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Weekly July 21st to 27th, 2014

Monday: Taurus/Gemini Moon

The Moon starts in Taurus and moves to Gemini at 12:36 pm. Void of course time is 10:12 am to 12:36 and those hours are good for cleaning your desk, reading but not responding to emails and memos quite yet, and taking some down time if needed. The early hours are solid for final decisions as the Moon and Sun form a sextile in Taurus/Cancer at 10:12 am. Gemini Moon marks a multitasking time for the next couple of days. Network and combine friendly meetings, social plans, and business negotiations.  Gemini Moon aligns with Jupiter in Leo for events and festivities. Meet new people. Put names with faces. Respond to invitations with a yes! Today’s color is yellow.

Tuesday: Sun in Leo

Mercury is opposite Pluto today, and with Saturn now direct, serious decisions and conversations take place. Putting something to a rest, finishing tough processes and negotiations, and deciding once and for all can be the result. Face fears and old wounds and maybe this becomes a pivotal day or week.  The Moon is in Gemini for versatile problem solving and ability to adapt.  The Sun moves to Leo at 5:41 pm EDT and the height of summer begins. This is the 2nd of 3 phases of the season, and Leo birthdays begin. Tonight can be festive, full of surprises, and changes of mind or heart.  Wear gold.

Wednesday: Moon trine Mars

The Moon in Gemini is in harmony with Mars just as the warrior planet makes his last moves in Libra. It’s been an extended time for Mars in the sign of justice and partnership, and for many it has not been easy. Reaching consensus, mediating effectively, and finding fair outcomes is favored now. It’s also a good day or evening for social plans. The Moon is void of course from 8:53 pm to 10:59 pm EDT and moves to Cancer then. Today’s color is light blue.

Thursday: Sun conjunct Jupiter in Leo

This is an eventful day in the zodiac as the Sun meets Jupiter and Moon meets Venus. Relationships on the right track seem to benefit most! Engagements and marriages are well timed. This can extend to business partnerships solidifying too. Leo is much in favor and for Aquarius love and commitment is highlighted! Cancer and Capricorn are signs deeply impacted with positive vibes for love and relationship. In other areas of life, Saturn and Mercury are activating resolution. New information around important decisions and situations may come as a surprise. Something that seemed to go by it’s due date may come together unexpectedly. Everything is stirred up and all signs are impacted by today’s chart. Try not to rule anything out. During Cancer Moon, sometimes, the tendency is defensiveness. Know when to play offense or for the team instead. Can you protect your interests while expanding rather than closing doors? Today’s color is orange.

Friday: Cancer Moon, Mars in Scorpio

This day prior to Leo New Moon is set up by Moon trine Saturn and meeting Mercury. Finalizing, decisions, and continuations of this week’s serious matters and important priorities are likely. You may wait until Mars changes signs to make your move or commitment, and the New Moon time is good for change. However, today is still about setting the stage, finding the information and getting all in order.  Communicate clearly, discuss the topics pending or about to require action, and come to agreements.  Leo, you are on the cusp of one of the finest New Moons of the year and it’s in your sign. Make it count. Cancer, this is true for you in employment and money matters. You could use this time to make an investment or change roles at work. Scorpio, a bigger career move and public attention in the next few weeks is yours for the taking.  Libra, it may benefit you to make some new friends, change your social scene or start networking for what would benefit you. Friends can be helpful now. Taurus, a shift at home or with family is sparked at by Leo New Moon. Maybe you’re preparing for an August move or about to find the home you’re hoping for.  Cancer Moon today helps us check in with the heart as we make these decisions.  Today’s color is blue.

Saturday: New Moon in Leo

I've been priming clients for this New Moon for months, and now it's here! A New Moon in a bright, creative sign with no significant planets retrograde for the first time in many months is something to celebrate and most importantly, maximize! The Moon moves to Leo at 10:55 am EDT & begins the lunar cycle, meeting the Sun exactly at 6:42 pm. Write down the things you want to accomplish before New Moon time and take action as soon as tonight! There is no time like the present & Jupiter, the benevolent, magnificent planet team up with the Leo Moon. It gets no better than this! Leo, what a wonderful early (or barely belated) birthday gift you receive from the universe this year! Growth, abundance & wisdom is yours! Leo weddings, businesses, new relationships and families are set to thrive! Aquarius, you enjoy similar benefits from across the zodiac and commitment, marriage, & strong business partnerships in your life thrive for 13 months! Point the compass right in that direction and the universe conspires to help you make it all happen! Libra, supportive friends and mentors appear, Sagittarius, your world opens up so much you may find yourself in another state or country teaching, getting a new degree or certification or doing business by next summer or much before. Your ruling planet in your house of exploration wants to take you places! Cancer and Scorpio are favored in business and employment. Capricorn, you could receive gifts, grants, family legacies or go into profitable business with a partner or family member. These possibilities are just beginning and this New Moon strongly activates, so even if it's a small step or contact you reach out to, do it soon while the Leo Moon is in most powerful mode! Today's color is white.

Sunday: Leo Moon

Uranus and Saturn are throwing signals the New Moon's way. Very different tactics and influences present with each planet. Uranus is retrograde and not in his power, yet a curve ball weakly tossed may confuse things today. Be non reactive rather than cause a stir since a bit of news may turn out to be less important or potent that it initially sounds. Wait that out. Saturn is square the Moon and direct, so finally progress can come. Put effort into a situation that's been stubborn and may relate to health, family-especially elders, or intimacy. Prime for breakthroughs, Saturn is now in a better position for dealing with the important and serious matters of life. That influence may be at work tomorrow too. The Moon is void of course from 8:37 pm EDT to 11:37 pm Monday night. Heads up for a Monday business day that may not be as productive as you hope. Personal matters will be priority. Today's color is purple

Weekly July 14th to July 20th, 2014


Monday: Aquarius Moon

Find your supporting players today and gather around a common vision. The Aquarius Moon favors teamwork and collaborating, envisioning what’s ahead and acting on shared goals. Mars and Venus align with the Moon from intelligent and fair Libra and versatile Gemini. Benefit from putting great minds together. Explore alternative approaches and find solutions and answers with an open mind. It could be time to let go of an old paradigm or idea in favor of something you hadn’t even thought of previously! Balance and stability are worth seeking today. It’s a good day or night for mixing friendship, socializing and productive work. The Moon is void of course from 3:23 pm to 10:40 pm EDT and those are good hours to relax with friends or be on a casual, fun date.  The Moon moves to Pisces at 10:40 pm. Today’s color is blue.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon

The Moon is in Pisces in harmony with Mercury in Cancer. Creative, inspired, sensitive, and even solitary are good words to live by today. If you’ve needed personal time or quiet time, see if you can carve that out for yourself.  After the Full Moon, it’s time to restore.  The Moon, Neptune and Pluto all indicate that relaxation and release will recharge your energy and spirit. Take some time off if you can and if not, close the door behind you and get things done without interruptions. Today’s color is green.

Wednesday: Jupiter in Leo

The Moon sails through Pisces. though today is more about being structured and attending to any kind of business or task. Saturn, the Sun and Venus interact with the Moon. Venus forms a square and flexibility with partners may be the best plan. Try not to pressure. Venus in Gemini is flirtatious though, and some relationships may experience trust issues. Try to anticipate how your partner will feel and head off a problem you don’t need.  Water sign energies contribute to sensitivity, mood shifts, and artistic inclinations.  Paint, play, make music, do some yoga or meditation while also getting the job done, whatever it may be. Jupiter makes the big jump to Leo, a highly creative and extroverted place for the planet of prosperity, philosophy and personal growth. Expansion in big, noticeable ways comes for the next year, especially for Leo, and for Aquarius love and commitment, Aries love and creative possibilities, Cancer and Scorpio with employment and career. More about this is future forecasts! Jupiter shifts today at 6:30 am, so it’s on right away! Void Moon is tonight at 8:57 pm and ends at 12:07 am EDT. Today’s color is purple.

Thursday: Aries Moon

Jupiter’s first real move in Leo is a trine to this Aries Moon at 12:07 am EDT. The trine sets us up for surprise news and action around expansion, new business, and doing things up big and bold!  This may come into play with anything for Leo, social or adventurous plans for Aries, and love life and friendships for Aquarius.  Cancer, this can lead to career news that happens very quickly or unexpectedly.  The Aries Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Gemini, leading to negotiations and unfinished business.A heartfelt approach is called for even in serious interactions. Today’s color is gold.

Friday: Venus in Cancer

Venus changes signs, moving to the sign of house and home at 10:06 am. Reason to nest, improve your living space, or to visit family comes in the next few weeks.  Venus in Cancer is more nurturing for the soul and less outgoing than Venus was in Gemini. If you strayed in a relationship or were thinking about it, the urge is to pull back to long term commitment.  If you were overly busy for a few weeks, the vibe is more about being at home and finding ways to enjoy it. Decorate, buy a few new things, refresh the environment, give attention to the garden and cook meals!  Aries Moon is wild one today, in contrast to Venus in Cancer, the Moon meets Uranus, opposes Mars in Libra and squares the Sun. This cardinal sign madness is about to dissipate and this may truly be one last blast or that may come next week around the 24th. Unproductive, overly aggressive or triggering things unnecessarily can only go on so long.  Avoid the “haters”. Don’t bother with someone who does the same thing again and again that provokes you, makes you sad, or is totally unjust.  Go your own way. Stick with trusted friends. The Moon is void of course from 10:18 pm until 4:43 am EDT  Today’s color is pink.

Saturday: Taurus Moon, Sun square Mars

The Moon moves to Taurus at 4:43 am. Taurus Moon will align with Venus and Mercury in Cancer and that’s a plus for conversing, deciding, and communication generally. It’s a warm day for friendships, love, and family relationships too.  The Sun square to Mars will spark discussion of what’s fair though. Seek more balance and do your fair share at home and with family. Get grounded in home, garden and building projects under this Taurus Moon, a sign of stability. Today’s color is blue.

Sunday: Saturn Direct in Scorpio

Saturn is direct, finally, following a retrograde in Scorpio since March 2nd. Pressure may be alleviated soon in difficult and frustrating matters and mental and physical health issues. Put effort into things you have just about given up on, not just today but in the weeks ahead.Take pleasure in simple things today. Use all your senses. It’s a good day to entertain. Wear brown today.


Full Moon in Capricorn July 12, 2014

Full Moon in Capricorn on July 12, 2014 at 7:25 am is one of building and strengthening. If this Capricorn Full Moon was human, he or she would be a constructive thinker and a doer interested in proving her abilities and succeeding. He/she would be of pitta constitution in ayurvedic terms. As a person, this Capricorn Moon might be coming out of a dark or complex time, winning a battle with depression or a health matter, and might be a bit hard on himself even with the future looking bright.

During this Full Moon, it would be natural to finish an important project or to move into the next phases, building on a foundation already set.  In personal, family and long term relationships that have been tumultuous, things are crystalizing one way or the other and as the Moon wanes and Saturn, Capricorn's ruling planet, moves direct on the 20th, some issues will be put to rest once and for all, with final decisions solid and strong.  The cardinal cross in Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra is breaking up this month, and that is good news! Frustrations, even if present now and this weekend, should wane with the Moon, making way for a gorgeous Leo Moon conjunct to Jupiter on the 26th.  Your most persistent problems can take a hike as you kick them out of your life and your mind.  The end of July is even better than your usual New Moon for fresh starts and clearing negative, cloudy, or uncertain energy!

Getting back to Full Moon in Capricorn Saturday, it's flanked by Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries and there are challenges to be once again confronted. You're likely to know what they are because they've been recurring since last October, through the holidays, and during spring. Jupiter is across the zodiac about to leave Cancer, and Cancer/Capricorn relationships in particular may find "just right" growth, not too quickly and not too stalled.  That may apply to other signs as well since those with Cancer and Capricorn rising, Moon and Venus experience this too. 

Capricorn is the sign of the skeletal system, the knees, the teeth and bones. Take extra care. Do not overdo or put strain on old injuries. If aches and pains flare more now, suddenly, this may be a deeper healing time so take it easy. Full Moons do amplify, increase swelling and remind you of places that have been scarred. Retracing injuries from the past is an interesting phenomena that I have personally experienced with a concussion.  Do alleviate stress on the body and avoid situations that cause mental stress which contributes to physical pain. Also, if it's not an emergency, wait it out for a few days while the Moon moves into Aquarius and Pisces because the "swelling" may go down on it's own. 

(Note: In Maine and in Asheville, it's Yoga Fest time, and if you are attending or participating in a similar event like a race, err on the side of taking it easily generally. Full Moons and injuries go together. That is one reason why Ashtanga yogis do not practice during Full Moon and some other yoga philosophies recommend Moon Salutations and more yin practices versus something more strenuous.)

Here's a list of some things favored to act or decide on: building plans, construction, medical advice (treatment such as surgery is better timed away from Full Moon), finalizing a business decision, closing a deal or continuing to negotiate for a better deal, ending a toxic relationship, easing up on too much perfectionism, changing up your exercise plan and including strengthening activities & weight bearing (ease in) and doing easy yoga like legs up the wall.

The main idea is to strengthen the weak spots! Identify the weak links and reinforce! Take something solid and build upon it. 

Weekly July 7th to July 13th, 2014


Monday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon and Saturn in Scorpio is a monthly occurrence. Revisiting business and challenges, related health, addictions or compulsive feelings, old injuries, anything related to older relatives or people you're responsible for, and dealing with authority figures is in today's forecast. The process may linger into tomorrow. It can be truly worth facing these challenges since Saturn is moving direct on the 20th and this is a good time to form a plan, go back and get wise advice or additional information to help with a decision. Relationship status changes are in the personal realm too, especially for Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Leo though all signs may be included. Venus sextile Uranus leads to flirtations and also to news about couples and partners. Announcements may be startling or very happy, but tend to come by surprise.  The Scorpio Moon is harmonious with the Sun, Pluto and Neptune. Creative impulses arise! This may also be good for business plans and investing.  Tonight has some heavy or serious energy. Be intentional. Something you think is funny or exciting may not hit other people the same way. Don't be surprised if there's a grim face or two in the crowd or pressure to perform or finish important tasks asap.  Today's color is black.

Tuesday: Sun square Uranus and trine Saturn

Tuesday is very much a continuation of Monday. The tide is rolling in toward a Saturday Full Moon too. Be deliberate, conscious and conscientious for best and smoothest times. The boss or parents and other people you answer too may be more demanding than usual. The Cancer Sun and Jupiter are dominant forces with this Scorpio Moon. They work together to bring up strong, sentimental, nurturing and maybe also defensive or protective feelings and actions.   We'll go all out to protect what we care about.  One effect of the Sun square to Uranus is developing news about relationships, family changes, and leaving or returning home.  Now that Mercury is direct, decisions that were on hold may be made more readily, contributing to announcements and movements. Progress for one person can be sad or detrimental to another. Mixed feelings will prevail today and tonight.  The Moon is void of course from 6:32 pm to 9:24 pm EDT and then scoots into Sagittarius. Trying to escape obligations and responsibilities may be tempting tonight and tomorrow. Tonight, Saturn says that's not a wise idea since you'll pay later.  Tomorrow, wanderlust will be strong so consider that tonight and form a plan (or wing it since the Moon is in Sag and we don't follow through with plans so well). Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon and Neptune square in mutable signs, Sagittarius and Pisces. Getting a commitment or agreement made is unlikely. We'll want to go our own way and forgetting or ignoring what's on the calendar is common with these signs involved. It's a good vacation day. Escape the usual routine or surroundings.  Get lost in your own creative or personal work. Take the ferry or ride a horse (for example!). Let go of expectations and try not to nag. It won't get you far today.  The Full Moon is looming so you might be pressured about a deadline. Try to carve out time for that as well as some time to float, wander or fly. No shows might be a problem. Improvisation is called for. Today's color is light blue.

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon

Full Moon warmup is here by now. The Full Moon in Capricorn has some challenging aspects, however, it's a strong Moon for building and strengthening. What can you do to reinforce the weak spots? Line up support for yourself or your plans. It's a business like Full Moon and you want to show tangible results even if they're not completions. Mercury retrograde, and Saturn too, have imposed delays and new information or people stepping in now can lead to better and more expedient process.  Make your best efforts and let someone know if the job can't be completely done but it's in the works and moving at a good pace, finally. The Sagittarius Moon is good for exploring ideas, places and potential plans. Mars in Libra favors truth and justice today. Make a legal agreement or have a conversation about what's fair and fits your philosophy of life. Be true to yourself.  Venus and Mercury both oppose the Moon and I suspect many of us will be facing trust and honesty issues. In relationships, especially Gemini and Sagittarius and secondarily Aquarius, Leo, Libra and Aries have conversations that lead to the core of the matter.  Finalizing decisions is one result.  The Moon is void of course from 8:19 pm to 11:24 pm EDT and then moves to Capricorn, this month's Full Moon sign. Today's color is navy blue.

Friday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces and meets Pluto in a monthly cycle. Combine structure and discipline with out of the box thinking. It's a business day, either personal or work. Deal with personal situations practically and take drama or unproductive emotion out of the mix. Look at a situation and problem solve realistically.  Make effort to start, finish or show significant progress. Doers and dreamers can work well together on a day like this. Team up with someone who has a different style or approach.  Due dates must be honored or explanations should be given. Don't let the weekend pass by without an honest answer or face to face meeting if that applies to you. Pluto brings up deep or past things for another pass. Face it and put it to rest if possible. This is a recurring chance, but during Full Moon a resolution makes sense. Make it a sensible one. It's not really a party Friday night. Stay close to your comfort zones. The Moon is exactly Full early tomorrow morning so consider this Full Moon night. Today's color is green.

Saturday: Capricorn Full Moon square Uranus and Mars

Do what makes you feel most grounded and stable during this Full Moon weekend. People may be confrontational, which is not always bad but can lead to arguments or worse.  Use your instincts about what to bring up or leave alone.  If in doubt, maybe let this weekend pass by without aggravating any person or situation. It's kind of a bees nest so decide if you can deal without getting stung or swarmed.  Think back to Christmas/New Years and even to the 4th of July and see how things from those times are at work now. Use good judgement. Mars insists we play fair. Uranus is the catalyst for new news, some of which will produce anxiety or reactions.  Jupiter is across the zodiac with a final impact in Cancer for growth and healing, particularly for Cancer and in families. But it's not a piece of cake. It's a good day to bake a cake though! And it's a great day for physical exercise yet we must not overdo! This is the Full Moon of teeth and bones. Protect them. Know your limits. Do business fairly. The Moon is briefly void of course from 9:56 to 11:07 pm EDT. Today's color is white.

Sunday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon is in Aquarius. The vision and stability this Moon sign provides is positive for moving from the Full Moon phase, slowly. A sense of community is important today and tomorrow. Mercury moves back to Cancer where the retrograde phase in June started. Mercury is direct and revising, changing, cleaning up, and clearing up confusion is in the 4cast all week long. Getting things back on course and seeing progress is the goal. Venus and Mars align happily in Gemini and Libra. This is a social, extroverted influence. Love and friendship are both favored. Gemini, Libra, Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Leo may feel the effects most, but it's good generally for improving and enjoying the people around you! Today's color is turquoise.


Weekly June 30th to July 6th, 2014


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Summer joy!


Monday: Leo Moon

This Leo Moon is extra amped up by Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries. An adventurous attitude and willingness to let go and have fun will be an asset. Get in the mix and be open to people. Enthusiasm rules the day! You may see some sour faces as the Moon and Saturn square, however today is not worth losing to Saturn retrograde's heavy pull since Saturn moves direct in 3 weeks and until then some things just will not budge very much.  Instead of trying to move a mountain, climb one! Seek victories through collaborations, networking, and showing your best side, skills and talents. You can choose to sit this one out because of a looming problem, but you may miss a great day if you go that route.  Today is meant for surprises and friendliness. Art projects & improv are good plans too. Today's color is orange.

Tuesday: Mercury Direct

The Moon in Leo is void of course from 6:00 am EDT to 5:24 pm. Mercury, in harmony with the Moon, stations direct at 8:50 am in Gemini. This is a true transitional day as the Moon changes signs and Mercury re-routes (at least from our earthly perspective). Wait something out today. Take your time and maybe even find a few hours off to wander, meditate, nap, or enjoy a favorite and calming pastime. Keep business simple. Try not to be taken aback by announcements of changes and don't assume they will even take hold, yet. Giving it a few days before feeling like Mercury is direct and minds are re-set is a good idea.  Fun is recommended today! Virgo Moon arrives at 5:24 pm EDT and work may find it's way into the evening. That includes cleaning the house or helping out a friend or family member who needs you. It's a good night to get reorganized.  Today's color is brown.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon

The Moon aligns with the Cancer Sun and with Pluto in Capricorn. These are sensible and nurturing influences. Take care of priorities and people who mean the most to you. Helping out a neighbor or friend is favored by Virgo Moon. The Moon opposite Neptune has a versatile, slightly spacey influence. This is good for daydreaming and can lead to ideas and plans to be pursued in the future. Give attention to detail and the finer intricacies of your art, wording or science as the Moon and Venus in Gemini square. An element of perfectionism is present and in some cases may lead to critique or criticism. Assume every detail will be noticed.  Be creative with constructing, repairing, and designing! Neptune has a colorful, offbeat influence on Virgo Moon's sense of order and clean lines. Blend structure with versatility by taking the usual tried and true and adding or recreating for a new look or result.  Today is a good day for experimenting. Wear indigo blue.

Thursday: Virgo Moon

The Moon harmonizes with Saturn and squares Mercury. Choose all wording carefully, in writing and in conversation or meetings. You may be rewriting, revising or editing work done in June now that Mercury is direct.  Make sure you're understood clearly. Set things up for final resolution in late July or August. That may include real estate or family business for Leo and something else financial for Aries or Libra. Scorpio, a big breakthrough may be coming in a very stubborn area of your life.  Getting the support people or working parts in order is a good idea this week. Scorpio, do some networking and get leads from friends today. Even vacationers may find reasons to do business, make concerted efforts in important areas, and have messages and news to respond to before the U.S. holiday weekend. A flexible approach and timetable is best. Keep your mind open. Things shift and solidify as July goes on. The pre-game is now.  Today's color is yellow.

Friday: Libra Moon

The Moon is void of course from 12:21 am to 5:43 am EDT and then in Libra, sign of balance and partnership. Save decisions until the Moon is solidly in Libra versus those v.o.c. hours. The Cancer Sun opposes Pluto today. Interesting, sometimes past or deeply forgotten, things come up when Pluto is at work. Old patterns, fears or the revelation of hidden information is in the forecast today. You may express what you suppressed in the past. This can make for surprise announcements. Try to stay realistic and don't expect all results or responses at once. Some situations (or people) will be dramatic in nature.  Airing emotional things out is generally necessary at some point, but initially it may cause friction or mixed responses. Try to be sensitive as the Sun is in a sensitive and sometimes defensive sign, Cancer. Today's color is white.

Saturday: Libra Moon conjunct Mars

Mars will be in Libra only until July 25th, but it's been a long haul including weeks of retrograde and retracing. The sign of partnership and legal matters, Libra, has stirred up those areas and for a while put action and decisions on hold. This is one of those days when Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Mars, the Moon and Sun hit 4 points in a cross pattern and this can put you at odds with someone, force a revisiting of unfinished business and bring up sensitive subjects.  There's volatile energy in the air so breathe and think before reacting and avoid short tempered people. Maintain control of your own impulses and responses to people. On the plus side, the Moon and Venus are social and oriented to gatherings including new friends and people you've not yet met. Today's color is lavender.

Sunday: Scorpio Moon

Void of course Moon is from 11:31 am to 3:33 pm EDT. The Moon moves to Scorpio then. The Libra Moon harmonizes with Mercury in Gemini continuing the social vibe and also giving us the urge to purchase and negotiate deals. That's best done outside the void of course hours.  The Moon also squares Jupiter with a bit if any hangover from conflicts yesterday though Jupiter can help those resolve at least temporarily, if you're willing. Scorpio Moon after 3:33 pm leads more of us to quiet time to take care of whatever personal business or errands we let go over the holiday weekend.  Tonight is is bit more introverted and can help us get re-focused, organized or spend time with closest companions.  Wear maroon today.

June 23rd to 29th, 2014

Monday: Venus in Gemini

The Moon is in Taurus opposing Saturn and Venus moves to Gemini.  Moon across from Saturn retrograde is sometimes an unproductive struggle with no result or agreement, however as Saturn gets closer to making an about face in Scorpio next month, the negotiations are worth putting effort into. In the bigger, important matters of life, results will ripen as the summer goes on. You can't pick the fruit before it's ready. This is a time of maturation and if you have this opposition in effect in your life you probably know it. A bit more patience is called for. Venus moves to Gemini today at 8:33 am and plays the flirt for a couple of weeks. What's attracting yoru attention might be a potential date (Aquarius, Leo, Gemini), or it could be a sexy new ride (Aries) or a more suitable place to live (Pisces). Just be deliberate and ask all the right questions if this could lead to a big expense or agreement you can't change your mind about. Mercury is retrograde until July 1st and the 2nd is the first full day Mercury is stationed direct.  Maybe these things can wait? The date is fine though if you just keep it simple and non committal. Venus in Gemini is fun for dating and getting to know people or reconnecting with old friends.  Mercury is retrograde in the same sign and can contribute to a scattered or fickly feeling now. The Moon is void of course at 9:49 pm EDT until morning.  Today's color is pink.

Tuesday: Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini

Venus & the Moon meet in a flirtatious, fun sign, Gemini. Moon shifts to Gemini at 7:05 am EDT. There might be more duality than usual in your love life. An unexpected attraction or a reconnection with someone from your past are two of the possibilities. This is not the time to risk a good thing or do anything that could be misunderstood though! Decisions await couples and partners too, and right now it may be easier to see both sides or options rather than one clear path. Consider waiting until July or temporarily trying something on for size with room to change your mind later.  The Moon and Neptune bring the words and pictures together in the best of scenarios. If you do creative work, find a complementary partner who brings in what you need, for example a skill you lack. It might not be easy to focus energy on one thing, but today can be very enjoyable, social, and great for going your own way without too many restrictions. Tonight, take no chances and stick with familiar places.  Wear blue.

Wednesday: Mars opposite Uranus

Mars and Uranus are explosive influences, opposing in Libra/Aries. Many ongoing issues that lead to negative emotions or discomfort come up with this. The cardinal sign cross is close to breaking up, freeing up different energy, but this is one of the last blasts. Be very careful since this actually may lead to more anger, risk taking behavior or even accidents. Mercury is retrograde too. Easy, steady and slow are good keywords.  The Gemini Moon is good for intelligent inspiration and a way with words. Draft something for future publishing. Caution is advised with personal communications.  You might be inspired and follow an idea or lead! Balance out any confusion or chaos with extreme calm. Seriously, try it. Refuse to be ruffled. Wait before replying or responding to emotional triggers. Today's color is yellow.

Thursday: Moon conjunct Mercury, Cancer Moon

Watch plans and minds change all around as the Moon meets Mercury retrograde. Also, notice how people from the past pop up out of nowhere, either in person or with messages or announcements direct to your inbox or phone!  It's a peak day of Mercury retrograde. Bear it in mind and try not to make permanent decisions.  July will help sort thing out more, clear some blocks, and add to information and perspective.  Do enjoy people and happy reconnections! The void of course from 7:58 am until 5:05 pm and then the Moon is in Cancer and we have a new Moon in the morning.  This is a time of shifting thoughts, plans and priorities. A change of heart may be natural.  Today's color is white.

Friday: New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer is a time to nurture. It's at 4:08 am EDT and impacts the next two weeks. Whether it's a plan or goal, the people around you or you yourself who needs more ease, take care of what's close to your heart.  It's a sentimental time with Mercury retrograde, and though you may see sparks of what's to come, this New Moon is held some by Mercury and Saturn retrograde and 4 weeks from now will be more favorable for initiating and putting more permanent things in place.  Create ripples and use your leads and allow for progress little by little. Returning to home or places you once loved is a great way to spend this New Moon time. Reunions happen spontaneously and as a result of events and gatherings you decide to attend.  Neptune draws us to water and our creative tendencies amplify. Pluto urges you to face a fear with an open heart. Today's color is light blue.

Saturday: Cancer Moon

The Moon meets Jupiter tonight which is always good for the soul. it's a good thing we have that in favor since squares between the New Moon and Uranus in Aries/Mars in Libra activates frustrations and family issues that may include disagreement or news that's difficult to adjust to. With Mercury retrograde, this isn't the best time to confront or state things while angry or sad. Have a good outlet, a friend or impartial party you can vent to. Make a plan for dealing with ongoing problems in July when the air is clearer. Jupiter is expansive and in sensitive Cancer, encouraging open heart and minds. Look for ways you can grow and not remain stuck. Seek healthier relationships and pastimes that awaken something that's been dormant and in need of expression-like music, art, movement, dance, gardening, surfing, sailing, the list goes on but the one that feeds your soul is the answer. Void of course Moon starts at 9:02 pm to 4:43 am EDT. Today's color is blue.

Sunday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon from 4:43 am makes it a great day for celebrations, parties, and recreation! Play games, play with the kids, be active, or dress up for fancier events! The Moon and Venus encourage social butterflies and romantic couples. The Cancer Sun aligns with dreamy Neptune also encouraging love. It's a good time for a date, a weekend away or to go deep in a creative project. Differences should be honored and may result in something better than if you had agreed from the start. Venus squares Neptune and one person's ingredients for a great day can blend with another's ideas and something cooler and sweeter than you imagined can take place! Today's color is purple. 







Weekly June 16th to 22nd, 2014

Monday: Aquarius Moon

The Aquarius Moon forms angles to Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Scorpio, and Mars in Libra. There’s a push pull feeling and you may think you’re off track then get the go ahead or vice versa. Mars direct in Libra helps with consensus and agreements and also social plans. Both signs are people oriented, Libra and Aquarius. Uranus provides an element of surprise, which can be welcome or not, depending on the context. Be ready for most anything and if you anticipate an unwelcome change or news, have a calm response planned so  you’re not taken off guard. Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio, and this is where the hold or delay may come in. Another form of the Saturn square is revisiting long term or old business, possibly with parents or other elders or authority figures.  It may not be the day to work through it, though agreeing to disagree and stay peaceful rather than debating may be a good solution for now. Enjoy people and gather with the like minded ones today! Blue is today’s color.

Tuesday: Mercury retrograde in Gemini

Mercury is retrograde and moves back from Cancer to Gemini at 6:04 am. This is a day to watch your step as the planet of movement and communication shifts. What we say can be misinterpreted. Play it on the safe side and wait for a different day if the conversation could be controversial or sensitive. If it can wait, allow for that. The Moon is in Aquarius and Mercury in Gemini, both air signs. Aquarius Moon aligns with Mercury and the Sun, helping confidence and open mindedness. This is good for some problem solving, but avoid over-thinking or pushing an agenda. Minds change and information or schedules sometimes shift with Mercury changing signs, so don’t jump to a conclusion or respond or react too quickly. Think before you speak and act. Aim for clear instructions and directions. It’s a great day for a business/pleasure lunch or gathering. Keep topics light and make it more about enjoyment, networking and collaborative relationships.The Moon is only void of course from 2:07 to 2:28 pm EDT (power nap time?)  and then moves into creative and loving Pisces. This is a day for songwriters and storytellers to write or perform. We may also enjoy being in the audience and being entertained. Even in friendly gatherings, there may be a humorist or entertainer drawing the group’s attention! There’s a sentimental feeling too, especially when Pisces Moon moves in for late day and night. Reunions and revisiting brought on by Mercury may be tender, sensitive, inspired and charged with energies. Today’s color is green.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon

Pisces Moon’s monthly meeting with creative, magical wanderer Neptune. A feeling of fluidity may result as feeling a little lost or being right in the flow, depending on the personality and environment. It is on the side of stability and a bit of a business-like attitude that Saturn and Pluto chime in from Scorpio and Capricorn. Saturn brings up the rules and reminds us about honoring tradition or the elders in the group. Hopefully, old baggage doesn’t come up with Saturn’s influence, but if so there are enough harmonious aspects in the zodiac that assist. We are already under the influence of a healing Venus and Jupiter trine that lingers through tomorrow. Venus in Taurus favors long term promises and agreements. The words “Stand by me” or “Count on Me” apply here. Jupiter in Cancer relates to places we have called home, travels to those places as Jupiter nears the end of a 13 month stay in the sign of family and home. Opening our minds to release grudges, past family patterns and even the strength to overcome physical issues and heal. There’s no doubt there is a serious side to the day, but the Pisces Moon also has a spiritual, connected energy that should be easy to feel. Today’s color is pink.

Thursday: Moon sextile Jupiter & trine Venus, Aries Moon

This is a split kind of day and night as we start with Pisces Moon and spend the evening in the sign Aries.  Highly contrasting signs provide different atmospheres for activity. The Pisces Moon aligns with Venus and Jupiter.  Venus, the planet of love and relationship, aligns in Taurus. Venus is the goddess, the maiden, the beauty and harmony in everything, and in Taurus Venus has a loyal, sensual influence that is positive for lovers. Venus and the Moon also favor creating with the hands, baking from scratch, and working with flowers and the earth.  Jupiter in Cancer in harmony with the Moon can help heal family and other relationships and during this Mercury retrograde time, we get back together, forgive, and enjoy family times or familiar surroundings.  This is a good day to be by the water or outside enjoying natural places. Timeliness may be a challenge as we want to linger with any kind of pleasure from morning coffee to a walk in a beautiful area or a long heart to heart talk.  Allow some extra time to do whatever you like in the moment. From  3:05 to 5:26 pm the Moon is void of course and that makes a good break or relaxation time before an active, busy, energy filled night. Aries Moon instigates and gets the party going, and the Sun and Mercury meet in Gemini with a people oriented, talkative and entertaining influence. The storytellers and social butterflies are in their element tonight. The less extroverted can join in or sit back and be entertained.  Today’s color is yellow.

Friday: Aries Moon

Aries Moon time means fun, adventure, an outgoing attitude and willingness to try new things. The other side of Aries Moon is agitation and anxiety. This is not a favorable time to confront or push emotional buttons.  Control can be an issue if more than one person is trying to dominate or push an agenda.  The Moon squares Pluto, meets Uranus and opposes Mars.  Recurring themes and points of contention are more easily triggered. Being light, even if that means being a bit superficial or tolerant instead of judgemental,is the best way to go! If there’s someone you always have an issue with, avoid that today. Exercise off any nervous energy or tension. Aries Moon time favors activity, but it’s best not to be overstimulated or go to any extreme. Be conscious of taking it a little easy on yourself and everyone else around you as well. Today’s color is maroon.

Saturday: Sun in Cancer

The Sun moves to Cancer at 6:51 am, The Solstice. The first day of summer features an Aries Moon until 11:03 pm EDT. The Moon squares Jupiter in Cancer, sign of family and home, putting related matters front and center. Any conflicts or differences this square might bring up are tempered by Mercury in Gemini in harmony with Aries Moon. The influence is extroverted and focused on fun, meeting people and reuniting and being entertained. It’s a very social day and evening. The Moon is void of course from 6:24 pm until 11:03 pm and then moves to grounded, earth loving Taurus. Aries Moon favors the new including venturing into uncharted territory, having a spirit of adventure, and being in the moment.  This is a day to savor the experiences and enjoy people and let other things go! Sunday’s Taurus Moon is very enjoyable, in harmony with Sun, Neptune and Pluto. Be outdoors, feel uplifted and confident, and allow a romantic or sentimental feeling to take over the day. Saturday’s color is white, one of Cancer’s colors. Sunday’s color is green.



                     Weekly June 9th to 15th, 2014

Monday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon moves into Scorpio at 6:38 am EDT. Mercury retrograde in Cancer and Neptune are in harmony with the Moon. Over the next couple of days it's natural to feel sentimental, romantic, or even experience some melancholy. If regrets come up, decide if there's anything you can do about them now or not. Mercury retrograde is often a time we seek reconciliation or forgiveness. Move into those areas tenderly and without commitment. Try something on for size and decide if the relationship truly suits you once the retrograde is over, in July.  Creativity soars under these aspects. Channel emotion into art and music, journaling or redesign of your space.  Today's color is indigo blue.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon opposes Venus

The Moon is opposite Venus, the planet of love. In relationships, this intensifies strong feelings from passion to envy.  Try to stay on the positive side of things. In disagreements or conflicts in relationship, assure others of your loyalty or fidelity for best results.  Energy in fixed signs Taurus and Scorpio, including Saturn, increase stubbornness and it might be hard to get out of a stuck way of thinking or approaching problems.  Think differently rather than try the old way that hasn't been successful. During Mercury retrograde, try things out without permanent plans. As long as it's not an enormous risk, go about something completely differently. For example, if a certain relationship (even at work) is always very tense and serious, try humor.  If you always help and give and become overextended, create more time for yourself and less work by declining this time. Maybe you can find someone else to pitch in or offer an alternate plan for another time.  Saturn meets the Moon and this can have a heavy influence. Saturn rules the bones so old injuries or scars may be more obvious. Take good care of yourself today.  At 10:21 pm the Moon is void of course until 11:23 am Wednesday. Wear maroon (any darker shades of red will do).

Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon is void of course until 11:23 am and those hours are best for personal time and routine tasks. People may be preoccupied. Try not to misunderstand if someone seems to not have time or attention for you this morning.  The Sagittarius Moon shifts things into travel and movement mode! There are no major angles with planets or the Sun, but Mercury is calling us back to familiar places or out to the road even if there's no clear destination in mind.  Pick up a good book, pursue a new interest or a former hobby, and have a spirit of adventure.  With Mercury retrograde in Cancer, revisiting family business may be necessary. See something with new eyes today. We are warming up for a Friday Full Moon. Wear purple.

Thursday: Sagittarius Full Moon

Fiery energy all around as the Moon interacts with Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra and the Moon is Full at 12:11 am tomorrow (so essentially, tonight). Things and people may seem to move fast, be unpredictable and ever changing.  Explore alternative approaches or ways of solving problems. Unusual ideas may be appealing. One thing you may notice today is that people may be unrealistic or act too quickly without enough information.  Some freedom will be appreciated, whether it's in the manner of doing things or some getaway time.  Not everyone is likely to show up for whatever reason or even unannounced.  Gemini, this is a relationship Full Moon. Aquarius, friendship and love are two Full Moon words for you! Sagittarius, an important personal priority is highlighted though these things may require patience or much effort now.  Venus and Saturn oppose tonight in Taurus/Scorpio and some recurrent vibes from the last Full Moon might be felt in long term relationships especially for those two signs, Cancer and Capricorn. Today's color is yellow.

Friday: Full Moon

The Full Moon in Sagittarius happens at 12:11 am exactly. The Moon is void of course as most of us begin the day, Venus is opposite Saturn and the Moon is opposite Mercury too. It might seem like lots of things are pending and stirred up. The Moon moves to Capricorn at 1:04 pm EDT and opposes Mercury retrograde this afternoon. Cancer and Capricorn get a blast from the past that is likely related to significant other or something very personal. Full Moon time leads to peaks and conclusions. Mercury retrograde may delay final resolutions this month though. Some relationships may take a break, some may find freedom to do something different without splitting up or taking time off. Sagittarius is a sign of movement, and travels will be appealing now.  It might even seem like no one is staying in one place long enough for a solid conversation. There's an elusive quality that may be exaggerated right now.  Capricorn Moon begins the weekend and can help ground us some, but Mars is approaching a square to Pluto which tends to flare up recurring patterns and problems that haven't been resolved. Today's color is white.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon begins to wane. Ground in work, repairs, improvements, especially around home and business. Get back to unfinished projects. Keep spending minimal. Leave the right to change your mind. Take a practical and organized approach in both personal and work situations. Relax socially. Nothing too crazy today. Recharge. Black.

Sunday: Aquarius Moon 

The Moon moves into Aquarius at 1:27 pm. Aquarius is a thinker and during Aquarius Moon time, looking for inventive approaches is favored. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet responsible for breaking things down to recreate or rebuild differently. There are no major aspects from other planets today once the Moon is in Aquarius. It’s a good day to consider whether things need to be scaled down or expanded upon. Are you going to one extreme or the other? If so, finding some middle ground may ease any situation that’s seems imbalanced. Aquarius is the sign of community and good friends. It’s a social day and large gatherings may be appealing. Turquoise blue is today’s color.


                        Weekly June 2nd to 8th , 2014

Monday: Leo Moon

The Leo Moon interacts with Venus, Mars and the Sun. Dynamic energy between people may result in collaborations, partnerships, new friendships, and social events.  Venus squares the Sun from Taurus bringing career news or opportunity Leo's way, home related focus like moving, renovations or family time for Taurus. Gemini, you may mix family travel with other business or a chance to train in new skills. Cancer, work relationships may be supportive and collaborative.  Tonight is meant for meeting with friends, having business type gatherings or doing creative work.  Today's color is gold.

Tuesday: Void Moon in Leo

The Moon is void of course from 10:42 am to 10:20 am EDT tomorrow. This 24 hours is great if you have adventures, road trips, creative but flexible work project, or free time! Structure may be more difficult to stick with. Procrastination is likely, and though Saturn reminds of obligations, things that are not appealing may be pushed aside for another time. We are also very close to Mercury retrograde and it might seem like a good idea to wait on things. Trust your instincts. Changes in schedule and unexpected news can be an effect of the Moon and Uranus also. Be social, do something fun, bring a light hearted attitude with you and "be the rainbow in someone's cloud." (Maya Angelou) Boost Leo optimism and playfulness wherever it counts! Today's color is purple. 

Wednesday: Virgo Moon

The Moon moves to Virgo at 10:20 am. Prepare and plan in the morning. Have the more important conversations, meetings, and put plans into action after 10:20 am. Venus in Taurus joins forces with Neptune in Pisces for a daydreamy, romantic, and flexible vibe. The Virgo Moon and Mercury are more about the schedules, details and practical things of life. Either can be your priority and take care of one at a time.  Mercury is close to retrograde so do things you're willing to edit or adapt in July. Trial runs are good.  Today's color is navy blue.

Thursday: Virgo Moon 2nd Quarter

The Virgo Moon leads us into a busy day. Dreams may be active or unusual overnight. That's Neptune! Venus, Pluto and Saturn are in harmony with the Moon for business related to people and things we care about and are responsible for including older relatives and parents.  Venus may also involve relationship decisions and priorities especially for Capricorn, Scorpio, and Taurus. Find ways to enjoy time together even if it's under important or serious circumstances. Recognize and appreciate people you rely on or work well with. It's a day to help each other out.  The Moon and Sun square and information or news is complex, may require processing, and may be a reason to wait on a significant decision, if you can.  Today's color is brown.

Friday: Void Moon in Virgo

The Moon aligns with Jupiter at 5:13 am EDT and is then void of course until Libra Moon at 10:01 pm EDT. The Jupiter effect is helpful, healing, and oriented toward learning and an open mind. Otherwise, this is not the ideal day for business. Focus on pleasure, relationships, and productive but easy ways to organize time and energy. Routines are worth following. New systems or material may not be easy to implement. The Sun and Uranus add excitement and lots of news to the day. Spontaneous changes and