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August 18th to 24th, 2016

Thursday: Full Moon in Aquarius 5:27 am EDT. White is today's color. Unique people, unexpected changes, original ideas. Void of course Moon 5:27 am to 12:34 pm. Pisces Moon 12:34 pm on. 

Friday: Pisces Moon. Highly sensitive. Trust issues and themes. Light green is our color.

Saturday: Pisces Moon Void of course 8:21 am to 3:18 pm EDT. Hold on important decisions. Aries Moon 3:18 pm on Activate and feel a resurgence of strength, energy and enthusiasm. Orange is our color.

Sunday: Aries Moon trine Saturn and Mars. Decisive and strong willed. Today's color is Red.

Monday: Sun to Virgo 12:38 pm EDT. Aries Moon void of course 7:48 am to 5:19 pm EDT. Taurus Moon follows. Mercury meets Jupiter in Virgo. Excellent time for contracts and agreements. Yellow is our color.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon. Long term decisions. Solutions. Grounded approaches. Green for today.

Wednesday: Taurus Moon void of course 3:38 to 7:40 pm EDT. Gemini Moon follows. Mars meets Saturn. Forceful energy. Don't be overpowered or controlled. Avoid bullies. Social plans favored in the p.m.  White is today's color. 



Aries: Mingle with progressive thinkers and eccentric friends. Let your preconceived notions go as Aquarius Full Moon casts a surprising light, changing your vision. This socially oriented Moon leads to inspired collaborations, friendships, and support from unexpected sources. Experience connection and common vision this week.

Taurus: The unique quality of this Full Moon alters one of your goals or plans. Like looking through a different lens, you see a broader spectrum and change of focus. You may have to recreate in order to follow a more colorful, adventurous path. The more you’re willing to scrap and take chances, the more inspired you’ll feel.

Gemini: Full Moon attracts unlikely friends and allies. See a relationship in a different light. Where you’ve been stuck or unable to shift a pattern, suddenly there’s progress.  Notice whom and what you’re drawn to and how different it is from your previous experiences. Take an adventure with that in mind.

Cancer: It’s a Full Moon of money, with loans,l settlements and property in the forefront. Make agreements legal with both electronic and paper copies.  An unexpected professional opportunity requires a quick response. Travel, even a short trip, turns out different and better than you anticipated. You’ll feel the universe work in surprising ways this week.

Leo: Travels with your partner or best friend could be the coolest during Full Moon. Be ready for anything as the planet of surprises shifts your experience. This Full Moon encourages commitment, loyalty and love. If you’re working hard and can’t get away, no worries. Planets align for your financial gain, including distinct possibility of a new, well paying gig.

Virgo: There’s a ton of emphasis on Virgo life and priorities during this final month of Jupiter’s superpower.. Aquarius Full Moon signals a cycle completed, the end of a work or health concern, and is the harbinger of unusual news. Any financial impact should favor you. Most importantly, don’t hesitate with what you want since your timing is now.

Libra: If you’re spending an unusual amount of time planning versus doing, you’re in sync with planetary forces. It’s right for you to set the stage for a best possible scenario. You’re getting ready for significant growth and new experiences.  Before you go off to school, change career or immerse in demanding work, celebrate with friends near August 18th Full Moon. A happy surprise awaits.

Scorpio: Life at your house is due to change during this Full Moon. News surrounds real estate, house mate, cohabitation or renovation. Your parents might sell the family home. Mars and Saturn appear to add to your earning power and also your financial responsibilities.  New developments might take you off guard, but ultimately you’ll see the reasoning or silver lining. Write the final page of a chapter eloquently.

Sagittarius: Seek closure during this Full Moon. Have that final meeting or overdue conversation, and try not to let emotions overpower you. How you express yourself and handle business counts toward the outcome. Uranus promises a strange or fortunate twist on how you expect things to go.  Mars and Saturn influence you in a serious direction you’re suddenly ready for. Go.

Capricorn: Saturn, your ruling planet, provides forward motion in multiple areas of life. Obstructions in your path are removed, one by one or simultaneously. This Full Moon of favorable news about money, employment and health, also influences home. Financial aspects align at the opportune moment, making available the resources you need.

Aquarius: Aquarius Full Moon comes once a year, with important developments, closure, and personal change. Around August 18th, get clarity or closure in a way you hadn’t foreseen.  This month’s been much about relationships, friends, and finances. One or more of those come through with the green light, answer yes, or elusive piece of information you need.

Pisces: Mercury and Jupiter have a rare meeting that influences relationship life. Revolving around commitment, these two lead you to declare love, renew vows, or make decisions as a duo. On a business level, you could enter the next, most important partnership of your life. Career aspects are strong. Powerful intuitions guide your steps within a few days of August 18th’s Full Moon.


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August 11th to 17th, 2016

Saturn is direct in Sagittarius on the 13th, Saturday at 5:50 am EDT. With both Saturn and Mars in fire sign Sagittarius, we're prompted to move on what's pending. Tune into what you feel more decisive about, but do not be pushed by outside influences. Exert your own freedom and rights to make the best decisions for yourself, for your highest good.

Full Moon is August 18th, next Thursday. I'll be leading Full Moon Yoga at beautiful Sunflower Farm, home of the Nigerian dwarf goats. They produce cheese and goat milk sweets which are available for purchase ($7). You can pet and play with the goats after yoga. It's been a highlight of summer and I really hope you can come if you live locally, near Portland, Maine. The farm is about 30 minutes outside Portland in Cumberland Center, Maine. RoZoYo® yoga themes include ankles, stability, and community, friendship, mutual support and vision. Donate amount of your choice ($$) for yoga and the farm. This will be a fun, late summer practice as the Full Moon rises. 5:30 pm start.

This is a new Thursday-Wednesday forecast  format I'm trying out. You'll get more for your sign plus the colors and important aspects with each Moon sign, as usual. Give me a few weeks to play with this and decide for sure.

Robin's Zodiac Zone turned 17 last month! Thanks for all the years and times to come!


Thursday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon. Void of course 1:22 am to 1:24 pm EDT. Keep morning simple and focused. Activate around decisions as the Moon meets Mars later. Wear Red.

Friday: Moon conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Decisive action. Serious intentions. White is our color.

Saturday: Pink is our color. Saturn Direct 5:50 am EDT. Sagittarius Moon void of course at 1:37 pm EDT. Do important business before the void time. Have adventures as the day goes on. Prioritize relationships.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon starts 12:11 am. Continue progress and momentum. Green is today's color.

Monday: Capricorn Moon. Productivity. Be realistic. Void of course 10:45 pm EDT to Tuesday 7:52 am EDT.  Brown is today's color. 

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon begins 7:52 am EDT. Full Moon warmup begins. Aim for resolution and finishing touches. Sun and Uranus provide excitement and progressive shifts. Yellow is today's color. 

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon, Venus trine Pluto in Virgo/Capricorn. Flexible thinking, rapid developments. Stable changes. Blue is today's color. 



Aries: Ingrained habits and thought patterns could hold you back from a new experience. Venus and Saturn create tension around the path you’re strongly considering. One big concern is how your relationships and familiar routines will change. The Sun and Uranus say it’s time to play ball, ready or not, by the middle of next week.

Taurus: Keeping personal relationships and business arrangements separate looks like a good plan.  Venus and Neptune form a misleading opposition involving lovers or friends. Moon, Mars and Saturn point out problems regarding shared property, money and resources. With wise advice and information, act in your own best interests this week.

Gemini: Saturn’s return to forward motion has a positive influence on a relationship or reconstruction project.  Improving your home environment, physical or emotional, and collaborative decision making proves easier from Saturday on. Act on creating a happy, healthy living arrangement, either on your own or with the one you love.

Cancer: It looks like you have news to share or an important conversation pending. You can wait a bit and experiment with changes before making your announcement to the world. However, if holding things in is affecting your appetite, sleep or ability to concentrate, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.  Make schedule changes before Mercury retrograde moves in late this month.

Leo: The Sun and Uranus light up a big, bright opportunity: a unique experience in life or in love. For sure, this is like nothing you’ve anticipated or engaged in so creatively. Follow up may require that you act spontaneously and shatter an old paradigm. Use your wits and resourcefulness with money matters, regardless of which route you take.

Virgo: The good sense of Mercury and balance of Venus are with you, bridging the gap between a goal and a promise you’re being held to. Your word may come into question or it’s you that’s been misled.  Family and relationship dynamics are not to be underestimated. Your trend is toward a strong new beginning, and change is in the offing even if you or someone else resists.

Libra: Though decisions and actions can increase happiness, feel free to take a little bit more time. Rather than agonize over the pros and cons, envision the best case scenario and repeat an affirmation of success. Saturn and Mars will give you the final push when it’s time. There’s a year of tremendous growth directly ahead.

Scorpio: There’s a good chance you’re headed for a career, family or home related decision that requires clear thought. Saturn and Mars bring money into the forefront. Structure an agreement sensibly. Hear your own voice amidst all the advice and distraction around you. Above all, do not romanticize an alluring or unrealistic person whose actions could interfere with your goals.

Sagittarius: Planets set you up for a bold move. However, this is one of those times when you’ll have to negotiate the best situation.  Venus and Mercury spotlight you as a great candidate for a job or role you want, though the terms require effort. From now through September, look for that ‘good enough’ decision making time.

Capricorn: With Saturn now direct, sharpen your focus and feel more clear. This weekend, clear any distractions and put together a road map for an upcoming adventure. Know that your best timing is still to come. Mars will energize your sign for 6 full weeks this fall, for the first time in two years. October is the definitive time for your next big move.

Aquarius: The Sun and Uranus have an exciting surprise planned, and it may seem out of the blue or unlikely at first.  Connected to your marriage, significant other or business partner, you’ll be announcing or receiving interesting news.  If you’re in a long term relationship, you’re in this together. In the midst of fun and spontaneity, keep money matters in check.

Pisces: For an entire year Jupiter’s been devoted to bringing you the best in partnerships of any kind. The 13th and final month of Jupiter’s beautiful influence on your collaborations and love life is in effect. Simultaneously, Mars and Saturn amp up career prospects. If you’re contemplating partnering for profit or personal happiness, this is some of the best timing ever.


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