests while expanding rather than closing doors? Today’s color is orange.

Friday: Cancer Moon, Mars in Scorpio

This day prior to Leo New Moon is set up by Moon trine Saturn and meeting Mercury. Finalizing, decisions, and continuations of this week’s serious matters and important priorities are likely. You may wait until Mars changes signs to make your move or commitment, and the New Moon time is good for change. However, today is still about setting the stage, finding the information and getting all in order.  Communicate clearly, discuss the topics pending or about to require action, and come to agreements.  Leo, you are on the cusp of one of the finest New Moons of the year and it’s in your sign. Make it count. Cancer, this is true for you in employment and money matters. You could use this time to make an investment or change roles at work. Scorpio, a bigger career move and public attention in the next few weeks is yours for the taking.  Libra, it may benefit you to make some new friends, change your social scene or start networking for what would benefit you. Friends can be helpful now. Taurus, a shift at home or with family is sparked at by Leo New Moon. Maybe you’re preparing for an August move or about to find the home you’re hoping for.  Cancer Moon today helps us check in with the heart as we make these decisions.  Today’s color is blue.

Saturday: New Moon in Leo

I've been priming clients for this New Moon for months, and now it's here! A New Moon in a bright, creative sign with no significant planets retrograde for the first time in many months is something to celebrate and most importantly, maximize! The Moon moves to Leo at 10:55 am EDT & begins the lunar cycle, meeting the Sun exactly at 6:42 pm. Write down the things you want to accomplish before New Moon time and take action as soon as tonight! There is no time like the present & Jupiter, the benevolent, magnificent planet team up with the Leo Moon. It gets no better than this! Leo, what a wonderful early (or barely belated) birthday gift you receive from the universe this year! Growth, abundance & wisdom is yours! Leo weddings, businesses, new relationships and families are set to thrive! Aquarius, you enjoy similar benefits from across the zodiac and commitment, marriage, & strong business partnerships in your life thrive for 13 months! Point the compass right in that direction and the universe conspires to help you make it all happen! Libra, supportive friends and mentors appear, Sagittarius, your world opens up so much you may find yourself in another state or country teaching, getting a new degree or certification or doing business by next summer or much before. Your ruling planet in your house of exploration wants to take you places! Cancer and Scorpio are favored in business and employment. Capricorn, you could receive gifts, grants, family legacies or go into profitable business with a partner or family member. These possibilities are just beginning and this New Moon strongly activates, so even if it's a small step or contact you reach out to, do it soon while the Leo Moon is in most powerful mode! Today's color is white.

Sunday: Leo Moon

Uranus and Saturn are throwing signals the New Moon's way. Very different tactics and influences present with each planet. Uranus is retrograde and not in his power, yet a curve ball weakly tossed may confuse things today. Be non reactive rather than cause a stir since a bit of news may turn out to be less important or potent that it initially sounds. Wait that out. Saturn is square the Moon and direct, so finally progress can come. Put effort into a situation that's been stubborn and may relate to health, family-especially elders, or intimacy. Prime for breakthroughs, Saturn is now in a better position for dealing with the important and serious matters of life. That influence may be at work tomorrow too. The Moon is void of course from 8:37 pm EDT to 11:37 pm Monday night. Heads up for a Monday business day that may not be as productive as you hope. Personal matters will be priority. Today's color is purple

Weekly July 14th to July 20th, 2014


Monday: Aquarius Moon

Find your supporting players today and gather around a common vision. The Aquarius Moon favors teamwork and collaborating, envisioning what’s ahead and acting on shared goals. Mars and Venus align with the Moon from intelligent and fair Libra and versatile Gemini. Benefit from putting great minds together. Explore alternative approaches and find solutions and answers with an open mind. It could be time to let go of an old paradigm or idea in favor of something you hadn’t even thought of previously! Balance and stability are worth seeking today. It’s a good day or night for mixing friendship, socializing and productive work. The Moon is void of course from 3:23 pm to 10:40 pm EDT and those are good hours to relax with friends or be on a casual, fun date.  The Moon moves to Pisces at 10:40 pm. Today’s color is blue.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon

The Moon is in Pisces in harmony with Mercury in Cancer. Creative, inspired, sensitive, and even solitary are good words to live by today. If you’ve needed personal time or quiet time, see if you can carve that out for yourself.  After the Full Moon, it’s time to restore.  The Moon, Neptune and Pluto all indicate that relaxation and release will recharge your energy and spirit. Take some time off if you can and if not, close the door behind you and get things done without interruptions. Today’s color is green.

Wednesday: Jupiter in Leo

The Moon sails through Pisces. though today is more about being structured and attending to any kind of business or task. Saturn, the Sun and Venus interact with the Moon. Venus forms a square and flexibility with partners may be the best plan. Try not to pressure. Venus in Gemini is flirtatious though, and some relationships may experience trust issues. Try to anticipate how your partner will feel and head off a problem you don’t need.  Water sign energies contribute to sensitivity, mood shifts, and artistic inclinations.  Paint, play, make music, do some yoga or meditation while also getting the job done, whatever it may be. Jupiter makes the big jump to Leo, a highly creative and extroverted place for the planet of prosperity, philosophy and personal growth. Expansion in big, noticeable ways comes for the next year, especially for Leo, and for Aquarius love and commitment, Aries love and creative possibilities, Cancer and Scorpio with employment and career. More about this is future forecasts! Jupiter shifts today at 6:30 am, so it’s on right away! Void Moon is tonight at 8:57 pm and ends at 12:07 am EDT. Today’s color is purple.

Thursday: Aries Moon

Jupiter’s first real move in Leo is a trine to this Aries Moon at 12:07 am EDT. The trine sets us up for surprise news and action around expansion, new business, and doing things up big and bold!  This may come into play with anything for Leo, social or adventurous plans for Aries, and love life and friendships for Aquarius.  Cancer, this can lead to career news that happens very quickly or unexpectedly.  The Aries Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Gemini, leading to negotiations and unfinished business.A heartfelt approach is called for even in serious interactions. Today’s color is gold.

Friday: Venus in Cancer

Venus changes signs, moving to the sign of house and home at 10:06 am. Reason to nest, improve your living space, or to visit family comes in the next few weeks.  Venus in Cancer is more nurturing for the soul and less outgoing than Venus was in Gemini. If you strayed in a relationship or were thinking about it, the urge is to pull back to long term commitment.  If you were overly busy for a few weeks, the vibe is more about being at home and finding ways to enjoy it. Decorate, buy a few new things, refresh the environment, give attention to the garden and cook meals!  Aries Moon is wild one today, in contrast to Venus in Cancer, the Moon meets Uranus, opposes Mars in Libra and squares the Sun. This cardinal sign madness is about to dissipate and this may truly be one last blast or that may come next week around the 24th. Unproductive, overly aggressive or triggering things unnecessarily can only go on so long.  Avoid the “haters”. Don’t bother with someone who does the same thing again and again that provokes you, makes you sad, or is totally unjust.  Go your own way. Stick with trusted friends. The Moon is void of course from 10:18 pm until 4:43 am EDT  Today’s color is pink.

Saturday: Taurus Moon, Sun square Mars

The Moon moves to Taurus at 4:43 am. Taurus Moon will align with Venus and Mercury in Cancer and that’s a plus for conversing, deciding, and communication generally. It’s a warm day for friendships, love, and family relationships too.  The Sun square to Mars will spark discussion of what’s fair though. Seek more balance and do your fair share at home and with family. Get grounded in home, garden and building projects under this Taurus Moon, a sign of stability. Today’s color is blue.

Sunday: Saturn Direct in Scorpio

Saturn is direct, finally, following a retrograde in Scorpio since March 2nd. Pressure may be alleviated soon in difficult and frustrating matters and mental and physical health issues. Put effort into things you have just about given up on, not just today but in the weeks ahead.Take pleasure in simple things today. Use all your senses. It’s a good day to entertain. Wear brown today.


Full Moon in Capricorn July 12, 2014

Full Moon in Capricorn on July 12, 2014 at 7:25 am is one of building and strengthening. If this Capricorn Full Moon was human, he or she would be a constructive thinker and a doer interested in proving her abilities and succeeding. He/she would be of pitta constitution in ayurvedic terms. As a person, this Capricorn Moon might be coming out of a dark or complex time, winning a battle with depression or a health matter, and might be a bit hard on himself even with the future looking bright.

During this Full Moon, it would be natural to finish an important project or to move into the next phases, building on a foundation already set.  In personal, family and long term relationships that have been tumultuous, things are crystalizing one way or the other and as the Moon wanes and Saturn, Capricorn's ruling planet, moves direct on the 20th, some issues will be put to rest once and for all, with final decisions solid and strong.  The cardinal cross in Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra is breaking up this month, and that is good news! Frustrations, even if present now and this weekend, should wane with the Moon, making way for a gorgeous Leo Moon conjunct to Jupiter on the 26th.  Your most persistent problems can take a hike as you kick them out of your life and your mind.  The end of July is even better than your usual New Moon for fresh starts and clearing negative, cloudy, or uncertain energy!

Getting back to Full Moon in Capricorn Saturday, it's flanked by Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries and there are challenges to be once again confronted. You're likely to know what they are because they've been recurring since last October, through the holidays, and during spring. Jupiter is across the zodiac about to leave Cancer, and Cancer/Capricorn relationships in particular may find "just right" growth, not too quickly and not too stalled.  That may apply to other signs as well since those with Cancer and Capricorn rising, Moon and Venus experience this too. 

Capricorn is the sign of the skeletal system, the knees, the teeth and bones. Take extra care. Do not overdo or put strain on old injuries. If aches and pains flare more now, suddenly, this may be a deeper healing time so take it easy. Full Moons do amplify, increase swelling and remind you of places that have been scarred. Retracing injuries from the past is an interesting phenomena that I have personally experienced with a concussion.  Do alleviate stress on the body and avoid situations that cause mental stress which contributes to physical pain. Also, if it's not an emergency, wait it out for a few days while the Moon moves into Aquarius and Pisces because the "swelling" may go down on it's own. 

(Note: In Maine and in Asheville, it's Yoga Fest time, and if you are attending or participating in a similar event like a race, err on the side of taking it easily generally. Full Moons and injuries go together. That is one reason why Ashtanga yogis do not practice during Full Moon and some other yoga philosophies recommend Moon Salutations and more yin practices versus something more strenuous.)

Here's a list of some things favored to act or decide on: building plans, construction, medical advice (treatment such as surgery is better timed away from Full Moon), finalizing a business decision, closing a deal or continuing to negotiate for a better deal, ending a toxic relationship, easing up on too much perfectionism, changing up your exercise plan and including strengthening activities & weight bearing (ease in) and doing easy yoga like legs up the wall.

The main idea is to strengthen the weak spots! Identify the weak links and reinforce! Take something solid and build upon it. 

Weekly July 7th to July 13th, 2014


Monday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon and Saturn in Scorpio is a monthly occurrence. Revisiting business and challenges, related health, addictions or compulsive feelings, old injuries, anything related to older relatives or people you're responsible for, and dealing with authority figures is in today's forecast. The process may linger into tomorrow. It can be truly worth facing these challenges since Saturn is moving direct on the 20th and this is a good time to form a plan, go back and get wise advice or additional information to help with a decision. Relationship status changes are in the personal realm too, especially for Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Leo though all signs may be included. Venus sextile Uranus leads to flirtations and also to news about couples and partners. Announcements may be startling or very happy, but tend to come by surprise.  The Scorpio Moon is harmonious with the Sun, Pluto and Neptune. Creative impulses arise! This may also be good for business plans and investing.  Tonight has some heavy or serious energy. Be intentional. Something you think is funny or exciting may not hit other people the same way. Don't be surprised if there's a grim face or two in the crowd or pressure to perform or finish important tasks asap.  Today's color is black.

Tuesday: Sun square Uranus and trine Saturn

Tuesday is very much a continuation of Monday. The tide is rolling in toward a Saturday Full Moon too. Be deliberate, conscious and conscientious for best and smoothest times. The boss or parents and other people you answer too may be more demanding than usual. The Cancer Sun and Jupiter are dominant forces with this Scorpio Moon. They work together to bring up strong, sentimental, nurturing and maybe also defensive or protective feelings and actions.   We'll go all out to protect what we care about.  One effect of the Sun square to Uranus is developing news about relationships, family changes, and leaving or returning home.  Now that Mercury is direct, decisions that were on hold may be made more readily, contributing to announcements and movements. Progress for one person can be sad or detrimental to another. Mixed feelings will prevail today and tonight.  The Moon is void of course from 6:32 pm to 9:24 pm EDT and then scoots into Sagittarius. Trying to escape obligations and responsibilities may be tempting tonight and tomorrow. Tonight, Saturn says that's not a wise idea since you'll pay later.  Tomorrow, wanderlust will be strong so consider that tonight and form a plan (or wing it since the Moon is in Sag and we don't follow through with plans so well). Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon and Neptune square in mutable signs, Sagittarius and Pisces. Getting a commitment or agreement made is unlikely. We'll want to go our own way and forgetting or ignoring what's on the calendar is common with these signs involved. It's a good vacation day. Escape the usual routine or surroundings.  Get lost in your own creative or personal work. Take the ferry or ride a horse (for example!). Let go of expectations and try not to nag. It won't get you far today.  The Full Moon is looming so you might be pressured about a deadline. Try to carve out time for that as well as some time to float, wander or fly. No shows might be a problem. Improvisation is called for. Today's color is light blue.

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon

Full Moon warmup is here by now. The Full Moon in Capricorn has some challenging aspects, however, it's a strong Moon for building and strengthening. What can you do to reinforce the weak spots? Line up support for yourself or your plans. It's a business like Full Moon and you want to show tangible results even if they're not completions. Mercury retrograde, and Saturn too, have imposed delays and new information or people stepping in now can lead to better and more expedient process.  Make your best efforts and let someone know if the job can't be completely done but it's in the works and moving at a good pace, finally. The Sagittarius Moon is good for exploring ideas, places and potential plans. Mars in Libra favors truth and justice today. Make a legal agreement or have a conversation about what's fair and fits your philosophy of life. Be true to yourself.  Venus and Mercury both oppose the Moon and I suspect many of us will be facing trust and honesty issues. In relationships, especially Gemini and Sagittarius and secondarily Aquarius, Leo, Libra and Aries have conversations that lead to the core of the matter.  Finalizing decisions is one result.  The Moon is void of course from 8:19 pm to 11:24 pm EDT and then moves to Capricorn, this month's Full Moon sign. Today's color is navy blue.

Friday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces and meets Pluto in a monthly cycle. Combine structure and discipline with out of the box thinking. It's a business day, either personal or work. Deal with personal situations practically and take drama or unproductive emotion out of the mix. Look at a situation and problem solve realistically.  Make effort to start, finish or show significant progress. Doers and dreamers can work well together on a day like this. Team up with someone who has a different style or approach.  Due dates must be honored or explanations should be given. Don't let the weekend pass by without an honest answer or face to face meeting if that applies to you. Pluto brings up deep or past things for another pass. Face it and put it to rest if possible. This is a recurring chance, but during Full Moon a resolution makes sense. Make it a sensible one. It's not really a party Friday night. Stay close to your comfort zones. The Moon is exactly Full early tomorrow morning so consider this Full Moon night. Today's color is green.

Saturday: Capricorn Full Moon square Uranus and Mars

Do what makes you feel most grounded and stable during this Full Moon weekend. People may be confrontational, which is not always bad but can lead to arguments or worse.  Use your instincts about what to bring up or leave alone.  If in doubt, maybe let this weekend pass by without aggravating any person or situation. It's kind of a bees nest so decide if you can deal without getting stung or swarmed.  Think back to Christmas/New Years and even to the 4th of July and see how things from those times are at work now. Use good judgement. Mars insists we play fair. Uranus is the catalyst for new news, some of which will produce anxiety or reactions.  Jupiter is across the zodiac with a final impact in Cancer for growth and healing, particularly for Cancer and in families. But it's not a piece of cake. It's a good day to bake a cake though! And it's a great day for physical exercise yet we must not overdo! This is the Full Moon of teeth and bones. Protect them. Know your limits. Do business fairly. The Moon is briefly void of course from 9:56 to 11:07 pm EDT. Today's color is white.

Sunday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon is in Aquarius. The vision and stability this Moon sign provides is positive for moving from the Full Moon phase, slowly. A sense of community is important today and tomorrow. Mercury moves back to Cancer where the retrograde phase in June started. Mercury is direct and revising, changing, cleaning up, and clearing up confusion is in the 4cast all week long. Getting things back on course and seeing progress is the goal. Venus and Mars align happily in Gemini and Libra. This is a social, extroverted influence. Love and friendship are both favored. Gemini, Libra, Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Leo may feel the effects most, but it's good generally for improving and enjoying the people around you! Today's color is turquoise.


Weekly June 30th to July 6th, 2014


It's great to be in Maine! I'm offering some individual yoga sessions and teaching some classes here and there before Maine Yoga Fest Full Moon Yoga on July 12th at 5 pm at East End School. Readings are ongoing by email and phone too! Thanks for reading Robin's Zodiac Zone and keeping in touch. My yoga schedule, these forecast and info on readings and other services can be found at www.RoZoYo.com. There's a Zodiac section, a Yoga section and contact information all in one place there!

Summer joy!


Monday: Leo Moon

This Leo Moon is extra amped up by Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries. An adventurous attitude and willingness to let go and have fun will be an asset. Get in the mix and be open to people. Enthusiasm rules the day! You may see some sour faces as the Moon and Saturn square, however today is not worth losing to Saturn retrograde's heavy pull since Saturn moves direct in 3 weeks and until then some things just will not budge very much.  Instead of trying to move a mountain, climb one! Seek victories through collaborations, networking, and showing your best side, skills and talents. You can choose to sit this one out because of a looming problem, but you may miss a great day if you go that route.  Today is meant for surprises and friendliness. Art projects & improv are good plans too. Today's color is orange.

Tuesday: Mercury Direct

The Moon in Leo is void of course from 6:00 am EDT to 5:24 pm. Mercury, in harmony with the Moon, stations direct at 8:50 am in Gemini. This is a true transitional day as the Moon changes signs and Mercury re-routes (at least from our earthly perspective). Wait something out today. Take your time and maybe even find a few hours off to wander, meditate, nap, or enjoy a favorite and calming pastime. Keep business simple. Try not to be taken aback by announcements of changes and don't assume they will even take hold, yet. Giving it a few days before feeling like Mercury is direct and minds are re-set is a good idea.  Fun is recommended today! Virgo Moon arrives at 5:24 pm EDT and work may find it's way into the evening. That includes cleaning the house or helping out a friend or family member who needs you. It's a good night to get reorganized.  Today's color is brown.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon

The Moon aligns with the Cancer Sun and with Pluto in Capricorn. These are sensible and nurturing influences. Take care of priorities and people who mean the most to you. Helping out a neighbor or friend is favored by Virgo Moon. The Moon opposite Neptune has a versatile, slightly spacey influence. This is good for daydreaming and can lead to ideas and plans to be pursued in the future. Give attention to detail and the finer intricacies of your art, wording or science as the Moon and Venus in Gemini square. An element of perfectionism is present and in some cases may lead to critique or criticism. Assume every detail will be noticed.  Be creative with constructing, repairing, and designing! Neptune has a colorful, offbeat influence on Virgo Moon's sense of order and clean lines. Blend structure with versatility by taking the usual tried and true and adding or recreating for a new look or result.  Today is a good day for experimenting. Wear indigo blue.

Thursday: Virgo Moon

The Moon harmonizes with Saturn and squares Mercury. Choose all wording carefully, in writing and in conversation or meetings. You may be rewriting, revising or editing work done in June now that Mercury is direct.  Make sure you're understood clearly. Set things up for final resolution in late July or August. That may include real estate or family business for Leo and something else financial for Aries or Libra. Scorpio, a big breakthrough may be coming in a very stubborn area of your life.  Getting the support people or working parts in order is a good idea this week. Scorpio, do some networking and get leads from friends today. Even vacationers may find reasons to do business, make concerted efforts in important areas, and have messages and news to respond to before the U.S. holiday weekend. A flexible approach and timetable is best. Keep your mind open. Things shift and solidify as July goes on. The pre-game is now.  Today's color is yellow.

Friday: Libra Moon

The Moon is void of course from 12:21 am to 5:43 am EDT and then in Libra, sign of balance and partnership. Save decisions until the Moon is solidly in Libra versus those v.o.c. hours. The Cancer Sun opposes Pluto today. Interesting, sometimes past or deeply forgotten, things come up when Pluto is at work. Old patterns, fears or the revelation of hidden information is in the forecast today. You may express what you suppressed in the past. This can make for surprise announcements. Try to stay realistic and don't expect all results or responses at once. Some situations (or people) will be dramatic in nature.  Airing emotional things out is generally necessary at some point, but initially it may cause friction or mixed responses. Try to be sensitive as the Sun is in a sensitive and sometimes defensive sign, Cancer. Today's color is white.

Saturday: Libra Moon conjunct Mars

Mars will be in Libra only until July 25th, but it's been a long haul including weeks of retrograde and retracing. The sign of partnership and legal matters, Libra, has stirred up those areas and for a while put action and decisions on hold. This is one of those days when Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Mars, the Moon and Sun hit 4 points in a cross pattern and this can put you at odds with someone, force a revisiting of unfinished business and bring up sensitive subjects.  There's volatile energy in the air so breathe and think before reacting and avoid short tempered people. Maintain control of your own impulses and responses to people. On the plus side, the Moon and Venus are social and oriented to gatherings including new friends and people you've not yet met. Today's color is lavender.

Sunday: Scorpio Moon

Void of course Moon is from 11:31 am to 3:33 pm EDT. The Moon moves to Scorpio then. The Libra Moon harmonizes with Mercury in Gemini continuing the social vibe and also giving us the urge to purchase and negotiate deals. That's best done outside the void of course hours.  The Moon also squares Jupiter with a bit if any hangover from conflicts yesterday though Jupiter can help those resolve at least temporarily, if you're willing. Scorpio Moon after 3:33 pm leads more of us to quiet time to take care of whatever personal business or errands we let go over the holiday weekend.  Tonight is is bit more introverted and can help us get re-focused, organized or spend time with closest companions.  Wear maroon today.

June 23rd to 29th, 2014

Monday: Venus in Gemini

The Moon is in Taurus opposing Saturn and Venus moves to Gemini.  Moon across from Saturn retrograde is sometimes an unproductive struggle with no result or agreement, however as Saturn gets closer to making an about face in Scorpio next month, the negotiations are worth putting effort into. In the bigger, important matters of life, results will ripen as the summer goes on. You can't pick the fruit before it's ready. This is a time of maturation and if you have this opposition in effect in your life you probably know it. A bit more patience is called for. Venus moves to Gemini today at 8:33 am and plays the flirt for a couple of weeks. What's attracting yoru attention might be a potential date (Aquarius, Leo, Gemini), or it could be a sexy new ride (Aries) or a more suitable place to live (Pisces). Just be deliberate and ask all the right questions if this could lead to a big expense or agreement you can't change your mind about. Mercury is retrograde until July 1st and the 2nd is the first full day Mercury is stationed direct.  Maybe these things can wait? The date is fine though if you just keep it simple and non committal. Venus in Gemini is fun for dating and getting to know people or reconnecting with old friends.  Mercury is retrograde in the same sign and can contribute to a scattered or fickly feeling now. The Moon is void of course at 9:49 pm EDT until morning.  Today's color is pink.

Tuesday: Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini