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"It's a wise person who rules the stars, it's a Fool who's ruled by them" Darrell Martinie

Robin's Zodiac Zone is an astrological mapping guide. Choose your own journey freely.

April 27th to May 3rd, 2017

Thursday: Just past New Moon, this is an energized, active time. Mercury retrograde can put a hold on something or cause a bit of indecision, but you can still lay groundwork, consider options, do routine tasks and perhaps enjoy creative process without rushing. Taurus Moon lines up with Venus, ending her journey in Pisces, and with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Going back to unfinished business, personal or professional makes sense. Can you find different perspective and possibilities this time? Taurus Moon void 9:18 pm to 9:39 pm EDT and then shifts to changeable Gemini. Today's color is Blue.


Friday: Gemini Moon meets Mars. Stay busy and productive, write, create and keep the body working so the mind doesn't move into overanalyzing mode. Avoid arguments since Mars could heat up verbal exchanges.  Mercury and Uranus meet in Aries, which can also be overly aggressive or disruptive verbally. Events and news occur swiftly. Last minute plans may work out or drive you mad. Venus moves into Aries, sparking new interests in people or projects and possibilities. Today's color is Pink.

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Saturday: Gemini Moon in harmony with Mercury and Uranus, two of yesterday's active planets. Life might be a roller coaster especially in terms of plans and communication. What was true or seemed to be may not seem the same today. Changes of mind, miscommunication, and the dual nature of Gemini feed into all of that. However, maybe today things seem easier or happen with more flow.  Important debates takes place as the Moon opposes Saturn retro in Sagittarius. Listen to each other and don't steam roll over others' words or values.  Void Moon 5:28 pm to 9:48 pm EDT. Cancer Moon moves in and squares Venus in Aries. Differences in love style may lead to a stalemate, or with understanding may lead to compromises.  White is today's color.


Sunday: Cancer Moon aligns with the Taurus Sun and Neptune in Pisces. Being empathetic, understanding, nurturing, creative, and loyal will put you in harmony with the universe. At 11:23 pm EDT, the Moon squares Jupiter. Be fair in your dealings and in how you treat others, especially family.  Today's color is Light Blue. 

Deep Stretch at Greener Postures Yoga South Portland 5:30-6:45 pm


Monday: Cancer Moon starts out initially cranky or challenged by Pluto retrograde's opposition and by squares with Mercury retro and Uranus in Aries. According to these aspects, there's a lot to be somehow addressed or dealt with. Compassion may not come easily.  Aggravation could be consuming. Breathe well and remember the problem is temporary. Void Moon 4:23 pm until 12:12 am overnight (EDT, so adjust to your zone) Today's color is Lavender.

Heated Flow at Greener Postures Yoga South Portland 6-7 am


Tuesday: Leo Moon starts at 12:12 am EDT. Purple is today's color. Be loyal and loving as the Moon and Venus align. Accept generous offers or help. Moon and Mars align to get things accomplished or for fun and socializing.  Moon and Sun square for a day where progress is valued. This is the final full day of Mercury retrograde. Purple is today's color. 

Gentle Yoga at Scarborough (Maine) Yoga 9:30-10:30 am


Wednesday: Leo Moon aligns with Mercury in Aries, direct at 12:33 pm. Jupiter and Uranus are also in harmony with the Moon. The Sun and Neptune are in harmony, and the Sun is Leo's ruling planet. Qualities of Leo, like talent, generosity, creativity, and optimism, activate. You may feel surprisingly good (I hope so!). Do be willing to ease in to new situations on this day when Mercury stations. Don't rush, but do see the light at the end! Today's color is Yellow. 


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Save Thursday, June 22nd 5:30-7 pm for outdoor yoga in downtown Portland. Live music will accompany our RoZoYo Solstice practice.

Mark 4th Thursdays of June, July, August and September for Robin's Zodiac Yoga with local, live musicians this season. 


Yoga Nidra at Greener Postures this month will be Friday, May 19th 6-7 pm. 


Peace on Earth. Robin


April 20th to 26th, 2017


Thursday: Pluto retrograde begins. Pluto spends about 5 months a year retrograde, so it's not uncommon. The effects are more internal than external. A cleanse, purging the brain or body, may be due. You may need to conquer a fear or banish negative thoughts or scary dreams.  Pluto retrograde is a process that results in transformation. Be careful of holding things in and keeping secrets that could harm you or other people. A downside of Pluto retro could be obsession. An upside could be renewal through cleansing.  Pluto is retro until September 28th.  Meanwhile, Mercury retro backtracks into Aries for some revision and rethinking as well as reconnections with more people or places from your past.  If you're born at the late Aries dates, Mercury saunters past the Sun in your birth chart and potentially impacts your thinking and your actions in the days ahead. In Aries, the Sun meets Mercury today and the Moon in Aquarius lines up geometrically with Jupiter retro in Libra. It's a people oriented day, good for sharing ideas. The Sun and Mercury lead to expressiveness, leadership, and announcements.  Today's color is Violet.


Friday: Mars moves to Gemini at 6:32 am EDT. The Moon and Mars form a square at 4:13 pm EDT, activating both emotional and intellectual intelligences. Effort and understanding are required as you work through a problem or creative process. Venus squares Saturn continuing a relationship theme of the past few weeks. Venus is now direct and Saturn pushes for mature and wise decisions about partnership. The Moon moves from Aquarius to Pisces after a short void of course time 2:23 to 3:43 pm EDT and forms 4 sextiles along the way today. Sextiles are easygoing, harmonious 60 degree angles. Put your energy where results are most likely since some things will manifest readily now. Today's color is White.


Saturday: Quick refresher! With so much change and several retrogrades, here's the current lineup: Sun in Taurus, Mercury retrograde in Aries, Venus direct in Aries, Mars in Gemini, Jupiter retro in Libra, Saturn retro in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto retro in Capricorn. The retrogrades lead us to focus inward and back in time. Reoccurrences, reconnections, and reasons to revise are present themes. Take your time and move thoughtfully and as slowly as you need to. Pisces Moon meets Neptune and feelings, dreams and imagination are active. Trust could be an issue, as could escapist tendencies.  Creative peaks and lack of dependability are likely. Blue is today's color.


Sunday: Pisces Moon aligns with Pluto and squares Saturn. Serious issues, thoughts and personal matters are a focus.  Understanding, compassion and moderation are helpful. If your inner critic and self judgment are speaking too loudly, consider a meditation or talk with a trusted friend or family member to put things in perspective.  From 5:34 to 8:32 pm EDT, the Moon is void of course and then shifts to Aries, meets Venus, and aligns with Mars in Gemini for strong interpersonal connections. This could be a good date night, and first meetings are favored. You may also work on a business partnership or collaboration successfully with these aspects.  Tomorrow begins similarly. Pink is today's color.


Monday: Aries Moon opposite Jupiter retro in Libra. Also, Mercury retro in Aries trine to Saturn retro in Sagittarius. Be careful about false starts. The intention and impulse may be there before the conditions are 'right'.  Try not to push too hard. Growth and change are in the works, but are you in too much of a hurry? Consider options and stick with flexible plans and solutions.  Today's color is Red.


Tuesday: New Moon is on Wednesday, and this day prior lends itself to reflection, rethinking and clearing clutter.  If you're cleaning and organizing, don't toss things mindlessly during Mercury retrograde. Instead sort and make piles or boxes to look at in May. Clear mental excess with meditation. It's easy to find good, guided meditations online. Use healing sound like crystal bowls or chimes if you prefer that to spoken word.  I posted a Simple Meditation you can try, on soundcloud (free site, free listening, and p.s. Higher quality audio meditations coming this summer.) Moon conjunction with Uranus and Mercury has the mind working overtime, and we may need to quiet or calm our reactions through unusual or surprising events or news today. At 5:53 pm the Moon trines Saturn and moves void of course until 9:56 pm EDT. The serious nature of decisions and even thoughts is in focus. This is a natural time to be revising your philosophy of life or changing life plans.Taurus Moon moves in, preparing the way for New Moon at 8:16 am EDT on Wednesday. Today's color is Yellow.


Wednesday: New Moon in Taurus. Neptune is the only planet aligning with the Moon today. Generally this feels easygoing, and both creative and methodical. Make art, dance and be physical, connect with nature, water and earth. Spend time or energy in the garden, or build. Usually a new Moon in Taurus leads to long term decisions, however with Mercury retrograde it may be best to slow down. Develop a plan of action and take your time. Keep focus on a goal and on prosperity, and let the events unfold naturally. Watch for opportunities and keep your mind open.  Today's color is White.


Taurus by Dali


April 13th to 19th, 2017

Thursday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn and opposes Mars in Taurus. The tendency is to stick with your opinions and what you believe in. Spiritual beliefs and intuition are heightened. It's not a good day to have to state your case or convince someone to change their mind. Stay centered. Romance is also favored*. Today's color is Indigo.


Friday: Scorpio Moon void of course from 12:18 am EDT to 6:27 am, a good time for dreaming. Dream states are stimulated as is instinct and intuition. Moon and Venus align so it could be a romantic night.* Sagittarius Moon for the rest of Friday and Saturday, and the Sun meets Uranus in Aries. Situations will be surprising, newsworthy and in some cases wild or out of control. Genius ideas come. Write things down to follow up on later. Capture the moment or the inspiration in some way.  There's a bold and impulsive streak present.  Make sure actions won't come back to 'bite you' in the future. Magnetic attractions occur at times like this, and Aries you're in the midst of that. Today's color is Red. 


Saturday: Venus is direct again, in Pisces, at 6:18 am. Relationship, love, and partnership matters are highlighted for weeks ahead. Fresh starts and new love is favored. Mercury is still retrograde, however.  One on one relationships may smooth out or become exciting and vibrant, but remember to keep communication clear. Promises are better saved for after May 3rd. Sag Moon square to Neptune in Pisces and in harmony with Jupiter retro in Libra. Uncertainty, delays, and reasons to renegotiate or change plans make today feel a bit unstable. Consider what is most fair to all parties. Today's color is Light Blue.


Sunday: In the midst of Passover and Easter Sunday, the Moon changes signs, from Sag to Capricorn at 7:05 pm. Void Moon from 2:26 to 7:05 pm EDT. Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Mercury and meets Saturn for an eventful day. Important topics come up, though final decisions are best saved for May. However, you can find temporary solutions or decide to try something out successfully during Mercury retro. Be willing to negotiate and explore.  Moon square to Venus and Venus in harmony with Mars makes relationships interesting and top of mind. Good chemistry between Venus and Mars is helpful especially to Pisces and Taurus and their Scorpio and Virgo partners. New and interesting romantic or creative partnerships light up for Scorpio and Capricorn.  People may very well be getting along better. Mixed feelings are an undercurrent, and it's fine to keep a bit of healthy skepticism as to how things will go. Live in the moment and take people as they come and as they are today. Reunions of all sorts are characteristic of this time period. Today's color is Green.


Monday: Capricorn Moon, and the Aries Sun aligns with Capricorn ruling planet, Saturn. Structure is a key theme. Organize, and if you're clearing things out, be thoughtful. Mercury is retro, so if you're uncertain just makes piles and hang onto things until you feel sure they're no longer wanted. The Sun and Saturn put structure around ideas and plans. You can lay some really great groundwork for a plan you hope to launch this spring or summer. Put in the effort. Be up front and honest. Today's color is Yellow. 


Tuesday: The Moon and Pluto meet in Capricorn. Moon also squares Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra. Those cardinal sign squares often hit hot buttons. Try not to be triggered by 'old stuff'. Leadership needs come up. Who's ready to get past a fear or uncertainty and move the group forward? Overdue recognitions or promotions will come for some of you. Mercury is retro, but don't let that stop you. Just proceed with an open mind. Today's color is Black.


Wednesday: Capricorn Moon void from 5:57 am to 6:52 am EDT (very short void Moon). Aquarius Moon sets in then. The Sun spends a few more hours in Aries season and moves to Taurus at 5:27 pm EDT. This is the cusp day. Moon aligns with Venus and Mars on the overnight/early hours, and squares the Sun and Mercury retrograde in Taurus.  If you're dissatisfied, do something other than complaining. Avoid gossip. Use facts to back up statements or documentation.  Today is meant for methodical and logical thinking and problem solving. Wear Turquoise.


Full Moon Restorative Yoga on July 8th at Maine YogaFest at East End Community School Grounds in Portland, Maine. This workshop is filling up quickly already. 

Follow Robin Ivy Payton and Maine YogaFest on instagram 

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See the rest of my schedule at www.rozoyo.com/yoga


Happy Spring!



April 6th to 13th, 2017

Thursday: Saturn retrograde starts at 1:06 am EST. Certain life matters, reflection on aging and the wisdom of experience require processing time now. Educational decisions and plans may be harder than you'd expect and we could experience travel restrictions on a global level. Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy, freedom, global travel and higher education. Patience could be wise and necessary during this period, especially when Mercury is also retrograde starting Sunday. Leo Moon void of course  from 8:16 pm to Friday 12:20 am EST. Many aspects of the Moon include themes of longevity, loyalty, promises and commitments. Be true to your word. With Mars trine Pluto, determination comes from deep inside. Be authentic and honorable with your motivation and motives. Today's color is Indigo.

Friday: Virgo Moon 12:20 am EST, trine to Mercury on the brink of retrograde. Temporary problem solving and versatile thinking will help until more permanent plans can be made.  The Sun opposes Jupiter, emphasizing self interests vs partnership, individuality vs compromise, and equality and harmony in the processes. Are you overdoing or going too far or pressuring someone? Determine what needs to be done now and what can wait, in terms of both actions and discussions. Taking a step back may be helpful. Today's color is Brown.

Saturday: Virgo Moon with multiple aspects. Be practical as much as possible. Stay close to the earth and grounded in tasks or creations.  Venus squares Saturn retrograde. As we move toward Libra Full Moon, love, partnership, and one on one relationships where there's (supposed to be) interdependence and co-ownership come strongly into focus. If there's imbalance and disharmony, situations will peak and feel the stress required to break them down or push to change.  The Sun squares Pluto. Conflicting ideas, matters of who's in charge and power plays come up with that square. Be wary of  manipulative actions and behavior during this period of time (all week). It might feel like you're just spinning the wheels and going nowhere, in which case it makes more sense to pause and conserve your energy. Black is today's color. 

Sunday: Mercury retrograde starts, lasting until May 3rd. Use extra care with schedules, details, and choice of words. Matters of stability and security are likely to create anxiety or stress of another kind. Uncertainty is a challenge, and temporary plans are more advised than permanent decisions. It's not the best time for final word on anything.  Libra Moon starts at 8:34 am EST after about 4 hours void of course. The Virgo Moon prior is opposite Venus and square to Saturn (both are retrograde), challenging us in relationship matters. Full Moon warmup is on too. The intensity level is peaking all the way around. Today's color is Lavender.

Monday: Full Moon will be exact on Tuesday EST at 2:08 am (so for Pacific time it's technically on Monday). It's in Libra, sign of justice, balance and partners. Today the Moon meets Jupiter in Libra. This Full Moon has a theme of growth in love and partnership, also whether you can grow together or not.  All relationship matters, concerns, or collaborations are spotlighted during this Full Moon. Aim for realism, fair outcomes, and mutual respect as well as maximum potential. What is your relationship concern or message? The first thing that comes to mind is probably the area to contemplate. remember all this retrograde activity makes it a better time to explore and experiment rather than make a long term change. Can you sit with your feelings during this Full Moon? Can you avoid reacting too recklessly or impulsively? In some cases you've done that and it's time. But give yourself a 'minute' in intense situations. There's a good deal of change in the air. take it slow. Today's color is White.

Tuesday: Full Moon in Libra opposes the Sun and Uranus and is sextile to Saturn. Some news will seems to come from out of the blue, and there could be impulsive moves (though that's not recommended.) If you find yourself in a surprising situation or conversation, stop, observe, and use your finest judgement before responding. The Moon is void at 2:19 pm EST, and moves to Scorpio at 8:42 pm EST. Major decisions are not recommended today. Do meet a deadline and try not to stir up emotional matters. Quiet, reflective or relaxed time is a plus. This Full Moon is about relationship, but it's not very romantic. Problem solving together could bring you closer though. Today's color is Blue.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon, just beyond Full, opposes Mercury retrograde in Taurus. Stubbornness and stuck points seem to dominate.  Try not to give all your energy to something unchanging and unmoving now. Determine how energy is most effectively spent, including on rest, personal priorities and creative process as the Moon and Neptune align. You may need to shut the world out for a while. Privacy is valued today. Wear dark red, like Maroon. 



March 30th to April 5th, 2017

Thursday: Taurus Moon meets Mars, headstrong and persistent.  Opinions will be hard to change. Expect long term results of what you act on. Jupiter squares Pluto in Libra and Capricorn. Wisdom comes from soul searching. Some will skip the soul centered approach in favor of pushing agendas and manipulating their way through situations instead.  Overpowering energy and force are to be contended with. Stay centered in what you know to be right.  Avoid any tendency to go too far.  At 7:12 pm EDT the Moon moves void of course until 12:40 pm on Friday. Do routine tasks and physical exercise or work.  Today's color is Blue.


Friday: Change is a key concept as the void of course Moon shifts into mutable Gemini at 12:40 pm EDT. Morning is for easygoing routines.  Mercury moves to Taurus at 1:31 pm and changes the mindset. Ideas and plans will change as Mercury rules our minds and communication. Long term decisions are in fashion. The Moon sextile Venus retrograde in Aries leads to flirtation, interesting reconnections, and good talks with old friends.  People will appreciate choices rather than directives. Focus is not today's strongest suit.  Wear Green.


Saturday: Gemini Moon aligns with the Sun and with Jupiter. Optimistic and centered on interactions with others, this Gemini Moon favors socials, meetings, gatherings and mingling.  The Moon squares Neptune so there is a duplicity or shadow side you may feel sensitive to. Use strong judgment about who or what to trust. Today's color is Yellow.


Sunday: Venus is retrograde until April 15th, moving back into Pisces at 8:25 pm EDT, emphasizing reasons to take a close look at our relationship dynamics.  How can you improve your one on one relationships? Does it begin with communication or self improvement or a change in habits? Reflect on love and partnership to re-align anything out of sync or imbalanced. Pink is today's color. 


Monday: Cancer Moon, 2nd quarter, signals a time to feel progress. Multiple aspects between planets could create mixed feelings. Nurture those you love, confront your own fears, be ready to think quickly yet not react defensively. Protectiveness and sensitivity are predominant energies during this Cancer Moon. Wear Light Blue.


Tuesday: Cancer Moon until 6:13 pm, void of course from 4:45 pm EDT until then. Cancer Moon squares Uranus which may start the day off with anxiety or uncertainty. Cancer Moon aligns with Venus retrograde in Pisces for revisiting emotions and relationships. It's a sentimental time.  Leo Moon moves in for socializing, though you 'll want to avoid disagreements tonight. Avoid a needless war of words.  Today's color is Purple.


Wednesday: Leo Moon powers up this period between New and Full Moon. A couple of purposeful days in a row lead to action, movement toward goals, and binding agreements. The fixed nature of Leo, resulting in loyalty and promises, combines with the Aries Sun, fiery and full of initiative. Mercury in Taurus squares the Moon for persistent effort and tough but effective negotiations. Be willing to work on the details and sort through differences to get to the heart of a matter and resolve it before Mercury retrograde (and just before Saturn is retrograde too). Today's color is Gold. 


Sun over Portland, Maine (photography credit unknown)

March 23rd to 29th, 2017

This Saturday is New Moon Yoga with Live Drumming at Greener Postures in South Portland. Todd Glacy will play live drum and gong during this warrior and hero themed practice. 1:30-3:30 pm


Thursday: Aquarius Moon compatible with Venus and the Sun in Aries. Think new and different. Approach a relationship or group meeting with fresh ideas and perspective.  Don't assume nothing has changed. The Moon and Mars are square in fixed signs for long term implications of what we do today. Mercury is square to Pluto, and that could make you overthink or feel anxious.  Be truthful with yourself and do not challenge those in authority unless you are very confident in the outcome. Today's color is Turquoise.


Friday: Mercury opposes Jupiter as the Aquarius Moon aligns with that same planet. Mercury and uranus are in harmony with the Moon. There are qualities of quickness and vastness at work. Things happen fast and in larger than life ways. Surprises occur on days like this. Aim for agreement and get out of stubborn patterns or disagreements. Where there's will, there are ways. Today's color is Blue.


Saturday: Void Moon 1:56 to 6:06 am and then Moon to Pisces. Careful in those wee hours. Sun and Venus together are hopeful, sexy, energetic and exciting. It's a good day for a date or any sort of new adventure or experience.  Orange is today's color.


Sunday: Pisces Moon sextile to Mars in Taurus and in conjunction with Neptune. Love, romance, sensitivity and versatility result. Mercury meets Uranus for wild ideas and exciting interactions. Do be intentional with words and keep tempers in check. New Moon is tomorrow, so examine your motivations and plan for next moves now.  Today's color is Pink.


Monday: Pisces Moon void of course 6:19 to 10:11 am EDT. Those hours may be confusing or spacey. Where do you need to be then? Set your alarm or write yourself a prominent note rather than miss something.  Mars meets Neptune in Pisces for dynamic art and enhanced imagination. Create something stunning.  New Moon is 10:57 pm EDT, 7:57 pm Pacific. It's a big New Moon for courageous and brave moves. This is truly like a new year. Resolve to act on your strongest will and passions. Be heroic, even for yourself. Red is today's color.


Tuesday: New Moon energy fills the day. Act even in the face of fear as Moon squares Pluto or the face of opposition as Jupiter is across in Libra. This is a good day for compromises and getting past something you consider a road block. Fairness is essential. Tonight, as things move fast use extra care and strong instincts. Wear White today.


Wednesday: Void Moon 8:07 am to 11:48 am EDT. Take care of routine tasks. Surprising news could take over the early hours after Moon met Uranus and Mercury during the night and early morning. Saturn aligns with the Moon and with Mercury for serious solutions and important discussions or documents today. Taurus Moon for agreements that not only last but will be very difficult to change or break later.  Know what you're doing. Keep your promises. Today's color is Yellow. 

March 16th to 22nd, 2017


Thursday: Scorpio Moon in harmony with Neptune. Today is best spent with creative projects and ideas. Use visualization and imagination to create in the present or pave the way for what's ahead. Be persistent and gentle at the same time. Feelings count, so treat others with care.  Light Blue is today's color.


Friday: Moon aligns with Pluto and the Sun. Decide with confidence. Deal with a fear in productive ways. Move past something that's been holding you back. The Sun and Saturn square and life direction may cause strain and feel like a big issue. Yet, some things will happen more easily than expected. Don't bother forcing things or trying to tell someone what to do. There will be resistance where there's excessive pressure. Agreements can be worked out as long as freedoms are not being recklessly taken away or infringed upon. It's St Patrick's Day but it doesn't really look like a 'party day". Void Moon is 5:56 to 11:00 pm EDT. Watch out for your friends and your belongings since things could get 'carried away' then. Sagittarius Moon begins at 11 pm on the east coast. Purple is today's color.


Saturday: Mercury and Venus meet in Aries. Sparks fly, Instant connections are made. Both planets harmonize with the sagittarius Moon. Take a chance on someone (safely of course). Have an adventure. Meet new people. Lighten responsibilities or feelings surrounding them. The Moon squares Neptune. Be careful not to let escapism ruin good fun. Honor the limits that make sense. Today's color is Red.


Sunday: Sagittarius Moon harmony with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. We're likely to do things up big. There's a wild streak and a tendency to be excessive today. Some of us could feel anxious or need reassurance especially with quickly changing circumstances. Wear the color Turquoise and keep moderation in mind.


Monday: At 6:29 am the Sun moves to Aries and spring begins! It's 4th quarter Moon, void of course from  6:37 to 11: 21 am EDT before the quarter marker at 11:58 am EDT. Adjust to your time zone. It's a time of sorting and shedding and making way for the new. Moon meets Saturn for serious and potentially hard choices. Capricorn Moon sets in and squares the Sun in Aries. Power, authority and courage are themes. Warrior New Moon is on the 27th, Monday. This week determine what you are willing to stand up for and what's non negotiable, for examples. Today's color is White.


Tuesday: Capricorn Moon is for getting priorities taken care of and resolved. Take care with communicating well and with anything that would affect personal relationships as the Moon squares Mercury and Venus. Avoid being impulsive with statements and in conversations or disagreements for example. Be tactful. Neptune and Mars support the Moon with a balance of creative sensibility and willingness to act. Today's color is Green.


Wednesday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon, void of course from 9:20 to 10:28 am EDT. Act with purpose and strong intention especially once Aquarius Moon sets in at 10:28 EDT. It's an inventive, forward thinking sign. If possible, get out of the Capricorn Moon zone before making long term decisions or experimenting with something new. That is especially true if what you're doing could make 'waves' with others.  The more today is a team effort, the better.  Today's color is Silver.


New Moon is Monday March 27th, and we'll get the body and spirit fully prepared and energized at Greener Postures South Portland. New Moon of the Warrior with Live Drumming and Gong by Todd Glacy on Saturday March 25th 1:30-3:30 pm. Find the workshop registration at Greener Postures Yoga or sign up in either studio.


March 9th to 15th, 2017

Special events on March 19th & 25th. New Moon Flow with Live Drumming at Greener Postures and Restorative Yoga with Reiki, Healing Sound and Aromatherapy at Scarborough Yoga.

Energize or relax and restore! What do you need in order to reset for the spring season? We've got you covered!

Local healers joining me include Adrienne Powers Johnson offering Reiki on March 19th. Todd Glacy plays drum and gong on March 25th. You haven't lived til you're bathed in the sounds of the gong. Come partake! Sign up in either GP studio or simply login online and register.


Thursday: Mars in Taurus begins at 7:34 pm ET until April 21st. This is a goal oriented period focused on the long term and results. This is a sensual sign for Mars. The Sun is aligned with Pluto in Pisces/Capricorn. Be creative with organizing and other changes or announcements. Add style to your work. Leo Moon aligns with Venus retrograde in Aries. Get back with an old friend or revisit a romantic relationships without big expectations.  Today's color is Orange.


Friday: Leo Moon void of course 12:06 to 5:07 pm ET. Morning is active and productive. Jupiter and Uranus align with the Moon for growth, spontaneity and good feelings. Intentional agreements are well accomplished as Saturn and the Moon harmonize at 12:06 pm ET. Void hours are better for easygoing or routine work and play. Virgo Moon aligns with Mars in Taurus for a cozy night or evening out with familiar faces and surroundings.  Think comfort zone. Today's color is Navy Blue.


Saturday: Virgo Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces. Themes of the recent Pisces solar eclipse may be evident. Changes move to the next level. Honesty and compassion are thematic, one extreme or the other. Question or use caution on what your intuition says is not quite right. The Moon is Full (Sunday morning) so anything could reach a saturation or peak level now. Meet a due date. Green is today's color.


Sunday: Daylight Savings begins at 2 am in the USA. We set the clocks ahead. Full Moon in Virgo is 10:54 am. There are many aspects during this Full Moon. Saturn and Mercury push for compromises and agreements to be finalized. Mercury in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon interacts with each. Progress requires effort during this Full Moon. Void time begins 10:36 pm ET. White is today's color.


Monday: Libra Moon 1:28 am ET. Mercury moves to Aries at 5:07 pm. Mercury in Aries is time for making plans and going forth with previous plans or announcements of what's new, now until March 31st. Mercury retrograde for a few weeks begins April 9th. There's no time like right now if you're dealing with details and decisions. File taxes before April 9th, as much as a week before is even better.  Moon opposite Venus retro inspires a review of relationship status and how well relationships are working.  Today's color is Pink.


Tuesday: Libra Moon meets Jupiter, squares Pluto and opposes Uranus. A complex variety of aspects. Work hard, play fair, hope for the best.  Try not to get caught up in anxiety or drama. Today's color is Blue.

March 2nd to 8th, 2017

Express your self with a tshirt or wristband that represents your passion, the cause, race or person you go to the mat for. Dig deep into the warrior tradition through astrology, mythology, personal reflection and postures of heroes, heroines, and warriors on a mission. Pink pussy hats, SheJams attire, Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons and other themed clothing or adornments can inspire others and make your practice colorful. You decide. Or your usual yoga clothes will do.

Todd Glacy will play live drums and gong. Extended deep rest as you're bathed in sound.

Let's fuel our passions together and connect with the warrior spirit, in the most positive and productive sense.

Saturday, March 25th at Greener Postures South Portland during the Aries New Moon. 1-3 pm

Sign up in either GP studio or simply login online and register.

In the wake of two February eclipses, this is a month of change and adjustment.

Thursday: Taurus Moon begins 2:43 am ET. Strong willed and influenced by imaginative Neptune and communicative Mercury. It's a great day to hunker down with a writing project. Write a speech or a book, craft the logic around an advertising pitch, or rehearse anything from a conversation to a performance. As Jupiter opposes Uranus, we could be rattled by news. Think moderate and give yourself time to think before responding or reacting.  Aries and Libra, that opposition is in your sign and may be felt in relationship. Today's color is Yellow.


Friday: Taurus Moon aligns with Pisces Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. Void of course Moon begins at 10:20 am. It's a good day for most things, though during void of course Moon pause to make sure of your decisions and especially your purchases. Look for value over time and for quality, and invest accordingly. Today's color is Blue.


Saturday: Venus retrograde begins. In relationships, you may notice a return to anything unresolved. People may come back into your life or get back in touch.  These weeks are not recommended for cosmetic surgery or tattoos or other changes in appearance. Remember,' it's a wise person who rules the stars and a food who's ruled by them' and make your decisions accordingly. Venus is direct on April 15th. This period is uncertain for starting new romantic relationships though certainly I wouldn't rule that out if you're attracted. Be adaptable with forming relationships, in other words keep the expectations light and easy. At 5:05 am ET the Moon moves to Gemini for a social Saturday. Mercury and Neptune meet in Pisces for artists, intuition, and going with the flow.  Today's color is Pink.


Sunday: Gemini Moon with many aspects to planets and the Sun. Mars trine Saturn. Agreements and negotiations are worth time and effort. Even difficult subjects can be worked through with willing participation. Do put action behind your words and be on the lookout for those who are all talk. Today's color is Gold.


Monday: From 3:22 to 7:54 am ET, the Moon is void of course in Gemini. So if that's wake up and go time for you, make sure you remember appointments and items you need for the day. It's a forgetful time. Double check the alarm and other similar things. The morning could seem out of sorts or moody even as Cancer Moon arrives at 7:54 am. The Sun meets Mercury for an important business and news day. Business may be more personal. Sometimes Cancer Moon time leads to defensive and protective feelings and actions.  Today's color is White.


Tuesday: Cancer Moon with lots of activity and aspects. Challenges include fair decision making, protecting others and your own best interests, and facing fears and emotions.  On the plus side, creativity shines. Mercury and Pluto are aligning overnight, and this can be good for decisions, problem solving and intimate talks. Today's color is Light Blue.


Wednesday: See Mercury and Pluto info above ^. Discuss topics with sensitivity and willingness today. From 9:59 to 11:45 am ET, the Moon is void of course.  Cancer Moon squares Mars in Aries and conflicts of interest are evident and come up for resolution. Leo Moon from 11:45 am ET. Ask forgiveness or a favor then. Today's color is Purple.


New Moon of the Warrior Yoga with Live Drums Saturday, March 25th 1:30 pm at Greener Postures Yoga in South Portland, Maine (with Todd Glacy of Sacred Sound and Living) Channel your inner warrior. Where does your courage and strength lie? 

Join me Sunday, March 19th for a completely Restorative and Healing Yoga with Reiki at Scarborough Yoga with Reiki Healer Adrienne Powers Johnson. Aromatherapy option and crystal bowl and solfreggio forks sound healing. Advance sign ups only. www.scarboroughmaineyoga.com

Eclipse Blog

We're on our way to spring, officially on March 20th around 6:30 am ET.  Planets headed into Aries before the Sun this year. Mars and Venus fight and flirt, instigate and initiate, in the first sign right now, as we move through the Pisces eclipse that closes the Virgo/Pisces series that began in 2015.

Let's look at the essence of the solar eclipse for Sunday, February 26th. At 8 degrees of Pisces, it's symbol is a 'royal coat of arms'* and it's momentum is forward. Because it's Pisces, the 12th sign, there's a letting go and moving out of a cycle, making space and path for what's new and different. Pisces is a mutable sign, and that means adapting and changing.  Neptune's influence is potent, so creativity peaks. So do questions of duplicity and what's real. The eclipse will stimulate some deep or dark corners, in search of honesty and cleansing. We may have to sort through lies, false perceptions, and erase or let go of stories we've created to protect the fragile parts of us or those around us. Drugs that alter the mind or facilitate escapism fall under Neptune's domain, and events and activity related to addiction may peak with the eclipse. Some people will be presented with strong reason to change these habits and others that keep them from being truly authentic and truly free.

Mars meets Uranus in Aries on the same date. This is provocative, argumentative and volatile. It's quite different from the eclipse itself, however as the two combine forces, anxiety and over reactions will be common.  It's best not to engage in debates during this time. Do what you can to avoid an outburst or conflict. These two planets in Aries can increase violence and anger. Games and other competitive situations become serious and relentless.

The positive side of Mars in Aries is also present. Surprising action, more motivation, and pure passion can lead to discoveries and awakenings.

The solar eclipse marks a new time in life for Pisces and for Virgos born on the direct opposite side of the zodiac. The closer your birthday to February 26th or the 6 month marker on the other side, the more impactful you may find this eclipse.  That's you if you're born during the final days of August or earliest dates of September, August 28th being a median date.  Gemini and Sagittarius in the late dates of May/November and earliest of June/December also have the eclipse at interesting, impactful points for your Sun sign.

*As for the royal coat of arms, I see this as what you carry forward and how you represent yourself on this new journey. Notice what you wear on your sleeve, so to speak. What you make public and the parts of your experience you identify with most will impact how others respond to you as well as what you believe about yourself.  Is it time to redesign your 'coat of arms'? Do this actively by choosing 4 images you'd like to represent yourself with going forward. Draw it. Post them on my facebook page if you like.

Welcome change on an emotional level. Invite the new!


February 23rd to March 1st, 2017

Thursday: Void Moon in Capricorn until 12:27 pm ET. Do your best to be on time and accomplish what needs doing, but realize there will be distractions and possibly errors in judgment during those hours. Double check. Aquarius Moon and Mercury sextile Saturn. Agreements are better timed for after 12:27 pm. Negotiations and progressive decisions.  Today's color is Turquoise.


Friday: Waning Moon in Aquarius sextile Venus in Aries. Exciting and interesting meetings and dates. People oriented and forward thinking.  Today's color is Violet.


Saturday: Aquarius Moon void of course 1:11 pm to 7:24 pm ET, then in Pisces.  The Moon aligns with planets in Aries and with Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius and meets Mercury. An eventful, social day with good aspects for business, study, legal agreements, contracts and decisions. New Moon is Sunday, and normally this is a consideration and planning day. This month the dark Moon time is highly charged and active.  Silver is today's color.


Sunday: Pisces Solar Eclipse 9:58 am, and Neptune meets the Moon at 3:56 pm ET. Mars and Uranus meets in Aries. Be conscious, thoughtful, and minimize reactions. Give yourself time to pause as some events happen quite surprisingly and rapidly, not only today but in the days surrounding the eclipse.  Take your time. Honor feelings and emotions. Do creative, imaginative work or play. Act with compassion and sensitivity. Avoid altered states that cloud your judgment or could be dangerous, and avoid volatile people. White is today's color.


Monday: The eclipse is in action for days, even weeks. Keep that in mind.Pisces Moon. Mars opposes Jupiter. Seek fair and honest answers and solutions.  Moon squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Ask the tough questions, but ask nicely. You can be both clear and strong and also gentle or humble. Know your limits and what you stand for. From 6:08 to 11:52 pm the Moon is void of course, then enters Aries. Today's color is Pink.


Tuesday: Red is today's color as Aries Moon meets Venus for passionate actions, encounters and initiation.  New love may be exciting. The power of attraction is strong.  Notice what's changing or different.

February 16th to 22nd, 2017

Thursday: At 1:41 am ET, the Moon moves to Scorpio. Mercury and Mars align today and people will quickly jump to conclusions or decisions.  Scorpio Moon favors long lasting impacts so make sure you really mean what you say.  Original ideas and bursts of mental energy come out of this alignment as well. Today's color is Red.


Friday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Neptune and Pluto and squares Mercury in Aquarius. Wrestle with ideas and see if you can sort out any blocks in your path.  We may want more privacy and opportunity to focus and work quietly.  Void Moon begins at 2:38 pm ET. Today's color is Indigo. 


Saturday: The Sun moves to Pisces at 6:31 am ET. The Moon is void of course until 1:52 pm ET. Take the morning hours easy. Do something relaxing. Avoid shopping and detail oriented work. After 1:52 pm the Sagittarius Moon squares the Sun in Pisces. It'll be hard to pin down plans and get specific. People may be elusive. Have plan b and c just in case. Today's color is Purple. 


Sunday: Sagittarius Moon aligns with Venus and squares Neptune.  Have a romantic adventure or spur of the moment outing with a friend. Trust yourself above anyone else while you're at it. Today is not the best for having blind faith. Light blue is today's color. 


Monday: Plenty of activity and action with today's Sagittarius Moon meeting Saturn, aligned with Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Uranus.  Also Mercury and Uranus align in Aquarius and Aries. Settlements, outcomes, announcements, speedy solutions, and spontaneous decisions.  There's a lot going on and some of it will result in changes and judgments that have long been in the works. Void Moon 6:37 pm ET so finalize your decision before then (adjust to your own time zone). Today's color is Red.


Tuesday: Moon to Capricorn at 2:08 am ET. Mercury and Jupiter in harmony in Aquarius and Libra. This looks like a very productive day and a good time for sharing ideas, wisdom, and learning. Invent, open your mind, and connect with other people in the process. Moon and Sun are in complementary signs, Cap & Pisces.  Draw upon each others' strengths.  Green is today's color.


Wednesday: Today is about pushing boundaries. Strength and limitations will be tested. Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn (one of a number of squares today), and leadership may change. Fears will confronted or stirred and courage is put to the test.  Capricorn Moon squares Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. We'll be dealing with the unforeseen.  Today's color is Black. 

February 9th to 15th, 2017

Thursday: The Moon moves to Leo at 4:41 ET, opposite Mercury in Aquarius and in harmony with Venus and Mars in Aries. Themes include the heart, compromise and communication in relationships, and passionate love.  The Leo Moon is Full with a lunar eclipse at 7:33 pm on Friday night. Sun sextile Uranus makes new ideas and connections exciting. Feelings of infatuation prevail. Creative and romantic peaks as well as strong impulses toward long term change are in the forecast. Today's color is Purple.


Friday: Lunar eclipse in Leo is the first eclipse of 2017, accelerating change and delivering surprises. This is a heart opening and awakening eclipse. Completions and final announcements are to be expected.  How do you want to live a more dynamic, heart centered life? Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries support the Leo Moon with elements of growth, justice, learning and sense of adventure or faith to move forward. Venus and Mercury align for social connections, important conversations and willingness to venture into new territory emotionally or otherwise. White is today's color.


Saturday: Void of course Moon 12:52 am to 9:52 am ET. Virgo Moon grounds us in the reality of change on the physical plane, adding to any emotional shift already occurring. "So what are you going to do about 'it'?" is the present question.  There's not a rush although you may feel surges of energy or impulse along with having a good reason to 'do something' tangible.  Saturn provides the good reason in the form of an event or in the form of wisdom and logic.  The Sun aligns with Jupiter which is all positive and hopeful. Design a dream to follow up on or take the next step into a passion, commitment or promise. Allow for endings since without them there would be no room for beginnings. Today's color is Blue.


Sunday: Remember that you're still in Full Moon time and that news and changes will continue to happen. The event or awakening of the eclipse could happen today. Virgo Moon opposes Neptune and aligns with Pluto. We must take a pulse on the realities and not deny them out of fear or wishful thinking.  Confront dishonesty or masking. Today's color is Black.


Monday: Zooming out of Full Moon into waning cycle, void of course Moon is transitional from 7:36 am to 3:43 pm ET. You might not know quite what to make of current circumstances or people. Exercise patience. The Moon squares Saturn. It's challenging to focus during void Moon, but try. Remember things you've learned and act accordingly. Libra Moon 3:43 pm ET.  Today's color is Light Blue.


Tuesday: Libra Moon, the sign of partnership rules Valentine's Day. The Moon actually opposes Venus and Mars so partnerships may experience the extremes, may call for compromise and fair reasoning, and opposites may attract. Sun sextile Saturn favors successes and relates to education, travel and original thinking. It could be a good day to present a project, take a test or build structure around a good plan. Today's color is Pink.


Wednesday: Moon meets Jupiter in Libra. Pursue fair outcomes. There's an element of surprise. Perhaps a meeting goes more easily than expected.  Alternately, someone may argue a point you didn't expect. Be ready for most anything as Pluto brings out the hidden and Saturn urges wisdom and commitment.  Today's color is Blue.

February 2nd to 8th, 2017

Thursday: Void of course Moon in Aries from 11:50 am to 8:50 pm ET. Motivation and speediness are likely before 11:50 am. Some will power through situations without taking other people or opinions into consideration just to get things done. You may run into opposition or debate regarding methods or ways of thinking. Mercury squares Jupiter. Questions arise about who is getting too much or  too little of money or recognition or voice in the matter.  Taurus Moon 8:50 pm ET through much of Saturday. More grounding and better  long term decision making is just ahead. Lavender is today's color.


Friday: Taurus Moon, solid and determined. It's also good for pleasurable pursuits. Fill the senses and engage in the moment.  Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces and squares the Sun. Creativity, beauty, and art are focuses. Some will make hard decisions knowing the long lasting results. Make promises you intend to keep. Adopt a positive outlook or habit you want to cultivate.  Venus moves to Aries. Spring fever arrives early.  It's a good date night. Today's color is Pink.


Saturday: Taurus Moon is good for conscious decisions including shopping for long lasting value. Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn for tangible results in all areas including emotional health. Pluto may expose the shadow side of someone or something so it can be dealt with. Today is well suited to many things so go forward with plans.  5:42 to 11:44 pm ET, the Moon is void and our judgement may stray during this transition time. Mercury in Capricorn continues to favor "doing" including study, building, creating, cleaning and repairing.  Gemini Moon arrives 11:44 pm ET for a social and changeable part of the week. Today's color is Blue.


Sunday: Gemini Moon aligns with Venus and Mars in Aries. A socially outgoing, mentally dynamic day.  Work on your best ideas. Moon aligns with Neptune for imagination. Question, be curious, have healthy skepticism and look out for duplicity.  Today's color is Yellow.


Monday: Gemini Moon and Jupiter begins a retrograde. Don't be too concerned about the retro time since Jupiter spends a good deal of time retrograde. Moon aligns with Jupiter, Uranus and the Sun. We're full of ideas today. Follow the best leads. Act spontaneously if it seems right. Saturn opposes the Moon for negotiating and differences of opinion. Look at all sides of a situation for the most desirable outcomes.  Void Moon 5:53 pm ET until 2:03 am ET. Today's color is Gold.


Tuesday: Cancer Moon 2:03 am ET. Mercury moves to Aquarius at 4:35 am ET. Mercury in Aquarius is an inventive, scientific cycle.  Visions come to fruition as you put ideas into motion. Cancer Moon squares Mars and Venus in Aries, highlighting differences that can be reconciled. Remove posturing and defensiveness as well as power plays. Instead focus on what is in common. Moon aligns with Neptune for versatility, even in dealing with emotions.  Light Blue is today's color.


Wednesday: Cancer Moon. Full Moon is Friday at 7:33 pm ET with a lunar eclipse, the first of 2017.  The warmup is on. Emotions and situations intensify. Projects need attention. Focus on completions and getting certain things out of the way. Moon opposes Pluto. Consider the shadow or subtle aspects of your current experience or problem.  Could bringing something into the open actually help? Uranus and Jupiter are square to the Moon. Self interests vs. fairness and equality are strong issues presenting themselves. "Make or break" time seems relevant. Today's color is Black.

RoZoYo astrology/yoga workshops coming up. Register soon since space fills up at Scarborough Yoga. Infuse a strong practice with the power of live music on February 11th and March 25th. Open to healing with crystal bowl and solfreggio sound on February 26th.  Intrigued? More info and links at www.RoZoYo.com/yoga



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Listen to a Winter forecast on Soundcloud & follow the audio there. There's also a forecast on youtube.

January 26th to February 2, 2017

February is eclipse season and love month. February's Full Moon bursts with heart energy. Experience physical heart opening practice with plenty of astrological insight on February 11th. Define and move for your heart's desire. Like Beck sings, " Heart is a Drum", and Kate Beever, musician/ music therapist complements our heartbeats and breath with live percussion during yoga. Connect at this link or in the SY studio. 2-3:45 pm at Scarborough Yoga.

Thursday: Quiet contemplation. Processing alone or by meeting with others and determine the next course of action. Work through issues of justice, balance, and self versus group. The Capricorn Moon aligns with Venus in Pisces. Be realistic yet gentle and progressive while taking feelings into consideration.  Let go of what's futile or unproductive in favor of what can be if you allow it. Welcome fresh energy by releasing a burden you don't need or cannot change.  Today's color is Black.


Friday: Void Moon 2:18 to 3:37 am ET. Moon to Aquarius, the visionary and scientist. New Moon is at 7:07 pm ET. Venus square to Saturn in Sagittarius.  Partners, couples and other duos decide how or whether to move forward together.  Avoid sarcasm or snarky ways that may result from bottled up anger or frustration.  Move from passive feelings to conscious conversation and self expression.  Time beginnings from 7:07 pm on. This ushers in eclipse season since this New Moon leads to the first eclipse of 2017, in Leo on the 10th/11th according to time zone.  Today's color is White.


Saturday: Mars moves to his home sign Aries at 12:39 am ET. Mars is bold, innovative and rebellious in the first zodiac sign.  This begins the Year of the Rooster in Chinese zodiac.  Rooster year is about finding peace by confronting fear. In the book Chinese Power Animals, Pamela Leigh Powers notes that the media is constantly feeding fear as are governments and agencies like insurance companies. I would add pharmaceutical advertisements to that list. For a change, take note of what's not wrong and also of how you do have power. Banish some fear and experience more peace in yourself.  Aquarius Moon is New and today is a good time to start almost anything as Jupiter and Uranus align with the Moon.  Today's color is Red.


Sunday: Void Moon 12:52 am to 11:10 am ET. Pisces Moon shifts us to feeling emotions, creative pursuits and spiritual experiences. Respond to and take care of your emotional life today. Mercury and Pluto meet in Capricorn which is another reminder to face fears. Recognize what makes you anxious or creates avoidance and, if possible, gain some perspective. Reverse negative thought patterns by remembering what you're grateful for and what's not wrong. Make a list. Starts are favored this week too.  Wear or meditate on the color Blue.


Monday: Next time the Moon is in Pisces, in February, we'll experience a solar eclipse (Feb. 26th). Vibrations of what's to come are in the air now.  Pisces relates to compassion for others as well as taking care of yourself and your emotions.  Be gentle and act to maintain or improve your mental/emotional health and sensitively respond to others, including loved ones in any sort of crisis. Moon meets Neptune so be careful of delusions. Moon aligns with Mercury and Pluto continuing themes of Sunday's forecast.  Today's color is Green.


Tuesday: Pisces Moon meets both Venus and Mars. Our relationships and ways of connecting with others are highlighted today. Forgive, receive, create or seek safe spaces and emotionally healthy or spiritual practices. Void Moon 12:36 to 4:46 pm ET. Aries Moon changes the tone from subtle and inner to bold and outward. Mercury squares Uranus in Aries. Ideas and inspiration may be followed by quick action. You may feel like there's no time to spare. We need to be careful of sarcasm and verbal outbursts.  Today's color is Red.


Wednesday: Aries Moon in harmony with the Aquarius Sun for innovation, new ideas and unique self expression. Be authentic and seek the same in others. Explore alternative options or points of view. Beginnings are still favored. Pursue your passions. Today's color is Yellow.

January 19th to 25th, 2017

Thursday: Mercury moves to Capricorn at 9 am ET. We are still retracing degrees of Mercury retrograde, though the retro itself is over. Revisions are likely if you acted weeks ago and have changed your mind or the situation has shifted. Some will go back on their word or their decision in favor of something completely different. Also, some things may be altered or edited rather than scrapped completely.Void of course Moon 3:55 am to 4:24 pm ET.  Be cautious with statements, emails, texts, information and trust during that time. Moon in Scorpio 4:24 pm on. Scorpio holds onto ideas and relationships until well ready to let go. Long term implications are in the forecast if you're taking action on or making anything public. Saturn in harmony with the Moon and square Mars. Difficult feelings and situations arise. Mars square Saturn is not a good time to argue, instigate, or infuriate.  Stay away from aggressive people or dangerous locations.  Today's color is Black.


Friday: Scorpio Moon in harmony with Mercury, planet of communication and planning. Venus in Pisces aligns with Pluto.  Find more ease communicating and learning. Seriousness and focus are likely. A quiet thoughtful approach is called for. Relationships are up for examination, discussion and sharing of secrets. Be intentional with communication and conversations.  Immerse in projects and priorities.  Today's color is Indigo.


Saturday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Pluto, Venus and Mars.  More intentional energy backing our actions and conversations.  Nothing will be taken lightly. Don't mess around or provoke an argument. Do have well thought out personal conversations. Relationships are in focus as Venus and Mars relate to the Moon from the sign Pisces. Where Scorpio Moon holds onto hard feelings, Venus may help smooth stormy waters with the sensitivity and compassion of the sign Pisces.  Void of course Moon starts at 8:24 pm ET until 5:45 am. Today's color is Red.


Sunday: Sagittarius Moon arrives at 5:45 am ET and is in harmony with the Aquarius Sun. Expect and engage in forward thinking, letting go more easily, community involvement, experimenting and innovating. Sense of adventure and willingness to explore alternative and topics.  Read, learn, be inspired and do. Today's color is Turquoise.


Monday: The Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune as Mercury in Capricorn aligns. Examine romantic notions or things you're looking the other way about instead of dealing with.  Moon in harmony with Uranus for speediness. Insensitivity could be an issue as could impulsiveness. Venus and the Moon square bringing up differences in ways of thinking, willingness to forgive or move on, and relationship crankiness in general. Today is a bit unsettled. Wear Purple.


Tuesday: Sag Moon void of course from 12:43 to 5:43 pm ET. Moon in harmony with Jupiter and meeting Saturn means action with both opportunities for growth and learning as well as finalizing pending matters. Have some responsibility with your sense of freedom and vice versa.  Moon square Mars increases the chance of disagreement or disagreeable behavior which may come passive aggressively since Mars is in Pisces.  What's bubbling under? Moon in Capricorn 5:43 pm on for grounding in tasks and creating order. Today's color is Black.


Wednesday: Capricorn Moon aligns with Neptune and meets Mercury for creative and effective use of words. Communicate well, clearly and without making problems personal. Be on time. Show your talents, abilities and willingness to take charge where needed.  Today's color is Green.


February is filled with astrological action. The first of two eclipses is in Leo on the night of February 10th. We'll dance it out to live drumming by Kate Beever at Full Moon eclipse Yoga in Scarborough. Come in to connect with the power of both Moon & Sun & reenergize as daylight begins to visibly increase! Astrology infused Yoga & more at Scarborough Yoga. Feb 11th 2-3:45 pm.


HennAstrology at The Eye of Henna on Saturday, February 18th 11 am to 1 pm. Info and sign up.

Astrology insights & Henna Tattoos by Mary Schmaling. Oh yeah.





January 12th to 18th, 2017

Thursday: Powerful day with Full Moon in Cancer intensifying emotional connections and feelings while Mercury moves back into Capricorn and Venus and Neptune join forces in Pisces.  The personal part of everything will seem to be most important whether it's beautiful romance or good news shared as a couple. Or at the other end of the spectrum, any slight or loss will hold extra weight in the emotional body and mind.  Whatever you're surrounded by or immersed in, keep family, home, security, and sensitivity in mind.  Mercury moving back to Capricorn means revisiting and perhaps resolving unfinished business. Keep perspective on how you feel and what your responses are and try not to 'miss the boat' because you're consumed by feelings that will indeed pass. Full Moon exact at 6:34 am ET, void of course Moon time begins then and ends with Leo Moon taking over at 7:08 pm ET. A night for friendship and creative projects. Today's color is Silver.


Friday: Leo Moon with no major angles in the zodiac. Do all things 'Leo' including finding reasons to dress up, celebrate, be with children, do what you enjoy and feel passionate about.  Today's color is Purple.


Saturday: Leo Moon in harmony with Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus before moving into void time at 10:17 am ET. For 12 1/2 hours, the void of course Moon favors ease, lightness and play over business, shopping or making major decisions.  At 10:52 pm ET, the Moon sails to Virgo. Practical thinking and decisions come easier during the next 24 hours. Wear Navy Blue.


Sunday: Virgo Moon aligns with Mercury in Cap and opposes Venus/Neptune in Pisces.  Relationships, discussions and decisions are highlighted. Blend ideals and realism and find balance in complementary ways.  Pink is today's color.


Monday: Virgo Moon aligns with Pluto, squares Saturn in Sag and opposes Mars in Pisces. Complex problem solving and sorting are favored. Effort is required as is compromise.  Mix creative and practical methods. Brown is today's color.


Tuesday: From 1:09 to 6:16 am ET,  the Moon is void of course. Moon moves to Libra. Moon squares Mercury in Capricorn and you may find yourself negotiating or re-negotiating to create more fairness, justice, harmony and respect.  Today's color is Blue.


Wednesday: Libra Moon square Pluto and opposite Uranus.  Again, a retracing is in the forecast. Revisiting an old issue or unresolved feelings may happen naturally or unexpectedly. Temper your responses. In other words, try not to let things get snippy or sharp. Remember, people and feelings and respect. Today's color is Lavender.


Full Moon Yoga with Live Drumming for February's Lunar Eclipse in Scarborough Maine is online for sign ups now. Connect here



Restorative with Reiki, Essential Oil and Sound Healing also at Scarborough Yoga on February 26th. Reiki by Addie Powers. Sign up here or in studio while spaces last.


Hope to see some of you in person soon! Robin


January 5th to 11th, 2017

Thursday: Aries Moon squares Sun and Pluto in Capricorn and meets Uranus. Problem solving and decisions require focus and effort. Try not to blow things off. Use your power thoughtfully and wisely.  Face a fear with the potential of conquering it. Today's color is Maroon.


Friday: Moon from Aries to Taurus void of course 1:41 to 3:18 pm ET. Moon in harmony with Saturn and Mercury while in Aries and later forms a trine to Venus. Experience sensuality, romance, and all the senses have to offer. Tune into the present and live the moments fully. Taurus Moon after 3:18 pm means make only promises you intend to keep. Today's color is Pink.


Saturday: Taurus Moon in harmony with several planets, and the Sun meets Pluto in Capricorn. Earth and water energies are strong. Be constructive with emotions. Ground in realities. Be practical and creative simultaneously. Build, cook, care for plants and the earth. Be outside for enjoyment. Void Moon begins at 923 pm ET.  Today's color is Green.


Sunday: Taurus Moon void of course until 5:06 pm ET. Mercury stations direct at 4:43 am, but don't move too fast. Today is best for pausing. Take your time with everything.  Socialize and relax or take care of routine tasks that require little thought. Mercury is presently in Sagittarius. Travel could be delayed or confusing today.  Wear Yellow. 


Monday: Gemini Moon squares Venus, Neptune and Mars in Pisces. Question everything. Be skeptical. See if actions match words. Expect sensitivity and speak and act accordingly.  Mercury is paused before moving forward and with the Moon and planets acting in mutable signs, everything is quite changeable and not necessarily trustworthy or stable. Be artistic and experiment. Try to be reliable in an unreliable world.  Today's color is Blue.


Tuesday: Gemini Moon will shift to Cancer on this split personality of a day/night. Early in the day negotiations and business keeps things hopping. Writers may be inspired.  Quick thinking may be necessary. Saturn opposes the Moon and people could be disagreeable or argue. Sun squares Uranus and control issues may come up. People may act in sudden, rash ways. Void Moon 4:38 to 5:49 pm ET, followed by Cancer Moon through much of Thursday. Moon opposes Mercury before changing signs. Debates, old business, effects of words written or spoken as long as weeks ago could all be issues to deal with.  Today's color is White.


Wednesday: Mars sextile Pluto in Pisces/Capricorn. Cancer Moon trine to Mars and opposite Pluto with easier angle to Venus and Neptune. Tackle problems and deal with family matters. Use creative approaches and avoid feeling resentful. Replace frustration with humor or caring. Relationships and feelings take precedence.  Today's color is Light Blue.


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December 29th to January 4th, 2017

Happy New Year! Info on yoga workshops during the February eclipses is included in this week's forecast. Immerse in the Zodiac Zone with me on February 11th or 26th!

Thursday: New Moon in Capricorn supported by Pluto, Mars, Neptune, and Mercury retrograde. Uranus stations direct at 4:29 AM ET. Revisiting old business to find new solutions, strategies, reconnection, and renewed interest.  Planets support action and facing problems or fears with creative and dynamic solutions. Try something as a temporary fix or potential permanent plan.  Today's color is White.

Friday: Void of course Moon from 3:07 am to 8:29 pm ET. Take everything slow and make steady, patient progress.  Moon squares Jupiter and Uranus for conservative, careful action. The Sun and Neptune form a harmonious trine for processing feelings and increasing understanding, compassion and healing.  Aquarius Moon after 8:29 pm, for gatherings and innovative ideas. Blue is today's color. 

Saturday: Aquarius Moon with no aspects to planets or the Sun. Mars meets Neptune in the wee hours of Sunday or late night Saturday, depending on time zone.  Act on creative ideas and inspirations. Be the visionary.  Today's color is Turquoise.

Sunday: Moon sextile Uranus and Saturn, Moon trine Jupiter.  The effect is air feeds fire, ideas fuel action plans. The mind's eye begins a process. Set intentions and move forward with flexible expectations while Mercury is still retrograde until January 8th. Today's color is Purple. 

Monday: From 2:59 to 4:47 am EDT, the Moon is void in Aquarius. The Moon moves to Pisces for a spiritual, intuitive, sentimental day where Mercury retro will align with the Moon.  Neptune stokes creative fires and compassionate feelings.  Personal matters and relationships take priority. Today's color is Light Blue.

Tuesday: Venus moves to Pisces at 2:47 am ET. Several harmonious aspects dominate the day, creating ease. Venus and Mercury retro align for reconnections, forgiveness, reminiscing and reunions of all sorts. Visit someone or someplace you love.  Today's color is Pink.

Wednesday: Void of course Moon 9:17 to 11:14 am ET, then the Moon shifts to Aries. Mercury backs into Sagittarius for the latter part of the retrograde time. You may find yourself revisiting mid December business and again reconsidering something that you passed on or set aside previously. The Moon squares Mercury challenging statements, decisions, and plans. Notice what's up for revisions and take simple, flexible approaches for now.  Wear Red.


For perspective, at the end of this forecast week, the Sun is in Capricorn, Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius (stations direct on January 8th), Venus in Pisces, Mars in Pisces, Jupiter in Libra (until autumn), Saturn in Sagittarius (through most of 2017), Neptune in Pisces, Uranus now direct in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn. Water element is in power with 3 planets in Pisces. 3 act in Fire element, Sun & Pluto act in Earth element, 1 in Air sign, Libra. The Moon is waxing toward Cancer Full Moon on January 12th, 2017. 


February is eclipse month with both a lunar and solar on the 10th and 26th. 

Full Moon Eclipse Yoga with Live Drumming happens at Scarborough Yoga. Kate Beever, Music Therapist and multi-instrumentalist will play live music for this astrologically inspired sequence.

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December 22nd to 28th, 2016

Weekly horoscope is going through some changes. Stay tuned as the sign by sign part of your forecast evolves in early 2017. Robin's Zodiac Zone daily forecasts remain the same as ever, since 1999, with your color of the day and more. Thanks for another great year! Happy holidays!

Thursday: Libra Moon with multiple aspects. Communicate clearly and treat each other fairly. It may be difficult to make decisions or sort out inner conflicts. People may take us off guard with unexpected actions or words. However, Venus aligns with the Moon from Aquarius and Saturn is in harmony from Sagittarius while Jupiter and the Moon meet. All three of these aspects are favorable. Make temporary agreements and flexible plans. Community events, social occasions and parties benefit from Venus and the Moon in friendly air signs. Void of course Moon 2:31 pm EDT until 9:32 am Friday.   Today's color is Pink.
Friday: Scorpio Moon begins at 9:32 am EDT. Fixed and more decisive, this Moon activates passion and persistence. Remember that Mercury is retro, a better time for trial plans and exploring rather than setting your mind to one permanent thing.  The Moon is in harmony with the Sun in Capricorn and Mars in Pisces for both practical and creative tasks and possibilities.  Focus on what needs to be taken care of. Today's color is Indigo.
Saturday: Scorpio Moon through most of Christmas. Today the Moon's energy agrees with Neptune, Mercury and Pluto which helps us deal with feelings and strong emotions, and act intuitively. Saturn aligns with Uranus for quick action and wisdom to be present in the moment especially with unexpected events. You may suddenly know exactly what needs to be done and take action.  Red is today's color. 
Sunday: Merry Christmas! Scorpio Moon void of course from 2:22 am to 10:19 pm EDT. Void Moon may help us relax. People may show up at times other than the set hour, earlier or later depending. Venus harmonizes with Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn. Even intense interactions, meetings you're apprehensive about for example, receive Venus's favor. Venus helps with forgiveness.  At minimum, there should be tolerance for differences. Venus and Jupiter aligned bring great joy in friendships and good feelings as well as beautiful surprises! Sagittarius Moon 10:19 pm EDT for parties and travels that extend into the night. Today's color is Purple. 
Monday: Sagittarius Moon. Jupiter opposes Uranus for sudden turns of events and changes of direction. Being disoriented or taken aback are two distinct possibilities today. Mercury retrograde and Neptune form a sextile which is harmonious but could lead to misinterpretation. Enjoy reconnecting, but do not be misled or have high expectations for anything long term.  Today's color is Light blue.
Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon in harmony with several planets for adventurous attitudes, exploring and experimenting. The Sun aligns with Mars for an active day. It helps to be open minded and outgoing. If you're not feeling it, hibernate for a while until this phase passes. Mercury retrograde continues to bring back the past in memory or experience, through people,  places and events. Void of course Moon 8:45 pm to 10:12 am on Wednesday. Today's color is Maroon.
Wednesday:  Capricorn Moon starts at 10:12 am EDT. Mercury is the planet of influence today with a Moon and Sun conjunction, all in Capricorn, and harmony with Mars in Pisces. Sentimental revisiting of the past.  It's a good day for a reunion or a visit to a place you used to frequent. Yellow is today's color. 
December 15th to 21st, 2016

See your horoscope in the Portland Phoenix in print and online.

Thursday: Cancer Moon opposite Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn. Attend to practical matters and family needs. Communicate with understanding and feeling. Cook, clean and prepare the home for guests or gatherings.  Moon square Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. Curb impulsive actions or words that could be hurtful. Make fairness a priority.  Void of course Moon 4:37 pm EDT until 8:15 am. Today's color is Black.


Friday: Leo Moon begins at 8:15 am EDT. Outgoing and celebratory, persistent and energetic Friday. Children, games, and performances are highlighted. Purple is today's color.


Saturday: Leo Moon opposes Venus, harmonizes with Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. A variety of aspects and energies on this busy, fast paced Saturday. Relationship and children take priority. There's business to do very intentionally, and it's also a very festive date or party time.  Today's color is Gold.


Sunday: Moon in harmony with the Sun and opposing Mars. Fixed energy is dominant for the first half day. Fulfill a promise. People may be opinionated and show firm loyalty. We're into the day before Mercury retro officially starts though the effects are already happening or foreshadowed for days now. Void of course Moon in Leo 11:55 am to 12:52 pm EDT. If you must shop, decide, or have an important talk, do it before or after that hour. Virgo Moon 12:52 pm EDT with no aspects until Monday. Virgo Moon is good for getting routine things done. Today's color is Indigo.


Monday: A transitional and unpredictable day as Mars moves to Pisces and Mercury retrograde begins. Keep today simple. Mercury retrograde is in Capricorn. Organizations, systems, hierarchy, and leadership will be impacted for the next 3 to 4 weeks. Virgo Moon. Stay close to the earth and the basics. Today's color is Blue.


Tuesday: Virgo Moon (void of course is 8:56 to 9:40 pm EDT) square to the Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius. Strong differences and a need to reconcile different methods, values, and business matters.  This may manifest as organized versus flying by the seat of the pants, or as controlling versus winging it. Different personalities clash over such things today. Try to mix in versatile thinking and a more easy going attitude. Libra moon 9:40 pm. Today's color is Lavender.


Wednesday: First hours of Capricorn as the Sun shifts at 5:44 am EDT, the Winter Solstice.  Libra Moon, Capricorn Sun means urge for progress, justice, and accomplishment. To do lists make life more manageable. Mercury is retro so think carefully about anything with long term implications. Can that decision wait? Today's color is White.


December 8th to 14th, 2016


Thursday: Moon to Aries 5:15 am ET. Moon in harmony with Venus and square to Mercury in Capricorn. Love and relationship excitement. Interesting date night or day. Differences of opinion in business and about methods of operation.  Hear other points of view and avoid struggles over control. Red is today's color.


Friday: Aries Moon aspects 6 planets for a varied experience.  Sun and Jupiter provide optimism and urge to expand, move and travel. Open yourself to new experiences. Keep stubbornness in check. Aquarius, Sagittarius, Libra opportunities and popularity.  Leo and Aries, love, children and creativity. Void of course Moon 8;)6 pm to 7:41 am ET on Saturday. Today's color is Orange.


Saturday: Taurus Moon begins at 7:41 am ET. Focus on the senses, pleasure, good food and shopping for items with long lasting value.  Do shop this weekend and get all technology shopping done asap. Mercury retro begins 12-19, however it's best to consider some days ahead of that like retrograde days.  Mercury sextile Neptune for a blend of practical and imaginative sensibilities. Sun meets Saturn for serious action around education, travel and planning.  Today's color is Lavender.


Sunday: Taurus Moon aligns with Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn and squares Mars in Aquarius. Stubbornness may be an issue. Try to keep an open mind and listen. Build and repair.  Make promises you intend to keep, even to yourself. Persevere and be loyal. Void Moon 11:04 pm ET.  Blue is today's color.


Monday: Full Moon warmup is in progress. Gemini Moon moves in at 7:41 am ET. Sun aligns with Uranus for wild times, excitement and change.  Gemini Moon air feeds Sagittarius/Aries fire. Full steam ahead with a focus on progress for a couple of days though Mercury retro will quickly change our gears. If it's important, do it now or wait until mid January.  Moon and Venus combine for enthusiastic meetings, collaborations and friendships/romance.  Today's color is Yellow.


Tuesday: Full Moon in Gemini 7:06 pm ET. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Uranus influence this Full Moon. Be serious and realistic with decisions, communications and finalizing anything. Avoid impulsive changes or regrets.  This is a people oriented Full Moon connected to brothers and sisters, interpersonal relationships and communications of all kinds.  Dualities present themselves for consideration and reconciliation. Today's color is White.


Wednesday: Void Moon 12:56 am to 7:09 am ET. Cancer Moon begins at 7:09.  Keep things calm and centered under Full Moon conditions.  Emotions may be strong and overtake us today. Moon and Neptune combine for creativity.  Find your comfort zone.  Silver is today's color.



December 1st to 7th, 2016


Thursday: Capricorn Moon begins at 3:52 am ET and the Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces. Mars trine Jupiter in Aquarius/Libra. Today, aim for the best of both worlds from intuitive to logical thought processes, balanced partnership and collaboration, and an objective point of view that still takes others and their feelings into consideration. Green is today's color.


Friday: Mercury moves to Capricorn, also today's Moon sign, at 4:18 pm ET. Moon meets Pluto, squares Jupiter and Uranus.  When Mercury changes signs sometimes it's best to wait. Exert some patience, take action on what's in your control, and avoid power struggles. Today's color is Black.


Saturday: Void Moon in Capricorn from 5:16 to 2:44 pm ET. Mars aligns with Saturn in Aquarius and Sagittarius for a global and wide angle perspective on personal or community issues.  Be forward thinking and act in the same manner.  After 2:44 pm ET could be more reliable for decisions. Ask for what you need from a favor to resources or forgiveness.  Aquarius Moon 2:44 pm through  most of Monday. Today's color is Turquoise.


Sunday: Aquarius Moon in harmony with the Sun in Sagittarius. Forward thinking, philosophical and inventive outlook and plans. Friendly, outgoing energy overall. Today's color is Violet.


Monday: From 6:23 am to 11:31 pm ET,  the Moon is void of course. Moon aligns with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and meets Mars. Strong will and energy dominate this active, vibrant day.  Difficulties will include opinionated people and unyielding points of view.  Continue to think with the long term effects in mind. Pisces Moon 11:31 pm ET. Wear Blue.


Tuesday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune and aligns with Mercury in Capricorn. Bring creative ideas to life.  Mars in Aquarius sextile Uranus for progressive, original, out of the box thinking and action. Today's color is Green.


Wednesday: Venus moves to Aquarius at 9:51 am ET.  2nd quarter Moon in Pisces 4:03 am ET. Moon square Sun and saturn in Sagittarius. Seek progress and adjust to changes.  Don't expect everything at once. Try to keep fears in their place so they don't overtake you.  Fear is only an idea that we sometimes build stories about. Today's color is Pink.


November 24th to 30th, 2016

Thursday: Libra Moon square Venus & Pluto in Capricorn, trine to Mars in Aquarius & conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter square Pluto. Relationships could be tricky today, on Thanksgiving in the USA. Closed mindedness will trigger differences and disagreements. All one on one relationships, from siblings to parent/child to romantic and marital partnerships are involved.  Remember to have a big heart with lots of understanding and objectivity as Jupiter in Libra would have it.  Social plans are favored. Today's color is Blue.

Friday: Libra Moon void of course 8:52 am to Saturday at 3:01 am ET. Those are not recommended hours for shopping or making big decisions or commitments. Look for forgiveness & more ease with relationships. Be flexibie with plans. Venus conjunct (meets) Pluto in Capricorn and squares Jupiter. Moon opposes Uranus. Activity around one on one relationships continues. Allow feelings to emerge and come up for resolution. Some may hide feelings and suppress emotions instead. It's healthier to face things and get them out in the open calmly and tactfully. A question to consider or discuss is "Can this relationship grow and move forward?" Pink is today's color. 

Saturday: Scorpio Moon trine Neptune. Mercury in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries. Today has two sides, one emotional and creative, one fiery and motivated.  It's a good day to move on things you're confident about. Go on a date, an adventure or attend something social. Act on inspirations.  Today's color is Red. 

Sunday: Scorpio Moon void of course 4:46 pm ET until Monday 3:46 pm ET. Moon square Mars in Aquarius, sextile Pluto and Venus in Capricorn.  People may dig their heels in and refuse to change or budge. There's a contrast between progressive action and fears that hold us back.  In general, feelings will be held in while opinions will be obvious. Clear paths for New Moon on Tuesday. Reconsider your options. Today's color is Indigo.

Monday: Void of course Moon until 3:46 pm ET. Challenging business or school day. People may be absent physically or lack attention and focus. Sagittarius Moon moves in and gets things moving. Social evening and a good time to study or work on projects without trying to finish. Clean house, line up changes to begin on Tuesday. Today's color is Purple. 

Tuesday: Sagittarius New Moon at 7:18 am ET. Moon square Neptune and Venus square Uranus.  You might find that the "escape hatch" is closed.  Set flexible intentions and act on them.  Surprises involving relationships, love, commitment. Excitement of getting together or breaking free. Today's color is White.

Wednesday: Sun square Neptune in mutables Sagittarius and Pisces.  Moon conjunct Saturn and Mercury. Finalize agreements. Don't run from realities or responsibilities. Try to see things in a new light.  Get things moving. Be active and creative.  Travels involving business or obligations are highlighted.  Wear Light Blue


November 17th to 23rd, 2016

Thursday: Cancer Moon opposite Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. Emotions and love as well as family relationships are stirred up. People may act passive when what they really need is extra love or attention. Business wise, today is meant to be conservative. Black is today's color.

Friday: Cancer Moon void of course from 5:02 pm ET until 10:14 pm when Leo Moon takes over. Moon square Uranus in Aries. Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. Check in about honesty and motives, your own and other people's. Moon and Sun in harmony at 5:02 pm for decisiveness and acting out of love and passion.  Social evening out. Today's color is purple.

Saturday: Optimistic Leo Moon. Mars in Aquarius opposes the Moon and competition or adversity may be evident.  Define friendly competition versus the negative, aggressive type. Know who your friends are. Mercury and the Moon in harmony for travels, meeting people and fun. Venus and Neptune align for romance. It's a date night! Orange is today's color.

Sunday: Leo Moon is serious about business, loyalty and decisions today. Moon aligns with Saturn in Sag, Jupiter in Libra, and Uranus in Aries. Active day on many levels. Create abundance, make lasting agreements, and be fair. Gold is today's color.

Monday: Sun to Sagittarius at 4:22 pm ET. Leo Moon void from #:33 am to 4:34 am ET. Virgo Moon takes over and opposes Neptune. Be realistic and practical. Clear up uncertainties and be sure about people or decisions rather than leaving it to chance. Look for honesty. Do imaginative or hands on work. Navy blue is today's color.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon, void of course at 12:41 pm through 2:42 am ET on Wednesday. Do important business in the morning, routine tasks and cleaning in the void of course hours. Just remember where you put things! Stay grounded in what needs to be done. Take tests or write in the morning hours. Today's color is brown.

Wednesday: Libra Moon 2:42 am through Thanksgiving. Partnership, pairs, best friends. Mercury meets Saturn in Sagittarius for significant agreements and decisions about education, legal matters, travel and health.  Finalize something. Get it in writing. Keep balance in relationships, equal and fair give and take. Lavender is today's color.


November 10th to 16th, 2016

Thursday: Pisces to Aries Moon after a short void period from 6:16 pm to at 8:45 pm ET.  The Moon is in harmony with the Sun and Mercury, both in Scorpio for both focus and creativity, a nice blend. At 6:16 pm the Moon moves void of course after squaring Venus in Sagittarius. Questions of responsibilities and freedom within relationships come to a point. Notice where you have to allow for change between yourself and another, even if it's not your ideal scenario.  Tonight feel the motivation of Mars in Aquarius sextile Aries Moon. It's time to initiate and take action. Red is today's color.


Friday: Aries Moon opposes Jupiter in Libra. Fairness and self versus couple/partner questions and issues bubble up.  Is everyone playing nice and doing their share? Is there controlling behavior that prevents one from reaching her/his potential and feeling individually free, even while partnered? Moon square Pluto and trine Saturn. There's a seriousness in the air. Honor and listen to others. It's not a good day to make light of someone's feelings or plight. Venus moves to Capricorn at 11:54 pm ET. Planet of relationship in Capricorn brings a healthy detachment as needed and makes us feel like nesting and settling down in a stable, comfortable relationship. Today's color is Black.


Saturday: Mercury to Sagittarius 9:40 am ET. Mercury increases hunger for information, philosophical discussion and travel while in this sign. Aries Moon, void from 7:45 am to 9:24 pm ET then Moon in Taurus. Moon conjunct Uranus and trine Venus. Continued relationship changes and news. Speedy processes. Full Moon warmup for Monday morning's Taurus Full Moon. Things reach saturation and peak levels through the weekend. Today's color is yellow.


Sunday: Taurus Moon is nearly Full, square to Mars, sextile Neptune and trine Pluto. Act with long term vision and intent to follow all the way through.  Be constructive increase stability. Green is today's color.


Monday: Full Moon in Taurus exact at 8:52 am ET. Themes include loyalty, stability, strong will and intention. Decide what means most and go through with it. Void of course Moon from 8:52 am to 8:23 pm ET. Practice patience today. Communication and decisions may be able to wait until evening or tomorrow. Feel solid and confident as you close a chapter or make a long term change.  Gemini Moon is good for socializing or studies and writing. White is today's color.


Tuesday: Gemini Moon actively engages with 6 planets for a very busy, eventful day. What wasn't accomplished yesterday is ripe for concluding and resolving today. Still in the Full Moon zone, news of change is likely while Moon opposes Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius. Gemini and Sagittarius are two signs ready for partnership agreements, committing, dissolving or renegotiating. Other signs may experience this too, in business or personal ways. Mercury sextile Mars in Sag and Aquarius, opens the mind to information and new ideas. This is a time of action and participation.  Wear blue.


Wednesday: Gemini Moon void of course 5:58 am to 7:57 pm ET. This is fine if your day is very flexible. It's a good day to meet a friend for coffee or attend a professional conference or engage in community and conversation. It's not the best time to make an important decision or purchase. Though you may be able to relax or leap into something, judgment and discretion tend to be lesser and distraction increases on days like this. Moon sextile Uranus can increase impulsivity or urgency. Today can be fun though. Cancer Moon for a cozy evening. Opposites attract and balance each other out this week. Today's color is Light Blue.


November 3rd to 9th, 2016

New Year's Day Yoga for Abundance. Set your intention for prosperity, love, and more of what you need and want in 2017. This workshop includes yoga and non-physical exercises to banish limiting beliefs and behaviors. Attract and Manifest. Scarborough Yoga 433 US Rte 1 Scarborough Maine.

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Thursday: Sagittarius Moon void of course from 6:35 am to 11:05 pm EDT. Mercury sextile Pluto (Scorpio/Capricorn). Moon conjunct Venus, trine Uranus in Aries. Breaking news on relationship status is theme for the entire week. Mixed aspects including exciting connections and sudden (or seemingly sudden) separations/divorces. Today is a "finding out" day. Information disclosed. Do research and ask questions. Ferret out what's hidden or lost. Capricorn Moon 11:05 pm EDT. Black is today's color. 

Friday: Capricorn Moon sextile Neptune and square Jupiter.  Organize. Separate what's true and real from extraneous or false information. Seek justice. Combine creative and logical skills and thinking, perhaps by teaming up. Leaders, do what you do best. Today's color is blue.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto, sextile the Sun and other lunar activity. Changes in organizations, changes in leadership. Managing people is important this week. Venus trine Uranus. More relationship developments. Awakenings to new ideas or information. Honest and bold revelations and actions. Today's color is red. 

Sunday: Void of course Moon 4:56 to 8:55 am Eastern time. Note that Daylight Savings time ends at 2 am. Capricorn Moon conjunct Mars at 4:56 am EST. Though it's the weekend, action surrounds work and business. You may wake up to news on Monday that's been in progress for a few days or more. Aquarius Moon starts at 8:55 am. There's a need to detach a bit and see things from "the outside", less emotionally, or very logically. Build new systems, move on things, and be a visionary for your own life or in the workplace. Invent and improvise. Turquoise is today's color. 

Monday: Aquarius Moon, Sun sextile Pluto (Scorpio/ Capricorn) More newsworthy information disclosed or announced. News about organizational changes. Forward thinking. Moon forms a variety of aspects that point to growth, truth and progress. Breakthrough may occur during this 2nd quarter Moon, halfway to Full. Think progressively. Silver is today's color. 

Tuesday: (Election Day in the USA) Aquarius Moon void from 8:54 am to 4:45 pm EST. Moon to Pisces at 4:45 pm. Swing from logical to emotional as the day progresses. Void hours can be confusing or somewhat spacey. Make sure you understand how to vote correctly, for example. Moon sextile Uranus and Venus (Aries/ Sagittarius). Community and collaborations. Keep your head up and responses sharp with the Uranus influence from Aries. Evening hours are best spent with closest companions. Be careful whom and what you trust in.  Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Mars in Aquarius starts 12:51 am EST. Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune, square Saturn in Sagittarius and sextile Pluto in Capricorn.  Trust themes continue. Neptune fuels imagination and artistic sense. Channel feelings into art or music. Use your intuition about honesty vs. deception or masking. Some things will remain unclear today. Aim for straight answers and ask questions that don't allow for vague responses.  Mars in Aquarius from today until December 19th, 2016. Sharpen your mind and act on your vision. Today's color is violet.


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October 27th to November 2nd, 2016

This week's forecasts:

Thursday: Virgo Moon until 9:51 am. The Moon stabilizes in Libra, sign of balance and justice. The real story today is Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. Information is worth pursuing. Dig for facts, research and ask for honest answers. Family news for Virgo and Leo. Excellent, interesting career and public life day for Aquarius.  Scorpio, you're at the center of news and information as well as intimate conversations.  Today's color is silver.


Friday: Libra Moon conjunct Jupiter, sextile Saturn, and Venus, square Pluto. Fair and favorable resolving of legal or relationship issues. Room for growth. Serious intention behind decisions. Face fears with an objective point of view.  Pair with someone a little bit different from you. Today's color is green.


Saturday: Libra Moon void from 6:09 am to 10:01 pm EDT. Not a reliable day for judgments and decisions. Put off shopping for anything major. Save receipts. Reserve the right to change your mind later. New Moon is tomorrow, 10-30-16. Reflect before taking action. Scorpio Moon moves in 10:01 pm EDT. Today's color is Maroon.


Sunday: New Moon in Scorpio. Mercury trine Neptune in Scorpio/Pisces. Creative and insightful time. Read your tarot cards or consult with someone wise. Research and gather information relevant to a pending decisions. Time to make your move and mean it. Promises now are meant for keeping. Moon conjunct Mercury. Understand and make sense of your own feelings and moods.Today's color is white.


Monday: Scorpio Moon void of course 10:44 pm EDT. Halloween features the Moon and Sun in the most true sign of the holiday. Connection with thing you cannot see. Sense, perceive. Passionate and strong feelings.  Get moving on what's most important and be intentional. Today's color is black.


Tuesday: Moon void of course until 10:43 am EDT. Sagittarius Moon moves in to push things forward. New Moon energy still powerful for fresh starts. Sun trine Neptune is creative and romantic. See things for what they are. Some will move into denial and try to run away from reality. Today's color is purple.


Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon conjunct Saturn, square Neptune, sextile Jupiter. Get past unrealistic expectations or ideals. Saturn and the Moon meet for wisdom, honesty, and clarity. Jupiter in Libra reminds us of what's fair and encourages growth. Expand perspective to allow for new insights and realizations even if they contradict what you've been believing all along. Today's color is light blue.


October 20th-26th


Yoga schedule at www.rozoyo.com/yoga

Thursday:  Gemini Moon void from 7:17 to 11:28 am EDT. Void of course Moon is a transition time, sometimes less grounded or reliable for intelligent decisions and other mental processes. People are more likely to be forgetful or late. Mercury opposite Uranus. Quick fixes and unexpected news this morning. Moon and Sun in harmony at 7:17 am, social and curious. An extrovert's morning, an introvert's afternoon. Family business becomes important for the rest of the week. Today's color is white. 

Friday: Cancer Moon square Jupiter, trine Neptune, opposite Pluto and Mars in Capricorn. Mutual effort is required to settle problems or relieve anxiety. Themes of family and justice take priority. Productive solutions result from willingness to compromise or clear the air. Light blue is today's color. 

Saturday: 4th quarter Moon in Cancer, Void Moon 3:14 to 3:44 pm EDT ( a quick one!). Leo Moon 3:44 pm through Monday evening. Sun to Scorpio at 7:46 pm EDT. Moon square Uranus, Mercury and the Sun. Settle disagreements and repair damages, at least temporarily. Work through disagreement or tough problems so you can enjoy fun instigated by Leo Moon. A good day to work on Halloween costumes or other whimsical, holiday, or celebratory planning. Yellow is today's color. 

Sunday: Leo Moon. How much fun can you build into this day and weekend? Moon aligns with Venus and Jupiter for goodness.  Socially oriented Saturday. Saturn in Sagittarius reminds us to balance freedom with keeping promises and being loyal. Orange is today's color. 

Monday: Leo Moon void from 8:21 am to 11:16 pm EDT. Void Moon day is social, slightly lazy or unfocused. Mercury moves to Scorpio 4:46 pm EDT. When Mercury moves it can be best to stay put, be patient, relax, and know that the word you're hearing, or the plans, could change by tomorrow. Uranus aligns with the Moon to inspire or enliven, sometimes with a bit too much jolt. Avoid errors in judgment today and double check for both safety and certainty. Purple is today's color.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon, Venus in Sagittarius square to the Moon and Neptune. Venus seeks romantic adventures while in Sag. This could lead to small or bigger flirtations and/or deceitfulness.  Travels and feelings of freedom appeal to this Venus cycle.  While Virgo Moon pulls us to grounded work and tasks, Venus lures us to escape and play. How others deal with life and love may bother us (more than it should?) today. Do what you feel is right. Expect some criticism if it doesn't jive with someone else's point of view. Pink is today's color. 

Wednesday: Virgo Moon void from 2:33 pm to 9:51 am on Thursday. Get work done earlier in the day if you can. Exercise off stress. A good workout after 2:33 pm is well timed! Venus aligns with Jupiter for travels and adventures with your lover or best friend.  This can be a lucky, prosperous, good news kind of aspect too! Build in some celebration, relaxation, and joy! Green is today's color.



October 13th to 19th, 2016


Saturday at Greener Postures in South Portland, Full Moon Yoga with Live Drum & Sacred Sound by Todd Glacy. 1:30-3:30 pm. Postures for the Warrior Moon,  Personal Exploration, Extended Savasanna with Gong for deepest relaxation. Astrology and Yoga Mythology. Join us!

(register ahead or arrive early, especially if you are new to GP) Info & sign up

Thursday: Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune, square Saturn, sextile Pluto. Mercury in Libra square Mars in Capricorn. Questions of exactly what to do come up today. The situation exists and needs resolution. Mercury instills a pro/con method while in Libra. Libra can be indecisive, yet Mars insists on grounded, productive action while in Capricorn. A rational approach is called for though the Pisces influence can lead us into emotional thinking.   Blend heart and head for optimum decision making. Remember that nothing is permanent and you'll feel freer  to decide.  Blue is today's color.

Friday: Void Moon in Pisces begins at 3:13 am EDT. Aries Moon takes over at 11:08 am EDT. Mercury sextile Saturn. More ease in moving forward. Logic, realism, and challenge are present as you move toward Full Moon. Resolve something with Aries initiative and Mercury's balanced approach in Libra. Jupiter opposes the Moon. A healthy amount of stress, challenge and support encourages more growth and wisdom.  Reactiveness is likely. What you didn't see coming...Red is today's color.

Saturday: Moon and Mercury square Pluto in Capricorn. Libra Sun opposes Uranus in Aries. Full Moon time is Sunday 12:23 am EDT, 9:23 pm tonight Pacific (it's here!). This Full Moon is a balancing act and requires facing fears and allowing inner wisdom to shine through. Much negotiation. Legal, partnership, relationship focus. Unexpected outcomes. Wild card influence of Uranus in Aries, conjunct the Moon. Let go of fear and need to control. Give it over to higher powers (the spiritual ones). White is today's color.

Sunday: Full Moon 12:23 am EDT. Void Moon 12:23 to 11:04 am EDT. Taurus Moon stabilizes, at least somewhat, bring us back to our senses and physical realities as well as necessary changes. Ground in the reality of the situation and do something tangible including cleaning the house.  Cook healthy meals. Enjoy nature. Get back to basics.  Cherish what's dear and valued.  Yellow is our color.

Monday: Taurus Moon void of course from 10:47 am on. Moon harmonious with Neptune in Pisces, Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. Earth sign focus for increasing prosperity and productivity. Creative handiwork and building are favored. Take ideas to form. Today's color is Blue.

Tuesday: Venus to Sagittarius 3:01 am EDT (until November 11th). Free thinking and the lure of new places and ideas. Gemini Moon starts 10:30 am EDT and opposes Venus newly in Sag. Be flexible enough to change your mind if necessary. Write, study and engage in active learning. Open the mind. Travel out of your usual environment and get your mind or habits unstuck. Pink is our color (Venus's color)

Wednesday: Gemini Moon opposes Saturn and aspects Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Uranus. Busy influence! Mars meets Pluto in Capricorn practically insisting that problems be dealt with no matter how challenging or intimidating. Bust through a limiting fear or preexisting pattern. Breakthroughs require effort and realism.  Black is today's color.



October 6th to 12th, 2016


Yoga for the Warrior Full Moon at Greener Postures in South Portland on Saturday, October 15th. Live soundscape with drum, gong and other percussive instruments by Todd Glacy. Join us!

More info and sign up here

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon conjunct Saturn, square Neptune in Pisces, sextile the Sun in Libra.

Put structures in place. Structure an agreement or a plan. Be realistic. Fulfill obligations and attend to legal matters and wording.  White is today's color.

Friday: Void Moon in Sagittarius 2:26 am to 4:40 pm EDT. Capricorn Moon 4:40 pm. Sun in Libra square Capricorn Moon. Move forth with a decision. Be diligent with details that could be easily forgotten or overlooked. As conflicts of interest come up, keep fairness in mind. Gray is today's color.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon square Jupiter in Libra, conjunct Mars and Pluto, sextile Neptune in Pisces. Work through problems fairly, methodically and creatively. Find mutual points of agreement. A day of doing, acting and progressing. Put in the effort. Green is today's color.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon sextile Venus in Scorpio and square to Uranus in Aries, void at 12:51 pm to Monday 2:33 am EDT. Show progress during this 2nd quarter Moon. Controlling behavior or manipulative moves could create issues. Continue to move forward toward a goal. Black is today's color.

Monday: Aquarius Moon (from 2:33 am EDT) trine Mercury and Jupiter in Libra. Objectivity, fairness, collaboration. Meet people, work together. Decent day for a first date or meeting. Turquoise is our color.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon, Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Libra, Mars in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces.  All of yesterday's forecast applies. Today is even more lucky and beneficial for agreements, creativity and connecting with others in meaningful ways and to get things accomplished.  Legal agreements. Good day for writing and thinking originally. Void Moon begins 7:49 pm EDT. Blue is today's color.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon begins 8:43 am EDT. Abundance. Compassion. Work on prosperity and beliefs surrounding earning potential. Growth and expansion in both the heart and the wallet. Green is today's color.

September 29th to October 5th, 2016


Hi everyone! New Moon is on the way. Mercury retrograde is done. Jupiter is in the sign  of harmonious agreements, partnerships and romantic love. 


Saturday, come to Freeport Yoga Company and sync with Libra New Moon! Yoga for the season and gallery style readings with info and insights about the fall season for all signs. 1-3:30 $45



Saturday, October 15th, come to Greener Postures in South Portland for Full Moon Yoga, an exploration of the Warrior Full Moon in Aries. Todd Glacy plays many instruments including percussion to awaken the warrior within. Yoga mythology and astrology inspire this practice. Todd played in my class Sunday night, and the gong meditation was divine! Relish the soundscape and extended savasanna with new perspective on the yoga postures we call "warriors".

I hope you can join us for this very unique practice. Register in the studio or online at www.greenerposturesyoga.com 1:30-3:30 $35


Happy New Moon this weekend! October is fruitful, a powerful time to explore your heart's desires


Thursday: Virgo Moon void 6:06 am to 3:52 am EDT on Friday. Moon conjunct Mercury direct. A revisiting of unfinished business. Working out the kinks. Solve a persistent problem. Find alternative and flexible approaches. Exercise and relax. Save important decisions for Friday or Saturday. Yellow.


Friday: Libra Moon 3:52 am. New Moon in Libra 8:11 pm EDT. If it's very important to you and requires agreement from others, momentum or luck, perhaps wait until after New Moon to initiate. New Moon power is strongest from 8:11 pm eastern time zone through the next two weeks. The closer you time to New Moon, the better.  However, the Moon does meet Jupiter at 12:54 pm EDT, making it a day for settling matters, calling a truce, developing healthier relationships, and receiving good news or profits. White is today's color. 


Saturday: Libra Moon lines up with Saturn and squares Pluto. Show your serious side. Put intention and feeling behind your actions. Immerse in meaningful activities. A day of wisdom. A time to face problems, inner demons, and life decisions. Venus trine Neptune makes it a lovely time for dates and other romantic and creative pursuits. Light blue is today's color. 


Sunday: Libra Moon void of course 11:43 to 3:43 pm EDT. New Moon power is still strong. Initiate when the Moon is not void of course for more reliable results. Avoid urgency and acting too quickly. Ask forgiveness when the Moon is void of course and the interaction is likely to go smoothly.  Be very clear with your actions and intentions. Scorpio Moon 3:43 pm aligns with Mars in Capricorn for focus and getting work done.  Indigo blue is today's color.


Monday: Scorpio Moon trine Neptune, conjunct Venus and sextile Pluto. It's an intense day with positive aspects. People may seem preoccupied. Take care of business. Check privacy settings. Focus on your top priorities. Soul searching, spirituality, and contemplating heavy or difficult topics is natural on days like this. Be objective and not obsessive.  Passions are magnified. Maroon is today's color. 


Tuesday: Scorpio Moon void 9:04 pm to Wednesday 4:26 am EDT. Do your best thinking and make decisions or purchases outside those hours. Always be careful and know your directions and destination on a void Moon night.  Again, concentrate on strongest priorities. Sun sextile Saturn and Moon sextile Mercury makes it a good day for attention to detail, wise advice, fair business deals and legal agreements. Expect long term impact of actions taken now. Black is today's color.


Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon 4:26 am EDT. Moon in harmony with Jupiter, Venus sextile Pluto, Mars square Jupiter. A multifaceted, potentially complex day. Realizations and awakenings especially regarding relationship and love. Debates and activity around legal matters and personal situations that are imbalanced.  With directed effort and healthy intention, you could make a big breakthrough with someone or something that has been resistant or blocked. However, the urge to run away from problems and responsibilities is strong too. Red is today's color. 



September 22nd to 29th, 2016

**New Moon Yoga with Gallery Style Readings

Saturday, October 1st at Freeport Yoga Company in Freeport 1:00-3:30 pm

Sign up in advance at FYC site or either studio (Freeport or Yarmouth)

**Full Moon Yoga for the Warrior Moon with Live Drumming and Gong by Todd Glacy

Saturday, October 15th at Greener Postures in South Portland 1:30-3:30 pm

Sign up in either studio or online


Experience your yoga in a new way or for the first time. Beginners are welcome! Questions? robinivy88@gmail.com


The Moon is waning, and harmonious New Moon in Libra is September 30th 8:11 pm EDT.

Thursday: Autumnal Equinox (Sun to Libra) at 10:21 am EDT. Balance of dark and light. Daylight will wane from now to Winter Solstice in late December. Mercury stations direct and squares Gemini Moon. Moon opposes Mars. Debates and sorting out. Keep flexibility in your mind, agreements and arrangements. Changeable day. Lavender is today's color.

Friday: Cancer Moon 4:33 am EDT (half hour void Moon precedes this). Venus to Scorpio, where she's passionate, possessive and strong willed, 10:51 pm EDT. Mercury trine Pluto. Face realities. be sensible. Act from the heart. Emotions are stirred and moods change quickly. Light blue.

Saturday: Cancer Moon opposes Pluto, square Uranus, sextile Mercury direct. Void Moon at 9:42 pm EDT. Work through problems, look for answers both inside and from wise advisors. Sentimental time. Black is our color.

Sunday: Leo Moon 9:48 a EDT. Moon square Venus. Passion. Pride could get in the way of progress. Moon sextile the Sun and Jupiter in Libra. Social time, good for meeting new people and mingling.  Purple is today's color.

Monday: Leo Moon. Have some fun. Build socializing and creative methods into meetings, business, and learning. Pluto direct in Capricorn 11:01 am EDT.  Sun conjunct Jupiter in Libra for justice and optimism. Promising developments and news. Gold is today's color.

Tuesday: Mars moves to Capricorn 4:07 am EDT, leading us to a  more productive, motivated period of time. Void Moon in Leo 4:52 am EDT to 5:43 pm. Save shopping for tonight or tomorrow. Hang out with friends, enjoy free time, Virgo Moon 5:43 pm trine Mars in Capricorn at 6:27 pm for a productive study or work night. Navy blue.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon with a variety of aspects. Reorganize, be practical. Recycle or repurpose. Clear out useless items and clean the house. Let go of preconceived ideas. Brown is our color.

Yoga Nidra Meditation with Invitation to a Spirit Guide or Animal Totem September 25th at Scarborough Yoga. Preregistration required in the studio or on Eventbrite.com

New Moon Yoga with Gallery Style Astrology Readings at Freeport Yoga on Saturday, Oct. 1st. 

Preregister at the studio or at the workshops link on FYC site

September 15th to 21st, 2016

Two more free RoZoYo® yoga flows on Congress Square Park Portland! BYO Yoga mat. Mondays 4 to 5 pm for the rest of September. Thanks for a fun season of outdoor yoga

Full Moon Yoga for the Warrior Moon at Greener Postures South Portland on Saturday, October 15th 12:30-2:30 pm. Live drumming and gong with Todd Glacy providing the soundscape. This will be a one of a kind practice with yoga mythology, astrology and sound in a personal exploration of the Virabhadrasana poses and the warrior within.    Sign up at either GP studio or online here.

Okay, it's eclipse time! Here goes!

Thursday the 15th: Pisces Moon nearly full. Moon and Neptune meet. Moon squares Saturn. Can you maintain focus on what's real and not run away or deny? That is today's challenge. Channel stress or emotion into music and art. Express yourself without insensitivity to others.  Light Blue.

Friday the 16th: Lunar eclipse in Pisces 3:05 pm EDT. This is the 2nd to last of the Virgo/Pisces series. The next is in 6 months.  Changes. Clear communication is needed but may be hard to facilitate. Transformations and growing pains. This change or this news may not be easy. Adaptations are required. Ease in. Do not be overpowered. Ground in routines. It's an emotional one for sure. Breathe well through the next few days as eclipse events continue to unfold.  The upside to this; a creative peak. Silver is our color. (Void of course Moon starts at 3:05. Try not to plan too much or expect too much after that time)

Saturday the 17th: Moon to Aries 12:22 am EDT. Mars trine Uranus. Quite a wild day. Use caution. Enjoy adventures while keeping your head up and eyes open.  Take no unnecessary risks, and be careful around fire and heat.  Some will be energized. It's an extreme day on either end of the spectrum. Orange is our color.

Sunday the 18th: Aries Moon meets Uranus, Venus opposes Uranus and the Moon. Focus on relationships, fairness, and responsibilities to each other.  Everything might seem like a bit too much right now. Avoid pointless arguments or topics you know will antagonize. Void Moon starts at 4:11 pm. Pink for harmony today.

Monday the 19th: Taurus Moon begins at 12:58 am EDT. Venus and Mars align which may help relationship strain. Fairness to each other is of the utmost importance, especially through changes and separations.  Philosophies of relationship pop into our brains and conversations today. Is your role or your intention about partnership of any kind changing right now? Put intention behind your actions. Build things and follow the plan. Brown is today's color.

Tuesday the 20th: Taurus Moon in harmony with the Sun in Virgo, Mercury and Pluto. Mercury retro aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. Revisiting, sentiment, inner focus. Ideas. Deal with practical things and pay attention to "random" thoughts that may lead to problem solving or creating something. Re-create with more information or awareness. Blue is today's color. Void Moon 11:32 pm EDT.

Wednesday the 21st: Last full day of summer season. Gemini Moon 1:53 am EDT. Let go of outdated ways of thinking or old grudges you can be finished with. Move on in your mind even if you're waiting 'til Mercury's direct to depart or finalize something. Allow the mind to wander, creatively and in a relaxed not frantic way. Negotiations and meetings of a serious nature may be difficult yet necessary. Brainstorm today. Finalize in the future. Yellow is our color.


find me at www.RoZoYo.com for yoga schedules, workshops and more

Happy beginning of Autumn on Thursday the 22nd!


September 8th to 14th, 2016

Right now we're between two eclipses with Mercury retro in Virgo. It's an unusual combination, so do what you can to maintain or restore  your balance...frequently!



Thursday the 8th: Purple is today's color. Sagittarius Moon meets Saturn, aligns with Venus in Libra and squares Neptune. People will appreciate being taken seriously. Try not to be dismissive.  Pick and choose what you trust and believe. Team up with a partner for travels or other adventures.

Friday the 9th: Jupiter moves to Libra after a stay that began in August of 2015. Jupiter in Libra focus is harmony and justice now into autumn of 2017. Libra, consider this a year for opportunities and a growth spurt in knowledge and experience. Jupiter looks out for the best where partnerships are concerned and provides a healing force where there's relationship challenge. 2nd quarter Moon is in Sagittarius, and the Moon is void of course as of 8:51 pm EDT. The Moon and Mars energize, but may also increase bold or harsh attitudes and actions.  Avoid tactless or temperamental people. Red is today's color.

Saturday the 10th: Moon to Capricorn at 8:55 am EDT. Saturn squares Neptune highlights realities and escapist tendencies. Break things down into small tasks or pieces you can understand. Try not to bail out on what's important or skip out on responsibilities.  Black is today's color.

Sunday the 11th: Capricorn Moon meets Pluto. Green is today's color. Venus in Libra is square to both the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. Justice is called for. Be fair as you divide responsibilities and better manage a workplace or household. Notice what's subconsciously communicated and other undercurrents that inform more than what you can see or hear.

Monday the 12th: Void of course Moon 6 am EDT to 5:28 pm. Mercury square Mars. Sun conjunct Mercury. This is a very uncertain day especially for having accurate information imparted, conversations that require clarity, purchases, building and constructing, or mediations.  Today is about reconnecting and announcing overdue news. Gold is the color of the day.

Tuesday the 13th: Aquarius Moon, Sun square Mars in Virgo/Sagittarius. Use some restraint and a very thoughtful approach to decisions. Think forward while learning from the past. Commit to a course of action though you might revise the plan later since Mercury is retrograde.  Be logical. Today's color is turquoise.

Wednesday the 14th: Void of course Moon 11:31 am to 10:23 pm EDT. Morning ( or before 11:31 am adjusted to your time zone) is best for focus and reliability. Great day for an afternoon off or for routine work. Also mix business and tasks with socializing and fun. Some things will happen or be initiated quickly. Think before you act or respond. Pisces Moon time starts at 10:23 pm EDT.Today's color is light green.


Horoscopes: We’re at the peak of Mercury retrograde in Virgo, a time for revision and reconnection with long lost friends.


September 1st to 7th, 2016

September starts with a solar eclipse/New Moon in Virgo at 5:03 am EDT.  The Sabian Symbol for this degree of Virgo is two faces peeking out of the shadows. The eclipse is solar, indicating beginnings, and this one is about seeing beyond any cloudiness or dark, to what's illuminated and bright. Prospects become more clear, though Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd so it may be wise to let decisions unfold rather than jump impulsively into the unknown.  Neptune, Saturn and Mars challenge the Sun and Moon at eclipse time, and this could cloud judgment and appear as limitations or opponents. However, some of this will disappear. Choose your battles or choose not to fight the flow or the adversary, and wait situations out.  If you must act quickly, expect terms and responsibilities to change in the fall. Sometimes things turn out even better than you hoped or planned! 

Huge transitions mark September, and that's how we'll remember this month.  Here's where we're at during this third phase of summer:

Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Virgo

Moon waxing toward Full/Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on September 16th

Mercury retrograde in Virgo

Venus in Libra, Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter finishing 13 months in Virgo on September 9th

Neptune in Pisces, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn (they stay in one sign for many years)

Move gracefully through all these shifts by developing patience and choosing calm responses. If you do, everything around you will respond. Environmental drama does not have to steal your happiness or peace. 

Cheers & Happy Labor day weekend! Robin

Thursday: Solar Eclipse in Virgo, Sun square Saturn. Find flexible or experimental approaches. Try to avoid permanent agreements, promises or forcing decisions. Change happens naturally and inevitably. Make peace with that. The boys and men in our lives, fathers and grandfathers, Leos, Pisces and Virgo are most influenced by the eclipse. Sagittarius is challenged. Pisces must remain grounded and realistic. Capricorn discovers and explores. White is today's color. 

Friday: Mercury conjunct Jupiter & the Moon conjunct both planets, in Virgo, Sun opposes Neptune. Be realistic and authentic. Make plans and agreements on flexible terms or temporary timelines. Important and overdue discussions. Interesting developments and eclipse type news. Void Moon 6:13 to 8:55 pm EDT then Moon in Libra. Lavender.

Saturday: Moon conjunct Venus in Libra. Partnership, seeking agreement and harmony. Mediate, negotiate, dance, make music, remain undecided if it feels right. Social day for parties and friendship. Pink.

Sunday: Libra Moon opposes Uranus, squares Pluto and void at 8:30 pm. Shop for simple things. Save receipts and avoid the major or electronic purchases. Socialize, mix pleasure and work. Collaborate. Avoid drama and impulsive action. Void of course Moon overnight. Be safe. White.

Monday: Void Moon until 8:38 am EDT. Scorpio Moon with no aspects. Retreat to your sanctuary or a beloved place. Focus your attention fully. Lose the tendency toward scattered mind and energy. Experience spirituality in any manner. Maroon.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Neptune, Pluto and the Sun. Silver linings. Seeing past shadows or romantic ideals. Attention to business. No BS allowed! Creative approaches. Indigo. 

Wednesday: Sun trine Pluto, Venus sextile Saturn, Moon from Scorpio to Sagittarius, void of course 8:43 to 9:20 pm EDT. Balance freedom and responsibilities. Fulfill obligations. Look for harmonious agreements. Be practical and fair. Turquoise.


August 25th to 31st, 2016

Venus and Jupiter throw a going away party on Saturday. The planet of love leaves Virgo for Libra, her home sign, a couple of weeks before Jupiter follows. Mercury stays behind, and the quarterly retrograde begins on Tuesday. Late summer transitions are in full swing.

4 RoZoYo® Workshops with different purpose and focus are listed for September through November. Sunday, September 25th at Scarborough Yoga,  I'll lead Yoga Nidra journey with option to connect with an animal totem or spirit guide. Deeply restorative, potentially mind opening practice, completely guided & no prior journey or meditation experience is needed. Register at Eventbrite.

Other events listed at www.RoZoYo.com/yoga


Thursday, August 25th: Gemini Moon opposes Saturn and Mars, square to Neptune in Pisces. Opposing opinions, lots of talk, strong debates. Make words official or legal. Expect to be challenged. Yellow is today's color.

Friday, August 26th: Gemini Void of course Moon 8:30 pm until Cancer Moon 11:06 pm EDT. Mars square Neptune. Moon square Venus, Jupiter & Mercury in Virgo. Strong effort and convincing data will be necessary to make progress or decisions. Reasons to procrastinate may be legit. Light blue.

Saturday, August 27th: Cancer Moon trine Neptune, sextile the Sun, Venus conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. An auspicious day. Healing vibes. Great day for relationship growth and harmony. Find agreement. Creativity peaks. Today's color is Pink.

Sunday, August 28th: Cancer Moon. Beware of being pulled into old patterns of thinking and influenced by emotions related to the past. Avoid blaming others. Take care of each other. Cook nurturing meals or comfort foods. White.

Monday, August 29th: Venus to Libra 10:07 pm EDT. Mercury conjunct Venus. Moon to Leo at 4:11 am (void from 2:23 to 4:11 am EDT). Heart to heart communication. Flexibility with others and with agreements. Good for designing and doing detailed work. Venus in her home sign favors harmony and justice, dancers and musicians for the next month. Another auspicious day. Act on intuition, do creative work, keep some flexibility in decisions as Mercury retro begins in Virgo tomorrow. Purple.

Tuesday, August 30th; Mercury retrograde in Virgo 9:04 am EDT. Leo Moon trine Mars in Sagittarius. Active, dynamic day. Avoid major purchases or changes to your appearance, such as hair color or tattoo. Spontaneity must be balanced with care. Orange.

Wednesday, August 31st: Void of course Moon 12:20 am to 11:22 am EDT. Virgo Moon 11:22 am Move carefully through the morning. Steady or slow pace. Be thoughtful, organized and careful with details. Avoid big purchases. Revise systems or schedules temporarily. Brown.


August 18th to 24th, 2016

Thursday: Full Moon in Aquarius 5:27 am EDT. White is today's color. Unique people, unexpected changes, original ideas. Void of course Moon 5:27 am to 12:34 pm. Pisces Moon 12:34 pm on. 

Friday: Pisces Moon. Highly sensitive. Trust issues and themes. Light green is our color.

Saturday: Pisces Moon Void of course 8:21 am to 3:18 pm EDT. Hold on important decisions. Aries Moon 3:18 pm on Activate and feel a resurgence of strength, energy and enthusiasm. Orange is our color.

Sunday: Aries Moon trine Saturn and Mars. Decisive and strong willed. Today's color is Red.

Monday: Sun to Virgo 12:38 pm EDT. Aries Moon void of course 7:48 am to 5:19 pm EDT. Taurus Moon follows. Mercury meets Jupiter in Virgo. Excellent time for contracts and agreements. Yellow is our color.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon. Long term decisions. Solutions. Grounded approaches. Green for today.

Wednesday: Taurus Moon void of course 3:38 to 7:40 pm EDT. Gemini Moon follows. Mars meets Saturn. Forceful energy. Don't be overpowered or controlled. Avoid bullies. Social plans favored in the p.m.  White is today's color. 



Robin's Zodiac Zone is also found in the Portland Phoenix newspaper, available weekly on Wednesdays at local newsstands. And it's free!

August 11th to 17th, 2016

Saturn is direct in Sagittarius on the 13th, Saturday at 5:50 am EDT. With both Saturn and Mars in fire sign Sagittarius, we're prompted to move on what's pending. Tune into what you feel more decisive about, but do not be pushed by outside influences. Exert your own freedom and rights to make the best decisions for yourself, for your highest good.

Full Moon is August 18th, next Thursday. I'll be leading Full Moon Yoga at beautiful Sunflower Farm, home of the Nigerian dwarf goats. They produce cheese and goat milk sweets which are available for purchase ($7). You can pet and play with the goats after yoga. It's been a highlight of summer and I really hope you can come if you live locally, near Portland, Maine. The farm is about 30 minutes outside Portland in Cumberland Center, Maine. RoZoYo® yoga themes include ankles, stability, and community, friendship, mutual support and vision. Donate amount of your choice ($$) for yoga and the farm. This will be a fun, late summer practice as the Full Moon rises. 5:30 pm start.

This is a new Thursday-Wednesday forecast  format I'm trying out. You'll get more for your sign plus the colors and important aspects with each Moon sign, as usual. Give me a few weeks to play with this and decide for sure.

Robin's Zodiac Zone turned 17 last month! Thanks for all the years and times to come!


Thursday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon. Void of course 1:22 am to 1:24 pm EDT. Keep morning simple and focused. Activate around decisions as the Moon meets Mars later. Wear Red.

Friday: Moon conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Decisive action. Serious intentions. White is our color.

Saturday: Pink is our color. Saturn Direct 5:50 am EDT. Sagittarius Moon void of course at 1:37 pm EDT. Do important business before the void time. Have adventures as the day goes on. Prioritize relationships.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon starts 12:11 am. Continue progress and momentum. Green is today's color.

Monday: Capricorn Moon. Productivity. Be realistic. Void of course 10:45 pm EDT to Tuesday 7:52 am EDT.  Brown is today's color. 

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon begins 7:52 am EDT. Full Moon warmup begins. Aim for resolution and finishing touches. Sun and Uranus provide excitement and progressive shifts. Yellow is today's color. 

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon, Venus trine Pluto in Virgo/Capricorn. Flexible thinking, rapid developments. Stable changes. Blue is today's color. 



copyright Robin Ivy Payton, 2016, 2017

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